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Found 5 results

  1. I always wondered why Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash have such a strong friendship?
  2. In the spirit of Friendship Is Magic, I was wondering if anyone here has some stories about friendship that they're fond of, and if they would share it. For example, I have one that I'm very fond of telling. It's about how I met one of my best mates, the strangest but nicest friend I've ever had: He came to the same school as me in grade 11, one day. He seemed a bit quiet at first, and then we got on really well, and I found out that he had a weird but awesome sense of humour. He eventually told me that he got expelled from this other school, which is why he came to mine. I won't go into detail about how he got expelled, but by Celestia's light, it is an expelled-from-school story that I could almost guarantee would put any you have heard to shame. It was a prank that he and his friend did that spiralled out of control, and RUINED the honeymoon of a couple from overseas, to the point where they had to spend a week in quarantine before they could go home. Yeah, that bad. They got in trouble with the police, and my mate got expelled. He said that he's never been so ashamed in his life. He's not a bad guy, he's super cool, but yeah that was his biggest mistake ever. So he's crashing at my place for the night one time, and he said "but dude, if I had the opportunity to go back and stop myself from doing it, I wouldn't take it. I would let myself do it." So I said "…I dunno, it was pretty bad, dude." "No dude, honestly I would let myself do it. For one simple reason. And do you what that reason is?" "…'Cause that's how you met me?" "'Cause that's how I met you."
  3. I feel so good. After a nice lecture from my mom, I've gone from an emotional train wreck to a lot more optimistic. Let me explain more since you might be a bit confused with what I just said. It's not as obvious due to the fact that I can easily cover it up when I'm online and heck, even at school but I I felt very emotionally drained when I got home from school today. It's not really a thing that just happened either it's been gradual throughout the past year or so. You probably have seen hints of it though. Just look through a few of my blogs within the past year and you will see me rambling about life or talking about my faults or discussing how I have an inferiority complex. This is caused by a few factors. One being the fact that I don't really have a lot of friends irl. I'm mostly just that one loner kid you see sitting by himself on the bus. I feel I want to make a goal for this year to actually go out and and get to know people. I feel the other factor is I've taken stuff I've let stuff I've read on the internet get to my head too much, both on this forum and on other websites. I try not to, but it still does get to my head a little and cause me to just act kind of angry and cynical irl. I was actually a lot more happy-go lucky before all this. Don't take this as me leaving any site because I won't. I'll still be on the site regularly posting, this is just more of an internal thing. It's just when I'm browsing pretty much anywhere, I'll try not to let negative posts get to me and either just ignore it or not let it effect the way I act in real life. This is Chikorita throwing a happy smoke bomb *throws one*
  4. If anyone wants to help me out, feel free to do so. I hate to be a whiny bitch about things like this, but this is a problem I keep having, and I want it to go away.
  5. Not sure if there was a thread like this before but I'll just take the chance. xD;; So here in this thread we will discuss our friendships in real life. Stuff like, about your best friends and how long you've known them for... the ups and downs... also things like if this show helped you out in any way to be a better friend, what kind of friend you need etc. Anything Here's a "brief" back story in the area of friendships for me. Honestly, I'm really terrible at keeping friends. Sometimes I think I'm better off. But the truth is though is that I really really want good friends, like in MLP D: Growing up, I liked getting to know different people but every time I got close to someone we got into dumb arguments and I always wondered why we always had to argue about such dumb things, and why we couldn't just talk it out casually. Usually, my friends would be the ones angry at me; give me silent treatment and isolate me etc. I hated it so much. So eventually I kept friends at a distance. Even now, at an adult age of 20, I've still had to deal with "friends" that I couldn't stand and "friends" that I realise I don't actually want to hang out with but don't have the heart to tell them that. They want to hang out with me... but I don't want to because I feel so awkward around them and I feel we don't really "connect". I need friends who are understanding and honest and I can be myself around them and we can talk about anything. That's all I need but apparently they're so hard to find! For me, a true and really good friend is someone I will genuinely miss. On a good note, I've managed to find a couple of friends like that; my boyfriend and a friend from work. I appreciate them so much. My friend from work though, we may not meet up as much, but every time we do, I just feel so happy around her and we can talk and at the same time, say nothing at all, but still have a good time. At the same time, I realised my own family members are such good friends to me. Sometimes though, I wish I could have more of that "magical" but fictional friendships you get in stories and in MLP... Anything you guys wanna share about your friendships?