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Found 9 results

  1. So have you recently heard any songs that you like, and maybe completely forgot about, that you haven't heard in like FOREVER? I just heard George Harrison (of the Beatles) -What is Life. It played after something else I was watching. I probably haven't heard it in over 10 years. The song is 1970 and the music video is 2014, picked from a contest by Harrison's wife and son.
  2. It's been 2 months since my last PMV! Now I'm back with another ones called "All In This Together" This music, really inspires me to keep continue on with my life even in any condition. This truly spoke to me in a good way! Check this new PMV out!
  3. Hey everypony ! I recently read a fan theory thread on here that suggested that daring do could be Scootaloo's mother . I started think and thought well what if Sccots is a forgotten changeling nymph that was forced to live among ponies ? It would explain several things including her lack of a cutie mark , tye fact we've never seen her parents , her inability to fly and her small sized wings . I always thought her body shape kind've remined me a changeling as well . What do you guys think about the possibility of scootaling ?
  4. Theres a game on steam I wanted to play, but wouldnt you know it I went and forgot its name, but on the bright side I still recall a few details that should help you help me find it. I admit it may be a bit of a stretch but it would be pretty awesome if we could find this together! The game itself seemed like good times to be had. One of the reasons Im having trouble find it is because you cant exactly put a free game on your wishlist, and I believe it came out before the "follow" option was a thing on steam. Things I recall to help find it: I once saw this game on steam, or perhaps I should say I'v seen ti occasionally over time. I believe its fairly positively rated. In its description it said its free because It said it wouldnt be awesome if it charged you. I believe it had something to do with action and shooting, with lots of explosions (also in the description) This one may or may not be true, but i think it had something to do with shooting an action movie? or being like an action movie. I recall reading something along those lines in its description. Its been out for a while, I am not sure exactly how long but definitley from 2014 Either a review or the description of the game itself compared it to Max Payne games. Whether or not it will be on the "free to play" list on steam I am not sure, there are a few free games that arent listed on there after all, such as Alien Swarm, and that one game about landing a shuttle or mars or the moon, whatever. Though I do not think its part of that particularly obscure list of free games on steam since I believe it was definitely released long after the "Free to play" section of steam was introduced (Though it may not necessarily be listed in there)
  5. There's always that game that got the poor reviews, but you decided to play it anyway, and you actually realized that it was not really that bad as the reviews claimed it was. Or, perhaps a title that flew under the radar and didn't get the attention it should have gotten. Post your gems here! Here, I'll post mine just as an example. Rogue Trooper This intro tells all that needs to be told - imo, one of the most underrated TPS ever:
  6. Was there ever a cartoon you liked that no one remembers? Or one that didn't last that long? Well here is the thread to post it. Pick the most obscured, forgotten cartoon you can think of. Here's mine. This has an ironic title. I remember finding this show funny as a kid. Ignore the annotation this is the only one I could find So discuss away!
  7. Ok so this topic is pretty simple, I just want to see what often forgotten shows that people wish they were talked about more. Oh yeah, if you could describe it or find a clip to post that would be awesome. So I'll start off with one of my favourites of the late nineties. Cybersix: A cartoon about a renegade Genetic experiment who fights her creator Von Reichter to defend the fictional city Meridiana. In the day she hides as a male teacher by the name of Adrian Siedelman by night she fights Von Reichter's experiments with the help of her newly acquired friends.
  8. Well? Personally, for me I find these episodes forgettable (despite some actually being great): Bridle Gossip Swarm of the Century Feeling Pinkie Keen The Stare Master A Bird in the Hoof The Cutie Pox May The Best Pet Win! Family Appreciation Day Baby Cakes MMMystery on the Friendship Express Just For Sidekicks Not entirely sure why either. These episodes seem to slip past my mind. .-. How about you all?
  9. Here is my video for my first song: The lyrics: Livin' A life that nobody wants to Everyone turning away Then comes that someone whom you've been waiting for Now is the time to say "Why weren't you there for me? Where have you been all my life?" Trials and torture No bricks or mortar Can shield me from the world Innocent humans Aren't we all? And yet society makes us our biggest flaw To help us redeem our honor and name We look for the ones who share in the pain But be on the lookout for true imitations Or you'll soon find yourself wondering "Why weren't you there for me? Where have you been all my life?" Trials and torture No bricks or mortar Can shield me from the world Sometimes you ask yourself, “Why am I here?” That’s when I tell you “Never Fear.” People of worse lives have conquered despair And you, my friend, can too. As long as you live life up to its fullest, You will never have to say "Why weren't you there for me? Where have you been all my life?" Trials and torture No bricks or mortar Can shield me from the world. Basically, I would like to know your thoughts on it, if there is anything I should change, if you have an idea for the music part, etc. As stated in the topic, this is my first one, so i will accept any help I can get. |--(0)--| techno915