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Found 27 results

  1. Here is Sector Z from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  2. I decided to make this thread in honor of Deadpool 2! Here you can chat,about Deadpool,and anything that has to do with deadpool! Talk about his first appearance! Talk about Deadpool films! Talk about how he’s better than Batman! (Yes I said that) talk about anything Deadpool related! (Obviously ponies allowed too,but Deadpool mainly!) I know this is a deadpool thread,but please watch your vulgarity! Thanks and have fun!
  3. Hello fellow ponies, I am Mysterious Soul and My girlfriend Slash Blaze is a fox full free to ask us question.
  4. Hello! I have decided to create my own oc/ponysona. It's not for anything specific like a roleplay, though they may be used in one if I decide to. I don't have a lot to show. I have a basic sketch of them. (Or rather just their head detached from the body, no color, shading, or really a final draft/cleanup). Not that great, but that was a basic sketch. I am making them a green coat, red or orange and white mane and tail pegasus with black hooves. I intend to give them fox-like qualities as they love foxes, but not enough to make them something like a fox pony. I don't have a set cutie mark uet, but probably something to do with foxes. Their personality is energetic, kind, smart, foxloke, etc, still working on that. Basically they love foxes. I also am curious on how to make digital art. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner or drawing tablet, just a phone and computer.
  5. Hello everypony this is a picture I drew of a fox its not the best, but my friend Fluff Fox likes foxes so decided to draw one for them I do hope you like it. I am posting 2 pictures of it the first one being a little further and the second being a little closer.
  6. So I wanted to redraw the original character I got going as my avatar and here was the result that I got from that. I'm sure I still need lots of practice, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  7. Welcome to my fifth and final part of my top 10 lists for my favorite shows. Part 1 was Nickelodeon shows, Part 2, was Cartoon Network shows, Part 3 was Disney shows, Part 4 was Anime shows, and now Part 5 will be about My Top 10 Miscellaneous/Other shows. This list will include shows not generally from Nick, CN, Disney, or Anime and generally from other networks whether it's Fox, Discovery, PBS, or whatever. Here We Go! #10: Thomas & Friends This is a show from my childhood about anthropomorphic trains like Thomas and adventures on Sodor. When I was a kid I used to have toys as well. I don't watch this much anymore but it's one from my childhood. #9: Super Mario World This was based on the Snes game Super Mario World and is my favorite Mario cartoon show. It's the most relatable Mario show for me, and it's got some funny yet cheesy gags but yeah it's pretty decent. #8: Magic School Bus Another show I remember from my childhood. This show follows school kids and their teacher going on the Magic School Bug and taking field trips to all kinds of places like Outer Space, the Ocean or whatever. This is one of my favorite educational shows. #7: Looney Tunes The original Looney Tunes cartoons from the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's are some of the greatest cartoons of all time. How else can I sum them up than by saying, They're funny, they're clever, they're absolutely wonderful. #6: Popeye the Sailor Even though Looney Tunes is so good, the classic cartoon I'm more fond of is Popeye which is a sailorman who eats spinach to get strength, and fights Bluto most of the time. #5: Wallace & Gromit A british stop motion claymation style show I've seen since I was a wee lad. It follows a man named Wallace who loves cheese and his dog Gromit. There is also a spin off called Shaun the Sheep which I have yet to see. It's my favorite british show. #4: Scooby Doo Where Are You The original Scooby Doo series centers around 4 teens and a dog named Scooby Doo and they solve mysteries of monsters and the supernatural. This is my favorite classic Hanna Barbera cartoon not counting Powerpuff Girls. #3: Arthur One of the best shows of the 90's and one I feel that doesn't get enough recognition is Arthur. Based on the children's book series, this show follows Arthur in his daily life and this show also has some valuable messages and is designed to help people with issues like Autism or Asperger's Syndrome like myself. #2: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Yes you all knew this one would make the list. It centers around colorful ponies who learn the lessons of friendship and like Arthur has some valuable messages and I feel that's one of the best parts and I feel the messages it has don't get enough credit. I mean even the worst episodes have some valuable messages. But what else can I say other than it's cute with cute characters, relaxing, and is a nice break from other shows. But it's only at #2, what other show can top it? Well... And my #1 Favorite Misc. Show of All Time is... Honorable Mentions: Rick & Morty, Sesame Street, South Park, Family Guy, Shaun the Sheep, Animaniacs, Tom & Jerry, Flintstones, Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Cyberchase, Littlest Pet Shop, Dan Vs, Futurama, American Dad, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dragon Tales So thanks for looking at my list of Misc. shows. And this was my final list for TV shows so I hope you enjoyed them.
