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Found 161 results

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: 20th Anniversary Trivia. Welcome to the 'Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: 20th Anniversary Trivia'. Hmmm? Are you surprised by this? I wouldn't be unless you weren't around on the forums two years ago, then you can be surprised. Two years ago, I had an event that celebrated the 20th anniversary of 'Ocarina of Time' as it was something I was passionate about. Back then, I said that I would do something similar for the 20th anniversary of its sequel, and here we are. This is of course, the trivia side of things, and unlike other trivia we've had around here, you can earn up to five badges as opposed to just one which is the usual standard. Also unlike previous trivia, there are multiple sets of questions; five sets to be exact. Each set is dedicated to one of the four regions found in 'Majora's Mask' plus an extra set which can be described as anything goes. Since I know not everyone has played this game, you don't have to attempt all five sets unless you're one of those people who want badges in which case go right ahead and challenge them all. This time, you need to send answers to me directly. I do hope you try this trivia because it's something that only comes up once in a lifetime given the occasion. Again, send me your answers otherwise they could wind up being lost. You will have five days to submit your answers because this is a daunting task... But if you know what you're doing, this should be simple and perhaps bring about some nostalgia. Again, you can earn up to five badges. You get one badge for each set of questions you answer correctly. Each badge has a different colour and are connected to the categories as follows. Green: Woodfall Pink: Snowhead Blue: Great Bay Yellow: Ikana Grey: Final Remember, you don't have to attempt all five sets of questions. If you want to try just one as an example, then that's okay. You just need to indicate this in your responses. That's something I should stress otherwise it could leave me confused. The more you attempt, the more badges you can win. Think of it as an incentive especially for those of you who love collecting the various badges we've had here on the forums over the years. Any questions? Feel free to ask but know that I won't answer the questions for you. Now where's the fun in that? Are you ready to begin? Whether you are or not, here we go. Woodfall Set. 1. What is the name of the first mask you receive in the game? 2. Where do the Deku Scrubs live in Woodfall? 3. What was the monkey accused of doing? 4. The Deku Butler gives you what as a reward for racing him? 5. What is wrong with the water in Woodfall when you first arrive? 6. Tingle's father, who lives in the Southern Swamp of Woodfall, is hosting what kind of event? Snowhead Set. 1. Name the Goron hero who perished in Snowhead. 2. What are the names of the two upgraded swords you can receive from the Mountain Smithy? 3. How does one get past the invisible giant Goron guard? 4. In Snowhead Temple, what is the dungeon item you can find? 5. To gain access to the Goron Racetrack, what do you need to do? 6. One member of the Frog Choir can be found in Snowhead when spring returns. Where are the other four located? Great Bay Set. 1. Name all of the members of the Indigo-Gos. 2. What did the Gerudo Pirates steal from the Zoras? 3. Shiro, the Inconspicuous Soldier, can be found where in the Pirate's Fortress? 4. To acquire a seahorse, you need to show the fisherman what? 5. In Great Bay Temple, how was the fight against Gyorg changed from the original version to the 3DS remake? 6. How many times do you have to race the beaver brothers in order to earn all of their rewards? Ikana Set. 1. What is the gimmick of Stone Tower Temple? 2. To gain access to Ikana, you need two specific items. What are they? 3. If you wear certain masks in front of the ReDead, what do they end up doing in response? 4. The Elegy of Emptiness creates shells of Link and his three transformations. Why is the Deku Shell seen as the useless one? 5. There is a special dialogue in the throne room of Ikana Castle that can happen. How do you get this dialogue and what does it entail aka involve? 6. What are four things that the Gibdo want that lurk below the well? 7. What happened to Pamela's father? 8. The Great Fairy of Kindess gives you what item for restoring her to normal? Final Set. 1. If you thwart the robbery in Clock Town, instead of a bomb bag appearing in the Curiosity Shop, what appears there instead? 2. How does one help out Mayor Dotour with his problem? 3. What happens during the first night at Romani Ranch that Link needs to stop? 4. During the second night, Cremia asks Link to help her with what? Also, how do you make it easier during additional attempts? 5. The Mask of Truth has two different functions. What are they? 6. What are Tingle's 'magic words'? 7. How do you acquire the 'ultimate transformation'? 8. What are the three rewards earned through the Anju and Kafei sidequest? 9. Which three non-transformation masks have a B Button function? 10. Of the three forms of the final boss, the second form is the most unusual. Why is this?
  2. This game is quite simple. Just change one letter of the four-letter word that the pony above you posted. IT HAS TO BE A REAL WORD. Here's an example: Pony 1: Sink Pony 2: Link Pony 3: Line Pony 4: Life ... And so on. I'll start: Pens
  3. So imagine MLP has reached its final episode. What will happen afterwards? Will the forums stick around? Will the fandom keep producing new material? Will people even join the fandom after that? You can choose I personally hope that the fandom will keep being awesome and that the Forums will still be here even after the show ends. Not sure if that will happen though But we can dream
  4. I thought this would be a nice topic to start off. Basically you have to say how famous/popular E.C.T you are on the forums. I think it will be quite cool to see what people think about themselves! So the rules are say how famous you think you are, and there is an option to say how famous the person above you is to! I think I am average, I am only a bunny and people don't see me that much. I would rate myself 7.1/10
  5. If you were presented the opportunity to be immortal, would you? You are immune to injury and disease, the only way you can die is if you kill yourself. You are also granted the ability to kill yourself by thought, incase you lack a means to do so. Would you take it? If not, what would you change in order to accept it?
