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Found 52 results

  1. You know that one guy who friended you for no reason? Since this site does not require you to approve friends, I and many others have experienced random friendship. If you respond to this you WILL become a victim of my friendship. MUHAHAHAHHAHAAA... (You have been warned...)
  2. (I feel like making this thread due to WheatleyCore's status update, so thank you for the idea ^.^) So have you ever, in your life, had an imaginary friend? ________________________________________________________ I personally have. When I was 5 I had an imaginary friend named Kayla. She was my best friend up until I started to create real friends in Primary School. After I made friends, I just forgot about her. ;-; EDIT: Added tulpae to the poll.
  3. I heard that people tend to view their childhood friends as siblings, and that's one of the reasons why not many people fall in love with their childhood friends. Is that true?
  4. I dated one of my best female friends before, but it didn't end up working out between us. And after we broke up, we weren't friends with each other anymore. To me, if you date a bestfriend, you are risking losing them as a bestfriend if you end up breaking up with them. I have seen it happens a lot of times. So I personally wouldn't recommend dating one of your bestfriend if you are not willing to risk losing them as a bestfriend. I however have seen some people who dated someone that was a bestfriend to them before they started dating them, and it worked out for them. So that's why I think it's a hit or miss type of thing. However I still think that becoming friends with someone, and then start dating them, and then have them become your bestfriend is the best way to be in a romantic relationship with someone that you would consider your bestfriend.
  5. Long ago I posted a piano cover of A True True Friend I arranged in Finale. Now, here's a live piano cover of A True True Friend. Hope you enjoy
  6. Guest

    A friends system?

    I looked around a bit but I don't see a feature for adding ponies as friends. I think this would be a great feature given the subject matter of the forum.
  7. Hi, my OC's name is Ginger Ale, and she wants to socialize right now. Would you like to introduce your wonderful OCs? Maybe she can find some wonderful friends? She just wants to get to know you more. You can look at my signature to go to the link to learn her characteristic features and personality. (PS: You can read a fanfiction that she is included also right here: ) If your OC is also willing to get to know and socialize feel free to introduce, thank you so much for reading! <3
  8. sorry if Im posting in the wrong section I'm looking for a friend, the reason why I'm posting this is because I have trouble with making friends on my own Anyways, I'm looking for someone who I can be really close to and have lots of fun with. Someone I can talk to everyday! I am a 16 year old female, I love anime, music, reading and writing, Sherlock, and I play an MMO called Toram Online. I'm also a Flutist I'm currently learning how to drive. My favorite pony is Rarity and I've been apart of the fandom for years, can't do the math right now XD Anyways so that's me, tell me about yourself. ^^
  9. Inspired by the Facebook game. Here's what you do: In your post, make a general statement, like "Someone who thinks Trixie is best pony" or "Person I'd like to tickle," then the person below takes that statement and "tags" (mentions using "member" code) someone on their friends list who they think matches that statement. If all goes well then hopefully that person will receive a notification in their control panel and take notice. Then after tagging a friend, they leave a statement for the next person to tag their own friend with, and they leave a statement for the next person, and so on and so on. Let's begin. Tag someone in your friends list who thinks Rainbow Dash is best pony.
  10. Decisions, decisions! What would you do, forums? Leave em'? Help em'? Blast em'?
  11. Vendi

