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Found 5 results

  1. Yes, I totally stole this question from Game Theory. Moving on... The question's pretty simple; if your personality was denoted by a font, what font would that be? It doesn't have to be a font that you can use here on the forum either, just list the font and maybe show some examples. I'd be Orbitron, mainly because I LOVES me some science-fiction, but also because it denotes how bland and irritable I am to put up with. Orbitron is also an extremely easy-to-read font, which matches with my easy-to-read personality... and the fact that I can't tell a believable lie to save my life... (Orbitron also used to be my screenname for a lot of games, so there's that)
  2. So I made this little font cause I wanted to make something decent after all the shitty fonts I've made before. I call it Invader's Eye and there's no direct reason behind it, I just wanted to go with some sort of alien-ish name and the dots in each character.. well that's the eye I suppose. My idea when making it was to make something that looked very alien-like and needed some sort of effort from the reader to see what it says, without being too hard to read. I think it actually turned out decently. Some of the characters may be too similar but overall I'm pretty satisfied. Here's a sample text: So.. what do you think?
  3. Have you ever wanted to make a font using your own handwriting? It's a pretty neat idea, isn't it? I found this font creator and it's so rad you should definitely try it out: So what you do is download the template on the website and either A.) Open the document in Photoshop (or your software of choice) and use your pen tablet to write letters B.) Print the document out and draw them on paper, then scan it with your scanner to your computer I think it's really cool and worth sharing. Try it out and post yours below! My handwriting is awfully messy, so don't be shy.
  4. I see users around the forum and they have different font and font colours. How do I achieve this? Your help will highly be appreciated!
  5. So the problem is the font is Times New Roman when I didn't change it ITS CHANGED RIGHT NOW!!! Heres a example: Any solution? Edit:Click picture to make it better to see.