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Found 12 results

  1. Here is Arirang (아리랑) on the Organ (오르간), just in time for the (2018 평창) PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.
  2. This is a song I wrote 5 years ago.. please give it a listen.. I wrote it when I was really depressed and I think it is catchy.
  3. Well, hello! I've been disconnected to this forums for a very long time. I had noticed that Internet forums aren't my thing. In the meantime I've been playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, watching How I Met Your Mother, loving Opeth, Dream Theater and Mastodon, and, between all that, I've found an awesome band, that happens to have the name of our favorite show: My Little Pony. This awesome band creates beautiful harmonies with and awesome combination of male and female vocals, but are extremely underrated. I think this isn't fair, because we can notice other bands that don't deseve to be known worldwide, and these folks that create beautiful pieces of music are invisible to almost everyone. So my idea was to spread the word about these norwegian geniuses, but I didn't really know where. Then, an idea came into view: why not use this forum, that harbor a big number of english-speaking bronies worldwide? I don't wanna be selfish, and also I believe that with more propaganda, these guys can become the new faces of the Indie Pop. But I can't do these alone, I want you, bronies, to spread the word, so they get to the place they deserve. Making Marks: Nina Bø, Ola Innset, Marie Sneve, and Jørgen Nordby. To this day they had make 4 LP's, 4 singles and 1 EP. This is their discography: 2007-Songs In A Major EP (My Little Pony) Tracklist: 1. MacGyver Blues 2. A Song For You On Your 40th Birthday 3. West Wing 4. The Ballad Of Johnny Diesel 2008-Think Too Much (My Little Pony) Tracklist: 1. Skipping Down The Street 2. A Song For You (On Your 40th Birthday) 3. Comic Relief 4. Stars 5. Do You Really Love Me, Or Am I Just In Your Network? 6. The Sunshine Goodtime Song 7. I Don't Know (pt. 2) 8. I Don't Know (pt. 1) 9. West Wing 10. MacGyver Blues Download: 2010-Hard To Be Good single (mylittlepony) Tracklist: 1. Hard To Be Good 2. Harry Hamlin (Nomber 5s cover) 3. I Want You Back (Jackson 5 cover) 2011-Making Marks (mylittlepony) Tracklist: 1. A Miracle 2. Capital Of Norway 3. Fragments Of An Island 4. Breakup With Myself 5. I Do Remember 6. The Grass That's Still Wet 7. I Volunteer 8. Hard To Be Good 9. Stories About Love 10. 1943 2011-Christmas (Sunturns) Tracklist: 1. The Sun Turns 2. Christmas Is Here (Hallelujah!) 3. Looks Like Styrofoam 4. Just Like Christmas 5. Summer For Christmas 6. In A Warm Place 7. Electric Christmas 8. The Closest I Can Get 9. Losing Mine 10. Season Cyclics 2012-Ticket Machine single (Making Marks) Tracklist: 1. Ticket Machine 2. Like Spinning 3. Ticket Machine (Johan Hedberg remix) 2013-Barcodes single (Making Marks) Tracklist: 1. Barcodes (Soup mix) 2. A Thousand Half-Truths (alternate version) 3. Barcodes (Skantze Tanzen remix) 2013-Uten En Trad single (Making Marks) Tracklist: 1. Uten En Trad 2. Nokkelkort 2014-A Thousand Half-Truths (Making Marks) Tracklist: 1. Bruises 2. Barcodes 3. Uten En Trad 4. Forgive And Forget 5. Like Spinning 6. Lemon Sheets 7. Falling In Love Again 8. A Thousand Half-Truths 9. Ticket Machine 10. Flying High Forever You can find more of their music by searching in YouTube "Making Marks". Well, you don't need to thank me, I just wanted to give all of you a present. Goodbye.
  4. Okay, so I happened to see a topic about who listens to 80's music, and that got me thinking...People still listen to 80's music, and oldies, and really any music that was at one time "mainstream". But folk music is one of those things that aren't mainstream and can be very strange. I mainly listen to pony inspired music and folk music. Not just any simple folk music either, oh no, I listen to the weirdest stuff there is, and the most uncommon. Here's a video of oddest music listen to. It's a band called Huun Huur Tu. I even saw them in concert with my then best friend, now husband I also listen to Le Vent Du Nord, Faun, and Gjallahorn just to name a few. Most of my music comes from compilation CD's, such as Nordic Roots 1,2, and 3 I also listen listen to more mainstream folk, such as Mumford and Sons and Eluvietie Currently my favorite folk band is Le Vent Du Nord...I now own all of their cd's and often am caught listening to them.... I have to ask, is there anyone else out in the brony community like me in music tastes? I am very curious to find out since there are bronies from all over the world and not just in the USA. I know where I live, my music taste is so unique that I can't really talk about music to my friends, becuase I don't ever listen to what you hear on the radio (except for NPR which plays classical and instrumental).
  5. Guest


    Hello,'s me.....the RETARDED wizard... I haven't tried making a song in a long while, what was it? Almost 2 months...oh well...anyway, i tried making something,..this is what came out... link: anyway...thanks for listening....those of you who were kind enought to give it a shot,.... anyway best regards You can always say something in the comment section...
  6. I need some suggestions for a fanfic that I'm going to start writing. My fic is essentially about my OC, Pinoak Stringhoof (OC link in my signature), and having him travel across Equestria telling ponified versions of our folk lore. I already have one story ponified and I'm considering ponifying Chaucer's "A Pardoner's Tale", and maybe even "Lanval". I'm really looking for stories from all across the world, from the Brothers Grimm, to Native American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American, etc. It could even be urban legends and what not. I'm just looking for some ideas. Other notes that I have planned for this fic: I plan on having Pinoak perform in Ponyville with the CMC, Mane 6, etc. watching, and I'm thinking on having him do a performance with Trixie for helping with special effects. So, what do you guys think?
  7. Maybe an underrated or unheard genre, but I really love it. It's basically punk/alternative but using traditional instruments (I.E. banjo, acoustic, violin,) and usually centers around depression or anger. If you do happen to like it a/o interested in it I'd love to give and get some references for music. Here's one of my favorite albums from my favorite band!
  8. i know the name could be misleading and maybe ai little inapropriate for the forums but i wouldnt know what else to call most of the bands i listen to! i picture these bands bein played in pubs and stuff and they just want to make you jam out and dance! (or start swingin) i just wanted to see if there are people that like the same musik. some artists that i would consider 'irish drinking bands' are : dropkick murphys, flogging molly, karpiklaani, the tossers, bollocks! and more of the sorts FEEL FREE TO POST VIDEOS OF RELATED MUSIK SEEING AS HOW THIS IS A MUSIC THREAD!! PLEASE! XD to start things off here is one of my favorite songs http-~~-// if a moderator finds this thread offensive in any way feel free locking it or deleting it i dont care either way i just wanna share amazin musik with everypony!! and something a little heavier XD
  9. Anypony else ever heard of Stan Rogers. He's like the greatest Canadian folk artist (in my own opinion of course) Great music, always sining about the Great Canadian wilderness or the sea and stuff. He died quite a while back and he was only 40-something, helping people escape from a burning plane that had been forced to land, he died from smoke inhalation. So not only is he a fantastic folk artist, he's also a Canadian hero! Enjoy!