  8. The Starfox franchise is no stranger to experimentation, with the original SNES game bringing 3D polygons, Starfox 64 introduced rumble with the Rumble Pak, and even experimented within it's own series, some with drastic changes(like Adventures), and some feeling close to what we expect from the series(Assault), with Starfox Command kind of in the middle, as while it does do somethings similar yet different compared to more traditional games in the series One thing the game does in terms of the series roots is a return to a purely air-based combat, but at the same time it does a different take on it. Instead of arcade style on-rail shooter, the game takes a tactical approach where you where you are given a number of turns(which you can get more by destroying enemy bases) give a select number of characters(up to 4) a path you set towards enemies, enemy missiles, and capture enemy bases, and engaging in quick all-range dogfights defeating enemies and gaining enemy cores, or you engage in destroying missles by following beacons until you are close enough to shoot them down, and with enemy bases, you can destroy enemies to get a chance to destroy the mothership by following beacons and destroying the mothership by barrol rolling into it...seriously. It's also worth noting that a lot of the game's inspiration comes from the cancelled Starfox 2. For the most part the game can be fun if you can get past some annoying drawbacks. For starters, the game is entirely controlled with the DS touchscreen, including Barrel Rolls by drawing circles on the touchscreen, dragging smart bombs, u-turns, and somersaults via buttons on the screen, which for game like Starfox can be a pretty big pain in the ass at first. I remember when I first played the game I was really turned off by the touchscreen controls to the point where I was put off the game for a month until I decided to give the game another chance, and played it enough to where I was able to play the game easily and enjoy. While I did ultimately get used to the controls, I feel it would've been a better idea to allow control with the d-pad, as I felt playing the game with the touchscreen in general would turn off the people who wasn't a fan of the touchscreen. One other annoying mechanic is the time limit(ala fuel) given to players for each time they fight, and are shared with all characters and goes into boss fights as well, though you can gain more fuel cells to increase your time limit, and deflecting projectiles can also increase your time limit. Once you get used to it, it's not as big of a deal, but when you start playing for the first time, it can be a huge turn off. Boss fights are also pretty fun, one of which even features a fight with F-Zero's Octoman The game doesn't really look to bad either, the in game graphics are exactly what you expect from a DS Starfox game. The character designs are serviceable, though for some reason they thought it was a good idea to have almost every female pink Funny enough the girl that was pink in the past is now grey(I feel like I'm in the minority that prefer's Katt's new design) A big change from this game was a bigger emphasis on the story. In the past games, the stories were, while enjoyable, were really just basic, simple, and typical things you'd expect from their games, while the game's main draw was the engaging gameplay. Starfox Command however decided to take a new approach and try to get you more engaged with the characters and the plot. All of this would normally be all fine and good...if it wasn't for how over-dramatic and serious the game takes itself and with how the characters act; the game feels like a really bad space soap-opera with furries(or Gundam SEED with furries) Basically bad fanfiction The game starts off with the Starfox team disbanding, with Peppy becoming the new Cornerian Army general after Pepper falls ill, Slippy staying with his girlfriend, Falco leaving to go solo, leaving Fox, Krystal and ROB. Sometime however, Fox ultimately decides to give Krystal the boot for her safety(urrrggghhhh...). Meanwhile a new army arises from the seas of Venom, the Anglar army, with it's emperor planning on taking over the Lylat System. Meanwhile, Starwolf becomes wanted criminals with high bounties on their heads As far as the characters go...ummm....well....well Slippy and Peppy mostly went in and out unscathed. If anything they're probably the only characters that really benefited from the game's narrative. As for the rest, Falco, even though he doesn't feel much different from what he's been in the past, does have his own fair share of bullshit moments. Fox and Krystal, however, were beaten over the heads with the stupid drama hammer. Throughout most of the game, Fox is an emotional wreck often begging on his knees for Krystal to forgive him. Speaking of which, let's talk about Krystal for a minute. Krystal is mean in this game, often giving Fox verbal thrashings, and even driving Slippy to tears at some points. She also joins Star Wolf and begins dating Panther just to spite Fox. I get that people can become bitter when someone breaks their hearts at points in their lives, but Jesus Christ girl. Another issue I have with this is that it further establishes the stigma that she's Fox's girl, and that's really about it, which was an unfortunate trait she's had since Assault. But one thing I will say it did that Assault failed at was giving a few small touches such as her apparently being close to Peppy and his daughter Lucy(I'll talk about her later), as well as Anyway back to the rest, Star Wolf is...not as entertaining as they have been in the past. Leon, again, just feels like he's their to be his right-handed man, Wolf rather than a rival/anti-hero comes off as an honorable foe, which isn't bad, but it's still a little lame. Panther picked up a new habit of taking in third person, and it is really fucking stupid, anything he tries to say menacing just comes off as laughably bad with his third person. Katt and Bill from Starfox 64 also return, and are mostly unchanged, though Katt also ghas her share of Bullshit drama as well. Several new characters are introduced as well, Amanda(Slippy's Girlfriend), Lucy Hare(Peppy's daughter and Krystal's supposed best friend), and Dash Bowman(another one of Andross's nephews, though unlike Andrew, he dislike his uncle) and while they aren't the greatest, I did fairly enjoy them, and would be a little disappointed if they were left out of the next game(though I could do without Amanda honestly) One of the benefits of having plenty of characters though is that you get to control all of them. Unlike previous games which mostly had you control Fox(unless you were playing multiplayer), you get to take control of several of the game's characters(including James McCloud!), each with their own unique ships and statistics. One of the game's best features, something that's been missing since Adventures and Assault, was the return of branching paths and several alternate endings. Depending on what decisions you make throughout the game, you can change the story and the outcome which will give you access to 9 different endings, each different from one another. While whether any of them are any good is subjective, it does give the game high replayability(as some paths are more enjoyable than others) There's no more multiplayer. Nintendo nuked it FINAL VERDICT: I personally thought the game was really fun, in spite of the learning curve and the shitty story, and I did managed to find a few endings that I liked(thought they're all neutral because I'm boring like that). I do think there is something here if you can get passed the touchscreen controls, poor story and well...questionable art direction
  9. I made a new fursona since I haven't connected to my old one in a lonnnngggg time I absolutely adore my new baby <3 meet Pip Pip! Pip is a mix of bernese mountain dog, fox, and eastern dragon the little thing on her collar is a lock made out of opal - pip gets it name for making little "pip pip" noises - unreasonably unreasonable - never content
  10. Before it became the millenial girl targeted network it is today, ABC Family was known as Fox Family, an all ages cable channel operated by Fox's "Fox Family Worldwide, Inc." division, which also operated Fox Kids, and was Saban Entertainment's parent company at the time. Excluding Fox Kids, it was the closest thing Fox had to an actual kids network. Growing up, I actually watched quite a bit of it in it's last years before Disney took over. However, I don't remember too much about its programming, and for good reason. Much of the children's programming Fox Family aired was either Fox Kids reruns, mediocre Canadian imports, shows Saban produced, or at worst, complete garbage like Mega Babies. As most of us know, Fox Family Worldwide was sold to Disney in 2001, and Disney slowly began turning it into the edgier Disney channel we know now. So what are you impressions of Fox Family?
