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Found 23 results

  1. So, the teen titans are back! With new episodes! You'd think that be great, but I'm not fully happy about this. There are many controversies regarding this revival, many stating it won't be the same and it's just going to be a whole bunch of slapstick jokes and whatnot. Other problems involving this is that it won't be as action packed as the previous one, and the fact that the creators have NEVER seen the previous installment, it also dosen't help the cause. In my final words, I'm going to watch it to give it a try, sure it won't be the same, but I do hope it's better than what I'm hoping right now. That, and cause most of the original voice actors such as Tara Strong will be reprising their roles in this one! So, what do you guys think? Are you going to let it pass? Or are you going to give it a try?
  2. So recently I have been reading some mlp fanfiction. And by that I mean FlutterDash fanfiction. Just FlutterDash. Only FLutterDash. Umm yeah that's all I have an interest in reading. Anyways I realized why I put off reading it for so long. Fanfiction can be cringy as hell. And no I’m not insulting any writers out there. It’s just that certain annoying as hell tropes pop up more in fan fiction than in normal stories. So have you read any cringeworthy fanfiction? Or fanfiction that had cringeworthy moments? So one fanfiction for me is a WhiteRose fanfiction, basically Weiss stripped to her underwear, and Ruby was like oh too sexy I faint now. I don’t know , I know that not everyone doesn’t want to focus on sex, but at the very least handle it maturely. Don’t just pass it off as some f**king joke. And in basically every FlutterDash fanfiction I’ve read, Rainbow Dash kisses Fluttershy on the mouth. And they're both like “oh that's just because we're close friends not because I love her or anything.” F**k that. If you make out with your best friend on a regular basis, and there isn’t a cultural reason for that, one you are either very curious sexually, or two you love the other person as more than just a friend. The only other place I see that stupid f**king trope is in anime. It’s so absurd that I think “so if you two literally started having sex right now would you be like ‘oh that's totally normal to have sex with your best friend!’”. And since I’m reading FlutterDash fanfiction the cringey overreaction from their friends. Oh no Fluttershy is Rainbow Dash abusing you?! Granted the people writing these fanfictions obviously ship FlutterDash but I still find it annoying. If only because that is an actual argument people have against FlutterDash. Saying Rainbow Dash would abuse Fluttershy is a complete misrepresentation of their relationship. Also I guess the other thing for me would be Fluttershy getting picked on in some way and Rainbow Dash not kicking their ass.
  3. So, recently, I have been entering the world of Romance fanfics. I never thought I would enjoy that kind of thing, but I guess I really have a soft spot for sweet love stories. In fact, one fanfic I read, called "Unexpected Confessions," is now my favourite story of all time. I just felt the need to drop it a line. It's an excellent story, and you will have trouble dropping it to do other things. Now that my plug is over, let's move on. ~Introduction: A Conflict~ As I was on FIMfiction, browsing fanfics, I picked up on the traditional argument among shippers. AppleDash, or FlutterDash? What motivates this conflict? They are both adorable couples in their own right. So why do fans of these shippings come to heads so often, unable to enjoy the idea of their opposing ship? ~Dashie is the issue. Right?~ At face value, the answer may seem quite obvious. Obviously, these shippings come into conflict because both feature the same pony, Rainbow Dash. Right? I would argue that no, is the answer. Rainbow Dash is the most shipped of all the ponies. This is a widely known fact. There just seems to be something about Dashie that makes her popular with fanfic writers. Chances are, if you can name a pony (Aside from the universal ships of LyraBon, Derpy Whooves, and Octav3) she has been paired with them, whether male or female. Yet, all of the other shipping groups don't come to grips with the fact that Dashie is in other shippings. Why then is there such a conflict between AppleDash and FlutterDash? If all other Dashie ships accept every other ship, why do these two in particular argue so often? Obviously, the answer is deeper than simply Dashie. ~Wrong! It's deeper than Dashie.