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Found 2 results

  1. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the dollar never existed and a different system of exchange was adopted? Could you imagine the average dollar or credit being replaced by something else entirely? Do you think that the age old system used to this day is still the best possible system one could have come up with? To answer questions like these I like to return to the foundation our currency is built on, representation. More specifically, a representation of what you are in possession of. After a while money started branching off and taking on new meanings like promises to fund this to get back more of that. Banks sprung up and so did debt. Money had evolved from something useful to something potentially dangerous. Cautions had to be taken to warn others of this danger and fear finds yet another material thing to inhabit. Money turned from a use to a trade off over the course of time. Representation was the initial goal of money, what it represents though, is what matters. Say money instead directly represented the accomplishments of an individual. How would it change and for good or bad? Say money instead directly represented the respect an individual received. How would it change and for good or bad? These are just some examples that I can think of off the top of my head. What do you think?
  2. The second banner contest has ended. It sure was a close competition, a thrill ride of it knowing what was going to happen and...wait, it wasn't. From day one of the voting the winner became painfully obvious as it got a flood of votes early on. Only on the last day did it kinda seem like that would change. See, when the votes for that entry started flooding in, the main and honestly only reason I seen was 'Trixie'. That's it. I seen other things for other entries saying 'We have had too much mane 6' or 'The theme doesn't fit with the forums', so it kinda felt like entry 10 was the winner from the start as it seems everyone was just wanting a Trixie banner and not much else. This zapped the fun for me, I know the contests are supposed to be fun but seeing as how the rest of the entries almost had no chance, it made it feel like a blowout. Apparently the first contest suffered the same fate. I am probably alone on this though. How can this be fixed? Here is my suggestion: Pre-contest vote Before the actual contest is hosted, we ask the community what they want to see, what character they feel deserves the spotlight, was theme do they think would be interesting to see for that character, things like that. How would that help? For starters, character bias could be thrown out the window entirely for the actual contest. Second, it would give everyone a more clear idea on what to make. Now, some have said that this could 'limit creativity' but at least 3 of the entries were about the mane 6 and I distinctly remember others saying 'we have had too much mane 6'. There is no way the ones submitting those could have known that was the opinion of the community. Third reason, we could potentially see characters or themes we have never seen before. In that way it could open up the possibilities. Again, I am not saying anything about any entries here, I just feel like this could be a better way to do the contests. Then at other times we could have random free for alls where the goal is to make whatever. Also, as a side note, I also feel like that the losers of the contests need a little more acknowledgement too but that is just my opinion entirely. So that is my suggestion, not sure if it matters.