  11. This is Fred the Fox. I am planning on selling the pictures of hin that I am painting. This is what he looks like. I am selling it locally, so no one can place a bid on it. Sorry..
  12. So the Fox animated sitcom Bob's Burgers is doing a brony episode this Sunday So what do you think of this. Do you think this will be funny or downright insulting because after all, you know about what Fox News said. From what I've seen of this show, it's pretty decent I'd rather watch it over the stuff made by Seth MacFarlane. So discuss away!
  13. New 'NC' Calamity is one of the Administrators on MLP Forums. He is CD-Proclaimed 'King Lurker', and has brohoofs that are five times harder to get than God Feld0's. He is the calmest poker-facing champ the forums have ever known (asides from possibly Swoop the Legendary), and, while he may not post much in the public eye, he is an awesome guy who does awesome things even when he's not trying to be awesome. Post your creative representations of NC -- Index: Zoop Fan Club NC Fan Club *here you are!* -More to come?
  14. Newest photo manipulation I put together. Originally started out as an idea of doing a fox in a destroyed hallway with a nuclear fallout type feel, but it ended up being this. Go figure. Please let me know what you think and if there are any areas I can improve upon. Thanks. Time taken: 4 hr 36 min Layers: 58
  15. I have to ask you all... WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?! Anyways, what are your opinions on the fox music video? If you haven't seen it, search it up Was it funny? Stupid? Awesome? Give a 1/10 scale!
  16. If you are mentioned from a notification, scroll to the bottom... So, BronyCon happened.... I started in the colder region to the North. I had purchased my hotel and plane as early January. As I was prompt by NewCalamity that we were going to BronyCon this year. Time had passed and it was time to travel to Baltimore. I had got that feeling of excitement when you were younger opening Christmas presents. It didn't last long though, I happened to be more stressed than anything.This had been the first time I had ever been traveling by myself, and I hadn't been on a plane for thirteen years. I had been to busy worrying about what would go wrong and what not on my trip. I had already made a cover-up story for my absence for a couple days for BronyCon, and was ready to go. I had packed all my stuff, and had enough funds to keep me alive. I had help from a friend to drive me to the airport. Which was an hour away from where I live. I had gotten to the airport and struggled to get all the right things before going through security. I had bought a laptop bag at the airport with my Visa because I needed another bag to separate my electronics from my other bag. Later, I get to the waiting area, I'm minding my own business playing my 3DS playing Mario, because I got their 1-2 hours early. Some problems had arise, there were too many people that were going to board the plane. So two people were told to stay behind to wait for the next flight that was 4 hours later. Air Canada staff had noted this problem and had offered a $10 voucher for food redeemable at their restaurants, and $200 in flying credit that had to be used within a years time. Eventually, someone volunteered for one person, which left this one Jewish guy that couldn't fly with his family. He seemed pretty down about not being able to fly with his family. I understood this pain he must of felt not being able to fly with his family. I decided to be a good Samaritan and offered myself to stay behind for the later flight to Baltimore. The Jewish man approaches the Air Canada staff person, then approached me. Thanking me for the kind deed I did for him. I had shook his hand and said, "No problem", and explained to him that I knew that family is important. I wished him a safe trip, and had been thanked by his family of four that accompanied him for his flight. Before long, I decided to put use to the $10 coupon to some sushi I had managed to pick up, but still payed $8 for sushi and water because airport food is expensive. It totaled to a whooping $18.00. I had ate the sushi and felt a harsh pain against my chest. I couldn't breathe well. I ended up throwing up my food and had an awful time, since my throat was burning, and there was still discomfort within my thoracic cavity. I had played my 3DS to pass the time while not feeling so well until the plane arrived. It came and I had hopped on. I accidentally went to the wrong seat, and sat at the window, but the Japanese guy I had sat beside, let me take his window seat. I had thanked him, and I watched as we took off. I was amazed with the scenery that I had seen as we flew in the air. The flight was magnificent, and is truly something else you have to first witness when taking a plane ride. After, I had arrived in Baltimore. I had taken a taxi to my hotel. I was about to check in and they had asked me for a deposit fee in case of any damages to my room. I searched my wallet only to discover that my Visa was missing! I was remembered I had payed for my laptop bag via Visa, and I didn't get my card back from the sales lady. I had come to troubleshoot the problem with the desk manager and had accepted a $50 deposit fee, (instead of the regular $100 deposit fee), and he gave me my key for my room. Unfortunately, I had given a pretty hefty sum of my money away for possible damages. I wasn't too happy at all about that, since I just gave a good chunk to the taxi driver who drove me to my hotel for $43.00. I had only about $70 left for anything. I was terribly worried because I couldn't withdraw any money since I had already lost my Visa at the airport in Canada. Feeling sick from throwing up, and feeling lost without my visa, I walk to the elevator only seeing a shit ton of Bronies hanging out in the lounge and crowding near the elevators waiting to go to their rooms. I get up to my room and find out that my luggage zipper is