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Found 14 results

  1. Just wanted to know how all of you are doing today
  2. So I have had some times on my hands and thought to make some random ocs and let you lovely people adopted them. You can change the name if you want and they come with no real background so you can make them more your own. Design wise, you can change a little but I did put some work into them so just as a remember! These bases are from selenaede on DA. So lets get to the adopting! Just post the number of the one you want. First come, first serve! 1 2 3
  3. Before I begin explaining this rp let me Specify something You do not have to have prior knowledge of Fire emblem to join. Everything should be explained below Introduction *Minor* spoilers for Fire emblem fates revelations ahead Alright so I had an idea for a roleplay based off of the popular Japanese strategy game Fire emblem, FE Fates to be more precise So In Fire Emblem units (AKA you guys) start off as a basic class such as archer or knight and can advance to like a sniper or paladin (If you dont know what class you'll be I'll help get you assigned one) (Also some ponies may need special classes to fit their bio like mine are going to be a special class I'll get to how that works later) However the RP will attempt to function off of the game play however that's very stat and luck based so I'll attempt to fix that up so we can use it, but I love the concept of classes and skills and stuff like that so that'll stay In fire emblem Fates there are 2 countries at war Nohr and Hoshido or in the case of this role play The Lunar republic or the Solar empire Characters such Luna and Celestia are leaders in thier respective country and the mane six are split between them (refered to as royals), each of these charters are going to have 2 "retainers" or servants who protect them during battle with their lives They start avanced classes, others are just troops in the battle and will need to use a master seal to rank up Here's the cast so far. And in the spoiler a reference if you haven't played fire emblem so you can learn about all the skills and such Solar Empire Specializes in Skill, Speed, and Magic "Royals" and retainers Celestia: Hoshido Noble (Special) (Played by :Myself (For story reasons)) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Magic: Fireball, Seraphim Staff: Recover, Physic Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Hosidan unity, Alicorn(Dragon) ward, Sol(No Hp Cost) S-rank: Celestia's Retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Twilight sparkle: Sorcerer Weapons: Magic Spells: Fireball, Lightning Personality: Devoted partner (Only affects Celestia) Skills: Heartseaker, Malefic aura, Ignis (Cost 5 Hp), Rally spectrum S-rank: Twilight's retainers Trixie: Sorcerer Weapon: Magic Spells: Fireball, Excalibur Personality: Fierce rival Skills: Magic+2, Seal Magic, Tome Breaker, Rally Magic Shady Deceit: Butler Weapon: Flame Shuriken Spells: Recover Personality: Heartful Soul: Shady cannot initiate attacks, and can only counterattack, however, when attacked, takes 80% less damage for any attacks after the first. (So if he were being doubled, the second attack would do a ton less) Skills: Miracle, Gentillehomme and Live to Serve Rarity: Songstress (Special) Weapon: Spears Personality: Singer (units can move again if she sings to them) Skills: Luck+4, Inspiring song, Voice of peace, Foreign pony. S-rank: None Rarity's retainers Spike: Dragon (Special)) Weapons: Breath attacks Personality: Prodigy Skills: Profiteer, Grizzly wounded, Beast bane, Spendthrift (retainer 2) Pinkie Pie: Maid Weapons: Knifes, Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Fortify Personality: Sweet tooth Skills: Live to serve, Future sight, Rend heaven, Dancing Blade S-rank: Pinkie's retainers Cheese Sandwich: Spear master Personality: Pride Weapon: Spears Skills: Seal Defence, Spearfaire, Salvage Blow, Swap (retainer 2) Solar Empire army: (Open slots) Lunar Rebublic: Specializes in Strength, Defense, Resistance "Royals" and retainers Luna: Nohr Noble (Special) (Played By: Star48955) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Spells: Fireball, Nosferatu(Drains Hp) Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Nohrian Trust, Alicorn(Dragon) Hex, Luna(Cost 4 HP) S-Rank: None Luna's Retainers Maple Bat: Vampire Archer (Special)(Played By: Myself) Weapons: Fangs(Drains Hp), Bow Personality: Optimistic Pessimist (see Below) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle, Galeforce Healthlife: Sorcerer Spells: Fireball, Lightning, Aura (Given by Staff) Skills: Renewal, Amaterasu, Replicate(Halfs Hp and gives it to the replica.) and Countermagic Personality: Healing Descant Weapons: A light-purple crystal staff. Fluttershy: Priestess (Played by: MoTusNua) Weapons: Bows and Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Rescue, Fortify. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Miracle, Bowfaire, Renewal, Rally Luck S-Rank: Discord, Child: Maple Bat Fluttershy's Retainers Discord: Dark Falcon Weapons: Spears, Tomes Spells: Aura, Ragnarok Personality: Playthings Skills: Relief, Galeforce, Speed +2, Rally movement Silga Singawald: Merchant Weapons: Bows and spears Personality: Fiery Blood Skills: Aptitude, Underdog, Profiteer, and Spendthrift. Rainbow Dash: Falcon knight Weapons: Spears and Healing staffs Personality: Competitive Skills: Pass, Astra(Cost 10 Hp), Counter, Inspiration S-rank: None RD's retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Applejack: Berzerker Weapon: Axe Personality: In extremis Skills: Skill+2,HP+2,Savage blow,Axefaire S-rank: None AJ's Retainers BigMac: General Weapon: Spears Personality: Chivalry Skills: Wary fighter, HP+5, Resist +2, Defense +2 (retainer 2) Lunar Rebulic Army: Silens Solis: Troubadour Weapons: Staffs Staffs:Recover, Physic. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Resistance +2, Demoiselle Ajax: Outlaw Weapons: Bows Personality: Fearsome Blow Skills: Movement +1, Lunge While the mane focus of this roleplay may seem like a Celestia vs Luna thing, however, I'm going to follow the Revelations mane quest line where there's a 3rd group which both Nohr and Hoshido work together to beat. So while which team isn't the most important thing still there are advantages in both and the differences will cause infighting during the quest Story Beginning This third party seems almost not real to any pony who goes up against it. They can feel a presence and see the enemy in their mind but there is no physical appearance, however, seeing it in your mind basically means that it is visable but to only you. They have been attacking equestria for some time now, The Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire have stopped fighting to search for the sorce of these "Invaders" As they where called Joining in Are you joining with one (or more) of your Amazing Ocs? Things I'll need Name of character: Race: Slot you want if any are available: Character page link (or description on this OOC) Preferred classes: 2 possible per OC, One you are and one you can become with a Heart seal Help on classes If your character needs to be a special class tell me and, If your not sure a class at all I'll gladly help out And I'll need your 2 skills (4 for advanced characters)(Skill aren't class specific like in the game just make it fit you Oc) plus a personality skill (which you can make up or use one that exist) And weapons that your unit will use. PS: only pegasi can be Flying units and Unicorns can only be Mages, in addition, you're class doesn't determine which side you're on Is Your character another character's child? If the answer is yes then you can still join however you must wait until your characters mother S-ranks with somepony else (cannon or non-cannon) (Father needs to be flexible) then you can be added in via a quest Things about child units: 1. They can be Any class like normal but can heart seal change to what their parents are (So they can be 3 classes) 2. At least 2 of their skills need to be from the father and mother of the unit (one for each parent) 3. Siblings are allowed 4. Children units can't have children (to avoid confusion) (look at my example for details) OR Do you want to be one of the Cannon characters? Well