  6. Basically how much time you spent on forums today. tomorrow. the day after that... :/ Today I spent at least 7 hours on here. I am a forum addict.
  7. Is anyone else a lurker? I come on this site countless times but I post one thing like every 4 months. I usually come on here while listening to music and read a couple of threads. Anyone else do this? Forgive me for using '4chan terminology'. Edit: At the time of posting, I was aware of the fact that people could come here, not post anything and then leave because they are, in fact, a lurker.
  8. " I know this might be a common sense question but I have never been a Common Sense person " I just noticed the Testing Forums... place. What exactly is it for, all It says this: and that doesn't help very much. What exactly is a test post?
  9. All right after successfully paring up users and I decided to make a thread where I give advice on crushes. If you have a forum or real life crush, come to me and I'll give you crush advice on how to talk to them. If the crush is on the forums, you can choose to say their name or just keep the crush anonymous. You might think this thread is similar to the special some pony thread. The difference is this is more for advice on how to talk to your crush or get to second base with them or how your crush life is, So ask away!
  10. So I was hanging around the forums again, then noticed something peculiar. I saw I had 999 missed messages. What I saw scarred me for a while. Every single PM since I've joined the forums. This brought on a wave of nostalgia, so I was interested who all still hangs around the joint since the good ol days?
  11. And no, I'm not talking about the default photo: What was the first picture you changed it to? Mine was Twily. I thought it was the best. Didn't change it for a long time.
  12. Pretty self explanatory, just say which forums you follow and why. If your not following any, which one do you check most often? I used to be following all of them back when we had like 4, and we got less then 20 new topics a day, now I've cut that down to only "Site Questions and Feedback", "SugarCube Corner", "Fan Music", and "Canterlot Castle".
  13. I'm sure most of us have followed a lot of members here, as well as being followed yourself. With that said, I'm sure everyone has their reasons for following other members on the Forums, so I'm kinda curious... What exactly makes you want to follow a member on the Forums? For me, I follow someone because they either: Follow me first. I've spoken to them enough. Or I just have a really good first impression for some reason. With my whole "policy" out of the way (if you can call it that), I'm kinda curious as to what yours are!
  14. Alright guys, so what is currently your longest ongoing conversation on the forums? It can be a RP, debate, anything with you and a certain set of people. Say how many replies/pages there are there, and you can say with who if you want. Mine is currently a PM, 45 pages and 894 replies. This is with my first friend on le forums, Comrade Courage. (Or just Comrade.) We both are those type of people who talk too much. xD
  15. Have you ever felt as though posting on forums (can - but doesn't have to - include MLPF) is a waste of time? Ever just asked yourself, "Self, what are you doing? You could be drawing. Writing. Reading. Peeling potatoes. Pretending you're a grizzled old sea captain... Why are you wastin' yer time a-postin' on this here forum?" I leaned into the sea captain role a bit at the end. Or a really poor Applejack impression; I can't tell. Furthermore: What do you hope to accomplish at these forums? What, if anything, do you feel you have accomplished on these forums? What's your favorite flower? Disregard that last question.
  16. If there was one thing about you that makes you feel less connected from others, what is it? I'm not talking about how we can't meet each other in person or how far we are from each other, but rather about what is it about you that you don't seem to have in common with most members. I titled it this way because not having something in common with people can make us feel more disconnected and isolated from others. For me, while I do play video games at times (FIFA, GTA, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 currently for now until I see another game I'm interested in spending money and trying it), I don't seem to have the same approach to them as the majority of the forums do, which is enthusiasm and strong interest in it along with having a Steam account. In other words, I don't care too much about video games. And I don't know about you, but part of me thinks members and real life people won't find me interesting anymore. Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard. Just something I had to get off my chest now.
  17. You ever had those personal issues on the forums that might not seem like a big deal to other people, but you are personally bothered with it? Well, here's the thread to share those forum pet peeves. When people start conversations in my status When a thread gets locked right when I'm about to post in it. When someone replies to me at a time when I don't feel like doing anything So post away!
  18. I'm going to get straight to the point: I hate emojis with a burning passion. No, I'm not talking about standard emojis, such as the "crying laughing" emoji (πŸ˜‚) and the "red heart" emoji (❀️), although I think that most of us can agree that they can be pretty cancerous (OMG WHO DID THIS πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘Œ 😲😲😲). I'm talking about the emojis that are exclusive to the MLP forums, which I'm assuming that everybody reading this is familiar with. I'm probably the only person here that has a problem with these as most people here seem to be fine with them, using them on an at least semi-regular basis; but, for some reason, they make me want to throw up on my computer, some a lot more than others (some make me just want to straight up drink bleach, lol). Anybody else relate to this? Or am I alone?
