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Found 11 results

  1. This game is quite simple. Just change one letter of the four-letter word that the pony above you posted. IT HAS TO BE A REAL WORD. Here's an example: Pony 1: Sink Pony 2: Link Pony 3: Line Pony 4: Life ... And so on. I'll start: Pens
  2. I was sitting in a field, and I was picking at the grass. I accidentally picked a clover.Looking at it, I realised that it had four Leaves!!!I couldn't believe my eyes!I thought such a thing was make-believe! Has anyone else ever seen/found one?
  3. In g1, Flutterponies were insanely op- being more powerful than the Rainbow of Light, which took out Tirek, but lost to the Smooze when it wasn't at full power (without the "Floom" added to it). Yet Flutterponies were able to defeat the Smooze while it had been at full strength, and free the rainbow from it. So if Flutterponies were incorporated into g4, do you guys think that this op fairy race of ponies would also make the EoH and the Mane 6's element spirit rainbow powers an absolute joke?
  4. What are your thoughts on having to pay for PS plus? (I just recently found out LOL) If there's already an active thread about this, please link me to it.
  5. Anyone else notice this charming fellow during the ad-break of tonight's episode? This was like a round-house kick of hype to the face for me. The thought of the finale villain being another Draconequus (it does look like one, right?) got me super excited. Plus, it would make sense then for Celestia to ask Discord to track him down. After all, who would know the mind of a villainous Draconequus better than an ex-villainous Draconequus. Not to mention it would make for an interesting battle. Or maybe Discord just found the red paint, who knows. Thoughts?
  6. Hey all, I'm back again with another crazy conspiracy theory, one that (as far as I know) hasn't been proposed yet, and it has to do with the "foe" mentioned in the synopsis of the S4 two-parter. Any possible spoilers this may reveal is just a result of speculation. Bare with me here, this post may be a bit long... ------------------------ The Rumor Long ago, in fact before the start of season 3, there was this crazy rumor floating around. One that started due to a supposed leak from an intern on the show. This theory, was that Discord was in fact a corrupted form of Starswirl the Bearded, due to some leaked lines that were to be performed by John De Lancie. From the second I heard this, I thought it was quite an intriguing idea. Yet, it seemed highly improbable. The credibility of this rumor seemed to drop considerably, when Meghan McCarthy stated that Discord was not in fact Starswirl. Furthermore it seemed unlikely, with the reformation of Discord, that this theory had any real merit. Not without stretching it considerably. And so I resolved that the whole thing was likely false and that any supposed lines leaked were just a ploy to get the guy who "leaked" them a lot of attention. However, something changed my mind. Not enough to make me accept the entire rumor as fact, but enough to make me think that maybe this leak wasn't entirely wrong, instead it was likely misinterpreted. ------------------------ Back around the time of Season 3's finale, a name started popping up quite frequently on the net. It was the name of a toy character that seemed to have quite a lot of backstory for never having been on the show. A lot of people thought that this character was an up-and-coming villain from the S3 finale. That was, until, Meghan tweeted that this character was never going to be on the show (which served to confuse many). Since she's the show-runner, most people left it at that. This character, was none other than Sunset Shimmer. There have been other cases where leaks were "apparently" denied by the show staff, but to a certain extent turned out to be true. Not because they lied, but because they denied specific parts of the rumor. What made me consider that Starswirl had any upcoming role in the show, was how fast questions about Starswirl were shot down at various writer's panels. Each time he's brought up, the writers seem to deny all knowledge of him, or state "how could he be alive? He'd have to be thousands of years old." This is true. However, we also know that Starswirl is MLP's version of Merlin. Merlin's true name is Ambrose, or Emeryst. Both of which translate as a synonym for "immortal". ------------------------ The Conspiracy Now, I know what you're thinking. "The writers wouldn't put that much thought into the show. It's still just a kids show". This is quite true, it is just a kid's show. But it also seems to have quite a surprising amount of depth. Patterns seem to pop up frequently in the show, things that unless you were to really analyze the show, you would never notice. One of these patterns seemed to lend credence to the idea that Starswirl may be involved in Season 4. A certain chart of every villain in the show so far, and how each represents the opposite of a specific Element of Harmony. If we're to take this chart as completely true, and we're to believe that the writers indeed intended for this to happen (and it isn't in fact due to some freakish coincidence), then that means that the next major villain would have to be both a male character, and represent greed. Why would Starswirl represent Greed? Well, if you remember back to the Season 3 finale, we hear Celestia mention that Starswirl's greatest masterpiece was never finished, because he never understood the concept of friendship. However, later it's revealed that the very same spell Starswirl spent all that time trying to perfect, when completed by Twilight, successfully transforms her into an Alicorn. This would seem to imply that Starswirl had quite an interest in power. Specifically, the power of an Alicorn (which we have yet to see a male version of, btw). And we all know what an obsession with power can lead to... ------------------------ All of this is fine and good, but you may be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with Luna's flashback appearance in the comic-con animatics? I have an entirely different theory about that, and I could write much more on it, but this post is probably long enough as it is. Basically, I view the flashback and Luna's transformation as precedent for what occurs with Starswirl (basically to explain how he could become evil). Who