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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! Just hangin' around and suddenly something came to my mind.We need a CAR thread!!! As you may know I'm very fond of Mazda miatas! (look at my avatar!) so here's one down. Anypony, just pick your favs! either one car or many and It doesn't matter if you can't drive or play racing games, everypony loves cars right! Peace!
  2. I just bought Forza Horizon a couple of days ago when the huge Xbox Live sale was going on, and I discovered that there are a TON of vehicles with pony designs flooding the "most downloaded" section of the custom vehicle design editor. Take a look at these: These aren't all of the most popular cars (I'm missing the Cadence car, the Lyra car, and a few others), but I just thought it was amazing that the pony designs were rising to the top in a game like Forza. I didn't think that many bronies played it, so this came as quite a pleasant surprise to me!
  3. Who else is waiting for Forza 6 to be released on Tuesday? I've been counting down the days, and cannot wait for it! Been with Forza since the original, and 6 looks like the best one yet! With the introduction of three new racing styles: -Night racing -Rain racing (where the water on the track WILL affect you car!) -Open-wheel racing (aka, Formula 1) I just paid off my pre-order for a Forza 6 Special Edition xBox One, and am literally shaking with excitement! lol Would love to start a in-game club for anyone on here that is also getting the game! The original game trailer...
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forza Horizon 2 is the latest entry in the highly successful 'Forza' racing series, exclusively available for the Xbox platform. Unlike the the franchises signature 'Motorsport' line of games, Forza Horizon 2 takes an open world approach at the simulator, offering a more casual experience inviting to both veterans of the series and newcomers. Forza Horizon 2 delivers on every level. It's quite easy to say this might just be the greatest Forza game to date. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Open World One thing that is apparent with Forza Horizon 2, right from the beginning, is that this is a game that wants to immerse you in the world. Straight from the get go, you find yourself hurtling down the coasts of Europe, with the primary goal of reaching the Horizon Festival (sort of the main hub), taking in the stunning views, breathtaking detail and wonderful cars. There is so much eye candy in this game. Every inch of the world is beautiful. Yes, the world might look pretty. But is it interesting? Is there plenty to explore? Oh yes, there is. The map offers a variety of locations to drive through with six key destinations; Castelleto, Nice, Sisteron, San Giovanni, Saint-Martin and Montellino. Each one of these locations has something new to offer. While you'll be dodging and weaving through the busy traffic on the tight streets in Nice, you'll be barrel-rolling and flying through rolling fields and vineyards in Montellino. This kind of variation keeps the game fresh and new as you travel to each new location. Unlike it's predecessor, Forza Horizon 2 allows for a lot more freedom in its open world as well. Feel like leaving the beaten path for a while and carving your own path through massive forests? Go for it. Feel like you'd rather see if your car can fly than actually race it? Why the heck not? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's a pick-up truck. While the world may be smaller than that of other open world racing games such as The Crew, Playground Games did a great job at making it feel alive and exciting. It's a shame the experience is slightly soured at times by invisible walls which plague some parts of the map, however, this is just a nitpick. Really, I've only had problems with such walls once or twice in the 200 hours I've sunk into the game. The Cars Many a time in the campaign will the game remind you that the Horizon Festival is truly a celebration of cars. With the lineup of vehicles that Forza Horizon 2 brings to the table, its quite easy to believe. Every car is just gorgeous in this game. A lot of love has been put into their design. You have everything from Modern Supercars to Cult Classics in Forza Horizon 2, each car belonging to its own class and each car feeling unique and fresh. Forza has had a long history of delivering excellent sound design and realistic physics which makes it stand out from other racing games out there. Sadly, the first Forza Horizon lacked much of what made the series great; the tuning, the physics, the full customization. Fortunately, all of this has been put into Forza Horizon 2. With full access to tuning and car customisation, alongside the Forza Motorsport 5 car physics, Forza Horizon 2 still retains a lot of what makes Forza great in terms of cars. Sometimes, I feel like racing in my Lamborghini Huracan (my