If positions are open then just post who you want to play as however I'm limiting Cannon characters to one per person for the sake of fairness but you can play a cannon character and have an OC in it too If you want to be Fluttershy or Discord, you have to be able to roleplay the Fluttercord ship meaning that you must refer to each other being married and no NSFW please and thanks. That's currently the only S-rank(or marriage) but there can more as the story progresses, just introduce me to the character and I'll see what I can do Special Classes Theses classes are mostly meant to be classes that are not obtainable by the general army only 3 or 4 ponies normally, these can include classes that aren't officially in Fire emblem Offical special classes. These classes include both of the Nobles, Wolfskin and wolfssengner, Kitsune and Ninetails and any class categorized as other The Nobles: Luna, Celestia and their kids only Wolfskins and Wolfssengner: (Open slots) Kitsune and Ninetails: (Open slots) Songstress: Rarity and her kids only Non-official Special classes The non-official special classes I will provide a brief summery on each of them Vampire Archer (Flying) (Advanced): Maple Bat only. Weapons: Fangs and Bows Dragons (Advanced)(Open): Spike Weapons: Breath attacks More up for debate just mention it what it is it's weapons (3 max)and skills (2 max) and I'll see if I like it. Example of an Oc application My Oc Name: Maple Bat Race: Vampire fruit bat pony Slot: Luna's retainer 1 Character Page: Classes: Vampire Archer (Heart seal: Priestess, Dark falcon) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle(Fluttershy) and Galeforce(Discord) Personality Skill: Optimistic Pessimist, Maple when helping others attack will deal 10 damage but may attack the assisted pony (Chance= 50% -resist) Weapons: Bat Fangs and Her bow the Heart's Eclipse (A Crescent bow) The part you where all waiting for Combat system. So I finally decided on how it'll work. It will work by you declare you attack and the enemy may strike you back. All damage calculation is done manually on my end. Spellcasters may do more with certain spells than capable with certain weapons however it costs them hp. There are 3 things that are important to know weapon range, Crit rate, and multiple hits Weapon range: is if you will or will not get attacked back when you attack an enemy which is determined by your weapon: Melee weapons (Swords, Axes, Spears): Can only counterattack other melee weapons. Thrown Weapons: (Special Spears and Axes) Can counter attack Melee and Magic attacks Bows: Can counterattack Magic and thrown Weapons. Magic: Can counterattack thrown and Melee weapons. Staffs: Cannot attack or counterattack. Critical hits: When a player attacks an enemy there will a chance of them landing a critical hit dealing 3x as much damage as normal or with Killer weapons 4x as much damage. Whether or not you crit is determined on 3 dice you must get 3 6's that I will roll for each hit in combat. 2 dice if you use a Killer weapon. Multiple hits: Players can gain the upper hand by hitting twice due to them having more speed (Max hits 4). This is determined on your class and works on a class by class basis. SO that's something you just need to look at logically. Like a Dragon wouldn't go faster than a pegasus knight. Rough speed chart < means will hit twice. Armored < Mages < Hero type classes < Archers < Flying classes RP Link: We started meaning for now all uncontrolled characters will be played by me (Only when necessary). HOWEVER, If you are reading this and want to join as a cannon I can just put here that you control them now and let you take over. Plus we will always be accepting new members And I think that's it Questions are welcome, recommendations for cannon characters to be added are requested, and feel free to join.
  4. How would you describe yourself? Just use adjectives or other descriptor type words and/or phrases to describe yourself, your situation, anything you. I'll start. Young, on my own...kinda messy...trying to save enough to go to college but broke...looking for yeah. Bachelor. How would you describe yourself?
