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Found 330 results

  1. Hey, everypony. What's your opinion on the Mtn Dew flavor VooDew? I enjoy it. IMO, it's a weird yet interesting flavor, and it's mystery flavor is such a departure from the typical fruit/citrus-based flavors of Mtn Dew. And the name, although a funny and clever pun, is actually rather dark if you know what voodoo is. And I do like the design of label. It's beautiful, thematically appropriate since it's a Halloween-themed flavor, and it reminds me of a painting I like, The Scream. The hooded, presumably-skeletal (judging by the hand) figure is pretty spooky, and I like that the name of the flavor is in the hood of said spooky figure instead of making of making an empty, black void with no facial feature whatsoever. If you haven't have this flavor yet, do get one and try it. What are your fave Mtn Dew flavors?
  2. Now tell meh, what is best? Pinkie Pie's Cupcakes or Derpy Hoove's Muffins? Or any other suggestions?
  3. Chicken noodle soup and vegetable soup all day!
  4. Are you fine with eating bread crust? Some people don't like it, though I've never minded eating it. Have you changed your mind about eating it as you've gotten older?
  5. Anyone a regular at their nearest coffee shop or cafe? Whether it's to get a favorite drink or just chill out or catch up on some work in a relaxing atmosphere? Got any favorite places? What are the best ones where you're from? What gave me the idea is my local shop: 1863 coffee saloon. Friendly staff. Homely atmosphere with a rustic charm. Back half was used for an art & photo gallery as well as an amateur performance stage and swap meet area. Built out of the historic saloon and railway station from when my town was founded. And sadly it'll be closing down at the end of the month. Guess I'll be making the most of these next few weekends then.
  6. What's your favourite dip? Here we have dips like houmous, taramasalata, tzuaki, garlic and chive, cheesy, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, mint and more. I like a variety and its good with carrots and tortilla chips as well as bread.
  7. What are some foods that you hated when you were younger but you enjoy them now? For me mint was disgusting for a long time; now I think it tastes quite nice
  8. I'm sure many here will brag about how they have a million different local non-chain Pizza places to eat but for me and many others chains are really all we have, as such, my favorite is either Marco's or Dominos. I usually like to customize my order, deep pan with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Bell Peppers and Jalapenos. As a side question: Pineapple or no? I'm firmly in the NO camp.
  9. You guys can cheat, and just give the restaraunt if you just foud a simiar enough food that you always eat, just prepared differently than what you're used to. For me, it's shrimp tacos. Now, I'm no stranger to shimp tacos. I used to go nuts for them at Del Taco, until I guess tey lost their spark. But my bible teacher invited me to lunch at her usual lunch spot, El Pollo Loco, some months ago, and O.M.G. their shrimp avocado tacos!!!! (Gowd, I want some right now) I usually shy away from avocado if it's not in sushi, but these tacos, man! And the shimp is cooked TO PERFECTION. Not coated with batter and quick to get soggy, like Del Tao's shirimp. The avocado provides creaminess, crunchy cabbage, meaty, jiucy shrimp, and deliciously spicy sauce. It's heaven. My new food love. Have you guys tried a new food or restaraunt with an old favorite food prepared differently, that you've fallen hard for?
  10. Hai! Just curious as to how many people on here can eat with chopsticks. Personally; I can, I ate my Chinese takeaway today with chopsticks.
  11. As in, if you were going to have your dream pizza right now, what all would you like on it? I swear, I bet the majority will say pepperoni and cheese -_- mine: deep dish crust, extra cheese, sausage, chicken, bacon, black olives, onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, and ranch dressing (instead of pizza sauce) mmmm... does that sound gross? your turn.
  12. So here is another random question from me. I am in a wondering mood tonight. XD TAP WATER. Something that is usually split on who drinks it. Some people do with no issues while others might avoid it like the plague. This could be for quality reasons, trust reasons, personal preference or a combination. Could be anything. Makes me want to ask, do you drink tap water at all? Why or why not? Do you drink it only with a filter of some kind? Tell us your tap story! : D Me, I don't drink tap water. At least not in my town. Over 10 years ago, there were reports sent out that there might have been a decent amount of lead in the water. Yeah, sounds wonderful. Ever since then, I don't bother with tap water at all around here. Maybe if I get one of those uber fancy filters sometime, but I haven't done that yet.
