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Found 38 results

  1. Couldn't find another thread like this on here, so I'm curious to see how this goes. The idea is simple- the poster above you will mention any characteristic of their choosing (for example, 'weird', 'cute', 'funny', and so on) and you have to reply by saying whether it describes you well or not, after which you then mention another characteristic for the pony below you to use. Sound okay? This game should work better the more participants it gets, so don't be shy to join in Okay, first characteristic of the game- 'hyperactive'.
  2. Greetings all! Funny words huh? KiLL KiSS Would you kiss or kill the member above you? Don't forget to brohoof if you like the game for more. So, let's start with me; would you kiss or kill me?
  3. You basically answer the question above with either a picture of GIF or ask a question using one. It doesn't have to say the question as long as you just ask one and use a related picture. This includes memes. Starting with something silly and simple:
  4. This game is simple the User above you chooses 2 things and ask you which one you rather do and then you pick the one you would prefer to do. Ready go. Would you rather eat Ice cream or cupcakes?
  5. The object of this game is simple: find a random screenshot from MLP: FiM, whether it be from the MLP Wiki or some other source. But before doing so, post a funny caption for the screenshot above! Let me start with this image...
  6. would you protect the user above you with you life? Those are the rules! and have fun!
  7. Tiltle explains everything. Let's get started. And a 1, and a 2, and you know what to do!
  8. This game came to mind right now. So one pony will write a certain situation with a specific character (pony or non-pony). Next pony will tell how that specific pony would react to that situation, and then write another situation with another specific pony and so on... I'll go first. Discord becomes evil again and try to take over Equestria. Fluttershy's reaction?
  9. I thought to make this game after watching some really horrible videos of Saw movie. So game works like that: First user will think of a trap, briefly describe the situations he wants next user to put in, and then tell him the consequences. Next user will try to think of a way to escape trap. If next user couldn't think of a way to escape then he'll have to describe what happened to him when he failed at escaping. Then next user will setup a trap for upcoming user and so on. Got the idea. Okay, I'll go first. You're traped in a room, sitting on a chair which is attached to a bomb. There are five keys of different colors hidden in your front armoire, one of them is your key to freedom, the others to your death. Once you'll get up from the chair, you'll 60 seconds to find the right key. But beware with every wrong key your timer will rapidly drop by 10 seconds. Could you be able to find the right key at the time. Your clue: The color associate with both life and death. (Edit: Brohoof the person who guessed the right solution just so, he know whether he/she guessed that right or wrong.)
  10. This is pretty self explanatory. Just give your thoughts on the above user's display name! For example: Random Guy: "Recherche? I suppose you're a pretty big Rarity fan, huh?" Next User: "How do you not know who you are?" Water Reserve: "Is Recherche so lazy that he couldn't think of a name for the second poster?" Considering I'm the first poster, I'll let you do the work from here! Just try to keep things friendly!
  11. K, so I had an idea for a game, and I hope it catches on. -- How to play: The games pretty simple, just like it's name. Just make up a random or fake fact about the user about you. (Ex: Did you know the user above me takes showers 3 times a day, or carries around a jar of pennies everywhere they go, etc.) I'm gonna say the only rules for now are: 1. Try to keep it PG, in the very least 2. Don't do hurtful facts, be kind and show respect to the other users. 3. Follow the rules and standards of MLP Forums (Obviously) I'll start, and we'll go in a chain.
  12. The user above is you just stole something from you! What are you going to do Example! Haha! I stole your delicious muffins! I'm gonna chase her until I get my muffins back!
  13. This is my first topic posted in forum games. This game works like this. I make a word such as: pony Then next pony makes a word from the last letter of my word: yaks Then next pony makes word: sky Got the idea, great. Let's begin! Here's my word. Power
  14. This is my first topic posted in forum games. This game works like this. I make a word such as: pony Then next pony makes a word from the last letter of my word: yaks Then next pony makes word: sky Got the idea, great. Let's begin! Here's my word. Power
  15. Hello! Everypony/Everyone! Welcome to the Would you rather! This how is goes, the user will give two choices like from would you rather and the user below of the user will choose two choices from the user above! (you can tell why did you choose that choice! ) Example: User 1 Would you rather... Eat a burger / Eat a hotdog User 2 I would rather Eat a burger! Would you rather... Punch a stone wall / Punch a bee hive And so on... Well that's how you play the game! Let's start! Would you rather... Choose color white? / Choose color Black?
  16. Hi, guys! It is a very simple game. You rate a video above you and then publish another one to be rated. Please make sure the video is suitable for forum rules. The video can be about anything no longer than 7 minutes. (music video, shortages, funny videos... etc.) I want to begin with Taylor Swift's new music video. Rate the video above you and then post yours!
  17. So, I came up with this idea since we're getting closer to halloween: in this little and easy game, one must offer a gift of any form (a ring, a necklace, even a photo or something that can be worn and removed ) that will grant both a great miracle of any kind (powerful, silly or both) and a fairly terrible curse if those who accept the "gift" don't meet the requirements for the miracle, ending the post with a simple "accept or not ?". Easy peasy example: the One Ring from LOTR, power and immortality at the cost of sanity and a corrupted soul if used for too much. So, be creative and remember, every kind of miracle is accepted, as well as any kind of curse. I'll start with offering this: two armlets of gold and ivory that will grant immortality and power, making literally anyone who wore them a king of mankind, unbeatable and kinda handsome, but they'll require a thousand souls a year to work correctly, or who wear them will loose his/her soul, his/her body will be let to decay and his/her mind shattered forever. Accept or not ?
  18. This should be pretty simple and fun All you have to do is post a word starting with the letter above and then keep it going by posting another letter. I'll start first with the letter "Z".
  19. Here's how it works. The person above you will name someone, such as a character from MLP:FiM or a celebrity or whatnot, and you have to open an image editing program (preferably MS Paint) and draw said character in ten seconds or less and then post the image. Then you request what the next user will draw and so on. To start this off, I challenge the user below me to draw... *Drum roll* Twilight Sparkle!
  20. This game is quite simple. The first person says a topic, usually an object or genre. Someone else says a message about that, along with another topic. Here's an example: Person 1: Apples Person 2: Aren't there golden apples? Death Person 3: Somebody got killed by a globe. I don't even know how that happened. Laughter I'll start. Maps
  21. If there is a thread for this to go i can't find it, but apparently forum games has a cjaracter limit now. Other sections which didn't previously could have it too. I don't have a picture, but it seems a bit annoying considering the forum games usually don't have much text
  22. If you were casting the mane 6, which one of your forum friends would fill each role? - Gender does not have to be a factor, obvs. - Your friends don't need to be cast as their favorite pony, merely as a pony who you think matches their personality in some special way. - You can provide reasons for your casting if you wish, but you don't have to. For me... Twilight Sparkle: @@PathfinderCS, because all of his posts always sound super intelligent. Fluttershy: @, because of his kindness. Rainbow Dash: @, because she's brave and can handle high-stress situations. Rarity: @@Kay Dreamer, because she's artistic and always very classy. Applejack: @@Miles, because he's a good ol' country boy. Pinkie Pie: @, because her posts have made me smile!
  23. DND

    Yum or Yuck?

    Very simple, and found this game on the CS forums. Basically just say YUM or YUCK to whatever food the user above you has replied, and then you type your own food that comes to mind so that the other person can reply your comment. Let's start... Hm... Brownies?
  24. Self-explanatory X3 You can also say why you feed the avatar what you feed them, but it's okay to just say what you're giving them