~ So, then, if the issue is not Dashie, than what is the problem? Well, to me, it is apparent that the problem lies in an ideological difference. The two shipping groups have different philosophies about love. Fans of FlutterDash believe that opposites attract. They think that ideal relationships should have the ponies involved complement each other. Dashie's strength helps Flutters' weakness. Dashie's confidence is tempered by Flutters' humility. Dashie's impetuousness is held back by Flutters' calmness. Flutters' fear is lessened by Dashie's courage. They think that FlutterDash is magical because their different strengths and weaknesses mean that, as one whole, they can handle any situation thrown at them by drawing on each other. No external conflict can penetrate their bastion of love. Fans of AppleDash are of the mind that Applejack and Rainbow Dash, as very similar individuals, can be much stronger in the face of conflict. As two birds of a feather, AJ and RD know how the other ticks. They know what to expect from each other, and the fact that their strengths are the same means, when facing certain conflicts, they will have the strength of two ponies instead of one. They also have an incredible understanding of each other, able to read each other like a book, sidestepping almost all possibilities of misunderstanding. They know precisely how to comfort one another in rough times. Now, these paragraphs show why the two schools of thought each have merit. But they also have their faults. In the opposites attract relationship, the two ponies share all of their traits. Given their diversity of strengths, they can add to each others' weaknesses. But internal conflict can be a major issue, as their different natures make it difficult to understand each other, and therefore resolve their problems. It can also lead to misunderstanding when a pony simply doesn't get how their special somepony ticks. Within the relationship, they will be at odds with each other, and will not always be stable. This kind of relationship will be an emotional rollercoaster internally. It is strong when an external force threatens it, but does not have structural integrity in its own right. Regarding the birds of a feather philosophy, the issue is that, while the similarity between ponies means that internally, they will have a stable relationship, rarely coming to odds, it also means that where they fall short, they fall really short. If an external conflict strikes which hits the pressure points of the relationship, it can crumble like a sand castle in the rain. Having the same spectrum of strengths and weaknesses means that they can only handle the same problems. If something comes around which attacks a weakness, they are unable to draw on each other, resulting in feelings of inadequacy, causing tension in the relationship, and a longing for that thing which is missing, or lacking. ~So, what does this mean?~ Both relationship types, as we have seen, have their strengths and weaknesses. AppleDash works nicely internally, but similar strengths mean the ponies have similar weaknesses. And when those weaknesses need strength, they have nopony to draw from. At best, the two deficient ponies can hope that they just barely have enough strength to at least be worth half a pony against their opponent. FlutterDash is an emotional rollercoaster, but complementary traits mean that they can draw on each others' strengths when one of them is deficient, forming an unmovable wall against external conflcit. Where does that leave us? It leaves us with the knowledge that neither relationship is inherently functional or dysfunctional. But we also know that their is still plenty of ground to cover regarding where the relationship falls short. I would argue that, given what we've seen above, the ideal relationship will have the ponies not be polar opposites, nor birds of a feather. For a relationship to work the best, there needs to be some shared traits and some different traits. A delicate Balance, which does its best to draw on the two relationship types. And indeed, the best fanfics I've read have focused on finding this middle ground between the two philosophies, where different ponies found out how to accept their differences, and similar ponies learned how to overcome their weaknesses. And I think this middle ground is where the relationships become as functional as possible, and approaching this middle grounds is what makes both pairings attractive for me. Harmony and Balance applies to all things, love included, and seeing ponies approach the golden realm of Harmony in their relationship makes for great reading, whoever you ship. What do you guys think? Which relationship do you think would have its issues resolved easier? Do you think that they are about equal, or that one is superior? Have you noted characteristics about the two philosophies which I haven't covered? Who do you ship? And why? I look forward to reading your schtuff. And make sure to check out my other philosophical meanderings at I can't wait to read your responses everypony!
  4. this isn't all that great, but since I'm just getting started on forums I figured why not post it? and the one below is my avatar
  5. Read the tags. But for real I could write any fan fic you wanted. It would take me at least a week too finish depending on length. And you could draw my oc's? Tell me how you feel.