  13. Milk is one of my favorite things to drink and I drink it all the time! Chocolate milk is awesome as well, but not strawberry milk!
  14. I was eating some candy today and I started wondering what types of candy you guys like. What is your favorite candy, or do you not like candy at all? Personally, I love candy. I like all types of candy, but my favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids. I also really like Baby Ruth chocolate bars.
  15. I am sure this already happened to you, you find something in your food/drink, something really disgusting. It might be hairs, plastic, or even insects. Well, I've been unlucky enough to find a bunch of insects in my food. And I found an insect in my chocolate snack just right now, that's why I'm writing this lol. Sorry for my grammar, it feels terrible tonight. o_O -One day, my sister found a butterfly in a salad pack. Not so bad, now read below. -Well, when I was younger, there was a guy beside me, eating his lunch. And well, he opened a bear paws snack, and there was dozens of flies in it. I mean hundreds, seriously, it was full of flies, it was really terrible. -Two years later, I think, there was this girl drinking in a juice box. And when she took her sandwhich to take a bite... well, a cockroach jumped off the straw. Everyone started screaming, but it was funny this time. Imagine if she kept drinking. -There was this time when I was eating a chocolate snack and I ate half a spider. -One of my friend was eating a Maywest (some kind of pastry) once, and well... there was no creaming left in it, because there was a huge spider nest in it. -One day I was eating a snack, took a bite and swallowed, and what I found in here... was white peanut butter, freaking white peanut butter. No insects but still disgusting. Well, now it's your turn, I bet someone here found worse than everythig above. And if you are courageous enough, read this:
  16. I like the sweet gherkins, bread and butter pickles and the dill spears the best!
  17. How do you like your cookies? I prefer chewy cookies over crunchy ones. Always.
  18. C'mon, we all love cheese, and cheese loves you. I like mozzarella, sharp cheddar, and white cheddar.
  19. So I was flying back home when the stewardesses handed out the consumentary snacks. And noticed some people got honey roasted peanuts, and some got pretzels. So which do you prefer? Pretzel or peanut? (edit: we're also talking hard snack pretzels, not the big soft ones)
  20. This is the scenario: You are really hungry. (optionally to the point of collapsing almost) and you are not wanting to make anything fancy or anything huge, you just want a quick to make meal of some sort. In this scenario, what is your go-to quick meal of choice? For me, it is either Chunky Chicken Noodle soup with crackers and sometimes spiced up a bit, or peppered beef stew with crackers. Dinty Moore canned beef stew usually, that stuff is amazing. <3
  21. Alright, guys... I am very passionate about potatoes. I'm sure there are some of you out there who also share my devotion to the beautiful pomme de terre. I love potatoes in all of their many forms. But more specifically though, I take my french fries very seriously. So let's settle this issue, once and for all: where can you get the most delicious, scrumptious, golden, crisp, salty, magnificent french fries ? My belief is that the best french fries dwell in the beautiful Midwest US fast food oasis known as Runza: Just looking at the pictures makes me go akjshiyegeuwefwjfshgds. What do you think?
  22. I know chickens and waffles both are delicious foods, but why those two specific food served together in many places? It’s like eggs and bacons or burgers and fries. (Which I understand why they are served together.) Anyone know why? Any historical background or a practical reason like convenience or just the taste of them two compliments each other? Or a nutritional reason? Because for me, I think them two together seems a bit random.
  23. Frut salad or veggie salad- how often do you chow down on them? Me, i rarely do. Need to eat them more. I like crunchy things, but i just find it hard to eat rabbit food (unless its Ceasar salads with cheddar baked biscuits on the side)
  24. What do you think about McDonald's? I would say there are more McDonald's places then there needs to be. Also their food is some of the most mediocre I've ever tasted because they don't have a very good taste compared to other fast food places. The pictures of their food look way better then how they actually appear which is very dissapointing. Their meals are too small and all feel like kids meals. Also I feel like places like In N Out have better quality burgers. I feel like the best food there are the fries but I think In N Out and Burger King fries are better. I'd say it's one of the worst places to eat. So what are your personal thoughts on McDonald's?