  5. It's not exactly a secret that many people out there on the internet misuse their gift of being able to explore this vast, often wonderful land, and spend their time bringing negativity to even the most harmless of subjects. I'm sure most of us can name places where behaviour like that is prevalent even if we don't explore the internet too much; heck, perhaps some people would have a harder time naming places relatively free from it. However, I'd like to change that even a little. There's loads of lovely shining communities out there that simply don't get complimented on their positivity enough, or that are taken for granted even, and with how often the crappier sides of the internet are called out and discussed, these good communities seriously deserve some more recognition and praise, lest we lose ourselves in a mindset that there's nothing more than toxicity out there (and having fallen into that in the past, albeit for real life, I can say it's certainly not the most happy, motivational mindset out there ^^; ). So, let's bring some more attention to these pleasant communities if we can! Whether it's a website or a forum, a channel's friendly comments section (yes, those exist) or some other type of community you know about regardless of its size, feel free to talk about and praise them here, even mention positive moments on them that really struck you if you can Obviously for a lot of you this place will come to mind, and that's okay if you want to compliment it, but please do try to mention some other community while you're at it. Here's a few examples I know of~ Reddit, while obviously pretty well-known, really caught me off-guard with how civil and warm many of its members can be when I joined it earlier this year. Granted, I'm subscribed to the more positive subreddits on there like r/aww and r/wholesomememes and quite a many more, but every time I've browsed around elsewhere (even in some of the more relatively inflamed subreddits), I've found that any drama seems to be handled fairly well and that debates have more depth and thoughtfulness to them than one might expect. Whereas I have my worries elsewhere about going too deep into the comments section, on Reddit, I've yet to be disappointed On YouTube, Robin Seplut's channel definitely comes to mind, even if it's to be expected considering it's a channel about cats What I love here is that the comments section and Robin are on very friendly terms; the former often thanking him for the daily vids/caring for the cats around him, admiring the new cats or giving Robin guidance on how to be less intimidating to them, while Robin replies to many people with a friendly "Hello!" and "Thank you! :)". This further supports my theory that cats are the secret to world peace :? While I'm not certain how it is nowadays (though from a quick glance, it looks much the same), there was a forum I joined a few years ago for people like me dealing with social issues; despite not being very active in it, the friendliness there meant a lot to my otherwise cynical past self, so much so that it probably helped me out just as much as the advice I received from there did. Everyone seemed chill and with each other's best interests in heart; for whatever reason, I always remember this one member that, despite making some fairly vague and undescriptive topics (not terrible topics mind you, just sorta hard to follow on from the OP), still received some friendly replies and compliments from people that tried to make a discussion out of the thoughts he put forth. I really wish I was a more competent socializer at the time, I'm sure I'd have made some great friends I'll leave it at that for the time being; looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!
  6. Would real life MLP FIM Ponies be terrifying even if they are friendly? Say they visit Earth to befriend humanity through a transdimensional portal into our universe. OK, let's say Princess Twilight Sparkle (who's powers are exaggerated beyond even the show) wants to be your friend. All the while you know that she could with a simple flick of magic vaporize your body into dust. To add to her being overpowered you could shoot her point blank with a double barrel shotgun to the face... and it would only tickle her. And to make her even more powerful... a nuclear bomb dropped on her only... tickles her. To make them even more terrifying the ponies their omnipotent Princess Celestia could destroy all life on Earth with a simple flick of her magic if she wanted to. Remember, the ponies are like the show they are not Reapers from Mass Effect nor Darkspawn or any other nasty monsters. They are caring and do not abuse their insanely overpowered magic on those weaker than them. Despite this, would you still find the ponies terrifying? If humanity was to panic... thinking these ponies were here to destroy us. How could they calm us down and convince us they are not here to destroy us?
  7. Heyo, ya bored? Do you want to play games? Want to just talk about MLP? Are you awesome? Are you available at around 4pm - 10pm UTC +12? Do you have teamspeak? Are you 14-18 years old? Are you looking for friends? If the answer to the majority of these questions is yes then add me on steam. I will add you back and most likely give you the IP for a teamspeak server that I will be found on most days. But please remember that I don't want to run into any unpleasant people, as the title says it is a friendly happy super fun game time, please keep it that way.
  8. OK, so I want to start a band, problem is, I can't really come up with original material. And what I am thinking is rewriting an original song with some new lyrics but keeping the original song in there, with the original lyrics as well, mixed with another song in my band. It's not Plagiarism if I say to the crowd and on the Album that it is not my original work? Also, do not ban this, this is a Plagiarism debate and some help for my band, not a Piracy forum, as Piracy is illegal here on MLPForums, anyone who talks about pirating music will thoroughly be reported to administrators. Anyway, my band's name is going to be called the Friendly Roman Countrymen, and it may take a year for me to start it so go easy on me. I'm trying to make a song based on ''Surrender me'' from Air Combat 22, about a Ski-Slope of love, if I say that it's not really original then I won't get sued, right? I need help with lyrics about a Ski-Slope of love, about a man who goes down the ski-slope with his love interest and it escalates higher and higher the more they go down the slope. But I need it written in a way that's not ''Sappy''. As people hate Sappy music. Like I said, it's not plagiarism if I state that it's not an entirely original song right? And If I tell them who the true creators were? Or do I say it was half original? I need some help, I'm not recruiting anyone at the moment, and I don't want to recruit anyone on these forums, so if you can just help me, share with me your experiences of being in a band and tell me more about plagiarism, then it would help. Thanks. Forgot to say I need Ideas on this ''Ski Slope of love'' song that are not sappy. Don't people hate sappy music? I'm as patient as a badger. Just waiting for someone who has ideas, that's all. Remember this is not a piracy thread, as piracy is illegal on the forums.
