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Found 5 results

  1. (I may or may not be listening to various MLP show and movie songs on shuffle ) Of the different series out there, what is your favorite, or favorites, story line in the comics? Friends Forever: #29 Where Rarity and Maud Pie become close friends. This comic is so tearjerking that every time I read it, yes I read it multiple times, it just restores my faith that those who are quiet, still have feelings even when not outwardly expressed. In the part where Rarity accidentally picks up Mauds diary and starts reading it, Maud is open enough to share it with her. Rarity is brought to tears by what she reads about herself . Maud really likes Rarity and admires her outgoing and perseverance but also sees that she's bringing that out in Maud as well. Friendship is Magic: Oh man how do I choose! There are so many great storyline spending multiple contacts in this series that it's so difficult to choose from, so I'll probably have to just near it down to two. #35-#37 Sombras backstory and Radiant Hope: This backstory of Sombra and Radiant Hope is the sweetest purest form a friendship that I've ever seen. Radiant Hope really sees Sombra for the good pony she knows he is deep down inside. In my opinion the drawings in this comic series get a little graphic as we see in 36 when Sombra goes through how he changed from an umbrum to a unicorn and was placed into the pony world. Even though Hope finds out that they've made him with the intent of evil she knows the true Sombra is a sweetheart and will do anything to defend him. In the end they end up running off together playfully and it's the sweetest version of Sombra that we've seen. #43-45 Worst Assets Waters When the mane six go on what's to be a relaxing spa day at a wonderful flowing spring, trouble ensues when the next day we come to find the mane six's best features turn into their worst versions. Twilight Sparkle, knowing that she is a powerful and intelligent pony decides to become the ruler of Ponyville, Applejack becomes competitive and dishonest, Fluttershy becomes a recluse with her now fierce animal friends, Rarity becomes the most conceited, narcissistic, egotistical pony who thinks she rivals Twilight Sparkle and so on and so forth. It takes Princess Luna interjecting to help the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike out but when she herself is seemingly doused with the waters from the spring, everyone believes that Nightmare Moon has returned. But once in the castle Twilight Sparkle seems to call her out and realize that she really is not Nightmare Moon but has been done up with the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. But then it's the CMC's that outsmart the seemingly smartest pony in all of Ponyville with a simple bucket over the door trick. It's one of the few times that we get to see our girls in their worst light and actually see that everyone can have a darkside. So please friends! I'd love to hear about your favorite comic storyline, or two , and how they made you feel or see out favorite characters in a different light!
  2. I was inspired by SveciaDash,'s thread of Have you ever cried during an episode, and thought that "Yes I have, but more so from the songs.". I have downloaded and regularly listen to various songs from the show and the movies and there are some that, even though I am not watching it on the screen, make me tear up or flat out sob because of the emotional cord they strike with me. Mine are below, please tell us which ones have made you emotional and why!
  3. So this is something I struggle with quite often; exposing friends and family to the show in hopes that they will like it and want to continue watching it with me. Whenever I approach them about it they are hesitant and I almost have to "convince" them to give it a shot. I use quotations around convince because I'm using that term loosely, because honestly who needs to be convinced to watch something? But as we all know when we want to show someone ponies, with the hopes that they will like it, we know there's a barrier in their minds to overcome. To accept that they'll be watching the children's show that GASP! they might actually enjoy! I've only have successfully gotten one person to like ponies, enough to have a conversation and watch new episodes with, and that is my fiancè. (Praise Celestia it was him because that makes it so much fun!) But for example I tried to have my IRL BFF watch the first couple of episodes and I just feel like it wasn't given a unbiased shot. I have also accepted the thought that not everyone will like or connect with the characters, storyline, etc. And that is fine with me. But when I feel like the person is closed minded and watching it just for my sake, they're really missing out and they make a misinformed decision. So I ask, how do you go about exposing friends or family members to MLP, that you'd like to share the magic of friendship with? How many friends have you "converted" to become bronies or someone that is at least interested in MLP enough?
  4. I'm really excited for the movie in 2017,i have a feeling it'll be like the ending of harry potter where they send their kids off, i feel like the mane 6 or 7 may have that same type of ending with some of them with fillies of their own learning about friendship as well, since it was said twilight ages like everypony else would't she want somepony to continue after her? maybe starlight, or her own daughter perhaps? if the show had an ending like that it'd let me and probably others feel content that they enjoyed their life and a good ending without any tragedy, or, maybe the movie might apply to more of the adult based fandom, being higher rated for serious moments. What do you think?
  5. Alrighty then....its been a while since i've dropped in, however I wanted to post this because I am in need of assistance. As you know, and I apologize to my crew, Hasbro unfortunately denied it for two reasons that I am not allowed to discuss publicly other than them. So yeah, that was a major downer which sadly we all need to understand and go through. Not everyone or anything is going to get accepted. So, just wanted to throw that update in. However, that does not necessarily mean its the end of my Rise of the Ancients Seven part Trilogy. I am curently redoing Element of Time (The Day Equestria Stood Still Sequel). In the meantime, I am in need of some strong writers and readers (editors as well). Here's the story: Now the full story is, I'm trying my best to get this up on EQD for all of you to read. (No i am not doing this for attention nor for my own health. I'm doing this because if you think about it, lots of readers love origin stories because of how adventurous, suspenseful, dark, etc. So I wanted to share from my perspective a fan fic, focusing on the Mane Six and there perilous journey into uncovering the dark and broken history of Equestria. It will be quite interesting for many of you and I would gladly appreciate it if you read it). Anyhow, recently I have been denied of entry because the story apparently lacks specific things so this is where you guys come in. I need someone who is willing to go in depths to assist me and identify the problems within the story. Basically, read the story and tell me what its missing. Does it need more character interaction, emotion, etc; does it need more suspense; is it bland, dull, etc. With that type of assistance, it will greatly help me into making the story much better to read and understand for everyone. Feel free to comment here or on Fim Fiction. Thanks, .