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Found 41 results

  1. With Flurry of Emotions now premiered and done, it got me thinking about Flurry and Twily, their bonding experience and how Twilight handled the overall situation. Definitely wasn't an easy one, but she pulled through. Here is the thing though, it is clear she was able to get the job done in the end, but could we all have done the same thing in the same situation? Perhaps we all would have our own techniques or things to do when it comes to babysitting, but this particular job would require a bit of extra care. So, if YOU were tasked with babysitting Flurry Heart, what would you do? What would your tactics be? What activities? This would be quite the hoofful, so it would be interesting to know what you all would do. Me, I would either decline the request because I have basically no experience or if I had no choice, and this might seem predictable from me, I would introduce Flurry to the wonderful world of video games! If possible. XD If she could have it, cereal would be the preferred snack, and that would be easy as I already love cereal. Most likely wouldn't leave the house though. For me, best possibly safety would be indoors in that scenario.
  2. During the final episode, we got a new student for Twilight in Luster Dawn. But would it have made more sense for Twi to be teaching her grown up niece, Flurry Heart? Who better for Cadence and Shiny to send their daughter? Were those three even in future Equestria?
  3. We know that Celestia and Luna are immortal and possibly Twilight, Cadence and Flurry Heart as well, but maybe non-alicorns could live extremely long such as Granny Smith and possibly the rest of the Gold Horseshoe Gals. Because Granny Smith in "Family Appreciation Day" called herself a "young filly" but when the founding of Ponyville she looked more like a teenage/young mare but the founding of Ponyville was over 200 Years ago according to Twilight in "Winter Wrap Up" said "Ponyville was started by earth ponies, so for hundreds of years they've never used magic to wrap up winter" the key term being "for hundreds of years" so Granny Smith at her youngest during "Winter Wrap Up" is over 200 years old.
  4. Title: A Flurry of EmotionsAir Date: April 22, 2017 Written by: Sammie Crowley and Whitney WettaSynopsis: After planning a jam-packed day, Twilight Sparkle also agrees to babysit her niece, Flurry Heart. But with Flurry Heart along for the ride, Twilight Sparkle struggles to maintain her title as 'The Best Aunt Ever' while keeping Flurry Heart out of trouble!Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  5. My theory as to why the Staff of Sacanas could work without Flurry Heart is that it only works with "ascended alicorn princes".Becoming an alicorn princess has to be earned, Flurry being naturally born an alicorn she's not a "princess"
  6. Hello everypony, I just finished watching the Season 6 Premier, which was great by the way, and a new alicorn was introduced. Now, this alicorn is the baby of Cadence and Shining Armor, and I was wondering why the baby is an alicorn if Shining Armor is only a unicorn and cadence isn't naturally an alicorn. Granted in the show, even Luna and Celestia had no clue as to why the baby was an alicorn, but does anypony have any predictions and/or theories about this that they would like to share? To follow up on this, until the end of Season 5, only princesses could be alicorn as far as anypony knew, so does this suggest that baby Flurry Heart is a princess, and if so, would Cadence be considered a queen? Hopefully in future episodes, we may find out the answers to these questions, but as of this moment, I'm very deep in thought and am curious as to what you all have to say about this. Please... fuel my ideas! Thank you kindly, Thundershock
  7. Twilight Sparkle wanted nothing more than to see the Northern Stars on the Zeppelin Cruise with her family. But thanks to Iron Will, who was running the cruise, her dreams are smashed into pieces. Saddened by seeing Twilight's heart broken, her family does everything they can to try and console her. Author’s Note: This story is to serve as how Twilight’s family SHOULD have approached the situation when Twilight started sobbing after missing out on the Northern Lights.
