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Found 264 results

  1. DivineLuna1000

    Food Pancakes or Waffles?

    Nothing beats good ol’ fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and butter all over it. Bacon on the side as well!
  2. DivineLuna1000

    Food Favorite candy bar?

    My favorite will always be Milky Way. Creamy nougat and caramel surrounded creamy milk chocolate. I love me some Milky Way
  3. Squishy

    Food Your favorite snacks

    What are some of your favorite snacks to eat? :3 I love Ritz with squirty cheese. <3 I also like string cheese and go-gurts. I also like chips and more. I could go on forever!
  4. Josh Rainbowton

    Food Is anypony a chocoholic?

    I b**king love chocolate. it's so bloody (sorry if I'm sounding British) good. If you like chocolate, name five dishes that use chocolate: I can name five: Chocolate cake Chocolate krispy kreme pie Chocolate milk Chocolate yoohoo Chocolate covered pretzels
  5. My favorite has to be White Castle. I love their sliders and their breakfast. Mozzarella sticks are the best side too!
  6. Shy

    ABC Food Game

    This game is simple. All you have to do is post a name of a food which has the last letter of the previous food for the starting letter. Post 1: Grape The next player needs to have the letter "e" for the first letter of the company of their choice. Post 2: Eggplant In this example, I added the "e" at the end of Grape, and finished the food name with a "t". The next post will then start their food with an "t". Have fun!
  7. Rainbow heart 55

    Food Your favorite food

    So I’m curious what’s is everyponys favorite food. My favorite food is pizza because it’s so good.
  8. This is the WPCC sub section for the beer connoisseur ponies. SPBBL - Serious Pony Brewers Beer Lounge This is simply a place to grab a nice good beer and relax. Hopefully some nice beer with class. So just the opposite to the working lounge. Important - Only open for responsible behaving ponies, that can handle a good beer and stay in the friendship spirit even after some rounds. Always behave responsible, don´t drink to much and always leave your car firmly parked, and ask somepony to hide away the keys. NOTE : This is NOT not to encourage young colts or fillies to drink beer, this is only intended for grown up gentlestallions and mares that enjoys good beer and drinks responsibly. Of course it´s open for you that don´t like beer too, just grab something in the foals bar and enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the lounge.
  9. I'll admit I'm a bit new to the whole "sophisticate"/hipster scene or whatever you want to call it but I was wondering if anyone had any decent food/wine combination suggestions?
  10. You're in a situation where you know you're about to die later in the day. You could be dying from some incurable disease. You could be on death row (guilty or wrongly convicted, it doesn't matter). Whatever the reason, you already have some idea what the last thing you eat should be. What meal would you have arranged before you finally check out? For me, not a day goes by when I'm not thinking about my dad who already passed on a few years ago. I'm sure my last day of living won't be any different, so I'd have to get something we both used to enjoy together. I want my dad to be the very last thing on my mind, so..... An Arby's combo, including: A giant roast beef sandwich Extra large fries An Oreo shake A large Coke. I swore off sodas a long time ago, but if I'm going in a few hours, then health isn't gonna fucking matter anyway.
  11. The game is simple,you just think of something you would want to feed the user above if they were hungry.It can be anything,food,poison,lead,etc..the possibilities are endless! now let the game begin!
  12. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE sweet potatoes. It's just that I ate mashed potatoes longer and I prefer it since you can make multiple dishes with mashed potatoes.
  13. I personally love all types, but I think I really prefer milk. Then again, it also depends a lot on my mood. I do like fruit in chocolate as well, but I don't really care much for nuts.
  14. I eat at McDonald's about 3 times a week. there is no Burger King and Subway restaurants in my city so I can only eat at McDonald's.
  15. Josh Rainbowton

    Food Do you like Pretzel M&Ms?

    So, I love pretzel M&Ms and I am wondering if you guys like them. Picture of pretzel M&Ms with generic orange soda below...
  16. I honestly hate KFC, there biscuits even taste like chicken!
  17. So, do you guys use the right utensils when eating food? For me, it depends on what I'm eating. Like... I'll use a spoon for rice because it's easier to pick up than with fork.
  18. My favorite dish is when my mom makes the best tasting lasagna in the world. She has a secret recipe that makes it SUPER ADDICTIVE. It takes some time to make it though, so she only makes it for special occasions like my birthday, christmas, or parties. But it is totally worth the wait. My dad on the other hand, makes really good omlet with sausages, onions, and peppers.
  19. KillerKingBakudan

    Food Ice cream or donuts?

    This one's easy for me. I'm lactose intolerant, so I gotta go with donuts. Even though I enjoy both, I can't indulge on ice cream on a hot day as much as I'd like to. But if it weren't for this godawful condition, I'd be at a total loss here. What do you say?
  20. I prefer salty snacks like chips and pretzles.
  21. KillerKingBakudan

    Food Pizza or burgers?

    I can't figure this out for myself. Which do you prefer?
  22. gamecubeguy214

    Food Cubed ice or crushed ice?

    So we all drink water. Lots of us REALLY love ice in it. The cold temperature of water with ice makes it way more refreshing. Some of us prefer different styles of ice in our water, and I feel like seeing what everybody else thinks. I personally prefer cubed.
  23. We love meat right? I think most of the population around the world prefer meat than anything else. But enough about meat lets focus more on the green, orange purple, etc.. side of the food we eat, Vgetables. So, what are your favorite vegetables to eat? I can eat any vegetables but Here's my 3 most favorite. 1) BITTER GOURD 2) BROCCOLI 3) WATER SPINACH
  24. Denim&Venom

    Food Favorite Condiments?

    What sauce or other condiment do you like to put on your food?
  25. I eat some at tacos at Mexican restaurant in South Texas but my thought is why everyone thinks that crispy taco are tacos like in movies or tv shows they don't know what real taco Look like This is crispy taco This is a real tacos So what the difference between real tacos and fake tacos and why everyone in another places think crispy tacos are tacos