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Found 102 results

  1. Due to upload limitations, I cannot add any new signatures to this thread specifically. However, all new signatures that I make will be uploaded to my Deviant Art account. Please check it out if you want to see any of my new stuff.
  2. This is a fan-made project, that is not associated with Hasbro, Inc. in any way. This is a non-profit project and the developer will never make any money in any way from it. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the property of Hasbro, Inc.. This is a fanmade Local Multiplayer Ponified Kid-Friendly Turn Based RPG based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series. A unicorn pony, Twilight Sparkle receives a very important mission from Princess Celestia, the ruler of the magical land of Equestria. She and her assistant, a baby dragon named Spike are sent to Ponyville, where her task will be to meet other ponies and study about the Magic of Friendship. With their new friends, they'll go on adventures and solve various problems. Note: Everything may change along with development progress. ♥ PONIES! Discover the Magic of Friendship! ♥ Story and events heavily based on the TV series What happened in the show, will happen in the game along with RPG elements and additional plot. Didn't watch the show? Don't worry, you'll absolutely not get lost because of that! However, as the show can spoil the game, the game can spoil the show. ♥ Local Multiplayer (up to 2 players) Discovering the Magic of Friendship with a real friend or siblings will be better, than doing that alone! Explore Equestria, solve puzzles and fight together! ♥ Energetic Battle System As everything will be based on hit-boxes, each skill will have different usage. Every single projectile appearing on the screen will be a physical object, rather than just a part of animation. Some skills may also have interaction involved, like timed action, chain of buttons or simple button mashing when casting powerful abilities such as Twilight's Magic Nova. ♥ Each pony has a set of unique skills As each pony is different as the night is from the day, their abilities and specialties are different as well! ♥ Skill Tree Each pony will have a different path. Gain experience to improve or learn new abilities. ♥ Skill Assign System Each pony can assign 8 abilities, either active or passive. A good combination of active and passive skills may give decent (even unexpected) results. ♥ Resource gathering and crafting Collect materials to craft equipment; Combine equip-able gems to get better-quality ones; Collect herbs and plants to allow Zecora brew potions. ♥ Minigames and Puzzles Various minigames and solving puzzles to keep the boredom away! ♥ More PONIES! ... When you'll think, that you saw everypony already. Note: Everything may change along with development progress. Twilight Sparkle A book-loving unicorn pony with extraordinary magical abilities. Represents the element of Magic. > high magical power and resistance > high MP Rainbow Dash An action-loving colorful pegasus pony. Represents the element of Loyalty. > high speed > weather control (elemental abilities) Pinkie Pie An extremely energetic and sociable earth pony. Represents the element of Laughter. > high speed > explosive abilities! > party-buffing singing abilities Applejack A brave, reliable, strong and mature earth pony. Represents the element of Honesty. > high physical power and defense > high HP > party-buffing abilities > lack of magical abilities > low magic resistance Rarity A unicorn pony with good manners and love for beauty. Represents the element of Generosity. > magical abilities dealing physical or magical damage > party-protecting abilities Fluttershy A kind and shy, with love for animals pegasus pony. Represents the element of Kindness. > low HP > doesn't attack on her own - animal-calling abilities > healing abilities > party-buffing abilities Note: Everything may change along with development progress. Note: Everything may change along with development progress. Each pony will have a Primary Set of Skills and Passives, some of them will also have a Secondary Set. List of Skill Categories: Legend: [ICON] Name of Category | Set | What resources the category focuses on Passives | Special | --- Each pony will be able to bring 8 skills in total to battle, so either an active or a passive skill can be equipped in these slots. Equipping Passives will simply raise pony's parameters or add special features like additional projectiles when attacking etc. at cost of a skill slot. A well thought combination of these skills can give decent results. Everypony will have Passives. Now let's talk about unique skill sets for each pony. Magic | Primary | MP/EP Twilight will have various spells, starting from simple telekinesis that will deal light damage by throwing various objects -> through magic projectiles that will deal magical damage -> to powerful Area of Effect Spells, that at high MP and EP cost, will bring some destruction to the battle field. Skills | Primary | EP Rainbow Dash will be able to use her wings to perform various tricks to deal more physical damage. Weather | Secondary | MP/EP Rainbow Dash will also be able to control weather to deal elemental damage as well as Area of Effect. Partying | Primary | MP/EP Pinkie Pie will always find an occasion to throw a party and battling with enemies is not an exception for her! She and her Party Cannon will show enemies how to party by dealing physical or magical damage. Blow up everything and party on! Songs | Secondary | MP/EP Besides partying, Pinkie Pie also loves to sing! As she sings songs during