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Found 6 results

  1. What gave you nightmares in courage the cowardly dog? Sorry guys, but king Ramses didn't really scare me, but one thing scared me sooooooo bad, I stopped watching the show for years. I was absolutely terrified of that blue fetus thing from the episode perfect. Fun fact: the blue thing could possibly be a manifestation of eustaces broken trumpet from earlier in the episode, but totally distorted by courages mind.
  2. In this thread, share any sketchy moments or an experience that really weirded you out. I'll start. A few weeks ago, a friend and I were on some quad trails, as we waited for our third friend to catch up, we noticed something peculiar: We found this cross. The area covered by rocks near it is just large enough for a dog or a small child. To further increase the weirdness, we followed a nearby trail only to find numerous children's toys. Dolls, spongebob stuff, stuffed animals, small blankets, just left in the woods not far from what looks like a grave.
  3. Was browsing imgur and found some slightly disturbing and freaky story thingy I thought I'd share. Not sure if fake or not, but still creepy either way. WARNING: This is disturbing. It may give you nightmares lol. And yay for first blog entry. xD After reading that, I'm honestly pretty freaked out. :S Being de-senseitized like that also seems like a living hell when you think about it. Just imagine it... ;-;
  4. You might know who this guy is - 8 foot tall, has really long arms, wears a black suit all the time, and his face is expressionless... because he doesn't even have a face! This guy is legitimately creepy. He's rumoured to stalk people in forests (usually late at night), and take their souls for unknown reasons - perhaps for food or just to terrorize us. I'll leave that reckoning up to you. But he's a mythical being that can stretch his long arms at will, teleport (to stalk people) at will, and spread some sort of unknown disease (dubbed Slender sickness) to those who come in contact with him (physically or not). That description alone is enough to scare the living daylights out of a person, let's admit it. Seriously, an 8-foot tall creature relentlessly stalking you wherever you went? Whom can not only appear wherever he wants at will, but also put on an endless chase for you? I have to say, this being is misunderstood. He kills human beings, which is enough to terrify someone, and thus people like to rail on him. They're afraid of him, because they think he'll come about and take their souls away permanently. But he hasn't been mentioned quite a lot... why? Because he's the hero this world deserves, but not the one it truly needs. So people hunt him, and make fun of him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.
  5. So I just wanted to make a thread where we could share and discuss the little things we discover while watching MLP. First of all. I was sure they always said everypony, anypony and such in the show. But now I just heard RD saying anybody in season 1 episode 3. Is that a oopsie or have I just missed all the other places where they doesnt use pony instead? Secondly I heard Rarity talking about Prince Blue Blood, and saying he is the nephew of Princess Celestia. So that just made me wonder about the family relations in the "Celestia" family, and how they're all connected? Is Prince Blue Blood really her nephew? And why is he "just" a unicorn then? If he is Celestias nephew, then he must also be Lunas nephew, because I seriously doubt he is her son. So who is the missing brother or sister to Celestia and Luna?