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Found 66 results

  1. So yeah, would you hug everyone like on the forum? *hugs everyone* I personally would love this to be a thing, hugging is great. :3 But I don't want to share hugs with people I don't know, that would be awkward and scary... ;-;
  2. Hi Everypony!! I made this forum lounge for Vegans Ponies and Ponies curious about Veganism/Plant Based Eating!! Feel free to drop by, chat and ask questions I'm happy to talk when available. I'll be making the occasional meme (feel free to potato chip in) Fun Fact: All protein is plant protein, animal protein is simply recycled plant protein! (Here is a meme I made to demonstrate lol)
  3. Post all your fav forum moments, maybe I just made this thread as an excuse to post this picture, maybe I didn't but who the hay cares. POST ALL TEH LULZY MOMENTS OF THE FORUMS HEAR Spoiler'd for image and wingboner
  4. Like the title, how long did it take you to achieve your forum rank?I am interested to see how long it took some members of these forums to get their rank. I've admired a lot of cool-looking titles that I've seen, like the Phoenix. And, like stated before, I would like to know how long it took you to earn your forum rank.For me, it took me 1 day to get to the title of Cupcake. (I joined the forums 2 days ago.) It took me about 4 days to get to Parasprite, also.
  5. ... What would you do? Since there is no one above me, I wouldn't do anything.
  6. Hello all! Sorry in advance, as I'm a bit long-winded, but I hope you stick around long enough to read my full question. ( ; Also, apologies for the sloppy formatting. I'm actually quite good at it normally, but this interface is being difficult with me; for some reason hitting the enter key DELETES the previous paragraph, and trying to add formatting (such as bold or italics) to a highlighted section instead alters the entire paragraph. Don't ask me why the Enter key worked correctly the first few times I hit it, cause I have no freaking idea. >< Anyways, onto the heart of the matter! I've been away from active online-socializing for quite a while, and I'm still struggling to get back into the flow of things. There have been a quite a few hiccups along the way (turns out Aspergers applies to ANY kind of social interaction, in person or online...who knew?), but I think I've figured a few things out. See, most of my forum posts on various sites have been me asking for advice, requesting help or information in one way or another. It's become clear that what I REALLY need to start doing is to come at this from the other direction; I need to GIVE something to online communities, rather than take. Sadly, I have very few skills to offer. In fact, only two really come to mind! First, I'm very much a thinker, and am decently skilled at getting my thoughts across (likely DUE to my long-windedness). Second, I've got a very good grasp on media and analysis (what works, what doesn't, the places where an artist excels, and the things holding them back), so can probably offer some helpful thoughts and tips on various subjects, even though I can't put that knowledge into practice on my own. SO! I think the best way for me to contribute, especially in a fandom so focused on artist endeavors like this one, is to find a place where I can share and discuss various ideas, tips, tropes, critiques, and other aspects of art...most specifically, writing (the one artistic field I don't COMPLETELY suck at)! Unfortunately, I've had trouble finding the right place to do so; I've found a few spots on this site where people can share and discuss specific artistic works and fanfiction, but not any where they can offer advice or assistance, or discuss the craft and the work that goes into it. Is there a sub-forum I missed for such topics? If not, (and I know this is a bit of a forum faux pas), can anyone suggest another active site with a large community where I could help contribute in this way? I also wouldn't mind discussing the artistic aspects of other forms of media, such as animation, drawing, game mods, etc. Thanks for reading, and for any suggestions you can offer!
  7. So this is a "back of the good o' days" game I did in the old forum I used to be in. Just a thought of sharing it to this forum. Just as the title said, The User (or their avatar's, since many tends to be mixed between the two) above made a confession to you, what are they? As stephen colbert said, "I don't know if they're consider "sin" but I do feel bad about them."
  8. (By the way is there a topic I should be posting these in?) I liked how in the precious forum design it showed recent topics I posted in. It's like the one at the top of the page now, except topics I have posted in only. It was easy to check for updates without having to go back to the actual topic itself. Is there a way to put it back?
  9. I apologize that this may be inappropriate and impatient to post here, but the ticket I sent seems to have no response. I have losted an OC request topic a while back, but it had no replies, which I understand since no one is obligated to do if for free, however, is it against the rules to make a new request topic for it? Bumping here is not allowed, nor is making duplicate topics, but I want to know for sure if it is allowed to make a new one or not.