their adventure, she will learn to sing them in battle as well to raise parameters of ponies and more! Skills | Primary | EP Applejack is a strong farmer and she will show who has the power by dealing high physical damage or using her lasso to stun enemies. YEEHAWs | Secondary | MP/EP Applejack is an active pony and she will be showing her energy by motivating her friends and raising their strengths. Magic | Primary | MP/EP Rarity loves shiny gems. Besides using them for her creations, she also uses them as a weapon by dealing physical or elemental damage. Get ready for rains of shiny projectiles. FABULOUS! She can also use bigger gems to defend her friends. Animals | Primary | MP/EP Let's be honest, Fluttershy wouldn't even harm a fly and even if a situation requires that, she will have troubles with defending herself. However, her beloved animals will cover her! She will be able to call various animals to deal physical or magical damage. Calling a bear will cause some troubles to enemies! Support | Secondary | MP Nopony is as kind and caring as Fluttershy. She will do her best to help her friends in need by recovering their strength and protecting them. My Little Pony - The Game (v. -----) Not available. Estimated Release Date unknown. Niedostępne. Przewidziana data wydania jest nieznana.
  3. Hi everyone! Im Voseerie, formerly mylilpegasister, my Username, and accounts are changing to keep everything separate from eachother. Please call me Vos, Eerie, Vee or Voseerie. I dont like my irl name being used. What I'm looking for are characters that are not being used currently in any story or timeline to be recycled into characters in a graphic novel im creating. I need characters, and its hard to keep creating ones whom are too similar or have the same traits as my own. Therefore im asking for old OCs that are not in use, characters who have been neglected and you wish to see them used or characters who you simply dont want anymore. If the characters are fitting and we both accept, credit and links will be beneath each page in the description, where the page includes or references them. and inside each overview and informational piece about the GN. What id like to make very clear is that if I'm allowed to use your OC in my story, their personality, name, race and some design tweaks might be made. This is just to make them fit better into the story if need be. Ill run any tweaks by you first to see if you are okay with their ' Voseerie AU' Self. However, i will try to keep the character as true to themselves as i can. If any tweaks are hard NOs then i can try to use them elsewhere. When submitting an OC please make YES and NO tweaks clear. PLEASE also include your characters age, gender, pronouns, sexuality, and beliefs, Also include if they are eligible for Romance, children, conflict, and Death. Some characters may die, some in flashbacks others just mentioned. If the direction of the character takes a turn you dislike, please contact me and i can try and change the issue(s) while the pages are still being developed. If the issue goes unnoticed and the page is uploaded or finalized before the issue is resolved i can try and salvage the issue in the next few pages. If the issue is serious and you are completely against the alternative salvaging pages the character will be removed from the story as soon as possible where necessary this can include simple or extreme methods such as character death. A disclaimer will then be made explaining the issue and where the character has gone. If the character takes on an important role in the story then they will remain until they can be either safely removed or until a replacement is made. The replacement will have the same Name, gender, and basic personality traits until they announce their new alias in the story. While this may seem extreme; The same way you are your characters creator; I will be their publisher and i don't wish for my novel to have any loopholes or issues because of poor communication. If you wish to withdraw a character please give me 2 weeks notice and (optional) allow them to remain until the end of the chapter, this allowes me to tie up loose ends and give them a fitting goodbye, You will still be credited unless specified not to for your contribution. Moving on ! The story is about my headcanon of batponies and their society after the Rise and Fall of nightmare moon and then their adaption to lunas return. The story will have talk of racism to the batponies, scenes or war, blood will be a regular occurrence, and mentions of sexual content and reproduction. Nothing explicit will be seen however as i don't feel comfortable in drawing gore and NSFW scenes. All pages will be appropriately tagged. The characters im looking for will be background characters and minor characters, many will be made into my batpony race, and others will remain as they were. As apperance goes, dull and natural tones are preferred. No neon colours will exist among the batponies execpt with eye colour and hair. If your OC is brightly coloured, their coats will be desaturated to fit in better with the society. If they remain their original race, only a few tweaks of colour will be made. If after reading all this and you still would like to submit your character, please include a clear visual, and basic information about them. Include a basic outline of who they are, their goals, likes, dislikes, cutiemark, tect... please also include as stated above; age, gender, pronouns, and sexuality. Having many characters can lead to confusion after all! and i don't want to offend anyone or misinterpret their character in any way! Thanks for reading everyone!! --Voseerie.