  9. The 2014 MLPF World Cup Groups have been set! Check them out here! I'll see you in June 12th when we start the World Cup!
  10. I was thinking the other day: What if people shared words of kindness more frequently? What if they showed displays of genuine compassion on a regular basis? The fact of the matter is, we need more of this. Many of us, including myself, browse these forums daily, and more often than not, we end up seeing at least one person express discontent over something or other. Family issues, school troubles, sick days, bad hair days, issues with depression, anxiety, and the like. But how often do we sit down and actually type out few words of encouragement to help them out? Well, the answer to that is: Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don't. The intention of this thread is not to guilt-trip anyone into being kind, though. It is to encourage random acts of kindness, whether it be on this website, throughout the fandom, or even in your real daily lives. We've all heard the expressions "love and tolerate" and "friendship is magic" thrown around very often, but it's very important that we never forget to uphold these values within ourselves. So here is my humble request: Take some time out of your day to send a nice message to someone else. It doesn't have to be long, and you don't even have to know the person you send it to personally (although it helps). Even if it doesn't look like a person is struggling, they might be! You never know unless you ask, or inquire about their lives. Some people aren't as vocal about their problems. Feel free also to comment in this thread as well. Share your words of encouragement with the world! You never know who might need them. And remember: Keep calm, and brony on! Edit: Also, if anyone comes to this thread seeking help or advice in any area of their lives, feel free to message me as well. I'm no Dr. Phil, but I'm a good listener, and a pretty good friend.
  11. Hey guys! I wanted to bring to your attention that there is a member of this website that is going through a very tough time in his life. His name is @Kyoshi, and I'm sure some of you may know him already from the art he contributes to this website. Things such as various banners he's designed for other MLP Forums users and even front page headings for the site, including the one that is featured right now, at the top of your computer screen. I will not divulge any details of the struggles and hardships he is going through, but just know that he is feeling down. What I wanted you guys to do, is send him some encouraging words of friendship. Let him know that there are people out there who care about what he does, and who he is. You don't need to tell him that I sent you, because ultimately, that is irrelevant. What matters most is that you communicate to him that he is welcomed and appreciated, for everything he does. Compliment him. Be kind. Introduce yourself if you don't know him that well. Make his day! He's a nice guy, and he doesn't deserve to be feeling the way that he is feeling right now. Just remember, this doesn't have to be just a one time thing. You can make a difference in many people's lives by sending them spontaneous words of kindness. So go out there, and show your compassion!
  12. you ask me weeks ago that i could upgrade your charater, you wanted a sword you have a sword thats larger than mine, i scraped my old design and went back to the original design and started over not every thing i wanted to do is in there but i like it so here you go your new oc. it is a typo. the his name is silver sword not silver light. i was so tired when i did it i did not notice it but now you know thank you.
  13. Today I realized what a nice and lovely community I am a part of here. My boyfriend is part of a different community based around a game and was just telling me about how everyone acts there. It sounded awful. Apparently everyone shouts at each other and are rude and mean. I feel so lucky I have found such a nice group of people because if I joined something like that I have a feeling my experience of an online forum would be a very short one. Thanks for being fabulous.
  14. Well, I have noticed this a few times in past episodes, but non as apparent as the latest episode. She acts like a princess in reality would. She doesn't tend to help the common pony that much. Makes show appearances and has favorites. In most cartoons like this (don't get me wrong I admire it's difference) she would have helped the butler carrying Rarity's bags. But instead she just walks off and chuckles. She also does that at the Grand Galloping Galla, and again at the sweet shop. I don't think she is as kind to her subjects as other princesses from kids shows I have seen. Thoughts or input? Perhaps a counter argument?