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Found 3 results

  1. Reply To "Taking Too Seriously Alternate Element Bearers" Firedbrand did a video on this topic and this is my reply. @FOBEquestria @goldenrusset @joshscorcher @Lightning_Bliss @MLPSilverQuill @EquestriaDaily @dhxmedia @Hasbro #WS100
  2. I just watched the taking x too seriously series by FOB equestria, when I came upon an episode talking about the possible tactical mastery of Chrysalis, If you haven't watched it, it goes on to say that Chrysalis actually planned everything , from twilight noticing she wasn't the real cadence to twily's freakout , so twilight would kill the real cadence in the caves, all to possibly render the elements of harmony useless. however since this didn't work out cadence escaped and Chrysalis' plan failed but what if it didn't? I noticed something at the ending of the movie , Cadence used her love to create a barrier that propelled all changelings away from canterlot, and Canterlot was saved, but what if that's what chrysalis wanted to happen all along? since the changelings fed on love, taking over canterlot would have instead produced fear, maybe chrysalis wanted cadence to escape and use her magic to fuel shining armor's barrier so that the love infused spell would not only expel the changelings but also feed them. afterall who better to consume love from, than the princess of love.