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Found 18 results

  1. A story I wrote and submitted both to dA and FIMfiction; although I've come to believe that FIMfiction is where creativity goes to die. And I mean, "goes to die" after being bludgeoned repeatedly and at least lightly strangled. (It's meant to be a nice story, though; ignore me.) Her Sky by Siegfried Danzinger The wind, delighted, played with her mane; tossing it shamelessly and making its many hues ripple and dance together. The sun, amused, warmed her coat; her feathers embraced its heat as two strong wings carried her higher. The clouds parted for her; made way for the ascending blue pegasus and a vibrant, unmistakable streak of color. At this moment, she was a rocket. An unstoppable burst of dazzling energy. Were it not for her rainbow mane, she could have united with the sky itself; an immeasurable sea of white-accented azure. It was hers. Belonged to her. This wasn't a race; there was no starting line. This wasn't a journey; there was nowhere she had to go. This wasn't an exhibition; she was flying for herself. The bright blue rocket pierced a particularly thick cloud with a satisfying puff; bits of the white mass scattered throughout the air. The pegasus collected them and dutifully patched the hole, taking a moment to appreciate her work. Finally, she smoothed a hoof over the repaired injury; giving it a pat that seemed like a reassuring, "There, all better." She looked around. Took in everything that could be taken in. The earth was a far away place, now; a different world altogether. And she was home. The former rocket became a bird of prey; effortlessly skimming along the pale sea of cloud and hunting her shadow. She dipped a hoof into the strange waters and made a furrow. Her eyes half-closed and a smile shone on her face. And she dove. Down into the quiet, floating sea. Deeper. Deeper. And deeper, still; abandonding the world of blue for a harmless and familiar white fog. She escaped from the pale and thrust into the azure once more. A whole world of color. Of life. A world without limits and nothing to slow her down. It was exhilarating. Her wings were drawn behind her as she imitated a beautiful meteorite. Ten. The pegasus felt it; something building inside of her. Nine. It could be called any number of things, but the name of it didn't matter. Eight. Nothing would stop her but her. Nothing could hold her but doubt; and she felt nothing of the sort. Seven. That other world was fast-approaching. A less confident flyer might balk. Six. Change their mind. Give in to fear and uncertainty. Question their own ability. Five. There was a time when she wasn't sure she could do it. When something dared to hold her back. Four. But things were different now. She owned this moment; these last few moments. Three. Those last few moments before she would fill the sky with radiant color. Two. And defy the gravity of all the world below. One. An explosion. A ring of myriad hues, bursting outward and carrying her timely triumph through the air. The once-plummeting meterite shot back up into the sky at an extreme angle; never so much as brushing the earth below. She ventured a satisfied backward glance. There was never any question. Never any doubt. At this speed, all else appeared to slow down. A grateful, delighted heart beat in her chest; a little drum that marked both her ascent and her growing enthusiasm. There were other flyers; skilled ones, even. Others who loved the sky much as she did. But today, if only for a time, this was her sky. Her world. Her blue, blue, cloud-littered ocean. Her tail a brush that painted the path behind her; telling any who might spy it that she had been there only moments before. And this wouldn't be the last time. There would never be a last time; not truly. The wind, the sun, the clouds. She would borrow them all for a while. A rainbow grinned across the sky. A pegasus bathed in its sunlit waters as ships of white sailed through.
  2. -Well, I am pretty sure most to all of us have seen flight to the finish, you know, where Diamond Tiara decides to tease about how Scootaloo has yet the ability to fly. After this insult, there are many scenes of Scootaloo being down and constantly trying to fly, yet she is unable to. -We have seen The Cutie Mark Chronicles right? Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were both in flight school as fillies. Why didn't the idea of flight school ever spark up inside Scootaloo's head before and after Flight to the Finish?
  3. Hello, everypone, I'm Sunflower Twix. I know that not many of you (none of you) know who I am and that this is my first post, but I'm an aspiring electronic and orchestral producer with a diploma to wave around in your face to say that I know I'm on the right track...that's my short story out of the way. But to be honest, as well as wanting to delve back into the brony community project-wise, I really want to start a new 'thing' for those who are forced to leave the fandom with little given information or for those, such as myself, who want to find those that left the fandom, only to metaphorically shake their hoof. You see, when I started producing electronic music a few years ago, I began producing with the genre 'Dream Trance' in mind. The technical side of this isn't the important part, but why I got there sorta' is. I looked for other brony producers who made music of a similar genre to what I was doing, merely to befriend people in this new community I was walking through the doors of. One brony persona I found was "SoaringFlight" any of you know of him? Maybe? Maybe not...Sure, if you don't then that's fine. I'm not going to rouse on you, in fact, I'd understand. Why? Because he's no longer considering himself a 'brony' anymore, and his SoundCloud (and other social media of that alias) has been inactive for over two years. So what's the problem? Well this guy made amazing music, and when he was still active all that time ago, I recall his profile not being anywhere near as popular as it is now...but most importantly...I really want to shake his hoof. I really want to buy this guy a drink and get to know his whole story. Show him that someone (I) care. This is me reaching out to other brony producers and social media bronies, begging to tell me that this guy is okay...that nothing bad has happened to him, that he's alright. I don't know why I have an emotional journey assigned to myself to find this guy, but I would drop anything, just to talk to him. To share his musical knowledge, to learn with someone who I was inspired so heavily by. By someone who's music peservered me through my darkest times...what happened to SoaringFlight? BUT This doesn't just end here...there's hundreds of other brony producers (and artists, but I'm only familar with producers) who have done the same, JackleApp and NeedsMoreDJent. H8 Seed and PinkieGuy. Please, someone...tell me, what happened to these guys...are they still all okay? :'( I hope that they know people still care for them.
