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Found 7 results

  1. I noticed yesterday one or two people came up with an idea of an apology thread so i did this for everyone just call your user and apologise just like this im sorry for losing contact with you do you accept my apology?
  2. Personally, even though we've seen first-hoof why DT was such a sadistic and rotten brat, I don't think I can forgive her. After all, we can never forget that moment when she belittled Scootaloo for her inability to fly. That is equal to a bully mocking a person in a wheelchair for their inability to walk, which is downright cruel and unusual. I do feel sorry for DT, being that her mother (whom I sorely hope gets her comeuppance in a future episode) forced her to be the way she was, but she had the chance to stand up to Spoiled Rich long before she was introduced to the show proper. Your thoughts?
  3. DQ stands for "Daily Question", it is a theme me and SugarfootWillie came up with. I'm honestly not sure it is possible. Every time I forgive someone, I try to see their view, so from personal experience I would say it has never happened.
  4. Are the ponies too forgiving? Discord for example... he has not really proven himself that he has fully reformed. The fact they forgave him for enslaving minds of everyone in Equestria is bit ridiculous. If Discord was on Earth we would have probably executed him for doing that to us. Luna I suppose had her mind under control from Nightmare Moon, so I guess she's got excused. Even though if Nightmare Moon had won, everyone would have died in eternal winter. But the real question what would it take for the ponies to never forgive you? Would an evil monster like Ted Bundy in Equestria finally be the last straw, which they could never forgive? Or would they even try reform Ted Bundy even after he killed so many ponies and did other terrible things.
  5. So far throughout the 3 seasons we've had of the show, we have watched and observed episodes covering numerous different aspects and area's of friendship, ranging from those represented in the elements of harmony such as "honesty, generosity, and loyalty" as most often explored and developed by the main 6 characters, as well as other area's including "Jealousy" like in "Green isn't your colour" and overcoming fears in "Hurricane Fluttershy" and even simply accepting help from friends without demanding a debt to be paid in "Spike at your service", but out of all the morals and lessons learned throughout the main different aspects of friendship within the show, I don't believe that we have yet had a story yet concerning the aspect of "Forgiveness" least not fully. We've had the characters forgive each other numerous times during certain points of episodes, such as in "Look before you sleep" with Applejack and Rarity resolving their differences and Twilight requesting forgiveness from Cadence in "A Canterlot Wedding", but the closest we have ever gotten has been Rarity's very noble forgiveness of Spike in "Secret of my Excess", despite Rarity herself suffering more than anyone else during the events. This is a very interesting aspect of Friendship that I believe has the potential to be explored more, and can become a very valuable lesson to one of the main characters. Perhaps something very drastic or personal makes the choice of forgiving someone incredibly hard for one of the main characters, especially considering how easily angered some of them can be such as Rainbow Dash and Rarity. I know that we have had similar things happen in the likes of "Sisterhooves special", but I still believe that it could be explored further. As far as I am aware, I do not believe that a letter to Celestia has yet covered this issue. Please feel free to correct me on anything if you believe I am wrong, and/or feel free to express your opinion on this matter. Do you agree or disagree? Perhaps you see a better aspect of friendship that could be explored more...
  6. First of all, this is the textbook TL;DR. You have been warned. I came here today after conversing with some fellow bronies on campus. After a long, drawn out and very logical and yet philosophical debate, we asked ourselves "what happened to Love and Tolerate?" It's pretty much common for bronies that I know to literally become more loving and tolerant and generally more happy after becoming a fan of MLP. I really believed all of "us" to be this way. Then I came to places like these. I'm certainly not bashing anyone and this isn't any passive-aggressive crap, but my eyes have been opened to the fact that bronies as a whole are not about "Love and Tolerate", especially on the interwebs. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I figured it out, but I was literally kinda depressed about it for a few days. I really thought bronies as a whole were striving to become better by adopting the L&T lifestyle. For the most part, I was wrong. I think we can be better than that. Bronies by definition are different from "normal" society, so why not be better than "normal" society? I'm not asking that you sell all of your guns, refuse to join the military, or never defend yourself because honestly, I wouldn't want you to do any of those. I'm just wondering if we can spew a little less hate, be a little more forgiving, throw a little less fire at others, and generally be more positive. For instance, if someone believes in a certain religion, why is it seemingly instinct to verbally abuse them? (Same with non-religious persons). Just because you don't agree with something you attack it? Why jump on the hate-bandwagon, when most people who do, don't even know what they're defending or attacking for that matter. Why can't bronies have a calm peaceful debate on religion instead. Hell, if we can't do that, what hope does the rest of the world have to doing the same? None. The world has no hope of peace if bronies cannot have peace amongst themselves. Here's the funny part. I am a walking paradox. There are certain things in the world I cannot tolerate. I admit it. Here's the difference though, I TRY to tolerate them. I really give effort to changing for the better not only for myself, but for my fellow bronies as well, if not the entire world. I'm not saying I'm better than everyone, because I'm clearly not better than everyone. However, I am inclined to think that those who try to L&T are better than the majority of people in general. Here's where the debate part begins. What do you think about Love and Tolerate? How do you (or do not) apply it to your life and why? If you have, tell me and the rest of the pony-world what the results of doing so in your life. To me, it doesn't really matter if you respond or not, so long as I got you to think, this thread has already been a success. Thank you for your time, -AppleJared
  7. Hi guys. A couple days ago I woke up at 2 in the morning, with a dream fresh in my mind. It involved a water gun fight and ponies watching football. After laying there for a while, the story pretty much pieced itself together in my mind. I'm in the process of writing it all down right now, but I would like a little proof-reading help from the community. If you're interested, please drop a response in this thread, or just PM me. For reference, this story is expected to be medium-short-ish in length: about 5 chapters, or about 10,000 words total. Expect the tags listed in this thread's title. There will be blood, but no gratuitous violence is currently planned. The "mature" tag is for a somewhat graphic scene, fleshing out the "trust" and "betrayal" balance between some characters. This one will be a bit lighter, and will feature a lot more character development than my last fic. Thanks for your help. UPDATE: As new chapters become ready for proof-reading, I'll update the links in this post. For everybody else, please consider it a work in progress. I won't submit it to any major sites until I've had a chance to go over the feedback/recommendations with whoever is helping. And in case anybody is wondering, yes this story apparently shares a title with a 90's film. There is no direct connection, though they both use sports as a backdrop and metaphor for life's deeper challenges. My story isn't really about sports at all, though. Fair warning: the first couple chapters are fairly light-hearted, but shit gets real soon after that. Chapters ready for review: Chapter 1: A Game of Hoofball Chapter 2: A Game of Tag Chapter 3: A Game of Fire (almost ready)