stuck. And call the front desk for help. They send someone to help open my bag. We tried to open it with a vice grip by tugging on the zipper with an enormous amount of force. It took 20 minutes to open it. I thanked him kindly, for helping me. I was so relieved that I had access to my bag. I was very afraid we wouldn't be able to open it. Which only furthered my anger for this atrocious trip. After he left, I noticed I had something spill on my socks, my body wash soap leaked onto my socks and had stained a few red blotches on some of my socks. It wasn't a big deal, but it was still unlucky to have happen. I had talked to NewCalamity to where we would meet tomorrow through poverty internet connection that my hotel had given. We were going to be early birds and go get our badges with Zoop, and Lumi except NewCalamity had been held back from his parents. So, we decided to meet at the convention center where the stairs and somewhat iconic hedges that marked the location. I went to take a shower, and went to bed to prepare myself for BronyCon tomorrow. Oddly, I had awoken with little sleep, but a great abundance of energy. The bed I had slept on was very comfortable, and I managed to have a really deep sleep. I got myself ready and set out to the location to meet up with NewCalamity. I got there at 7am, and he was not in sight. I circled the convention center 5 times after waiting quite a long time. With no success, they had opened the doors at 9, and everyone lined up preceded to enter the convention center with a great amount of excited screams that followed. I trailed the majority of the people that headed to the vendors. We had waited an hour and half before they opened because the vendor hall had been hauled up with some complications, and we couldn't go in as scheduled. Eventually, they let us in, and everyone rushed through the doors, and security had made people flash their badges/passes to be let in. I avoided them, and got in with ease. I then browsed many of the items quickly before the vendor halls were flooded with Bronies trying to buy all their stuff first, or anything limited sold out. The plushies were the main attraction to most of the consumers. There was one table that sold out within a few hours. After, it seemed everyone swarmed the other plushie-makers for the less desirable crafted plushies. There were a great assortment of different merchandise. Somethings I wouldn't of considered getting for obvious reasons. *cough* Pony swords. *cough* *cough* The other merchandise the vendors had offered were bags, shirts, buttons, pillows, magnets, prints, sculptures, stickers, custom commissions, and some other miscellaneous things. There was a great selection of things. I don't even know why I bought stuff. I ended up buying buttons, magnets, and a few prints. All of that wouldn't of been possible if I didn't borrow some money from the Zoop, and NewCalamity bank. The first day however, I was lost and was very strict to not buying anything. I was still lollygagging at the different tables until I came across the Poniverse table. I saw all the staff members and decided to pull a joke on ~Chaotic Discord~. Since I knew what he looked like from the "In Real Life Picture Thread." I approached him and asked what Poniverse was. He gave me the introduction and all the information what Poniverse was about. I had said to him, " This is a stupid idea, who the hell would consider making a social network for ponies; it's stupid." I got bad energy coming from ~Chaotic Discord~. I got the feeling like he was going to hit me or something. I went on a little bit more cutting up Poniverse, then just told him I was joking. I then introduced myself as Fox. Probably not the best ways to introduce yourself, I don't suggest you do it my way; it's dangerous. Although, I like to live dangerously~ We came to introductions after pulling ~Chaotic Discord~'s leg, and I had talked to a few of the moderators/administrators briefly, only to get to an important question, "Where do you get your badges?" I had been given the whereabouts of the registration only to find out about LineCon. An ongoing inside joke at BronyCon. Where a line is present to accompany those events you have to wait for before you can get in anywhere all the time. I got in the line for registration and had listened to some artists with their own bass cannons blasting music/DJing. I later heard people complaining about that. I personally enjoyed it, whatever. I actually saw Zoop, Luminescense, and Jonke leaving the line with their backs turned I yelled for Zoop, but got no answer, so I just made myself quiet, and waited in line. They were too far probably to hear me because of all the people chatting, singing, and whatnot. I had been waiting in line forever bored out of my mind, since I wasn't talking to anyone. Except I then had someone speaking to me about their end of the trip. That had kept me less than bored, and I had a good time talking to the guy. He was pretty casual and uplifting me from the boredom I had for waiting in that crappy line. The time had came when I had reached the end of the line. I had said my farewell to the casual Brony I had talked to, and got my badge and headed back to the Poniverse table. I had waited two and a half hours to get my badge. I was sick of standing. I got to the Poniverse table only to see NewCalamity and Vexx3, we had wandered about in the vendors a bit, and I had to borrow a portion of NewCalamity's money. After discussing things, and watching people wander about. We decide eventually to go out and get something at the nearby Subway. This was my first time going to Subway. I've never eaten anything there before. I, and Vexx3 go in to get something to eat. We both get pizza. Yeah, go to a sandwich place to get pizzas. Awesome. We see Jonke, Luminescence, Artemis, and Zoop take seats at our table outside while I, and Vexx3 wait for our pizzas. We happen to get outside and start talking. At one point in time