  8. I have a future episode prediction/request, or a possible prompt for a fimfiction (if this already exists, please notify me). So, we start in Equestria, several years in the future. Flurry Heart is a young filly who is as beautiful as she is smart and kind. She attends Celestia's Magic School in Canterlot, where she studies spells and magic and learns to control her powers. She feels like an outsider, and doesn't know who actually wants to genuinely be her friend, or who wants to be her friend to be affiliated with a royal family. (We see a glimpse of this happening in season 7's "Once Upon a Zeppelin"). The episode follows Flurry as she wonders who to trust, and who she is meant to be. After the occasional musical number, Flurry goes and talks to each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who are now fully grown mares. Each member reminisces about what it was like to try and find their place, and how they never gave up. Just an idea that I would love to see come to the big screen, or at least Thoughts? Comments? Questions? I'm all ears. Let me know what you think. PLEASE HASBRO/FANS. MAKE IT HAPPEN
  9. Some of the merchandice and the fandom calls her that but I don't recall the show ever calling her that or there being some official mention by the creators? Or do I misremember? Imo just because someone is a alicorn should make you royalty and I liked that the princesses in Equestria have actually accomplished something rather than born to royalty.
  10. So, this idea needs a lot of work and any plot holes or anything like that are because this is only starting to form. So, I was thinking, I really want the show to end with a big, game-changing finale in a similar vein to shows like Gravity Falls and Avatar: The Last Airbender, so me and my 8-year old sister have been discussing what the last ever MLP episode would be if it were up to us. It would be a three-parter, because there really is a lot to our idea. It would take too long to explain the plot, so I'm gonna go over each featured character and explain their arc. However, I will say the basic plot is that it is revealed that Celestia and Luna actually have a brother (let's call him TBA because we don't have a name tbh), who was meant to return from his banishment at the same time as Nightmare Moon (there's a twist - it's revealed that Luna turned evil because of TBA's power to do so and NOT because of jealousy). It has been four years at the time of this finale since Luna returned, so everyone is on red alert. Well, of course he does so (he's an allicorn and harbors extremely powerful magic and manipulation powers) and it's up to all these characters to stop him. Twilight Sparkle: - Helps to defeat TBA. Her and the rest of the Mane Six attempt to use the Elements of Harmony but they are useless against him At the end of Part 3, she becomes the new Princess of the Moon, taking Luna's place (read on and it'll make sense). Applejack: - It is revealed that there is an afterlife in the MLP universe and in that scene, she gets to finally see Pear Butter and Bright McIntosh again. Rainbow Dash: - Has been giving Scootaloo flying lessons for several months and with the help of Tirek (more of that later), she performs a sonic rainboom with her at one point. Fluttershy: - When TBA announces his plans to enslave other dimensions as well as Equestria (there may be an Equestria Girls link!!), Fluttershy immediately heads to Discord's and a romance between the pair is developed across the parts. Discord helps defeat TBA. Pinkie Pie: Don't know really. Rarity: She is forced to reject Spike when he finally confesses to her, but they remain friends. The CMC: We finally see them fight alongside The Mane Six They are the ones who fetch the Elements and there is a possible Timberwolf fight scene in the Everfree Forest when they do so. Princess Celestia: Is killed by TBA. Now, this sounds CRAZY, but hear me out: we see both Luna (who is also killed) and Celestia in the afterlife sequence, so they aren't completely gone. Princess Cadance: Becomes the new Princess of the Sun. Flurry Heart: All I'm gonna say is she is the key to defeating TBA. Tirek: Queen Chrysalis helps him break out of prison and they go to exact revenge on both Starlight Glimmer and the Mane Six; however, after Chrysalis is enslaved by TBA, he decides to join forces with the Mane Six. His power is what enables Cadance and Twilight to take Luna and Celestia's places, and enable Scootaloo to finally be equal to Rainbow Dash in flying!! Starlight Glimmer: Becomes the new Princess of Friendship!!! OTHER NOTES: Starswirl the Bearded is also the KEY to defeating TBA. I don't know how yet but there has to be something about him in there. G1 and G2 characters like the Seaponies Wavedancer and Seawinkle will make appearances.