  4. Anyone here into flying, planes, and wings and stuff? You can express your enthusiasm and relation to flying here (by any means)! By popular demand, skydiving is also something you can discuss here! As for myself, I've always enjoyed flying in video games (whether it be Super Strike Eagle or GTA) and wanted to fly a plane in real life, though not as a career (up until last year though). I recently started ground school at my university (informal class), so I'm just now beginning my journey to a pilot career. I've also had a lot of dreams where I can fly on my own in the sky and over the land. I love that feeling. I happen to use this free, online simulator often with the call sign of "TheRedBadger":
  5. Lel, if you're reading this, take a cookie: With all the time available throughout the day (and my brothers away at school), I took the liberty of this time to flight sim on longer than usual routes. The latest flight being Frankfurt to Hong Kong, which took about 11-12 hours (leaving at 4pm, arriving at 10 am), and...two landing attempts (I'm not used to the 747). Here are some pics! Here's the route taken (this is pretty close to accurate). The thick blue path is the actual route taken, whereas the thinner path is the actual route flown by the airline in real life (DLH796).
  6. Starting things off with a theory about my favorite species. Alright, I'm going to assume everypony knows that Pegasi can fly. But why? Birds have hollow bones to make themselves lighter, without this they would likely be unable to take to the air. Ponies not only (By assumption) have hollow bones, but are also generally larger and heavier creatures. Add in the fact that the pegasus pony's wingspan does not seem large enough to accommodate for the size and weight of the pony in question, and flight should be impossible. And even if it was, they would need to flap their wings much faster than they actually do in order to remain airborne. My theory goes to magic. Every pony in the land of Equestria has magic of some kind. Each race utilizes this magic in different ways, some more noticeable than others. Unicorns use their horns as a focus to direct and manipulate their magic externally, allowing them to directly affect the environment. Pegasi use their magic to allow themselves to manipulate the weather (And according to my theory, to cultivate the abiliy of flight). Earth ponies are likely the only Equestrian race that does not and can not use their magic externally. Their magic circulates internally, cullllltivating their naturally superior strength. But I digress, I'll touch those topics in a later entry. My theory in how the Pegasi use their magic to allow flight involves their wings. Pegasi consciously or unconsciously use this magic to walk on clouds, create lightning, and other weather manipulation feats. I believe that they push minuscule amounts of pegasus magic out of their wings as they flap, and possibly circulate it through their bodies in order to create more push, and lighten their body weight during flight. By circulating the magic through their bodies, it possibly creates an effect utilizing the cloudy portion of their magic to reduce their own body weight for a period of time. By pushing it out through their wings it could potentially create greater lift, allowing them to fly better and flap at a slower rate than what would otherwise be required. Thanks for reading through this, and let me know what you think. I plan on releasing other theories about multiple different aspects of Equestria such as different ways magic moves and is used, and maybe even about other creatures such as the manticore or Discord or other things. Next Blog topic, I'll put it to a Poll the two choices are Earth ponies, how they might utilize their magic. Unicorn magic, and how it moves. (I'm fairly certain it moves in circles, spirals and otherwise rotates. I have several pieces of evidence that I believe supports this idea.
  7. For @Sterling Crimson Singapore Changi to Soekarno-Hatta (Jakarta) A truck labeled "special cargo" arrived from an unknown source to the tarmac where a Pacifica Airlines 734 was parked, although there was trouble loading the smuggled goods onto the plane due to high security, but they managed to "work it out" by falsely reasoning it out. Chronological order of images: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Pics 1-2: Taxiiing from Singapore Changi. Pic 3: Climbing to cruise altitude. Pic 4: Climbing. Singapore in the background. Pic 5: Descending. Pic 6: Descending. Airport in sight. Pic 7-8: Taxiing to gate. Pic 9: Parked at gate.