some drunk man came behind Zoop, and I had cautioned Artemis who sat to my left about the conspicuous bum with a bottle of liquor in one hand, and his other hand fastened to his belt buckle as he stood lazy eyed looking at something behind Zoop's back. The situation felt ominous, and I had already begun to thinking of counter measures if something "were" to happen. He soon wandered off, and I noticed he had no shoes on. It was really weird. We continued conversation, and had Zoop's crew leave. We had a small group of people come to our table asking what Bronies were pretty much. That and wandered what was happening to the convention center across the street. Our table educated what Bronies were and what relevance they had at the convention center, and they decided to take pictures of our shirts, and Artemis's MLP lunch boxes. It was getting late and we decided to return to our hotels. The night I go back to my hotel, I had messaged Haven to meet me at the Poniverse Panel the next day. I felt really pathetic messaging him, when the internet couldn't even load the PMs properly. It took me at least half an hour to load it. I must have gotten lucky with it even loading it. The internet at my hotel was that bad. The next day, I awoke early and went to the Poniverse table and met up with Zoop's crew. The people in Zoop's crew were Lumiscence, Jonke, Chigens, LRP, and Lugia was there most of the time. We had wandered around the vendor halls as others bought items. We later went to the aquarium. but reconsidered the idea because they weren't letting people until it was 3:45pm, and the Poniverse panel was close to that. So, we scratched the idea and browsed the candy store nearby, and almost everyone got smoothies. I, and Chigens just got water. We were walking to the Sheraton where Zoop, Jonke, Lumi, and Skygunner were staying. *BOOM* Along the way we had a battleship fire a blank out of nowhere. It startled everyone in our group, I had jumped. No one was ready for cannon fire. It was really unexpected. We all picked ourselves from our scared states and proceeded to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we all squeezed in the elevator to the get to Zoop's room. We all pushed into Zoop's room lying down. I was tired and fell flat on some stool. Zoop took some bizarre video of me lying down blinding me with his Iphone light. They also peer pressured me in drinking Canada Dry. Which is a pretty good ginger ale. I didn't question it, but they found it strangely funny since I'm Canadian drinking Canada Dry. It's like me laughing at an American for drinking a Coca Cola product. There was something special Zoop wanted to share with everyone. He showcased us one of his favoured movies that had us head over heels. A true master piece on it's own. Acting was spectacular. Special effects were superb. The fade outs... just jaw dropping. A true motion picture that must be appreciated with friends and family. Other than that we watched a few things on Youtube, and burned Pokemon abuse into Jonke's head and some others. At one point in time we had Zoop had called Marco. Also, Zoop found a Bible and decided to spoil us and give a dramatic reading of it. Other shenanigans. After, when we had Marco appear, we left shortly after to go to BronyCon to the Poniverse table for a bit. Some of us bought more merchandise, including myself. Luminescence came to a table where a girl complemented his chibi Pinkie Pie plush. She really liked it. Then Zoop implanted the idea into Lumi to give it away and spread cheer. So, what Zoop says, Lumi does. It's a fact. They had hugs and pictures. Then we decided to ascend the stairs and kick it back at one of the tables upstairs. Then we came to see NewCalamity, Vexx3, Thereisspoon303, as they were preparing for a picture. Jonke, Zoop, and Chigens hopped into the photo too. There was a bit of discussion for the Poniverse panel that was starting very soon. The very panel where all the bloody Feld0 memes exploded onto the forums trended by Jokuc. We entered the Poniverse Panel and I sat between Jonke, and ~Shadow Wolf~. We observed Feld0, Lord Bababa, Nelson Laquet, Ice Storm, and Apple Bloom do their thing. I personally think the panel went very well for Poniverse. I think the whole staff did a great job with all the new projects being unveiled and did well at speaking, but most of my props have to go to Lord Bababa. Even through no sleep and many Red Bulls, he was still able to communicate, finish his project, be funny, and kept us entertained. I think he did a great job, no matter what anyone says. Nelson Laquet did a great job explaining his work on Apple Bloom, has made Equestria.TV blossom, and brought together users closer together through streaming. Ice Storm, had invested a great time of time with an impressive massive new roleplay world. And last of all Feld0 has modeled for a bunch of hilarious memes. When the Poniverse Panel ended I had met up with Haven. I wasn't invited to the Poniverse dinner, and he wasn't either. So, we just kicked it back like average forumers. Zoop had joked around poking that I should go unattended, but ask to sit at the restaurant with them. They wouldn't say no, because it would make em' look like jerks. We never ended up going to their elitist dinner. I had respected what had wanted me to do, and followed through. You needed $40 in donations I only had $25. Maybe next year I could be special and have had dinner with MLP forums staff. I, and Haven dropped all our baggage at our hotels, and I met up with Auron, Rainbowswag4, and AtomicBassCannon at McDonalds, and went to their hotel. Which I discovered they were staying at the same hotel I was. Auron got a little sauced up for BronyPalooza. When it was time we all left, but we split. I and Haven went to FanFic readers after dark to see if it was a the supposed clopclop panel Haven thought it would be. It was a panel to write a good clop fiction. Same thing. They even checked our IDs to see if were 