favourite Supercar in this game) and other times I feel completely silly, so grab a tiny little hatchback and supercharge the thing. It can get pretty ridiculous. With some upgrades, this becomes the most terrifying car ever. Don't let the pizza fool you. The Content As I stated previously in this review, I have put around 200 hours into Forza Horizon 2 already (Yes, the game's been out for a while but I felt I needed to spend time with it if I was to give it a proper review) and I have only completed 30% of the game. Yep. 200 hours and only 30% done. That is 168 championships in total. Each consisting of 4 races. Road trips across the open world connect each location. After you've finished a championship in Nice, you get to enjoy a road trip across the map to Sisteron, taking in more and more of the landscape. It also gives you a chance to test out whichever car you've chosen for the championship in the given location. These road trips are a refreshing break from the intense races and battles against other racers, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Aside from the main championships, there are also bonus activities that gradually open up around the map as you progress through the game. 'Bucket Lists' are small events, often asking you to beat a time or set a high skill score, in some of the rarer and more expensive cars of the festival. Especially in the lower levels, these Bucket Lists are great tasters of some of the best, exotic cars the game has to offer such as the Koenigsegg Agera or the McLaren P1. The Bucket Lists are a nice change-up from the standard championships. But, what really stands out in this game, are the showcase events. These showcase events put you to the test against all kinds of things, driving a variety of vehicles. These showcases are the highlights of the Forza Horizon 2 campaign. Each one brings its own set of thrills and the game does an excellent job of making the race feel incredibly close (whether you drive well or not). I wont spoil everything...but these events will leave you craving for more. Yes, that is a train you're racing against. The multiplayer of Forza Horizon 2 is equally entertaining. The game's boasts of seamless multiplayer is completely true; It's incredibly easy to alternate between single player and multiplayer with the click of a button. A lot of what is available to you in the single player can also be accessed with friends. Co-op bucket lists, Road Trips, Championships and special Playground gametypes (Infection and King) fill the multiplayer with even more hours of content for you to enjoy. It's just a shame so many players are such dirty racers half the time. It can detract from the otherwise wonderful multiplayer experience that Forza Horizon 2 delivers. Final Verdict I truly can't praise this game enough. Whatever shortcomings it may have are just completely outshined by everything else in Forza Horizon 2. I follow many others in saying...Forza Horizon 2 has set a new benchmark for the racing game genre. 10/10 ​+Wonderfully crafted world +Excellent overall polish +Exciting Showcase Events +A wealth of content +Well designed multiplayer -Invisible walls can be annoying at times -Dirty racers can sour multiplayer races -Ben, your so called 'friend', is a complete arse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A 10/10 is not by all means perfect, but is pretty darn good overall! There are times when you question your life choices. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. You know, like, that game? That racing franchise that is better than Gran Turismo? Yeah, that? Umm, this is that thread for that. Sooo, I actually like 3 the most of the series. So, yeah. What's your favorite/why? (I don't KNOW why, but 2 is my next fav.) And also, Forza Horizon 2 is coming out soon, AND ITS COMING OUT FOR X360 AND XBONE! YAY! (I haven't an xbone yet, neither do I plan to get one.) Are you guys excited for it?
  6. Exactly as the title says, which one is better/do you prefer? I'm asking because I'm torn between the two as which one to get.
  7. Man I hope I'm posting in the right place So eveypony, Forza Horizon has been out for about a week so lets see the awesome designs everyone's come up with. I'll start with my (extremely simply designed) NLR Reventon.
  8. this is fluttershy a toyota that has beaten some fast cars including ferrari, corvette, vipers and others, she is one tuff little car and she wants to use her wing power to her full potential. again sorry about the bad ipod photos.
  9. These are two cars i have made in forza 4 will make more, and I am willing to take request, as long as they are not to extreme. i made these all my self, i have no xbox live, so no pre made images.
  10. the ford thunder bird Nightmare Moon requested by a friend. made in forza 4 without the use of xbox live. p.s. sorry about the bad ipod images wanted to have the ones from the game but my mac cant see the files for them.