  11. There are certain times this season that would be great opportunities for Spike to appear in, but none of them are as important as Spike joining the Sparkle family vacation! Is he part of the Sparkle family, or what? This episode will tell us! I really wanna know who Spike considers family! Since he never met his family, and Twilight adopted him, what's stopping him from being close with Twilight's family? Big Jim did say that family is this season's theme, and throughout the season we had A Flurry of Emotions (Twilight and Flurry), Rock Solid Friendship (Pinkie and Maud), Forever Filly (Rarity and Sweetie), Parental Glidance (Rainbow, and to an extent Scootaloo), A Royal Problem (Celestia and Luna); Applejack, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom (Perfect Pear); and To Change a Changeling (Thorax), and we already met Fluttershy's family last season! We're gonna be seeing more of Twilight's family in episode 22 this season, and that should tell us whether Spike and the Sparkle family consider themselves as a family! This needs to happen! Hey, even if Uncommon Bond doesn't turn out to be a Spike episode after all, I can tolerate that as long as this happens!
  12. I just loved "Flurry of Emotions" so much I had to do some fan art based on the episode. I love the fun little connection Twilight, Spike and Flurry had together. When Flurry tried to wink back at Twilight, I literally died from cuteness. I hope ya enjoy it! Cheers Clickable DA w/ Download Link:
  13.     Is Starswirl behind certain events? When one thinks about it, it's certain hard to argue with that possibility. I mean if you look at events, like for 1. Flurry Heart's birth. You have Luna and Celestria saying that even They can't explain how an alicorn can come to be via natural birth, espiecally one with the powers that Flurry Heart has. So one would have to wonder, if maybe a certian wizard had/has something to with it. Now I know some of you may say, that being in the Crystal Empire had something to do with Flurry Heart's birth, and that could be true too. But if that was the case, wouldn't all the citizens of the Empire be alicorns too? , Just saying. A 2nd Event, would be the ending of the "Cutie Re-Mark", when the time spell got sucked up into the portal on it's own, or did it? One could say that it got caught up in the closing of the portal, ok, but then why did it look like something from an unknown force was guiding it. This is where I think Starswirl may have had something to do with it, and perhaps he took the time spell back into his poession in his time for safekeeping. A 3rd Event could be the whole "Nightmare Moon" deal. I mean when one thinks about it, how could somepony like Luna be chosen to be maliputie by the Nightmare magic, when as everyone saw in "A Royal Problem" Celestria could have easily be chosen as well. Well, IMO, I believe when Starswirl chose Celestria and Luna for their respective duties, he knew what he was doing, by having Luna raise the night and Celestria raise the day. Because he possibly wanted to see if darkness was more easily influenced than light. A 4th and Final Reasoning, Is Starswirl's probably watching all this unfold, because perhaps he has a portal that let's him see into the future, and thus allows him to change things to go a certain way so that the outcome he forsees doesn't come to be. What I mean, is let's take Flurry Heart's birth for example, perhaps he saw (after the King Sombra Deal) that not just The Crysral Empire, but all of Equestria needed a protector that as he/she grew, their power would grow as well, to the point, that not even someone like Tirek could stand up to their power. Thus, perhaps he summoned the same kind of magic that he bestowed upon the sisters, and cast on it on Cadence during her term, so that the baby could be gifted upon her birth. Another example, again would be the "Cutie Re-mark" Time-Travel deal, you can't tell me, that if he's watching, that he didn't maniptule the last destation for Twlight and Starlight to end up in to show what Starlight's actions could eventually lead too. Because in IMO I think he did. Overall, I believe that if this ever really touched upon in the Show, or even the Movie for that matter, I have this gut feeling that this may be the direction they go in for Starswirl and thus would explain why certain events and moments took place the way they did. But what do you all think? Let me and everyone else know. God Bless. Document1.rtf
  14. This is from season 7 episode 10,when celestia is in pony dreams I think,and in that dreams there's many spoilers,baby applejack,fluttershy and Angel-this is not a spoiler Discord and his friend Slime,If you're not trust me you can see in season 7 episode 10. My favorite dream from that episode-DjFlurry Heart