18. I got the gist of what the panel was, and told I'd meet up with Haven again tomorrow. I had later went to BronyPalooza with a bunch of staff members that were chilling. They had popular Brony music artists featured at BronyPalooza, TheLivingTombStone, Alex S., and ect. We saw some odd dancer spinning on the floor being really silly and everyone else generally having a good time. Even Feld0 was shaking his hooves getting crunk. The BronyCon staff had told everyone not to jump because they had measured 2.4 on the Richter scale yesterday from all the jumping (that's what I heard). There was a lot of shaking regardless of the warnings. After the concert had finished I, Lady Rarity Pony, Chigens, ~Chaotic Discord~, and Artemis kicked it outside and relaxed talking outside about stuff. When Lady Rarity Pony had vanished, we had migrated to the HIlton Hotel, where ~Chaotic Discord~ wanted to peek onto the forums on Artemis's laptop. I had been giving a personal drawing of Roseluck from Chigens. I felt rewarded and kept it to my side. With time passing, I was getting really tired. Eventually, I passed out for a short period of time, then I had awoken and said my goodbyes at 4:30 am, then summoned enough energy to get back to my hotel and fell sleep. The next day I hustled to the Poniverse table and met up with Marco, and we later met up with Zoop's crew. All of us went to Zoop's hotel shortly to do something, then as we descended down the elevator. Another few people, and a dog came inside the elevator and it became very crowded. The elevator had opened again for another person to board. Except it was too full, and a trio of dogs had turned viciously excited for seeing another dog. They were barking and it was a shit show going nowhere. Then someone yelled, "CLOSE THE DOOR!" We all laughed and chuckled and had closed the doors to end the battle of yelps and barks against the dogs that had hollered to the one that stood still and behaved. A picture of us walking to Miss Shirley's Cafe. With Jonke's kawaii paws. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ We were all hungry and headed out somewhere nice for breakfast. We had went to Miss Shirley's Cafe. There was a 45 minute wait time before we could enter. A pager was given to Zoop to notify us when we could be let in. Zoop also came out with a menu to preview the many items that were on the menu. During the 45 minute wait time, Jonke and I had decided we'd try to play The Legend Of Zelda: 4 Swords. We were unsuccessful with doing this because Jonke later found out that it was limited to regions and I couldn't play with him because he had the Europe version, while I held a North American version. Although, they're both digital copies. Just a stupid thing to limit people to play 4 Swords. The pager buzzed, and we advanced into the restaurant and were seated by our host. We took our time admiring what delicious items were in the menu, I had felt like French toast. So, I ordered cinnamon French Toast from the menu. While everyone else got their own thing easily. Marco had troubles picking a cheese for his burger. He usually got American, but they didn't have it available. Zoop tried explaining how American cheese is garbo, and Marco had a hard time warming up to the idea of cheddar cheese on his burger. Which is higher tier. I've never had American cheese. SO I DON'T KNOW! Marco finally came to a decision and had gotten the cheddar. The free appetizers had came, courtesy of Zoop. I personally enjoyed them, others weren't so hot for the deviled eggs. Then, our real breakfast came. I had indulged in mine, pouring that syrup like it was nothing on my cinnamon French toast. When we finished Zoop had generously aided anyone short on money, and covered the tip for us. Demonstrating to us how rich of a white man he really is. Many footsteps later we came to the Sheraton hotel, and hung out there for awhile. While Marco retrieved his Fluttershy, and everyone else's junk. Continuing to the convention center we bump into Wing, Skygunner, and some other members loitering. Today was Lumi's birthday, so everyone broke out into singing as we all sung a Happy Birthday to Lumi/Key/Scootacool. Several of us decided for any questionable last minute merchandise we might of wanted to buy before the BronyCon vendor hall closed. When we had finished we all grouped upstairs to take seats. Haven playing with Zoop's fox tail. We managed to secure our own table and just chatted it up. We came to a point in time where the Poniverse Banner was being auctioned off. So, everyone was putting their signatures on it for Feld0. Haven had a special spot for the GCT/GCB~ It was very peaceful until some very mysterious Brony had came to our table trying to start conversation with us. He had introduced himself, and showed us his merchandise briefly, then he had gotten into his FanFiction addiction. He had been lured by Marco's beautiful face, because he later talked in depth to Marco about FanFiction or something. All us smirked, and tried to hold on to our giggles. Then Lumi announced that he was going to get a drink that had to have caffeine in it. The guy abruptly turned away from Marco's face to Lumi where he decided to bring his attention to Lumi and said, "Hey man, I got some caffeine pills." As he reached into a pocket to the jacket he wore, he pulled out some suspicious looking pills, and had offered them to Lumi. Everyone was stunned, and tried to withdraw laughs. Lumi insisted that he needed a sugary carbonated drink that had caffeine in it. As he walked away, we all slowly followed saying we had to leave. When we had dispersed from the drug dealer, we had all laughed, and were shocked that even happened. Finding ourselves hungry, we had all decided to go to this small mall that was nearby the port we had visited and been caught off-guard with the cannon fire. Majority of us went to the Japanese restaurant, while the some others had decided to go to 5 Guys. We had all been seated