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Found 23 results

  1. so i need to practice drawing ponies. and since I'm a good person, will be taking oc requests from people RULES I WILL ONLY TAKE THREE REQUESTS AT A TIME THERE MUST BE REFERENCE MATERIAL. I NEED A PICTURE TO DRAW. ? I WILL NOT DRAW YOUR CHARACTER IF IT IS TOO FLASHY example-------> please note that these will take TIME. i will try to get them done as fast as i can, but i cant garrentee it will be done in one day. and PLEASE dont freak out if its not done in a few hours. as long as we follow these rules, everyone can get along
  2. Announcements: We are officially up and running! Please take a moment to skim through the rules before posting. What is this? This is a thread where artists of all different levels, skills, and art forms can come together to exchange art of the mlp world. Everyone who posts will receive art, as long as they are able to give art in return. How does it work? - Take a claim on the above member's character (your official agreement to draw their character) - Post a reference of the character you want someone to draw - Draw the character of the member above you [WITHIN 15 days of posting] - Update your progress on the completion of a character - Post the final product of your art on your last post - Repeat the process once done with your part of the trade Claiming Form (MUST USE): I Am Claiming the Character Above Me! Art Progress: (ex- sketching, coloring, detailing, finished, etc.) Finished Art: (enter your finished piece here) Rules: (optional – usage rights, off site, selling/trading, etc.) Ref: (the character you want drawn here) Basic Info: (optional – name, gender, species, personality, etc.) Preferences: (optional – forms of art, poses, transparent background, etc.) Other: (optional) - Use the form to claim - Only characters related to the MLP Universe will be accepted (includes Equestria Girls) - Please do not ask for art of MLP/EG canon characters - Draw the character directly above you and provide a legible, easy to interpret, reference for the next person under you to draw. - You must FINISH your art from a previous claim before posting again. - 15 days is the maximum time given to users to complete their art (unless an extension is given under certain circumstances.) - ONLY claim art if you are capable of drawing the character - You must OWN the character you are posting for art of; Requesting gift art is okay. - Sloppy sketches will not be accepted. - Nearly all types/forms of art are accepted in this exchange, as long as time, effort, and detail are put into every piece. - Use of pony bases are allowed if... The base artist gives permission for your use of base You properly color and detail the base with obvious effort You get the okay from the character’s owner - Art must be of reasonable quality, as determined by thread staff, in comparison to what you are capable of. - All art is free. - Feel free to PM the owner of the character you are drawing once completed. - Have questions please contact me! Temporary Bans: If you do not finish your art in 15 days, you will be PM'd by me and given a TWO DAY extension to finish your art. After that, you will be banned without further warning until your art is completed by you or someone who does it in your place. Bans: NONE! Let it stay that way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Am Claiming the Character Above Me! (I'll randomly draw someone's character on this site! Art Progress: Planning Finished Art: (WIP) Rules: Please give me credit and feel free to use it anywhere. Ref: Basic Info: Valeska/ Female/ Earth Pony Preferences: I'll take whatever you can give me. Other: Thank you so much!
  3. These shops are where I will make art of your OC by drawing him/her using a pixel base. Since the rules were changed, these bases will be made by me. I will try and complete requests as soon as is equinely possible. If you wish to make a request, then follow these rules. 1. Check if shop is open. While my Equality and Deviantart shops are always open, the Ponies shop is sometimes closed to enable me to catch up on requests. If shop is open, then proceed to 2. 2. Make request, including picture reference and/or colours. This is very important. As well as a picture reference (a generalzoi pony maker pic is ideal), you may want to provide a colour reference. This is of vital importance if you have provided a drawing as your ref, as without the colour reference, I will have to guess as to the colours and saturation, and I may guess wrong as pencil art looks different to the colour picker than vector art. 3. Male/Female/Adult/Foal. Please state what age your OC is and what gender they are. If you want a colt pic, I might instead edit a filly base for you, especially if your OC has a filly muzzle. Some OCs might look female but be instead male, or vice versa; I can work with that if you give me the correct info. However, if you just give me a pic and leave me to guess your OC's gender, remember that there is a fifty per cent chance that I might get it wrong. 4. Exercise patience. Now, I do have a life outside of the internet. I do have a job, and also need to come offline to eat, sleep, watch TV, socialise and attend to my personal life. Please don't bombard me with repeated reminders about your request. If you do, I might get mad and strike you off the list, or push you to the bottom of it. I don't like to do this, but if I'm being repeatedly harrassed, I will do this. Usually, I will only strike somepony off the list if they are banned, meaning that making their request is pointless. 5. Do not demand redos. These requests do take up a lot of my time to make, and I do have other requests to attend to. I might do a redo in exceptional circumstances, for example, if your colt is girly and you'd prefer an edited filly base, or if there is a gender confusion. However, I will not do this if you simply don't like the finished result, or if you demanded something which was very difficult for me to draw on Paint. If you want any edits, then do them yourself. I have taken time in making your OC so please don't be ungrateful and demand that I remake your OC to your pernickety ideal. 6. If I mention you, asking a question, please reply. This may seem like an obvious rule, but it's an important one. For example, let's say you post your reference pic along with "This is my OC"; a statement giving no clue to what gender the pony is. The pic shows what looks like a mare, but with a stallion muzzle. In order to clarify that your OC is a mare, I mention you and ask. You don't reply, so I put "waiting on reply" next to your name on the list and move on to the next request. You see, these pixels take time to complete, especially if I create a new base to make your request. I don't want to have to go thru all that work, making the pixel on a mare base, only to find that your OC is actually a stallion who likes to crossdress. So please have the decency to reply to a query I have regarding your OC. That dealt with, here are the links to my shops. Hope to see you there! Pixel Ponies: Equalised Ponies: Equestria Girls: Edit: Now I have an Equestria Girls shop!