  19. Ever since the World Cup ended, I have lurked around the forums in relative peace when I thought to myself... MLP Forums is not only a place where bronies of all kinds chat with each other. It is also a place where friendships are planted and grown into new heights. This thread is the place where you can share all your favourite stories and memories that you shared with friends on MLP Forums. I myself have many to share, but I would love to hear your stories as well! Below you'll see the template I have ready for you guys to write your stories! I'll use one of my stories as an example. Member: The story: It was last year when DJ and I first met. I was just browsing the "Christian Brony" thread on Sugarcuebe Corner when I found out a member who was a Presbyterian. I decided to shoot him a PM just to see what he was like, and that's how we got talking. But really, the awesomest memory that I got from him was that he was the one who introduced me to roleplaying in the first place! It was out of the blue when he asked whether I had heard of roleplaying, to which I said I didn't. It was then that he showed me just how awesome roleplaying was! That was especially because of all the potential there was in creating your own character and letting him interact with the rest of Equestria and with other characters... Even though it was just a friendly invitation, it was one that led me into a whole new world filled with so many other members... It was actually the basis of many more friendships to come, one of which I may talk about should this thread kick off... We even managed to complete our very first RP together, called A Tropical Odyssey. It would be an RP that made me that much more involved with the forums as a whole. Finally, everypony's welcome here, even couples! Share to us a story about how MLPF has helped you see the magic of friendship!
  20. As of fourty two minutes before this post, MLP Forums has received it's fourty thousand and ninth member. I just want to say congratulations to the forums for having a thriving community that has lasted so long and to all fourty thousand and nine fellow bronies who have shared this experience with each other. This place has changed over the years in both structure and staff, along with the many lives it has changed. Good job MLP Forums; let's start counting to fifty thousand and then one million members!!
  21. It's pretty simple. Say your favorite thing about the Forums. Doesn't even have to be about the show. Just what do you like about this site in general. Mine is how nice and welcoming everyone is here. (Unlike a lot of other communities where you say "Hi i'm new here" and like half of them say something like "Go f*** yourself"). Going on the forums makes my day every day.
  22. Prior to the forums converting, there were more emoticons than there are now. Some are missing, such as Crackle. Is there a chance of them returning?
  23. OK a lot of people keep talking about not wanting to see certain sections of the site over and over and don't seem to realize you can choose your own content, and it is very easy to boot. So here in 7 easy steps (with pictures) I'll show you how to do it. Since the Debate Pit is the big one, that is what I am concentrating on, but since I don't care about Roleplay or Ponyverse TV and the like, I'll add them to. Step 1: Find your activity streams at the top of the page. Click the down Arrow. Step 2: It will make a drop down. In some cases this may scroll down your screen, either way you want to scroll down to Create new Stream. Click it! Step 3: Give it a name. I named mine "No Debate Pit", so you can use that, or call it "Peace of Mind", "Only Ponies" or "Wilma"... your choice. Just make the name something you will remember in case you ever make other streams for different content. Step 4: After you name it scroll down to "Topics" in circle 1. The box you care about is in circle 2. Hit the little arrow next to the gear. Step 5: It will expand a list of ALL the forums & sub-forums on the site. Hit the down arrows next to the forums to reveal many of the sub-forums. Just CLICK EVERY SINGLE FORUM YOU WANT TO SEE. DO NOT CLICK THE ONES YOU DON'T! Look at the whole list and do this. As you click them and more and more drop down, you will have to adjust your screen. Grin and bear it. Step 6: As you click them, you will see tags forming above the box. This is what is causing the screen dropping... when done click outside the box and you should have something like this. If you notice no Debate Pit in sight... nor a couple of other forums I don't frequent. Look them over, see something missing, or something you don't like, make changes now. Step 7: Save it!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough.. no one ever saves it. If you don't save it you just wasted your time and won't see the results. After saving it. you can return to wherever, then go back to Step 1. This time when you hit the drop down list, you will see your named Stream above the Create New Stream Button. If you click it, it will only show you the updates on the forums you chose to look at. Anything you did not include will NOT be included in this. You can further customize as you see fit though. If you play around with the other boxes and tools you can get all sorts of views going. You can't break it so don't worry... if you do do something really wonky that you cannot figure out how to fix, you can just delete the stream and remake it. Be aware this is only for the desktop and laptop versions of the site not the mobile version, so if you have questions pertaining to that, you'll have to speak more to mobile users or just play around with the settings in your free time. Thanks for reading. Hope this helps some of you dealing with this issue.
  24. Sometimes mods get a little angry. Sometimes people get angry. Many people are banned from many places. I, myself was banned from r/russia, r/ukraine and 4chan for posting ponies. What were you banned from and why?
  25. The rules are simple just post a word that starts with the letter. For an example: Person 1: A for Applejack Person 2: B for Braeburn Person 3: C for Chaos and so on. After it gets to Z it restarts to A So i'll start A for Appaloosa