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Found 89 results

  1. I wasn't completely sure where to put this but I feel I have to ask.., I have been searching across the internet an I have never found this answer to my question, but now I am going to ask it here in hopes of a answer. You all have probably played a flash game or two online. Be it the Pony creator or neopets or even doll divine (though technically all they do is steal other peoples flash games to put them on their site and a lot of them are broken), you all have probably touched upon Flash. Now, the time is upon us when Flash is coming to a end. All I could find on the subject is that Adobe is going to stop updating and distributing Flash Player, the plugin used to play flash when you are doing it online. They also said supporting in there as well. but what does that mean. Does that mean that once it is gone it will stop working as well? Will browsers rip it off once 2020 ends? Will someone ever make a alternative to flash that will still allow us to run old things like some of our favorite games and other programs? Even though sites are being encouraged to change out old flash things with new, non-flash things, old sites will not do the same. Sites that have not been updated in years yet still contain some of the greatest things on the internet and if we lose Flash, then will those things instantly stop working? If this is true, can someone out in this great big internet find a way to still allow us to play our old Flash games in the modern day. i don't really care for C or C++ or JavaScript and even though that is the future, do we really need to update. Flash does have some security issues I guess, sure. But has anyone really said what those are (because I haven't heard of any). And what is the worst that it can do? Make our screen flash in its little tiny confining box or something? There are a bunch of things that I love about the internet that involve Flash (including YouTube, and as far as I know that still hasn't updated yet). I don't think that Adobe can be talked out of killing Flash Player. But we still haven't gotten enough answers as the doomed day nears and we need to learn more about what this could mean. If anyone has an answer to my question, please reply. That is all. Thanks!
  2. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these legendary ponies in the upcoming episodes, so let the discussion begin! As for me, my favorite (so far) is Mage Meadowbrook. Not only is her character design lovely ("I really like her mane!"), but I love listening to her accent. I think it was neat how her legend has been mentioned as early as the start of season 5. I included Stygian in the poll as well, as I expect he's got some fans. While he's technically not one of the pillars, he is responsible for their existence, and, indirectly, the Elements of Harmony too. So, who is your favorite, and why?
  3. HELLO everypony! I know that not all of us animators have Adobe Flash CS6, so, being the very kind person I am(don't laugh at me), I've taken it upon myself to convert ALL of the Double Rainboom Pony Puppets, plus Celestia and Luna, to the Flash 8 version! Which basically means anyone with any version of Adobe Flash can animate with them! I went through a lot of trouble downloading all of the trial versions of Adobe Flash to accomplish this, so I hope this helps some potential animators! Download them here! The puppets include: Twilight Sparkle Rarity Applejack Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Spike Pointy Ponies/BBBFF Style Ponies Applebloom Scootaloo Sweetie Belle Princess Celestia Princess Luna Derpy Hooves Lyra Heartstrings Bon Bon Vinyl Scratch Doctor Whooves Roids Rage Colgate Berry Punch That's 21 different puppets, folks. AKA a lot of time taken out of my life. x-x It was worth it, though. Enjoy! <3
  4. Hello there everypony, this is my first post in this forum! I'm just wondering if there is any such thing as animation puppets for after effects. I know there are plenty of flash puppets but if none for AE exist I'd be willing to pay for a service.
  5. Hii welcome to the flash + twilight sparkle shipping fan clubb all mlp forums rules apply here:)
  6. I decided to animate that deleted scene from Friendship Games. It took me ages, but here it is finally. It is my first animation, so it's a little rough around the edges, especially near the beginning. You can find more info in the description.
  7. Hello, I'm Mr. Nutt and if you didn't know already, I've been doing a series called Mo' Ponies for a while now. It started off with me just playing Adventure in Ponyville then, in the next video, I used basic editing to mix that with a few fan games to make it look like I was progressing with those. Then to avoid going mad from playing Adventures in Ponyville, I made "Project Ponies" where I didn't have to finish that game after the last game was played. Then finally I cut out that game all together and started Mo' Ponies, a series dedicated to me playing Friendship is Magic games both official and fan made! Anyways, here's the first two episodes (there are eight at the moment), enjoy! If you liked those, then here's a playlist with everything (FiM related anyway).If you know any short games I could use (Must be Work Safe), please tell me about them!Well, I guess if those two weren't very good examples, then I guess I could post my two most popular of these.Here's the one where I play Pony Platforming Project III: Minty Fresh Adventure!And here's the first one with fan games. Edit: I would embed the newer episodes, but that would require someone else to post in this thread first. For the rules of the games I accept in Mo' Ponies, check out my FAQ. For a list of every game I've featured and the video they are in, click here.