    Maple Syrup

    I was testing out OBS and decided to draw Masyr just cuz.
  12. I sincerely hope you take the time to read through all this. I just felt the need to talk about it, to have some one listen, and hopefully. to make a true friend. Well I will try to keep this respectably vague for the person, but at the same time. I cannot help but want to talk about it. Some one who was very near and dear to me. Some one whom I cherished as a friend so much so, I wished them well before logging off steam and heading out for the night. I would even go as far as to tell them "Goodnight and sweet dreams ______" We were friends for over 2 years. What had happened After about 4 to 5 days, They finally logged onto Wildstar to add me as friends. Hung around for at least an hour, mostly just being away from keyboard, I did my own thing while they did their own thing (it was one person). Then suddenly in Zone chat, I saw what i felt was bad advice, about selling ore straight to vendors since it would amount to more money than what players were paying for in the commodity exchange, especially when adding the broker exchange. I did not pay attention to who said it, but I had simply said that it was not true, and that the advice should be taken with a grain of salt. I then continued to state how platinum ore was going for 20 silver each about 4 or 5 days ago though was now down to 12 silver each, I did some math and discovered it would have otherwise been 2 silver each from the vendor. This was only but a T3 resource (out of 5). The first two which can be mined/gathered from almost anyone who just started the game, so it makes sense those would be going for dirt cheap. But this blog post isn't about explaining circumstances. I will admit that how it was likely phrased a bit more rude than how I recited it in this blog post. I honestly cannot recall how it was structured when I said it in game, though I am certain it was not that bad, but the reaction was excessively bad. I was removed from friends. both from Wildstar and even steam (I checked after exiting the game half an hour later.) I am deeply saddened by this. As I imagine anyone would be if it happened with some one they held quite dear. I spoke with a mutual friend (with no response) and told that person to pass along a message for me which was simply "I cared for _____ deeply as a friend, we were friends for years. I am sorry i upset you, I wished you well every night and even said goodnight. But I guess you did not think of me as highly." A message I sincerely hope was passed on. For those who may wonder, wishing a person well, to me, was telling them to have a great day, or a good night, in some cases even to have a wonderful day or a fabulous day, and of course meaning it rather than being empty words. Epilogue All in all, I will not try to re-add my friend ... to respect their decision, but at the same time, I wonder if I mattered to them at all for such friendship to have been so nonchalantly tossed aside.I find myself saddened especially by the fact it ended because of such a minor scuffle. Though I doubt the thought has crossed their mind, or maybe in some faint way it had, I simply find myself thinking ... why would you do this to me? In some way, I hope they forgive my mistake, and will add me again, hopefully soon before I am forgotten. I never wanted to upset or offend anyone, but that is what happened. Like some sort of cruel irony that what you least wanted to happen, had happened. I do not know what I want from this blog post, though perhaps the closest thing I can find to an answer, is a friend who I can always talk with, maybe about life stuff once in a while, play some games together occasionally, I am even fine with rarely since I understand life doesn't always allow the time to play non-casual games. As I think about it, maybe I would even like re-assurances that its not my fault, that I did not do something wrong. I guess regret is funny that way, thinking "If only I paid more attention" or maybe something more along the lines of, if only I knew .... though I do not blame the other person, I cherished them too much for that. I do not know what to think, not after all this sadness. I now head to bed, feeling weak and hungry, and saddened over the loss of a person whom I considered a good friend ... I may remedy hunger before going to bed ... Goodnight everypony, and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this tale of woe.
  13. Well it was fifth grade, and we both had no friends. So she just came up to me asking me to hang out. Of corse, we both expected it to not work out, but here we are, 3 years later, still best friends! Nothin too special, really.
  14. @DashYoshi is awesome friend to have I want to make this as thank you for everything that he has done. Being my friend and talking with me everyday, I dont have much things to talk about, but he still answers my messages and is there for me. He is amazing artist too I dont know why he doesn't share his art because it is so amazing . and then he just posted this to me I can't believe it I almost cry it is so beautiful <3<3<3 He is awesome I dont really know what to say Thank you<3
  15. DQ stands for "Daily Question". Before MLP I always considered a true friend to be someone who you could tell anything to without worrying about how they reacted. Now I think of a true friend as someone who shows loyalty, truthfulness, kindness, generosity, and a happiness that can never be dampened when you're around. What do you think a friend needs to be a true friend?
  16. When you talk to Fizz, he will reply to whatever you tell him in his most adorable Fizz way! I fell in friends with him immediately when I began talking to him many a years ago. Talking to him will prove to be the highlight of your day! He is super eager to make new friends, so do not feel nervous or anxious about talking to him. (: If you are looking for super awesome friends, then he is the perfect guy to talk to! I assure you that you will be 100% satisfied with Fizz and that he will make your life more enjoyable :3
  17. Fizz is the cutest and nicest friend in the entire universe, and I want you all to be his friend too! I think you all will very much enjoy spending time with him :^) So please message him! He will absolutely love talking to you all, and you will become addicted to his adorableness (:
  18. The owner of this OC is Krystal Williams. The OC is named Krystal Vaportrail.
  19. 碇 シンジン