  4. You make me a skin, I draw you an OC. Please attach examples of your skins Examples of my art: The second pony is my OC, and I want her skin on a pony body, not humanisation. Pls don't be shy!:з
  5. hey it's rocker here sayin that everypony can use this art work or character so here they are! and there you go some artwork and characters u can use btw: on the rockman one the m looks like a w it's supposed to be a m just though i'd tell you that.
  6. This is a free commission I did for a friend here the mlpforums who had low self esteem and needed an Oc to help him branch out and find more friends. He goes by "The Meta" for now, but he says me may change it when he finds a better name. He was very pleased with the exotic pony I gave him. I will give you the tour. The body is white, but the wings, mane, and tails are purple. Wing, left purple fire, right, purple ice. The Ice wing is lighter in color while the fire wing is Darker. Eyes are purple. Tail on top is his Firefox Tail, and Tail on bottom is your ice fang Tail. The cutie Mark is a heart. Left side, is your burning spirit, and the right is his cool and calm demeanor. You can see a little shine mark on that side. You also have hoof shoes that give a bit of a Royal feel. These are the same color as Celestia's. Adding on, he is also a fast flyer, and he can use those wings and tails for different kinds of attacks. One burns and the other can cut and freeze. He can touch others with them as well and not hurt them as long as they are friendly. So if he wants to warm up or cool off a friend, he can use them for that too. Fire cant melt his ice wing, but it may start dripping, and water cant put our his fire wing, but it can make it steam up. If he gets mad, fire and ice can explode out as well. Me and my crazy Imagination. Lol.
  7. Hi, I would like some free pony artists for my short series "Ask the Maniac," it is a Doctor Whooves comic dub on youtube when it was previously going to be a tumblr however it is not popular. I have some rules that required for you to be an artist. So, here are the rules required to be an artist: Digital artwork only! No schedule shift after singing up and never returning your feedback on when you start art! Must draw ponies and backgrounds well! Some creatures will be required, since the time lords will be visiting alien planets and some rodent creatures! Always update me when an art is in progress, for example lineart ponies could now have colours! Please do not have me spamming you wondering when art is if you do not send any feedback under 3 months! That will be all. Post a comment below if you're interested!
  8. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS: give colour scheme of OC cutie mark reference image to pony anything else you want in the background it may take some time but feel free to make a request. here are some images of my OC in different stances for you to choose from: if you do not like the stances showed in the examples post a picture of a pony standing/flying in the desired stance.
  9. Hi! I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but if it isn't ill move this post ^^ I'm going to be doing free sketches, 1 per person. All you have to do is post a picture of your oc, and I'll draw them in a random pose
  10. HI GUYSS! I was wondering if anypony would like a signature? Im making them for free!! Okie Dokie, lets get with the information: They're going to look like this: I'll be making them with anypony you want! (Your OC, a canon pony, etc.) Im ONLY doing ponies, or anything that is very close to a pony. (bat-ponies, pony-___ hybrid, etc.) You can choose what expression the pony is making You can make the background: A color (or different colors) Day or night A picture of your choice (as long as its 100x600 pixels) Blank I can make more than one pony you can choose how many ponies you would like You can choose what the text at the top says, where to put it, what color to put behind it (or to remove the color behind it), or choose to remove it You can add or remove anything you want, as long as what you want to add isn't too extreme/complicated. Be exact So heres an example of an order: I want one with an angry pinkemena , i want it to be night, i want her to have a knife in her mouth, i want it to have my username on the top, with a strip of dark red behind it. Its okay to be picky! Thanks guys!
  11. Hello! what you are looking at here is a 3D model of Discord that I have been working on for the past little while. He is fully rigged and textured, he has face and body posability. I created the model, texture, and rig entirely myself in blender and it has already set up render nodes for cycles render. This model is the model that I used in the game I made. The game can be found here: If you find the asset interesting the download is here: Link to deviant art page: If you want to use the model, go ahead, you do not have to credit me although it would be nice if you did Please let me know what you think of it.