  8. What do you think of this?
  9. I currently have this bit of an animation done: What do you think I should do to improve it? Thanks. EDIT: For those who want to study that extreme close-up image, here you go: For some reason I put random details in one building but not the others. I'm weird.
  10. Tada. I drew something. Whatcha think? EDIT: You have to click the second picture to see it animated... I guess.
  11. So I learned to animate with flash puppets. YAY!!!! Specail thanks to youtube tutorials: so here it is:
  12. I created this set quite a while ago for my adobe suite and I have been sitting on them for about a year now. I never really thought about posting them because I didn't know if anyone would be interested in them but since all my art is free, I figured, why not. Anyway feel free to download and use any/all of them. They are in .png format because I use RocketDock but you can easily convert them to .ico via the internet if need be or I can convert them and repost upon request.
  13. Questions: About Art Opinions: So i have a question i love both programs and i have quellps with both programs. As i cant vector in photoshop because i might just be inept at useing the pen tool but after learning inkscape (though it is a vectoring program which im loooving cause my ocd isnt killing me on line thicknesses any more) i feel like im cheating any thoughts on this matter? (though i do love that i can finally get a good line thickness and not want to rip my hair out<-- been strugling with my oc for the last 4 days in Photoshop finally got somewhere currently working on an actual vector version and the back drop was just a quickie) PS: how are my proportions on this picture ? im doing a vector of it but i dont want to get so far only to find out i might be a bit to dis-proportionate i understand completely there two different programs one mainly used for vectoring of course and the other used for a multitude of things. About Flash: When starting animation is there a preferred image size for flash? im a graphics design student and im starting (hence why im asking) this semester so i wont be in animation for a while but i thought id get the jump. i also plan to do pony animations so i thought it be nice to get some advice About Photoshop: Any tips for drawing mlp related things in this program cause i have all but given up on it XD i love it for other things but trying to get a constant line weight throughout the entire picture has all but almost left me bald in one spot About youtube: Im planing to do some videos on mlp related things if any one here also does things like that i was wondering whats a good image size to role with when putting it into your desired video editor (or does size not even matter?) Signed, The AlphaAzn aka The Azn Analyst
  14. do any of you think if pony twi goes to the human world in eqg3 that her and flash will kiss? it was somewhat hinted at during the eqg2 ending, i dislike the ship. but i can accept if it happens. anyone else think it might?
  15. Hello everypony , I am looking for some nice voice actors for my upcoming My Little Pony flash animation/minimovie. The video length is projected to be about 10 mins long. My summer is currently busy as I have summer school, but once I am out of summer school in August, I could start animating. For now, I wanted to get a head start by hiring potential voice actors. I already have some idea of how the animation works. The script is unwritten yet - but I could kinda incorporate many roles due to the flexibility of an unwritten script. Here are the voice parts I need and have more priority: - Celestia - Twilight - Spike - Any of the Mane 6 (but twilight has higher priority) - Crowd (Voicing of people in a crowd - example - 15 secs in the vid people are chanting Modi Modi) - Screaming/Shouting (Something along the lines.. maybe "WHAT IS HAPPENING????"), voice of a background charachter Here are the parts I may/may not need: - Luna - Bon Bon - Lyra - CMCs (any of them) Keep in mind that this list is not permanent and if you voice any other roles, you can post it here too, I will decide. (I will not take OCs voicing as they are hard to animate) Thank you for your interests in participating in my animation, you will be credited in both the movie credits & description of the video. Please provide a link to your auditions as I cannot assess on your potentials without it. When signing up for the role, PLEASE be noted that this project could take up some time (I am the only animator on board), so it is some kind of "Long-Term" Commitment. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to collab with y'all! Possible voice actors that has reached out to me so far: - LittleshyFiM - His own OC (Minor Role) - AttackRacer - A pony of some kind (I know what his voice sounds like, but the character part could be anyone, probs twilight) - AmaranthineWoof - One of the ponies in the crowd - starscreamer13 - A pony of some kind (I know what his voice sounds like, but the character part could be anyone) - toothydeerrrrrr - A pony of some kind (I know what his voice sounds like, but the character part could be anyone) - skystarartist - A pony of some kind (I know what his voice sounds like, but the character part could be anyone) - zalabany - spike possibly