and had all us had decided to order. Haven wasn't feeling too friendly with the Japanese food, so he shortly joined Marco, and the others at 5 guys. Majority of everyone ordered Bento Boxes, while I got some special chicken udon, and Jonke got some eel thingy, that looked pretty good. When we finished Zoop had decided to pay FOR THE WHOLE THING! Everyone got a free dinner on Zoop. When we all gathered into the elevator we had were doing something like leaning back. I don't know if we tried doing it like Bernie or something. But something scary/hilarious happened. Zoop leaned back and had flipped the EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH! Everyone startled, Zoop managed to flip the switch upright, and everyone broke into huge laughs. Zoop was probably feeling a tad embarrassed~ Retiring to the hotel room to watch Equestria Girls, we had all cuddled close together and had watched the potentially hideous film everyone was complaining about. A few of us decided to put in some jokes into some questionable points where humor could be applied to make the film a little more entertaining. During the movie could only smell Zoop's feet. He had taken his socks off, and were smelly from walking around so much. He kept harassing me with his deadly feet. Eventually, he stopped and started again. It made me feel really uncomfortable. I think Marco also had the chance to first witness my problems. It became late, and everyone had to leave to catch their method of transportation to where they had came from. I took a shit ton of photos at the last minute just for the sake of having em'. This was something I needed to do. I've felt that I didn't have enough photos with my friends, so I had to spoil myself at the last second and get as many photos with my friends as I can. I knew I wasn't going to see any of these awesome people anytime soon. Skygunner, had to kick us out because we were being really noisy. He had a good point in limiting the noise since we needed to leave a good impression BronyCon next year. So, a small fraction of us left and said our goodbyes to SkyGunner, Lumi, Wing, Jonke, and Zoop. I, Haven, Chigens, Lurpy, and Marco just happened to bump into Feld0, Apple Bloom, and ect. We had all reminisced and had hugs and pictures. While we had those last key moments to say our farewells to everyone who had attended. I, and Haven split and said our goodbyes as we returned to our own hotels. Then it was time to get settled down and I packed my stuff for home. I had felt happy that I had went on this trip. I felt a little spark of happiness, but sad at the same time saying, "It's over." Collecting myself up from my heavy eyes. I find myself walking to the shuttle train with my luggage which was going to take me to my airport. I decided to sit down, and had been greeted by Auron, AtomicBassCannon, and Rainbowswag4. We had all talked about our own personal experiences about BronyCon, and how much fun we had. Rainbowswag4, had a different method of transportation and had left our small group. Entering the shuttle bus/train we had waited to be dropped off at the airport. Eventually, we had split up, and I said my goodbyes to Auron, and AtomicBassCannon. As they had left for their planes. I waited long for my plane, and saw army troops coming in most likely from Afghanistan to see their families that had been waiting for them. I later put myself in a chair waiting for my plane while playing on my 3DS. When I had boarded the plane, I saw some Bronies going back to Canada. This one guy had spoken out loud, and I was eavesdropping, that they were talking about a favor. I butted in and asked, "What do you need help with?" They had wanted to sit together so I gave up my seat and sat where the other guy had to. I was a little upset I had to lose my window seat, but it was okay, because I had done something good to spread cheer. I then focused on my time at BronyCon, and what significance it had on life. It gave me a a chance to meet my online friends, traveling experience, and I have had a great deal of fun looking past the first few crummy days. I was going to miss what had happened. Except even if it's sad it's over, I can be happy that it happened. We had a little bit of a rough landing, but the flight felt more smooth than the previous one. I had touched down in Toronto. I was really afraid that I was going to need my visa to help me get back into Canada. It was just unneedy stress that had made me feel that. Then came a real challenge, since I was an hour away from my actual house, and had no one to pick me up. I later troubleshooted that I could catch a bus, than a transfer. I then arrived in my city, I had felt really independent with getting back from the airport. I had then walked to my grandparent's house which was 3KM. My grandmother had drove me back, thinking I had just been dropped my friend's cottage. Arriving home, I thanked my grandmother for the drive, and stepped inside the hell home which I don't like considering I hate everyone. Although, I felt a bit more happier than i would on average, because the turn of events at BronyCon had put me in a more happier mood. My mom had asked me many questions about the cottage, but I used my throat as an excuse to talk about it, because my throat was so sore from laughing so much at BronyCon. I had a great time with all the people I met. I couldn't help but to thank all the people who I had gathered, and had the opportunity to talk to. Many thanks to @NewCalamity, @Feld0, @Zoop, @Jonke, @Lady Rarity Pony, @Chigens and Kay, , @Vexx3 , @Apple Bloom, @Skygunner, , @Ice Storm, @~Chaotic Discord~, , @Artemis, @WingMcCallister, , , , , @AtomicBassCannon, , and You are all wonderful people, and I can't explain how much I would like to go next year and meet you bunch again. I had a awesome time. If the moons align right, I might consider going again. I hope you guys had a fantastic time as I did. I hope you all have a good year ahead of you guys. Cheers!