  15. Honestly, this episode is a lot more impressive than it should've been. The synopsis and theme alone sound like an accident waiting to happen, but DHX actually pulls it off quite soundly. Twilight and Spike are at their A-game. Spike's the straight man who has to remind Twilight of her schedule, and Twilight not only tries to listen to Spike and her checklist, but also take care of Flurry Heart. Clearly, she loves her niece. A lot of the actions seen, including Twilight playfully blowing on FH's tummy, are common. One problem with Baby Cakes is how clichéd and dull the plot is and how generic the Cake twins were. Flurry Heart has plenty of personality. Even at her age, she's incredibly intelligent, yet she still can't deduce very complicated thinking, like finding an extra balloon rather than split it (thanks, @Jeric ;)). Sure, she had a tantrum, but it was quick and with reason. When Twilight isn't laying with her, she feels left out. And when her whammy's missing, she freaks out and searches for it in a major panic. Shining, Cadance, and Spearhead are awesome. SA and Cadance show very clearly how much of a royal pain it is to take care of a baby through their tired eyes, split hair, and slip ups. Spearhead has that classic surfer/casual dude accent and archetype, but to echo @Batbrony, he's incredibly likable and not stereotypical. He really enjoys art and how art, especially modern and abstract art, can bring out emotional responses to people. He understands how individual art is and relishes it. I'll echo J in a chat between he an I on Discord. Based on how the beginning was written and Spike reacted by how his friends's names sounded similar, it may be implied that the writers were probably trying to convince the viewer that Spearhead was going to be generic and flat. This can create an initial impression of who Spearhead is. But then, you get hit with, well…"a whammy." If that's true, clever. Spike is the victim of some slapstick, but unlike many episodes before it (including Newbie Dash), it was quick, he clearly showed no pain, both he and Twilight were equally victimized, and Spike does get his moment at the end. The two morals are great, too. "Spend quality time with those you love," and "don't ask to babysit on short notice." The two issues here are some pacing (particularly in the climax after Twilight yells at her) and the fact that Twilight brought her to other sick foals at the hospital. They're small, but noticeable. Other than that, great ep! Keep it going! ^^
  16. Did they HAVE to bring back Scrappy - er - Flurry Heart? Well, maybe it won't be all bad.
  17. Good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." Today we've got the first normal episode of Season 7 proper, following the two season premiere episodes, and I'm very pleased to say that this was a delightful episode indeed. That's particularly important for the third episode of a season because, in past seasons, I've noticed that very often the third episode of any given season very much sets the tone for the general level of quality one encounters or can expect to encounter throughout the season. This was definitely one of the best third episodes of a new season the show has had in some time, so without further ado, let's begin. This is "A Flurry of Emotions." Hi, I'm Batbrony, and this is Flurry Heart... welcome to 'Jackass'!!! Alright, so the most important aspect of this episode was the first really full-episode feature of Flurry Heart since her first debut in "The Crystalling" last season. While I found her to be perfectly harmless when she first showed up last season, there were a fair number of bronies who, to this day, weren't too crazy about her. They thought she was just there for the sake of having an annoying baby character and weren't crazy about her being an alicorn either, and I always thought that was a little unfair to her as a character, even if the threat she presented in her debut was a little ridiculous. That said, we didn't really get much else of her after those two episodes, so the show hadn't really given her defenders much of a chance since then to really justify her existence. Today I'm glad to say that that has been fully rectified with this episode. Flurry Heart was not only even more adorable and hilarious than when she first showed up, but was also still believable as a young foal while clearly having grown and developed (at least by baby standards) quite a bit since when we saw her in her debut when she was only days old. She has long-term memory now, better control over her magic, and even something of a personality, and given the passage of time since she first appeared, this all makes sense. But despite these new additions to her, she still behaved as a foal her age should, and what we got was a foal character that felt very natural and well-put together. I was also very impressed that the show didn't try to pretend like Flurry Heart even had to learn a lesson here; oh sure, Twilight lectured her at the end, but that was largely just to calm her down in the moment because, well, she's a baby still and can only learn so much at this point in time. Overall, I thought that Princess McFlurry was an absolute treat to watch this time around, and Tabitha St. Germain's splendid voice work on her did not hurt in the slightest