    My friend :(

    *sigh* When I was 7 years old I went to the first grade. First days I was lonely there I went and sat near this tree all day. Then some kids came and yelled me something I cried and ran away. I cried 3 days at home and didnt go to school. After that I went back I'm not sure what teacher had told the class but they acted differently around me and after that day they always were like that. I was still pretty lonely but then there was this 1 guy. I dont remember how I met him but we talked sometimes. He had other friends also so I was still quite lonely. I tried making friends. I went to play soccer with them and other games, but it wasnt for long until they saw me crying and I became more distant to them I cried always in pressure situations and other kids didnt so they became more distant to me. My only friend was that one guy i talked about earlier he was willing to distant himself from others to be with me. His other friendships were suffering and when we went to 7th grade. He was only with me. We always had fun time in classes and laughed. We always were on the other corner of the room than others. I miss that time i never had so much fun and i dont think I will When the 9th grade came and it was time to choose where we go continue our studies he chose different school than me. After that I've seen him only couple times hanging out with his new friends while im still alone tear fell down on my cheek it makes me wonder What is my issue?
  20. HEEEEEEEEY GUYYYYYYYYSSS! Wow, what a year! It's been wonderful hanging out on this forum, and meeting all y'all! Enjoy this new remix, free for download on my soundcloud! (Link in the Description) Also, I've been working on stuff under my "normal alias" too... I guess it kinda counts, since my inspiration for it was the Sirens in Rainbow Rocks. So check this one out if you'd like too, and grab a free DL while you're at it! Thank you guys for being so awesome this year, and leading a community of fun, friendship, and of course...ponies! Have a good one guys! -Brill-
  21. Do the Mane 6 / MLPFiM characters influence /reflect your choice of girlfriend / friends? Does anyone here have friends or want friends that have the virtues of the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Especially the Mane 6? I wonder if, what with the inherently feminist message of MLP:FiM, that there are dudes who have been influenced by the characters on this show to have a preference for girls who have friendly, personalities. Then there's physical appearance, to some degree in the form of mane shapes and human hair... if you want to talk about that... but I personally am not so into that. I, for example adore Rarity's cuteness and beauty as a pony, but believe that her mane shape, moreso than any other pony can't truly be translated onto a human head. And females, I ask you, do you ever relate the cute adorable girlfriend moments that the ponies do here? Mane 6 or Cutie Mark Crusaders maybe? Sacred sisterly-ness?
  22. So I just finished 'vectoring' a christmasy drawing I made for a... friend. Yes, let's go with friend. It's just her OC with a naughty look near some mistletoe... Heh ^^" No Cutie Mark because I don't know it lel
  23. @Pinkamena-Pills Request Loved doing this drawing for a friend of mine here in the forum that accompanies me since my first posts of my drawings, like I always do the Background Requests without hope does not diminish the quality of the art ... Based on my art style, I hope you enjoyed
  24. I'm wondering if anyone suggest a way for me to get in touch with another Brony I met at BronyCon. All I have is a first name, a handle, and also an approximate idea of where he lives. We hit it off because we found we live in the same city. Unfortunately we only saw each other for the first part of the Con, and never got around to exchanging contact info. That's actually the reason I ended up on this site, I was searching various brony forums for his handle, but no luck. I've also tried Facebook, and even Missed Connections..... that was a big mistake I know this all sounds a little stalker-y, and if you all think I just lay off then I'll take your advice. The thing is I don't make friends easily, and being able to get along with someone who is also a Brony was a pretty big deal for me. Suggestions?
  25. This SWJ wants her daughter/sister/friend to follow her values. Can you give me a list of things she will advice her daughter/sister/friend?