  4. Whats your opinion about this program called Second Life? There's these avatar models made from 3D models that you can put together and make things. a lot more freedom than I usually see in games ((I hope this is the right place to talk about)) 383b666c2c404ca307f53fd7a4c17b27.mp4
  5. Hi Everypony!! I'm looking for free or affordable music software to muck around with and perhaps make my first FM do you have any recommendations? Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated (Brohoofed)
  6. While there is a 'Give a Compliment to the person above you' Forum Games thread, I thought it'd be nice if there was also a place where you can freely compliment any member- including members that haven't posted on this thread- and even ask for compliments if you need a bit of encouragement Any kind of compliment is welcome, though of course the more thought-out they are, the better. Happy complimenting!
  7. After being inspired by @Rikifive's gift to our donors, our own moderator and sentient Greek pastry @VengefulStrudel is getting into the spirit of giving and also wants to make some art for our donors. Let's hear it for my fellow FiM teammate and what he has in store for our donors. So donate at least $5 and distract Strudes from his moderator duty. For Christmas.
  8. Hi, some of you might know me, most of you don't. I'm a university student of Illustration and Visual Communication. I love all kinds of games and have a wide interest of little skills I like to pick up and try and use. I've really enjoyed my production classes and it's encouraged me to realistically attempt a long term goal of mine, develop a card game. Before I go on to giving details about the game and tell you how to get a free test copy sent to you I'll give you a little fun fact about this game. The main character design, The Overlord, was based on a plastic fork. I had a broken plastic fork on my table and thought it looked like a funny tall eared cat-thing so I drew it out and the card game followed. I still have that fork and use it as inspiration to finish this project. Weird, right? A Brief Game Description: "You and your demonic friends must appease your Overlord by offering tribute every day. You’re all sick of being on the bottom and agree to start collecting loot so that you can takeover the Overlord's position. Unfortunately, none of you can agree on who the next Overlord should be. Amass more loot then everyone else in order to overthrow the Overlord and take your rightful place on top. But getting greedy risks the rage of the current Overlord, who won’t go easy on any of you. So build your stash in secret, back-stab your friends and give as little as you can manage to the Overlord to stay out of trouble." Tribute to the Overlord is a bit of a deck building card game that pits players against each other and a common board enemy. There are 5 rounds; the situation and cards to deal with it change every turn. There are various strategies implemented to combat total RNG but the game should be able to be picked up and learned in half an hour or less. The game is targeted at player groups of about 4 or 5 but can physically be played with groups ranging from 2-6. Target age group is early 20's to early 30's but could be played comfortably ages 12+. I've been developing this table-top card game for awhile now and am nearly at a point in which I can test the game with outside peoples. This project has a few goals: To be a refined piece for my personal portfolio, Test myself in finishing such a comprehensive project, and get a tiny foothold in tabletop game development (I have other ideas I'd like to develop one day). The past few months I have been working on this on and off in between personal projects and working side jobs, school stuff and the occasional Poniverse thing. Most of the focus has been on the rules and gameplay up to this point. Now I'm dividing my time between game balancing and art. Now I'm looking for candidates to play-test this game and give feedback, help balance and find game loop-holes I may have missed. I'll be shipping out around 10 prototype copies of this game sometime in February (or thereabouts depending on how the next school semester fairs for me). These copies will be shipped out free to those living in the US. I currently will not be shipping elsewhere; but if you fill out the provided form you'll be sent updates on the game and be notified if I get an international thing going. I'm shipping these out for free in return for feedback, if you can't or don't plan on proving feedback or testing it for problems, don't bother signing up. If your interested in signing up to get a free alpha copy and helping this game become complete in it's design; please fill out this form here. Please note that this is NOT first come first serve, I'll be semi-selectively choosing candidates to test various bits. Also, as stated this is an ALPHA where the focus so far has been primarily on gameplay and functionality, the art is mostly wip or in a placeholder state right now. It is quite likely that it will be in a similar state when these copies are shipped as well. Meaning it may not be a pretty game, but it'll work. The Beta phase of the game is a ways off, but will have nearly completed art and enforce the necessary updates found in the alpha. If you agree to get updates on the form above then you may get sent a Beta copy. So don't worry if you arn't offered an Alpha. The ALPHA deck will be printed on heavy weight paper and laminated so they feel pretty high quality for prototypes. Alpha decks will most likely be in black and white because the focus is on game mechanics and balancing rules and cards. If your interested in this project or have questions feel free to talk to me about it. And again, if your interested in getting your hooves on an Alpha copy to test, fill out this form asap.
