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Found 10 results

  1. Note: Some content from Season 8 was leaked near the end of last year. While much of it is officially revealed, much isn't. So, please keep leaked content under the tag and don't post or link leaked assets. Zap2It first announced the episode's title and date, and Hasbro released their August lineup on July 20. Episode synopsis C&P'd from the linked PDF. Title: Friendship University Airtime: Boomerang/Australia: August 5, 8:30am AU Time. Disc. Fam./U.S.: August 11, 11:30am EST Writers: Chris "Doc" Wyatt & Kevin Burke Synopsis: When Twilight Sparkle discovers there's another School of Friendship, she and Rarity go to investigate and are shocked to discover that Twilight's idol and Pillar of Old Equestria, Starswirl the Bearded, is enrolled at the school. Episode Link:
  2. Flim and Flam seem to be identical, other than their names, Flam's moustache, and perhaps their voices. For the sake of anyone writing fanfics about or involving them, I would like to see your ideas on how you could make each brother more distinct. What hobbies, behaviours, and interests do you imagine each of the brothers to have? And which pony would be the leader, and which one will be the assistant? Where do you think they would live, if they do (or do not) have the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000? Please add in your own ideas!
  3. I notice that the flim flam brothers have an apple-like cutie mark and as we know all of the apple clan have an apple motif in their cutie marks , In both appearances the flim flam brothers used apples in their products, they also share a color scheme with apple bloom, if anything , apple bloom looks more related to them than she does her own family. I'm not sure about this and I can't seem to find anything online relating to this , so what do you guys think, Are the flim flam brothers members of the apple family?
  4. There is just something so charming about Flim and Flam that I usually find myself wanting to be conned by them. But on my travels across the Internet, I found that many hate them with a passion. So I would like to see the general fandom's opinion on them, whether positive or negative.
  5. Hello Phillies and Gentlecolts, Here is my latest picture in my series featuring the Elements of Harmony. This one is Honesty- Apple Jack's Element! As always thanks for viewing
  6. First things first.. *Newfriend Posting! - Release Screwloose!* ^^ I'm crediting this poster for mentioning the movie "Inspector General". This is a funny clip from said movie. If you choose to watch it, at least watch up to the first minute. I guarantee you will chuckle. The mention of a certain muffin loving mare is not to me missed. Anyway, I highly doubt it, but this song may have served Ingram's inspiration for The Flim Flam Brothers' Miracle Curative Tonic (a much better song overall, but I reiterate that one part in the Inspector General song is to die for).
  7. 3 page iTunes preview: Due to be released on the 10th.
  8. Flim: Greetings Everypony! Might we have the pleasure of introducing ourselves? Flam: Well If we may, he's Flim! Flam: He's Flam! Flim: And we've opened up a forum to come ot you today! Ask us anything! Flam: Anything at ALL! Flim: And we shall answer it!
  9. -the two stallions sit on a couch much like the one seen on the SSCS600, both relaxing, Flim leaning back with his hat tilted forwards covering his eyes, Flam to the side reading a book of some sort. Flam looks up from his book, noticing the newcomers. He nudges his brother with an elbow, whole jolts upright, pulling his hat up to give them a wide bright grin. "Well hello there everyone. My name is Flim, Flim Ciderton." "And I'm Flam. We've taken time off our schedule to answer any questions you fine folk might have for us." The two look at each other for a moment or two, then nod. "So ask away." They say in unison.