  6. This is a fluffy fluf fic for FlutterDash. I'd really apreciate feedback on it.
  7. <- Who do you ship? If you want, you can comment your reasons
  8. Uhhh yeah, this is something I did today. I think I overdid the rainbow colors. Criticism is welcome.
  9. This question pertains not to the repercussions of depicting homosexuality. Rather, it pertains to how the fandom would handle one of the ships being canon and not the other. It's no secret that FlutterDash and AppleDash are the two most common ships. The former is supported by people in the opposites attract school of romance, and the latter is supported by "birds of a feather" folks. It represents not just a difference in taste. Both couples are undoubtedly adorable and lovable. But it represents a conflict between two different schools of thought. So, what do you think would happen if one of these became canon? Would the fandom collapse due to the conflict between the two groups? Would there be some kind of civil war? Or would the losing party simply accept the fact, and return to the safety of their fanfics? Let me know your thoughts everypony. Also, stay tuned, as I am going to make a separate thread discussing the philosophical conflict between the two schools of romantic thought which are at work here.
  10. So, I ship AppleDash and RainbowPie. But which ship is better? Or maybe is it Flutterdash What do you guys think?
  11. Hey there, I made this wallpaper of one of my favorite ships: Flutterdash; out of pure boredom Like how it looks, then leave a feedback below. DeviantArt Link:
  12. Speed is where it's at for me, and racing video games are my favorite genre in video game because of it. The sense of adrenaline, skill, and speed in those video games never cease to amaze me. I'm curious, which is your favorite racing video game series? For me, without a doubt the WIpeout series, no not that lame and stupid game show, the kick ass fast future like racing video game where you control ships of the future with weapons and gravity mechanics! It's so fast, so difficult, and so insane, that I only recommend this to the hardcore gamers with extreme skill if you want to master this game.
  13. Well, as you know I label myself as the forum shipper, constantly shipping more than a ship takes off from dock. But you might come to wonder, what do I think of some of the most popular ships in the fandom? Well, today I'm gonna talk about some of the popular ships in the fandom. First, we're gonna talk about a popular ship on this forum specifically, Rarijack. You can't deny that this forums has some backwards thing where Rarity and Applejack are the two most popular ponies here, so in term, the ship is gonna be talked about a lot; and the fact that the Rarijack fan club has 172 replies as of writing this. Now, let me just say that I'm not too big on slash shipping. I don't hate it, I have nothing against LGBT, I just think there's a bit of an abundance of it in this fandom to the point where it gets stupid. I mean come on, just because Rainbow Dash is a tomboy and has a rainbow mane, doesn't make her a lesbian. Going back on topic of Rarjack, the ship itself is OK. I mean, I do see why people ships it, with them being opposites and you know, opposites attract and they did have some nice interactions in recent episodes too. So overall, an OK ship. I just chose one slash ship to talk about since it sums up my opinion on pretty much all the slash ships. So now let's get to the straight ships. SoarinDash: This ship seems to be the most popular Rainbow Dash ship that's not a slash ship. This one I actually do ship. I mean, come on, they had some adorable interactions in episodes such as Best Night Ever and Canterlot Wedding Part 2 and no matter how poorly put together an episode like Rainbow Falls is, it still had that adorable moment of them talking in a hospital. Also there's the fact that Rainbow Dash wants to be a Wonderbolt and idolizes them as celebrities, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched if say she had at least a celebrity crush on Soarin. Overall, this is one of the ones where if you see some of my shipping post, you will see I ship it a lot. Next is a most recent popular ship, Cheesepie. This is one of those ships where I ship it, but I'm not as passionate about. I really don't even need to explain why I can see this ship because really it's obvious, just see the song Cheese Sandwich sung at the end of Pinkie Pride. Now, the reason I'm not so passionate about it is because I already have an OC who I ship Pinkie with that was made before Pinkie Pride aired so me shipping it would make me feel awkward. But yeah, can still see it. PokeyPie is a ship that I never really got why it was so popular. I mean come on, I'm pretty sure Pokey Pierce pops balloons so I'm pretty sure Pinkie would find it offensive. And yes, I know opposites attract but in this case, I just can't picture it in my head. Fluttermac is another one I can barely see. I mean sure, they're both shy, but that's about it. I'm pretty sure their dates would consist of them just sitting there being quiet