  10. Hello everypony, I've encountered a glitch related to the forum software. From my experience I know, that IPB doesn't handle special characters very well. By special characters I mean various symbols and emojis coming from the depths of the Windows' Character Map etc.. I know, that it's possible to easily corrupt things here and there to make them not view-able anymore. However, I didn't know about this one, because I haven't tried that yet. What's wrong? I can't view messages when clicking the letter icon to open the messenger. It opens, but it gets stuck loading forever and eventually closing back. How does it look like? The conversation's topic looks like this: Basically, these are unsupported by forum characters/symbols. The forum replaces these with <?> symbols, that cause issues later on. Now when I'll click the letter icon on the panel, I can only see that loading.gif : ~And nothing can be loaded. This pony keeps going and going. Is there any workaround? Yes, there is. I can always right-click the letter icon and open it in a new tab. That opens the Messenger Screen, where it shows all conversations: Everything works as it should from there. Solution Deleting this conversation solved the issue, as simply it removed the special characters from the list, so they don't have to be loaded anymore. Sorry for bothering; thanks for reading, ~Rikifive
  11. I hope this isn't done before but this is a straightforward game. Predict the next username who'll reply next. I'll go first of course. I predict PinkuRiku will post next
  12. It's simple really, just rate what the user above you ate last, then post what you ate last to be rated. Try to keep it lighthearted please, we don't need to be giving each other dietary advice now. And go! Let's see, last thing I ate was pigs in a blanket and steamed vegetables.
  13. Wow! Making a post on an off-day? I must be really dedicated! Actually... yeah. I am. ... Anyway! I interrupted my break because I noticed a lot of drama popping up about the """NEW""" Equestria Daily Forums! Now, just a quick disclaimer, I have nothing against EQD even though they denied my month long's work of fanfic anthology galore... But enough of me, let's talk about the situation at hand! For those who don't know, (which is about 2% of you) the famed "Equestria Daily" created a forum devoted to their one and only, MLP News site. What do I have against this? Nothing, but everything. Why make an extra forum site if the community already has one? We've got this site, and they've got their "Morning" and "Nightly Discussions" that take place every day. So why try to tap into the forum community? Growth and greed. Maybe not greed, but it's pretty darn close. I get that they want to create a closer community for meetups and gaming hubs, but isn't that what we're here for? Why create a subdivision of an otherwise reputable network if you already have a prominent one sitting right here? It's like the Washington Post trying to develop games in order to promote their newspaper! Remember those old McDonald's games? The ones on the NES designed to make you purchase their big macs? That's exactly what this is! Poniverse is a large community, spanning across several, dependable networks providing music, conversation, radio, streams, and gaming hubs. What does Equestria Forums have? The same thing minus the streaming, but that's beside the point. The fact that Equestria Daily wants to create a subdivision to promote an already solved problem is suspicious, and in my eyes, a bit greedy. As if dominating the news market wasn't enough, why the forums as well? The design of the webpage is a bit premature, but that's expected. My main pet peeve is just how close EQF and EQD are. It's like they're all in one webpage. Wanna click on that blog page? Whoops! Back to EQD. There are just so many portals taking you back to EQD that it doesn't really feel like a solid forum. On MLPF, however, you barely know it's a part of Poniverse. It makes the whole experience seem more independent. Like Poniverse is just there for the extra support, unlike EQD where they breathe down your neck. Will I be joining EQF? Unless this site gets shutdown for some reason, no. I find this whole situation extremely controversial and overall greedy. But if you want to run along to the other side, go right ahead; I won't look at you any differently. (Again, I have nothing against Equestria Daily or their crumby forum site.) -RealityPublishing (Tomorrow's Tale is still coming. Sit tight for some Adobe Flash Crash issues )
  14. Recently, I've been acting sorta 'weird.' I am nearly everywhere, looking at most threads, posting lots of stuff. I've just been wanting to stay ahead of several newbies in post count and popularity, well, because I joined before them. And because of that I think I may or may not have pissed people off. I suck. I am a Twilight Sparkle and TLK fan, but I feel that theres so many fans already, and I'd never 'make it to the top.' I keep thinking about these things. Wonder if Twilight Sparkle the Pony Queen will become a thing. *glances at my own sig and profile* I became obsessed with counting every post and profile view and keeping track. Do these things make me a bad person?