either, hay, I'd even say it was a better job than her first time around! So all in all I was very pleased with how Flurry Heart's return went, and I do hope we get to see more of her going forward (although I should note that I really hope the show at some point lets foal characters actually get older, because it makes NO sense that the Cake Twins are still around Flurry's age. Heck, the first episode of the season pointed out why it makes no sense; Celestia mentioned that it has clearly been years since the show started in Equestrian time, and the Cake Twins have been around since Season 2, WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GET OLDER IN THE SHOW?! But I digress). Oh, also, before we move on, if you thought this show couldn't find anymore ways to jam-pack adorableness into a 22 minute episode of MLP, then you were quite pleasantly surprised by how cute this episode was. I mean, come on, take a look at this! Sweet Celestia, that's A LOT of cute!!! Anyways, moving on we come to the main character of this episode, Twilight. Through this first three episodes of this season, I've actually been quite pleased to find that the lessons that Twilight's been learning don't seem to be (1) redundant for her, or (2) something she should have learned already. I bring this up because last season, while an excellent season all around, had quite a few instances of characters in the Mane 6 learning lessons that they really should have known by that point in the show, and oftentimes they came off as either jerks or stupid because of it. Now while it may still be early in the new season, the fact that Twilight has been handled so well in the lesson department is an encouraging sign, to say the least. Both lessons make sense as being ones she might have to learn at this point in the show. She'd only just gotten used to being Starlight's teacher last season, so obviously having to let a student go on to her next step in life was something which she'd never done before and needed to learn how to do. Likewise, in this episode we see that Twilight still has a lot to learn about being a responsible aunt, especially when she doesn't see Flurry Heart all that often, which can make it easy for her to just want to be a fun aunt for the young filly, but as we saw today, she doesn't have much experience with full-time care of a foal that age, much less a relative, and couldn't just try to squeeze her into her already packed schedule. A foal Flurry's age needs 24/7 monitoring and care, and Twilight clearly underestimated how hard that'd be to do in this instance, especially while trying to juggle other responsibilities. But like I said, this did not seem like a Season 1 or Season 2 Twilight problem, I could totally buy that she'd need to learn this now. And the best part of it all in execution was that she learned it as the episode went on, not just all in one bunch at the end. Season 1 or Season 2 Twilight would've tried to grin and bear it from start to ugly finish, maybe even deny until she absolutely couldn't any longer that anything was wrong at all. But this is Season 7 Twilight, and by the time she got to the hospital, Twilight was already readily admitting that this day had gotten out of control and was quite the nightmare already, that she'd bucked up. She was just trying to make the best of it at that point and get through the rest. The only difference in the hospital scene was that Flurry finally caused enough of a disruption that Twilight needed to calm her down quite a few notches and admit to Flurry that she couldn't and shouldn't keep trying to drag her to all these places and just keep her off to the side. It wasn't fair to Flurry, nor was it fair to the ponies Twilight was supposed to be helping or who were going out of their way to help Twilight, as evidenced by the toy store clerk, poor Cheerilee (whose mouth must just reek of chalk now, poor earth ponies and pegasi with no digits or levitation magic), and Pinkie Pie in Sugarcube Corner, along with the hospital staff and the sick fillies and colts at the hospital. All in all, while not the deepest of lessons, I still really liked it just because I didn't mind that Twilight was learning it since it all made perfect sense. Twilight's got a lot of experience in a lot of things at this point, but one thing she still doesn't have too much experience in is being a responsible aunt to her alicorn niece. Very good lesson and very good characterization of Twilight. Off to supporting characters, we had quite a bunch of good stuff to go around. First, Spike was awesome. I've really enjoyed his rising maturity levels over the last 3 seasons now, and I feel like mentoring Starlight to a certain extent (in a big brother kind of way, even if he's younger and smaller than her) has really contributed to that. He's much more confident in his ability to have a situation under control now and he's still Twilight's #1 assistant as always, if not even better than ever, and here he just wasn't messing around. He knew the second Twilight proposed