  12. Put down one of your favorite music Artists... The one that hits my favorite music artist gets a drawing of their pony OC's head! Only One Winner! Only one artist at a time! btw, people can try again after 10 mins Hint: the name has the letter S in it My pony OC boulder
  13. -keep reading to find out how to get free art- For the love of Celestia. Please make sure your OC profile is longer than a paragraph. If there's not material to work with, I can't give it a fair/valid review. Hello there. Some of you may have seem my last topic, here. And this will be similar. Essentially, I will read your OC's profile, and give it a similar review to what you have seen in that topic. But there's a catch. 1 - I'm going to read your characters profile out loud. 2 - My reactions to said profile will also be recorded 3- The reviews are no holds barred. Fair, both positve and negatives will be mentioned. 4 - Some base animations, drawings, and a bingosheet will be placed up on youtube. 5 - there are bonus prizes for fulfilling particular requirements. (the prize is more art) What do you get for this? 1 - The critique of course! I will give you suggestions on how to fix aspects that don't make sense, plot holes, etc. Don't worry I'm not a bad guy. 2 - Free drawing. Any character accepted will get a free drawing of said character by the lovely bluekite falls. Sounds great! Sign me up!!! hold up there tiger...for this to work out, you're profile is going to need a few things. 1 - A REFERENCE. I don't care if it's just a pony generator.. Need some sort of visualization of your OC. A vivid description isn't awful...but gotta have some form of picture. -it's needed for the art- 2 - A fleshed out backstory, and history. If you only have a paragraph...I'm afraid that's not long enough. Need material to work with here. I'm not looking for a day by day of information, just read it out loud. If it takes about 2 minutes to read. That's great. 10 minutes...too long. 30 seconds...not long enough. Their childhood how they got their cutie mark (if they have it) defining moments personaliaty appearance. Those are all critical. IF that all sounds great, start dropping some OC profiles here. They can be in any medium, Deviant art link, MLP forums, wherever you want. I'd like to get the first one started tonight, anyone from my previous thread whom I didn't get too, feel free to apply, if your profile meets requirements, I'll make sure to do yours. If not first, then sooner rather than later. Thanks ~sky
  14. That's right folks from now until October 10th I will be doing free art. I'll leave some of my work down here so you can see what you're getting or what to expect.
  15. This is a shameless promo to hopefully send more commissions my way. Before I get up on a stadium and strap an advertisement to my chest, let me introduce myself. I'm Knight of Bacon, and you can call me anything you want, really. I'm on Deviantart by the same name, if you want further examples of my artwork, so here's a link to make it easy: To the first five people who want them, I'm willing to make free avatars of your OCs, and I have some examples made already. So! Whoever puts in the first five requests will get a 300x300 avatar of their OC or the pony of their choice, drawn by me. I would like a reference picture of your OC, a ponycreator pic is fine, just so long as I can tell what it looks like. When it's done I'll give you a shout and post it on this thread. WAITING LIST: RainbowDash7432 Retro*Derpy Carbon Maestro Starlight Lunamoon DJ Spacer COMPLETED:
  16. Something was here.Something was here.Something was here.Something was here.
  17. I made this wallpaper because I was super duper bored. You guys are welcome to use it if you'd like. (Even thought it will probably be blurry. Sorryyyyy. xD) Tell if you think it's cool and stuffs. /)
  18. Awhile back I posted some pictures of a Silence Pony I sculpted, made casts of in resin, and painted. Here's the original post: Well, I've decided to have a giveaway over on my deviantart, where on September 8th I'll randomly pick a winner who will get a Silence Pony sent to them for free, to see te details on how you can win check out the journal entry on my deviantart:
  19. So, for a while now (and still going), I've been slowly , but surely, creating a series of signatures based off the mane 6 while, at the same time, experimenting with a new style. Currently I have 4 of the 6 signatures completed ('ve been showing them off via status updates if you remember). Members left to Complete - Pinkie Pie Fluttershy Will be updating the thread as I finish the other two~ whenever that will be...
  20. Hey, I know most signature designers are now acting independently, but I was wondering if there was any chance of a new signature database thread being started up in Creative Resources?
  21. I know it was long over due, but here you go you two. Nightfall, Vinyl Blade, please take care of her lol. I'll finish posting her palette for other uses as well. ;3
  22. I'm in a very generous mood so the first 5 users to post their OC in this thread will get their OC peekaboo'd for free :3 If your OC is: an earth pony = apple basket a pegasus = a cloud a unicorn/alicorn = a diamond examples 1. CLOSED 2. CLOSED 3. CLOSED *reserved for Shankveld* 4. CLOSED *reserved for Narutardscum* 5. CLOSED
  23. I feel like drawing today and I have all day to do so. The only problem is that I have no idea what to draw or why! So, I'm asking you, my little ponies, to give me your ideas of what you think would make a great, challenging piece of art revolving around ponies or pokemon or both. If I like it, I'm going to draw it and post it here and on DeviantART. I will definitely credit you for the idea as well, but in order to do this I need you to put the following in your post: Your DeviantART account (if you don't have one, I will credit you as your Forum name) A description of your idea Extra Credit: Why you feel your idea should come to life I'm going to be online all day working on other art and working on my role plays so if I don't respond right away, don't fret. I just need something creative to take my mind off my worries for now, and what better way than challenge myself? Also, this is only doing to be digital art (just in case someone has an idea it might be traditional). My DeviantART