  8. WELCOME, to my blog :comeatus:. I don't know where to put this introduction, but I had the idea just a few minutes ago of starting a blog for all my flight sim trips since I always took pictures of a lot of my flights, but I never did anything with them except keep them stored in my computer, so why not do something cool with them and start a blog for anyone who's interested? Even if nobody but myself is interested, I'd like to keep the entries of my flights stored somewhere better than just jammed in my computer. ANYWAYS, a friend of mine, a very retro friend (@Retro*Derpy) of mine suggested I transport "children who haven't seen their parents in ages" to a backland city in Russia (Murmansk), using the 787. Of course, I ended up using the 777 since I had trouble with the 787's panel (missing some features). This 777-200 to be the case: The flight took...oh son of a gun, the flight took course over several days since I was busy and couldn't do it all in one day (4 hour+ flights aren't manageable since the computer is shared), but I estimate it took about 9 hours from take-off to landing. I'm a little lazy with the blog at the moment, and I'm sure I could be a little more organized, but here are screenshots from my descend and landing to Murmansk. View the screenshots from top left going right, then going down (so view them in this order): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 And all the children rejoiced to see their parents ! Some were probably disappointed xD .
  9. Why hello. Often times I'm pretty bored or uncreative with where to fly, so I'll leave this here for you to pick a route for me to fly.
  10. Made this piece of music in Jeskola Buzz. It was inspired by Rainbow Dash, and is intended to evoke a vision of flight. Really this is the type of music I'd compose for a Rainbow Dash SHMUP lol. Worry not, any who might accidentally listen to this; it's likely the last time I'll subject MLP Forums to my music. xD
  11. Ask me pretty much anything, but if you're here to ask for my B-17, forget it. planes are awesome.
  12. So what is up with Scootaloo i mean she is basically homeless, without family and disabled i mean really there is hardly any information her given in the show and she has to get something going for her. Her cutie mark should be the least of her worries . So can someone tell me if any of these things are or will be addressed soon in the show. It is kind of getting a tad depressing every time i watch a CMC episode i have trouble enjoying it because i feel bad for Scootaloo.
  13. So I just thought of something. Throughout the seasons of FIM, I've noticed quite a bit of flying styles. So, why not categorize them. Light Flight: A light flight is a slow leisure flight. Fluttershy is seen doing light flights just about every episode, except when faced with one of those situations. An example of a light flight is seen here: Mid Flight: A Mid Flight is the typical speed a pegasus. This is shown in every episode. Fast Flight: A fast flight is what the name implies. Fast flights are seen when pegasai are in a hurry. An example is shown when Pinkie Pie chases Rainbow Dash for the first time in Griffon the Brush-off Free-Flight: A free flight is a special type of flight that adds a little bit of aerobatics in it. However, the pegasus does not break the sound barrier. An example can be found in Season 2 Episode 7 here: Super Flight: A Super Flight is a free flight taken to the next level. It involves close to or breaking the sound barrier and highly advanced aerobatic techniques. In the show, it's mostly used when other ponies are in danger. An example can be found here: What are your thoughts on this?
  14. Quick note, there are two photos because I didn't want to make two topics simultaneously next to each other like spam. But Flight Off The Moon is the first time Celestia and Luna fly together since Luna was banished to the moon. I only got the idea from my friend, and the wings for Luna aren't a mistake, it is just wing anatomy. I did have trouble with Celestia, if you got tips, please message or leave in the comments some tips for doing artwork involving Princess Celestia. Also, I did a really crappy job with the photography, with angle and lighting. Sorry for the inconvenience of the photo. For the second pic, this is going to be my icon for the next year. The two characters is Shadow Eye(left) and Zanuark.(right) For a bit of background, the two are my main animation character, Shadow Eye represents me, Zanuark represents me through the way I think. And yes, the one on the right is not a pony character before anyone asks.
  15. I read an article the other day on Scootaloo and it seems that there is a possibility that Faust never meant for her to fly. I came accross a rumor stating that her wings are so tiny because shes supposed disabled. I don't understand this though because in several of the Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes she flies for a short period of time. To me it seems like a Nemo type scenario. I think maybe she can fly, just not extensively, and that perhaps this may change when she gets older. After all, we do see many pegasi with small wings as foals, as well as the buff stallion with tiny wings who can fly just fine. What do you think? :3
  16. There is nothing quite like flight. Rainbow Dash has tried to explain it before. I figured it was just from her inability to string the right words together. That there must be some way of describing it to a pony without wings. But it truly is noting that can be described using Equestrian words. The mixture of feelings is far too complex. The sensations, the thoughts, the views. Individually yes, they can be described, like the feeling of momentum trying to keep my trajectory strait, or the feel of the wind flowing through my mane and across my feathers. But everything together is something to be experienced, not explained.
  17. This was inspired by my wing-suit thread in general discussion from yesterday. Here's a link if you don't know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I was thinking about it again today, and it suddenly crossed my mind that I could see Scootaloo putting one of those suits on and doing some extreme flying. It seemed too good not to draw. Took about 30 minutes. (EDIT: And I'm just now realizing I should've erased a few lines in this, plus the "x" where I marked where her tail should be. Meh, late-night mistakes.) Will vector tomorrow (later today ).
  18. There is nothing quite like the freedom of flight. No Unicorn or Earthpony can truly understand what they're missing out on.