  17. I [Fox], and the mischievous @~Chaotic Discord~ have budded heads with each other, and are undergoing a comeback war. Who will have the most funniest, or brilliant comebacks? Make sure you follow this thread to get all the comebacks thrown at each other. Fox Vs ~Chaotic Discord~ Previous Battle Feel free if you have anything to chop at us.
  18. Mizuki is an old OC that I haven't used in a long while, but I'm starting to use her again, so I thought you all might want to see her. I used to do a lot of lineart coloring, but I've branched away from that and have been working on developing my traditional skills. The manip was done by a friend, but I did make a few crucial adjustments to the image and the composition itself. MIZUKI IS APPROXIMATELY THE SIZE OF A SMALL COYOTE DO NOT LET HER BODY COMPOSITION FOOL YOU!!!!! PS: Bleackeat used to be the username of my deviantart and most of my other accounts. Silver Fox-Wolf was the creator of this particular lineart. The background has been made transparent and all edits, coloring, and coloring effects have been done by me. The manip above was primarily done by a close friend of mine of whom I no longer keep in contact with. However, I did make a few dramatic adjustments to the fur texture and a small amount of the body composition and color saturation. This is the personal banner ( for profiles and other small pages ) that I use for my pack website. If you would like to visit the website and see Mizuki's full biography, please visit Please DO NOT create an account on the site. We have not completed maintainancing (SP?) the website and I want to make sure everything is up and running before we start recieving members. Info about the site: Fate's Blade is a roleplay site designed for people of all fandoms (that means ALL fandoms, ponies and furries included) to roleplay their unique characters in an active community of roleplayers, writers, and artists of all pedigree. There is absalutely no cap on how creative you can be with your character, however all members ARE required to make at least one UNIQUE character (NO CREATOR Made OCS ALLOWED). The site setting centers around the three reams of the future world (Fate's Blade): The Wake, The Shadow Realm, and The Fade. All new members must eventually descide which side to join between the living, the dead, and the neautral. However, all characters are originally places in the Shadow Realm. Information about Fate's Blade is currently being developed. NEKOS AND HUMANS ARE NOT ALLOWED AS OCs PS: ONCE AGAIN, please do not join the site untill it has been fully updated and created. Those of whom are interested in SERIOUSELY helping me may message me HERE. Rather than go through the work of adjusting the image extension, I've provided links to the image. I apologise for the urlier delay.
  19. Anypony who is Canadian would know about the terry fox run... A tradition where people run for cancer... It happens once a year at the end of summer... Do you think this is like the running of the leaves from FiM?
  20. Hello. I have been working on this sculpt for a few weeks and now that I'm finished, I've decided to share it with you (I have finished it 2 weeks ago, but w/e). It's nothing special or fancy, just a plain ol' fox (Oh boy, I can imagine what people are thinking about me now). So yeah, here it goes: Guise, tell me: is it as bad looking as I think it is? (protip: I think it's kind of awful)
  21. My DeviantART is mostly sparse, becos' I don't have a whole lot to show that's worth showing. Recently tho', I'm starting to allocate more time for drawing. After all, in spite of finals & a p/t job, I have waaay too much time leftover. I also madeup a list of things I wanna get drawn soon too. [linkeh] 'Sides I'll hafta learn how to draw ponies eventually anyhow. o.o"/ *BUNP* AACK!! No, not yet! I won't allow my art thread to fade into the obscurity of the archives.... 'Sides I still have plenty of drawings still to post.
  22. I had a concept for a game/animated series/comic/movie/etc. Basically it's like something featuring a fox character dude and a whole lotta other stuff that I'm too lazy to talk about right now. Not to mention, this is just for showcasing a couple drawings of the fox dude. Here's a sort of reference sheet: And I also did him in a battle pose : Also if ya look closely you can see that the two pictures are actually on one page.
  23. I was just wondering, even though we bronies live by the creed of "Love and Tolerance", What do bronies in general dislike? I was thinking many Bronies hate fox news for what they said about us (near the end is when they attack us) [media=]http-~~-//[/media] And then they did it again! (Not as bad, but still irked me) I mean, I know we are supposed to love and tolerate this kind of stuff, but this is ridiculous! Now we look like "baby men"! I think you can tell I don't really care for fox news So, in general, what do bronies hate because they are bronies?
  24. Because this one dude on deviantART made me help him with a Sonic OC I decided to start doing the same. It's been quite a while since I've made a Sonic fan-character, so I fail to come up with a good name. Any of you guys out there have any idea what to call this awesome sonofagun? EDIT: Because XFizzle made a good point, I've come up with a bit of a bio for him. Age: 16 (as all my characters are) Species: Fox (Uh-durr) Specialty: Tech-y stuff. He's good with hacking, fixing things, etc. Kinda like Tails except he doesn't invent things. Likes: Music, technology Dislikes: Um... Eggman I guess... all bad guys... So yeah, story wise he obviously lives in the same universe as the Sonic characters, like... on Mobius. He's completely disconnected from the Sonic characters and stuff. He knows nothing about them. Yeah, I really don't think a story is really applicable as of now...