letting Flurry tag along that it'd mess up their entire schedule and he also knew that wasn't a good idea for many reasons; sadly, because Twilight needed to learn a lesson and (more likely connected to show canon) because Twilight still has a bad habit of not usually listening to Spike's advice until it's too late, Twilight did not listen, but still, Spike was very enjoyable all the same. He didn't seem too phased by Twilight not listening to him, which means he's either getting used to it or was just perfectly happy to watch everything blow up in her face instead. He also had some fun bits with Flurry Heart, like this bit with the Cake Twins where Flurry and Spike desperately tried to intervene to no avail and get the Cake Twins to stop fighting... "You see this s*** going on over here, dragon-dude? Mannnnnnnnnn, it's not good!" I mean, c'mon, how funny is that s***? Besides Spike we had a very fun subplot with Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, and I must say it's about damn time. We've really only seen these two as a couple during season premiere or finale episodes, usually in the middle of some kind of a national crisis, so I was very gratified that we finally got to see these two, extensively, JUST as a couple doing couple things as they tried to get an afternoon to themselves to get a break from Flurry Heart. Even better, I loved very much that the show was very real in that they went to something, an art show, which neither of them were particularly crazy about, but it was better than nothing at all and Twilight just happened to be in Ponyville too, so it worked, because that's just how much they needed a break from parenting a foal this age. That was delightful in its accuracy, as I've heard of many a parental couple who get to a point when they have a young baby that they're willing to do anything if it means they're out of the house and get a day or an evening of a break from their parenting, even if it's not something they really like! What was even more fun was the art show itself, namely because of Spearhead, Shining Armor's old Royal Guard buddy. This guy was a blast! As I said earlier, he's that rare type of "dude-bro" who, rather than being insufferable, was kind of awesome and hilarious; he wasn't full of himself, he just loves being a dude bro in every sense of the word, and I totally dug that. His approach as an artist as well really worked for me. Not the pieces themselves, but I kept seeing throughout this thread people commenting that they thought the writers were being snarky about modern art and people not liking it. I think that's true to an extent, but I think it changed when Spearhead came in. I don't think the writers were critiquing modern art, I think they were critiquing how some modern artists insist that their art have one interpretation alone. THAT is what makes modern art really insufferable; not so much what it looks like (even if much of it is nowhere as impressive as classic pieces of art) but the idea that such vague and general art can only have one interpretation, which some insufferable modern artists do insist. Spearhead here, however, made his art very accessible for others by insisting that enjoying his art was all about his patrons interpreting it as however they wished, injecting meaning into it that meant something to them. His art meant something very specific to him, but he wasn't going to begrudge others having it mean something else to them, but rather encouraged it. For such a seemingly simple character, and in a subplot no less, this was actually quite a nuanced and subtle message about how to appreciate art no matter what form you encounter it in. For that, I have to give major props to the writers on such a well-written and fun new character. I doubt we'll see more of him this season, but I wouldn't complain if we did, Spearhead was a blast! You're cool in my book, Spearhead, you're cool. Dude-on mah dude-bro! To close out the supporting characters we had some fun appearances from Nurse Redheart (I seriously can't remember the last time she had a speaking role, and it was fun seeing her softer side this time around as opposed to when she made herself Pinkie's mortal enemy when the Cake Twins were born), a new toy store clerk who absolutely unloaded some sass on Twilight about proper organization (and yes, I loved it ), Cheerilee who, as I mentioned earlier, got quite the shaft from having to write all those equations on a chalkboard all over again with the chalk in her mouth (but hey, at least Twilight is getting her apology cookies), but I do love getting to see Ponyville's favorite teacher getting small little bits like that now and then, really helps further bring the town alive when the supporting and background ponies there get to play more active roles, and finally a really funny scene with the Cake Twins and Pinkie Pie in which Flurry Heart had the most adorable, failed attempt ever at trying to teach the Cake Twins how to share (I'd count the hospital scene but there were so many background and supporting