for an hour. Twimac, however, I do ship. See, I had this fanfic where Big mac and Twilight raise Smarty Pants together and eventually bond with each other after that. Plus, Big Mac has shown to be a bit smart as seen in Applebuck Season. So who knows, maybe him and Twilight could study some of them fancy mathematics. Now let's talk about Flashlight, I don't even like Flash Sentry, next. Ah yes Sparity, defiantly a poplular ship in the fandom. This is one I used to ship but broke off of after that. I shipped it mostly because I liked the idea of Spike's crush on Rarity. Now this one is gonna sum up my opinion on most ships with Spike, he's a dragon so yeah. Well I do admit, this one and SweetieSpike I can somewhat understand, unlike say, Spilight. Seriously, Twilight is like Spike's motherly figure. ButtonBelle, it's so adorable, I ship it. At first, I didn't really see the appeal in it, but after watching Don't Mine and Night, I defiantly ship it. Dilestia I can see happening if Celestia and Discord had some other history besides, Celestia and Luna turning him to stone, but for some reason, I can't get my self to ship it all the way Fluttercord huh? I can see where the shippers come from with this one but I see Fluttershy as more of a motherly figure instead of a girlfriend or I can see Fluttershy and Discord as epic friends kind of like Lilo and Stitch. Raripants I defiantly ship too. Sweet and Elite and Canterlot Wedding Part 2, nuff said. And before you say, "But Fancy Pants is married to Fleur di lis." Was that actually confirmed in the episode? Cause it could've been like a friend or something. And that is my thoughts on some of the most popular ships. Now I hope I don't cause a shipping war in the comments. *Forum Shipper Runs away*
  14. Hey guys, time for a festive related topic before X-mas! This should be a fun one, as today, I'm wondering if you have a favorite song that relates to the snowy areas or X-mas theme songs in video games? For me, a personal favorite of mines for an example has to be the Twinkle Snow Act 3 from Sonic Advance 3! The beat, theme, and speed of the song really pumps me up to go through this stage as best as possible, as well as having fun of course.
  15. BASIC: Name: Kyle Nickname(s): Ozzy, Flutters, hey you, yo man, hey dude, deb, hey guy, pony boy, Gender: Male Age: 24 Birthday: 26th January 1989 LIKES / DISLIKES: Favorite Color(s):Blue, Black, pink, yellow, orange,purple. Least Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Deep Fried Mars bar, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate anything, pizza, hamburgers, scallop/mashed potatoes, salad Least Favorite Food: Raisins Favorite Band/Artist: Pick one? Metallica Least Favorite Band/Artist: Beiber, Miley Cyrus,Pitbull, Nicky Minaj, etc... Favorite Type of Movie: Sci-Fi Least Favorite Type of Movie: Mystery One thing you can’t get enough of: Sweets One thing you hate more than anything: ignorance LOVE LIFE: Are you single? No,not really Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really. Do you fall in love fast? Nah. Do you ever make the first move? not usually. Do you want to get married? Perhaps....I don't know. ARE YOU. . A daydreamer? Yea sometimes. I've gotten some good ideas for stuff in daydreams. Shy? My middle name is Shy (First name Flutter) Talkative? Eh, depends on the topic at hand.(or hoof?) Energetic? Usually yea. Happy? It varies daily. Depressed? Varies daily Caring? I try to be Trustworthy? Hell yea. Confident? Depends,but I often doubt myself. Friendly? After I've had my morning coffee, yes. Sarcastic? Sometimes yea,butit's hard to convey sarcasm over text. Dependable? Yea, I'm never late for work. Adaptable? Ya, I don't mind change. (Except Google+) Emotionally strong? I try to be. but not really. Religious? Not really. Indecisive? Sometimes. Outgoing? Sometimes, depends on the situation. Nosy? no, not really.(By The way I love your new TV in the living room) Lazy? yes and no.I'm active outside on my bike, but I sit around at home too. Artistic? Not really. Serious? Not usually. Thoughtful? I try to be Considerate? Yea,I think so, I mean I try to be. Romantic? Ehh,no not really. :/ Obsessive? Not usually. Sincere? Yea. Tolerant? Yea,of course.(to an extent)
  16. So my question to you female bronies or pegasisters is do you girls find it just as harder to be a fan of MLP FIM just as much as guys? Low and behold, since I've been in these forums, I have met a couple of friends who say they have it tougher than guys do, and the ones who mostly state this are female bronies. Now don't worry, I won't mention who were these friends are, for the sake of it, I'll respect their privacy. Some say they get teased or some say even their parents taunt them or friends at school, and that baffles me because I find it unique how even girls get teased for this stuff, because, when you think about it, it dosen't make sense for a girl to be made fun of or teased for watching something for little girls! So overall, is there anyone else with the same problem? Or also have a friend who suffers the same problem? Just concerned.