  15. (Mods if this game isn't allowed please delete this topic) So the user above you has done something bad what is their punishment? Ex: 1,00,000 years dungeon
  16. This game is easy, you just have to poke the user above you! let me start.... *Pokes the air above me*
  17. So I decided to start this game and anyone can join, what I was thinking is this will be a story we will all create, there will be randomness, silliness, sorrow and a cornucopia of other emotions as everyone adds their own bit. You don't even really need to read what has happened if you come in late and it already has a lot to it, you can still post and your addition could change the whole path of the story. I hope everyone likes this idea and it becomes big Rules: 1. Try to keep your addition slightly relevant to what is previously happening, don't go from a pony walking through Canterlot to suddenly being teleported to the underworld... which could still be relevant in some ways. 2. To make this story as potentially random and unpredictable as it can be, please only post a sentence or two at a time. Don't go off and write out a detailed page of character development where no one else had any part in it. 3. please make an attempt to us proper grammar as to not throw off what your addition might mean. 4. This is the most important part. Have fun! So no arguing over what was posted or how someone deviated the story, this all for fun and to be unpredictable So I will start it: On a sunny day in Canterlot, a unicorn stallion by the name of Star Chaser walked through the market district of the city. Until he came upon a peculiar shop that caught his eye that lined the sidewalk, the window had several displays inside and the sign above the door read Magic Galore.
  18. If you want to take part of a project that has free entry for anyone just say ``yuuuuuup`` :3
  19. Hi everypony! What was your reason for joining this community/forum and being somepony in it as you are? I decided to join the community en this forum in particular because I like interactin with folks and thought joining a forum was a great idea! And I have absolutely no regrets! What about your reason to join the community/ this forum? and as a bonus, how active are you in the community? Go ahead and reply! I`m sure everypony will be interested and maybe someponies share their reason!
  20. All right seeing as how I am the forums shipper, I decided to have a little fun. So guys, what's your favorite ship on the forums if the forums were to have shipping? You can ship anyone you want as long as it's your favorite. So ship away!
  21. There should be a forum where users cannot be mean to each other, called a Ponyship Forum. It allows you to be friended and share your feelings with all of Equestria.
  22. This is a serious survey to test the rates of scientific literacy on MLP Forums. Simply take the pewresearch quiz linked below and then answer the poll. Please try your best to respect the following rules: This is not a debate. If you are skeptical of my survey or the quiz you can explain why of course, but this is not a debate. Do not mock anyone for their results. Answer honestly. Answer once, after your first attempt. This should be a fun way to see how the forums relate to the average American in scientific literacy. EDIT: I understand that the questions may appear simple or even silly to some, but I need accurate results so please don't give the answers away.
  23. All right, so there another forum I frequent, Toonzone Forums. It's a forum for a discussion on cartoons. It's been around way longer than this forum, the current state of it dating back to 2001. If you know me, I'm not a fan of arguments based on nostalgia. And oh boy, this thread here is ironic. Now, you might think with the title that this thread was probably posted a few years ago at the most, seeing as the general consensus is that Cartoon Network went downhill around 2006. Nope! It was posted around 2002. So even people back then were complaining about new cartoons.
  24. Throughout my time on the forums, I have noticed there are quite a few people who get depressed, whether it be because of not feeling popular, not feeling noticed, or feeling inferior to everyone else. So, I as someone who has felt down on the forums before am here to give you a guide on how to feel better about yourself. First off, look at the positive things about you. Look at every time someone said nice things about you, or every happy birthday, or just general positive posts. This can surprisingly give you a confidence boost. A few weeks ago, staff member @Jeric recently said what was probably the nicest thing anyone on this site has ever said about me. It sure did make my day. The next tip is to actively try and find friends who you can talk to. There is a thread for finding your best friend so that can help a lot. Having friends to talk to can not only increase your social skills, but if you are ever feeling down, they can make you feel better again. If you have a Skype, that can be another great place to get to know people on the forums. I didn't know anyone that well when I was first trying to get social around here. After adding some people on the forums on Skype, I quickly made a lot more friends. There is also a thread for exchanging Skype names. And the final thing is, never feel down on yourself. It will be harder to make friends if you're always acting sad. So when you're trying to make friends, have a friendly positive attitude when doing it so the friend feels more welcome. That's about all I have to say. I hope this blog helped some of you people.
  25. I'm just wondering why certain topics seem to get more attention than others? And what topics do you think seem to be most popular and why? I mean, I know this is going to get at least one view, because it's in sugarcube corner - which is the general chat area of the forums, but i've seen several topics, either RP plannings, Art threads or other works like that, that seem to go by completely unnoticed. Personally I have created one or two topics that have had no views or replies (duh) for quite a long time - so naturally im just curious as to what makes you want to read a topic, and what puts you off?