  9. Hello. I am making a Movie/ episodic series about the Solar vs lunar thing bronies made and I really need an animator and some voice actors to make this a really good fan animation . I also need a story-writer to make the story [ mostly on how the war began] so if you are good at animating or story writing then. If you want to be an animator you must send me an animation of a mlp If I like it then you might be chosen. And if you want to be an story-writer then do the same thing except write me a short mlp story. And if you want to be a voice actor than go here:// this will not be cancelled And yes there is singing!
  10. So after feeling a great surge of inspiration, I decided to finally share all my new signatures with you guys. Been using Paint.NET and so far it's been a fun experience. So this is what I have so far, feel free to use any one of these if you want. This thread is after all, for my free signatures. Pinkie Pie x4(Yes, I love this pony to death! ) Twilight Sparkle Applejack x2 Rarity x2 Rainbow Dash x2 Fluttershy(Christmas Signature) Trixie x2 So yeah I'll be updating this quite often. So keep an eye out for more new signatures! Let me know what you guys think and don't hesitate to give me honest critique if you want to. This is pretty much practice for me on the my spare time.
  11. Hi guys. New to the forums but not to brony music. Been doing that for a little over a year. Here's a few of my older tracks which the EQD gods smiled upon. Hopefully you've seen or heard a few of them (so hard to stand out in this community!) ^A few of my best older ones. I've gotten a little better at pmv's since then which i do myself most of the time. Here's my youtube and my soundcloud I do remixes, original tracks, mash-ups, mixtapes, medlies and covers. I don't really do a specific style of music but i do try to make my tracks both definitely pony and dance music. I also run the Brony Musician Directory because i believe it's important to give back to the community and to help others who are likewise having a hard time being seen and heard. Anyway nice to meet you and I hope you get a chance to check out my music and I do appreciate any feedback or support you feel like throwing my way Someday someone will reply to this thread and I'll be able to post TWO more tracks.
  12. So I just finished a request for DJ Neon, and so here it is. And here is my request shop in case anyone wants a pony drawing:
  13. I made a request shop! It would be awesome if anyone would like to place an order! Orders are usually completed in 1-2 days!! :) Source: <Wolves' Wares (sigs, avis, more coming soon!)>
  14. I make my own sigs and avatars (as I'm sure most anyone with a Paint-type program and / or animation software can), and I thought I'd make any I no longer use available for use by other members. Sigs: Avas:
  15. This site needs no introduction. It is awesome, it is amazing, and best of all, it is free! The site is called Manyland. It is a in browser, infinite open world 2D building game. The way I see it, it is like Minecraft, only better. I say that because it is like Minecraft because you can build stuff and create stuff in blocks like Minecraft, however, it is better than Minecraft because you can build new stuff, it doesn't have to be blocks, you can make your own skin in game. For a better idea as to what this is, look here: EDIT: I forgot to mention that it is 100% free!
  16. Hello, just found this nice little iPhone app, not sure if there is an android or windows equivalent, but it's called pony unite. It features a bunch of dedicated pony radio stations such as fillydelphia radio, best pony radio, and a bunch of others, it also has events and podcasts. It seems like it's not widely known, so I just wanted to share it with the rest of the brony community and get everypony jamming to some awesome music.
