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Found 8 results

  1. I'd better start by answering my own question. If you were a fly on the wall in my apartment, you would be the most disturbed fly in the world. I'm a single guy living alone, which means I clean up the place only if something is blocking my path to the TV, computer or fridge. I also talk to myself constantly. Monologues, sarcasm, rants, compliments. Just to get out all the words and feelings I can't trust others with. You would also see me surfing MLP Forums frequently, smiling a lot. Or surfing FIMfiction occasionally, shouting "that doesn't happen on the show, goddamn it!" So how about you?
  2. Hi everyone I found some youtube videos on mine craft (with the mlp mine little pony mods) and I had to have it because of the ponies. So now I do But I can't find any fly mods that actually work... I found a few popular ones but they all linked to a adfly website that was wanting me to download something that was an .exe and not any type of mod. Then some were .class files that I couldn't get to work. Or some were in .jar files that I also couldn't get to work. So does anyone have or know of a fly mod for mine craft that works (hopefully with the mlp mine little pony mods also?)
  3. Just showing off for my 1st join here! --- So I'm always always thought, what will happen, if Dash will escape like that? Looks like she is happy to do this...
  4. Here's my ponification of "Ready to Die" by Andrew WK This is your time to shine, This is your day divine, I’m glad you came this far And now it’s time to raise the bar. You shoot for excellence, ‘Cause that is who you are, You just reach for the star, And take that sweet sweet victory! You better get ready to fly, You better get ready to soar, You better get ready to win, Cause it’s your chance, You better get ready to fly! This is your destiny To be the great elite, Now you will surely soon Become 20% cooler! It’s time to take that step, That fated giant leap Go forth young Pegasus, And Rainbow Dash to victory! You better get ready to fly, You better get ready to soar, You better get ready to win, Cause it’s your chance, You better get ready to fly Cause it’s your chance You better get ready to fly!
  5. Green Body Red Eyes. I got a visit from the Christmas Fly and I killed it. I have to say tho, I have never seen a fly like that, so I just freaked out and killed it, it was my natural reaction does that means something? Up to you guys
  6. Seeing Twilight lift Cadence into that mine cart with magic got me wondering if Unicorns could lift themselves with magic to gain flight :/
  7. Can't yall just give Scootaloo here at least one break? Feedback would be appreciated.