  16. Flash was very confusing to me. But I think I figured it out. I'm tempted to try doing some audio syncs now } Been thinking of using Princess Clara audio clips from Drawn Together (Tara Strong voices her using twilight's voice, so it's a perfect match) I won't link any of the audio because it has a lot of vulgar langue, (which makes it that much more funny). I'm not linking the kickstarter here because I don't think this is the right place for it, I just wanted to share the animation that few will see =\
  17. Am so excited! is my first animation made with Adobe Flash, its about a legend about spirits in the cave and those spirits try to enter in the world of the living! share it please and help me to improve! /)
  18. LittleshyFiM Profile Flash Puppet By EndenDragon ( Version 1 Description: This is a flash puppet for LittleshyFiM. I have included the original image Littleshy had sent me compared to the puppet I have made. The flash puppet is created in Adobe Flash CC 2013, but should have a backwards compatibility with Adobe Flash CS6. Usage: When using my puppet, PLEASE credit me (EndenDragon) and include to this page and/or my youtube channel -> Thank you so much! Download: Deviant Art Page - Credits: Puppet base credit to bronyanimstudios. Thank you LittleshyFiM in helping me out with this flash puppet by giving me the resources. Appreciated!
  19. Have you seen the Animator vs Animation series by Alan Becker? Click here if you haven't. I was inspired by his videos and tried to make my own using ponies. Note: This is a work in progress. It will be longer. Video:
  20. Title says most of it. Are there any alternatives that work with flash things? If not, could someone please help me figure out what's wrong? It's really dumb, and it's been happening for a few weeks now (I believe).
  21. Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this. I was creating a game with Adobe Flash CS5, with ActionScript 3.0. But I don't know how to add a MovieClip from the library to the game via CODING and how to change its stats. Could somebody help me?
  22. So, I found this flash game thing in Deviantart (it's SFW, don't worry) You can poke ponies. That's all you need to know. It's apparently existed for a while, but I couldn't find anything pertaining to it in these forums by searching, so I figured this forum is the most relevant place to post a link to it in. Let me clarify that this is NOT MINE, and I know this forums is for "original" stuff, but I'm just promoting this because it's cute.
  23. Hello, so I have been animating using 3D programs for a few years now and have recently been moving into 2D, I have tried various animation softwares and had settled on using Toon Boom Animate Pro. Recently though I have been wanting to move into flash and have a few question regarding how different things transfer over. 1. Extend Exposure: In Toon Boom there is an option that says "Extend Exposure" which allows a certain object (drawing background etc) to be seen in more than just one frame, for example if I had a Fluttershy puppet/rig on frame 1 and I didn't want it to dissapear on frame 2, how would I do this? 2. Properly using motion tweens: This has been a problem for me in previous flash experiences I know how to add them but not how to PROPERLY add them and use them and I am wondering how exactly to to this. 3. Properly pose and animate a puppet: In previous experiences with flash I have tried using puppets and when I move, for example a leg, and set a keyframe and make a motion tween, I can get the leg to move but the whole rest of the puppet disappears, in the view and on render I am wondering how to fix this. This question I thought would most likely be answered in the first one "Extend Exposure" but I have it here just in case. 4.Any tips/tricks or advice for animating: This is just if you have any in general information that might be useful when animating in flash, for example things that you didn't know and had trouble with and then eventually figured out. Just to make things easier. Thanks for any replies! I am really hoping you guys/girls can answer these questions for me as they have been a problem for some time. Also any bite sized useful video tutorials would be great! (also, Admins, I think I posted this in the right section this time)