  17. Okay, I'm NOT sure if this is allowed or if I'm putting this in the right place so PLEASE move it to the correct place if not. If it's simply not allowed, then apologies in advance! ;o; Alright with explained, I'll continue... you see, I have this pony that I've never really used, and I thought I'd give it to someone who might actually make use of her! While this character is mine, the art is not so once she belongs to you, I'll let you know who to credit for this art! Here's the thing... if you're interested, I'd like for you to give me a small idea of what you'd do with her! If you have any ideas, a name, a talent, some back story. Anything really! Whomever is has the most ideas for her will be picked to keep her. Also, Please don't feel offended if I don't pick you! ;;
  18. I don't know where to put this, but just to be safe I'll put it in Everfree. I wanna make a comic (non-MLP/pony), and I just want a bit of help with it. Like lighting, shadows, backgrounds, perception, etc. I'm not asking anyone to draw it for me, I just want someone to give me some tips on making a comic (or I guess you can call it a manga?). If anyone needs a ref on what I mean, I'll post the comic cover that I'm working on.
  19. Hi! I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but if it isn't ill move this post ^^ I'm going to be doing free sketches, 1 per person. All you have to do is post a picture of your oc, and I'll draw them in a random pose
  20. Ok, here goes. I'm currently taking a course in college known as "Drawing for Design", and just as it's saying, it's basically Visual Arts for the TV Broadcast/Film (Movie) Industry (along with Game Development of course). I'm fine with drawing with reference pictures (in a mediocre manner), but this course is specifically supposed to prepare students like me to draw without using references, commonly known as drawing "Free-hand" (even without rulers). I am asking any Bronies here who are good with drawing with and/or without references to please give me some tips, tricks, exercises, etc. that helped you guys to keep up to speed with your drawing skills (assuming you actually know of them) that may help me as a newbie in the long run. It'll be very appreciated. Thanks again for your time.
  21. 2 Pokemon alike new games - indie - browser based - totally free to play - multiplayer Ok first one is called as Monster MMORPG it has more than 1900 monsters : yes you heard it right - 1900 monsters to play capture battle etc the game url is : check out its credits to see huge list also if you have concerns about validity of these games here 2 links for you - 207k Likes facebook verified game application in order to register monstermmorpg game : And the second game is called as Pokemon Pets this game is totally based on official pokemon shinies etc Pokemonpets uses awesome fan made pokemon artworks the game has all pokemon including gen 6 only few forms are missing the pokemon pets game does not even have donation feature so it is 100% free and equal for every player in order to register PokemonPets game : anyway check out both games and see yourself whether you like them or not
  22. After the most successful fundraising campaign in MLP Forums history, and exceeding our goal, it's time to start turning our attention to the rest of the promised events and festivities, starting with giving away some electron swag. This Friday December 19th at 6:00 PM EST we will begin showing a movie (TDB on During the intermission between the 1st and 2nd movie the winners of the steam games will be announced! Also we will select four of the 'Staff Name Change' winners at that time. For every $5 donated (or mailed request) you will be entered into the three separate giveaways that we are holding, with the winners announced LIVE on Movie Night. The steam game giveaway is the first event. If you attend the stream, we will draw the winner and you will have the opportunity to select a game from the available options. You will need to send me a friend request on Steam so I can send the game over as a 'gift'. See my profile. If you do not attend you will still win a game and you will be contacted in the order you were drawn to pick from the available pool. Steam Games Bastion Terraria South Park FTL Witcher 2 Castle Crashers Fallout New Vegas Battleblock Theater Psychonauts Hotline Miami Farcry 2 Serious Sam 3 Little Racers Street Super Sanctum TD Dungeon Hearts Goat Simulator Don't Starve I hope to see as many of you there as possible. :twilight:
  23. Hello! what you are looking at here is a 3D model of Discord that I have been working on for the past little while. He is fully rigged and textured, he has face and body posability. I created the model, texture, and rig entirely myself in blender and it has already set up render nodes for cycles render. This model is the model that I used in the game I made. The game can be found here: If you find the asset interesting the download is here: Link to deviant art page: If you want to use the model, go ahead, you do not have to credit me although it would be nice if you did Please let me know what you think of it.
  24. Like I said, anyone is free too use this character in any OC animations and other media.. Free.. But just be sure to feature my name in the credits, I will also voice him if requested