characters there that none really stood out aside from Redheart, and I guess we learned what the horsey hives are as well). All in all, for a single episode, it was a pretty darn solid one as far as activity from supporting characters goes. Besides that, I don't have too much else to mention. The animation as usual was lovely and I continue to appreciate the experimentation we continue to see the animators engaging in, ESPECIALLY in some of the faces they throw into the show (which I should also credit the storyboard artists for considering that's where a lot of that starts I'm sure). I mean, get a load of this face, can you even imagine seeing something like this in Season 1 or Season 2? That's hilarious... OK, one more Perfection Besides the facial animation, I was quite impressed by some of the magic animation in this episode, it was unusually ambitious for a slice-of-life episode. Think about it, we had not one but two very powerful magic users (three if you count the few times Cadance used magic, but she barely did here), oftentimes using magic at the same time and sometimes on the same things, and one of them was also an infant, which meant that the magic had to look as though it were being employed, to some extent, by a baby who doesn't entirely know what she's doing all the time. Very impressive, if I do say so myself, and it's hard to believe we've gotten all the way to this point in their magical animation since Season 1. There was also a pretty neat reference to the G1 villain, Grogar (considered the second most evil G1 villain behind Tirek) in the story Twilight was telling to the fillies and colts at the hospital, but whether anything else comes of that remains to be seen. He may be a canon character who shows up at some point, but for right now he's at the very least a fictional character in Equestrian lore, if not an actual historical one, we don't know. If something more comes of that, it'll be very cool indeed that they mentioned him earlier this season. Overall, this episode was a blast and a very, very, VERY solid third episode of the season, which bodes well for the entirety of Season 7. I can't wait to see what comes next, but for now I'll settle for rewatching an episode as immensely enjoyable as this one. This has been another edition of "Batbrony Reviews," everypony! Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  18. Well, they are going bonkers with new promos these last weeks
  19. Well, it's Pinks telling more stuff to McFlurry. I'm surprised no one posted the seventh one since it was out a while ago
  20. Episode 6 of Baby Flurry Heart's Heartfelt Scrapbook is finally here! Check it out!: Though one thing still tells me, honestly, why did they have to save it for the last few days of winter?!
  21. I was thinking Princess of Weather, since that's what she's most connected to.
  22. So Shining Armour is Twilight's brother and Cadence is Celestia's adopted niece. Does that mean Luna adopted Cadence? That would make Flurry Heart Twilight's niece and Celestia and Luna her... great-aunts? Also, Prince Blueblood is Celestia's nephew so did Luna adopt him too? Is he Twilight's brother-in-law?
  23. So, I have been thinking. Which parent will McFlurry be closer personality-wise? Be advice that I don't mean she'll be exactly like either of her parents, but it's possible to say her own personality can be comparatively closet to either of them. I think her personality will be closer to her dad rather than her mom. Appearance-wise, she already look like Cadance (two-tone curly mane, a lighter but still pink fur), so I think she should have a personality closer to her dad . I don't mean she will be a disciplined military commander, but rather closer to the geeky of her father's younger days, plus a bit of an adventure strike, and taking care of stuff herself instead of the royal guards. Got this idea from Sapphire from the Disgaea series Sweet at a moment, but danger comes and she be like....
  24. Since you've been such a super good Filly/Colt this year, you get a flurry heart in your stocking.
  25. The real question is centered around Flurry Heart's potential Cutie mark. We've known that Flurry heart is a Princess by birth, and we've know that she's the first ever naturally born Alicorn to occur in Equestrian history, so that's goes into the equation. We also know for a fact that each individual Cutie mark resemble a special talent, gift, and identity to each equine in Equestria and were talking about a Princess here for example. Will Flurry Heart's future Cutie mark hold a great responsibility in Equestria being as Princess or future Queen? or maybe have a part in the Elements of Harmony later in life? Can Flurry Heart be the "One" whom to not receive a Cutie Mark? Will the Cutie Mark Crusaders fulfill their roles as to guide the young Princess into finding whom she really is? Remember that Great Power comes with Great Responsibility. We all know that Flurry Heart's role is still too early to determine and I just want to lay it out for further discussion. -Thanks