  17. Let's face it, when playing games, the music is the least important part of what makes it good most of the times, however, what happens when the music is just annoying or horrible? That's when the game is to unbearable to play because of the music. Theme songs, radio stations in sandlot games, and levels of any kind can be guilty because of it. So I would like to know, have you ever played a game where the music is awful or annoying, to point of muting it or playing your own music? For me? Burnout Paradise...... This game was awesome, it was a racing sandlot game like in GTA, the action was awesome, and the many achievements, explorations, and challenges add a lot of replay value! However, the soundtrack selection is beyond awful, one of the worst I've seen in a video game! Here's the playlist if you want to see how horrible the selection is..: The ONLY two songs I did enjoy of the game was the main theme and one of the radio station songs. Guns N' Roses by Paradise City and N.E.R.D. Rockstar Remix by Jason Nevis (Try them out by the way, their awesome!)
  18. Dinosaurs are creatures that existed millions of years ago in earth, they roamed and lived long before any other era, and man is that mind amazing! Dinosaurs, next to ponies, are one of my favorite creatures in the world, they're amazing, cool, and just overall outstanding! So naturally, yes, jurassic park and anything with dinosaurs is something that I will instantly check out, they're that amazing! So my question is, are you a fan of dinosaurs? If yes, what's your favorite? If you asked me, the velociraptor has to be my personal favorite, he's fast, cunning, and extremely agile! The T rex is also a personal favorite of mines since I saw jurassic park as a kid, to this day, I'm still impressed with that scene in jurassic park!
  19. On the news, when people are interviewed based on what's going on or based on opinions of what's happening, there's that one individual who makes a fool of himself by saying the most ridiculous thing possible that eventually gets a lot attention, to the point of a remix based on it. I gotta ask, what's the funniest news interview you've seen? My personal favorite has to be the surfer dude interview, the dude just sounds to excited and out of control for an interview.
  20. So, if you don't know what this is, don't worry, it's not that dark anti type of religion, so don't worry. Cult classics are movies, T.V. shows, video games, and anything in general that wasn't considered good or funny, but rather boring or not entertaining. However, as time passes, if something from back then is popular as of now, then it's considered a cult classic. And I gotta ask, are you a fan of it? And if so, what cult classics have you seen or heard of? I always tend to go for the underrated and cult classics. To get an idea, here are two cult classics. For movies, we got napoleon dynamite, a cult classic movie that got low box office scores at the theaters and was considered boring at the time, but as time went on, it was a big hit and a sleeper hit with it's comedy. For Cartoons, we got invader zim. This is of course funny and weird in a good way if your into that stuff, but back then, it was forgotten and frowned upon because of it's dark humor and characters. Now, it's a big hit as well, and considered one of the funniest cartoons in my opinion.
  21. So, question that brought up my mind recently is the true origin of this creature. Now, I find this thing adorable and hilarious in both it's tumblr and recent videos, however, I want to know where exactly did this thing originated from. If I remember, the first time I saw this thing is in MadameLeFlour's youtube video, Magic PMV, in the background behind the living tombstone. So does anyone know where did this came from? PS: I know it's a silly question, but I am curious....
  22. So, I know like most of us do that ships aren't going to happen in the show, though I ship Flutterdash but I don't see them as "lovers" more like two people who enjoy eachothers company, and that's a thing I wish to happen, like they can cuddle together etc; So do you guys think any ship would happen in the show and how/why it's probably not going to happen but I'm intrested in your opinions.
  23. I created this song at first as an experiment for mixing(I suck at mixing), but I thought that it might go well for my tribute to the FlutterDash shipping. Feedback and critique please! ^.^ http-~~-//