knows, maybe Starswirl had his part to play in Luna becoming Nightmare Moon. ------------------------ Alright, now that all that's out of the way, lets get into the supposed leak itself. The link to it comes from Discord's Domain, and was posted by the well-known Sweetie Bot. It shows many lines that are apparently made by Discord, that imply he was once Starswirl. There are several theories here on how Discord could possibly be Starswirl. And as far as i'm concerned, they're all somewhat plausible. But I don't believe Discord is actually Starswirl. Let's pretend for a moment that none of the lines are from Discord. Instead, imagine that Starswirl and Starswirl alone is the one who says them in the season premiere. Well, then you may ask yourself, why does Starswirl sound so similar to Discord? (This starts crossing into headcanon territory, but then again, this whole theory is pretty crazy anyway.) I believe Discord is actually the result of some form of experiment by Starswirl. An experiment to try and realize the "ultimate power". In his quest and obsession for trying to discover the key to this power, he creates a creature of chaos. Furthermore, his creation is formed from a part of himself. So in a way, Starswirl is Discord... only not. The lines stated by Discord in the supposed link sound very plausible. They sound very much like they could be in the actual show. The only thing is, they don't sound exactly like Discord. In fact, they almost sound more logical than anything you'd normally hear from him. The lines also refer to themselves several times as Starswirl, but not specifically Discord. Add to that the fact that the press release of the episode lists all the voice actors involved, but yet none of them listed are shown as the "mysterious foe" in the synopsis. Unless, of course, John De Lancie is playing Starswirl's lines much like how Tabitha is playing Luna's lines (Luna's not mentioned in the cast list, yet we know for a fact that she's in the episode). ------------------------ TL;DR To make a long story short, my theory is that Discord was an accident, created out of the power-hungry greed that Starswirl gained later in his life. In an effort to become all-powerful (possibly in a quest to become immortal), he created Discord out of a part of himself. And much like history has a tendency to cover up the flaws of certain celebrities, the latter years of his life might've been erased from history, including his possible descent into madness. Now, again, I realize how far out this theory may seem. However, there are many things that seem to imply that if not this, something similar occurred. If the writers really wanted to add a plot twist to the series, they could add that many of the things that have occurred in the past, such as the Alicorn Amulet, as well as the escape of Cerberus the three-headed dog (which BTW occurred in an episode that had a lot to do with Starswirl and consequently had the sound effect that is commonly associated with an appearance by Discord) are somehow connected to Starswirl. Let me know what you guys think. I know that if I were a writer on MLP, I would definitely add in a plot twist like this. I also know that it may seem like a bit much for a show like MLP. But who knows... Meghan did state that something crazy and unexpected was going to happen in the season premiere, if it wasn't leaked first... ------------------------ BTW, some of the pics may be a bit out of context. I just wanted to add them in to make the post a little less wall-of-texty.
  7. Well? I'm only asking for four here, so please don't merge it. I was looking through the episodes and wanted to know what you all think the four best are? Just want to rewatch them and see if they're hyped and such. Personally, I love: Sweet and Elite Magical Mystery Cure Lesson Zero Suited For Success How about you all?
  8. Just curious, but does anyponyelse want to see nods to the fandom in season 4? We got some before, but it was usually just derpy related. Would you like to see other background ponies taking on fandom personalities in the upcoming season. What do you think should be put in or referenced?
  9. Life, located in the bottom left, supports nature and keeping the land suitable for life. Health, located in the upper left, supports the creatures who live in nature and keeps them healthy. Peace, located in the upper right, keeps the animals from fighting each other to maintain peace and prosperity Feast, located in the bottom right, gives the creatures enough food and water to last through their lives. (Backstory) After God Returned to check upon his planet, he was devastated to find out that the gods he left to take care of the Earth didn't fulfill their job. Therefore, the human world became a terrible place. For their wrongdoing, they were punished, and sent to Satan. However, he did not send the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses' Horses to Hell. He heard that they wanted to keep the world at harmony, ironically. When the world didn't turn out as God wanted it to, they told their riders that they needed to ride off into the world to wipe out all of mankind, but their riders refused. Becuase of this, they were given the powers of the apocalypse so they could be sent off into the world by God to reset mankind. Once the deed was done, God tried something other than just putting humans back on the Earth. He instead distributed sentience into the wildlife, and giving more to the horses. Since the Four Horses of the Apocalypse knew what was right, God granted the horses on Earth with wings and horns in return for the majority of their sizes. Although, God could not stay on Earth for long, and he couldn't let the world be run by the Gods of the Apocalypse, so he created four more horses to keep their apocalyptic powers at bay. He Created the Four Horses of Benevolence. Life Countered Death, Feast Countered Famine, Peace Countered War, and Health Countered Pestilence. He let the Four Horses of Benevolence roam the Earth to help the horses and ponies adjust to the world.
  10. Here's a bunch of themes I made for the Four Horses of the Apocalypse- Death Famine Pestilence War I don't know why, but I just love these guys!
  11. I'm sure you all know about these four godly folks that are said to end the world. Yes, I am sure that this has been done before. Just accept that I made them in my own little style