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Found 14 results

  1. Games. Games are fun! Definitely. Well, not always. Sometimes. games can be frustrating and not in a good way either. A game can sometimes anger us and just make us feel oh so frustrated and the results may not be good. For some of us this may happen rarely but for others it could be a common occurrence due to one reason or another. So I want to ask and discuss, do video games tend to frustrate you easily? What is your history with this? Me, they do frustrate me easily. My whole life I have had anger problems, yay for bad mental health. It has been a big problem in the past and nowadays, I try my hardest to avoid playing games that could potentially frustrate me to a high degree. Often, if I get frustrated enough, this could result in a meltdown and that never ends well, since it can result to me...well, hitting my face. I am autistic before you ask. So those moments are not good, especially in combination with my anxiety problems, so I try to avoid those moments at all costs now.
  2. This has only been a little irksome for me to deal with for a while now, now but this incident has really pushed my patience over the line. To explain as calmly and clearly as I can, I want to know, why text cannot be saved in PMs? Why is it only actual posts and blogs that have the auto save function? ...and not PMs? That blank text box used to be a huge essay worth of text to my girlfriend by the way. That was... until I accidentally clicked the dreaded enter button. Such genuineness of words that I can never get back now. I really need a good explanation for this. -_-
  3. Lately, my HP laptop has been crashing on every single application I use, whether it’s a game with tons of assets or a small program such as the Folders. Sometimes it even crashes before I can do anything and it turns parts of the screen black. I believe this started once I check marked everything on the Disk Cleanup. Well, thats at least when it got worse. I only did that cause I experienced crashes after playing a game I downloaded in a zip folder (it’s deleted now, BTW). I don’t know how to fix this and I don’t want to do anything that involves temporarily deleting data since that didn’t work out the last time. Does anyone know how to fix this? TL:DR; Computer keeps crashing on everything, plz help
  4. Now please bear with me everypony. I'm not trying to offend anypony who's a big fan of Maud Pie. I think from a storyline perspective Maud Pie does provide some funny bits with her stoic contrast with the hyper Pinkie. I'm only trying to explain this from within the context of the show. and the opinions expressed here don't necessarily reflect that of me, but possibly the other 5 members of the Mane 6: Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. It's become pretty obvious to see that the other Mane 5 try very hard to get along with everypony, but as we have seen, whenever Pinkie Pie includes her "wonderful" sister Maud on any adventures with her friends, trying to find common ground with Maud Pie is a complete chore! As seen in "The Gift of Maud Pie", Rarity tries everything that she can to help find a gift outside of the realm of rocks that would please her and in the scene in the marketplace, Rarity just shows Maud a bunch of interesting gifts and the ONLY thing that she is interested in is A SIDEWALK CRACK!!!!!! And upon hearing this, Rarity nearly blows a gasket at her, she even tells Pinkie that Maud is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. Now I understand that Maud isn't trying to be mean or anything, her stoic approach and her obsession with rocks are all a part of her personality. But Maud Pie needs to be considerate and appreciate what Rarity tried to do to make her happy. But Pinkie Pie isn't off the hook either. Pinkie has the tendency to, for lack of a better term, "overglorify" Maud, and force her upon her friends, saying how "wonderful", and "fantastic" Maud is. Now I understand that Pinkie Pie doesn't pull her punches when it comes to expressing her love for both her friends AND family, especially Maud. After all Maud is, believe it or not, Pinkie Pie's own flesh (if you can call it that) and blood. And from a storyline perspective, it does make a relatively shocking plot twist for Pinkie to have a monotone, flat, stoic, rock loving sister (as well as the rest of her family), as opposed to the more predictable approach of the Pie family all having personalities that mirror that of Richard Simmons. And as we have clearly seen, Maud Pie truly loves Pinkie. But Pinkie needs to understand and realize that Maud just doesn't mesh well with the other Mane 5 as friends. It's a fact of life. Yet I believe this also plays to a certain character trait of Pinkie: She's too optimistic and naive about situations like these. I somehow have a gut feeling that one of the other Mane 5 is going to eventually be pushed to the limit by Maud Pie's frustratingly boring behavior, and Pinkie just grinning and hugging her sister saying how great she is, that I can just imagine possibly either Rarity or Rainbow Dash just losing it and shouting at Pinkie Pie: "PINKIE! MAUD IS A FRUSTRATING BORE!!!!!!!" ...or something of like that. Now I know that would probably make Pinkie's mane and tale deflate back into Pinkamena. But I just hope that she would be understanding about it and next time in the future whenever Maud is about to join her along with any of the other Mane 5 on an adventure, Pinkie would be serious for a second and give a heads up to the others saying: "I know that Maud does come across as a bit bland to the rest of you and everypony else. But please try to show some patience, Maud is my sister and I love her with all my heart, and she loves me just as much. So Please? Okey Dokey Lokey!" Do you think that Maud's antics might drive anypony to a possible breaking point? If one were to put Pinkie Pie on the spot about her sister (or family)'s stoic characteristics as opposed to her own, what do you think she might answer? Once again, This is from a perspective from within the context of the story. I personally have no problems with Maud Pie as a character, and I hope I haven't offended anypony. Thoughts?
  5. DQ stands for "Daily Question" it is a recent theme I made on the general forum. If there is something really frustrating for me, it's that I can try to change the world, but the methods I use just don't work. It almost seems pointless to try any more. I have been taught by experience over and over that the world needs to be fixed, that standing out is always bad, that you can't change the world around you by being yourself. These are just a few of the things that bother me every day. I love to write, but it just seems pointless when next to no one cares to help or urge me on. Every time I try to reach out, make an effort to stand out, it falls to pieces from stage fright. I know that all this I've just said isn't true, but how can I escape from a mental trap fueled by my own belief? I just realized how over dramatic that whole tirade was. Well I hope that inspired you all to share something in your life that frustrated you.
  6. Vendi


    So I made this Vector of Apple Jack...yah...
  7. We all have had those moments where you pick up a game and you're having fun with it. When you get to a certain point of the game, there tends to be that one moment where you just struggled and it ruined the gaming experience for you, sometimes to the point where you stopped playing. So here are mine. Super Mario Sunshine: That level with the dying water lily. This is practically an infamous level in the game. You go into the level and see you once again have to collect 8 red coins. The problem is, they are all dispersed over rushing water that if you fall in, you die. So you have to control this water lily through the water and jump up to collect the coins. You only get one shot because there's no easy way back. Oh, and they put this little pipe at the end that you think will take you back to the beginning of the level but no, it takes you back to Delfino Plaza. You might think that wouldn't be a big deal but the problem is that the level is extremely tedious to get to. It's in a pipe on an island covered by goop that only Yoshi can melt, and Yoshi can't swim. So you have to take Yoshi over this slow moving boat, without him falling into the water or running out of juice I mind you, just to play this already hard enough level. At least this one is not required to beat the game. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The final battle with Cyrus on top of Mt. Coronet. This one is partially my fault. You see, I was one of those kids who would only level up my starter and use the other slots of Pokemon for HM slaves, and I always chose Turtwig. I would be cursing through the game with this giant turtle beast destroying everything in sight up until this point. Basically, Cyrus is the boss of Team Galactic, and Team Galactic mainly carry poison types, which grass types are weak to. Sure, my Torterra was part ground type, but he always had a way around it. In fact, he covered a lot of weaknesses. Like how he has a Gyarados with Earthquake so I can't switch into electric types. Oh, and here's the kicker: you can't save before the fight because it's back to back with another double battle that's also not exactly easy. And even if you lose the fight, you still have to redo that double battle. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team: The fight with Gangar's Team in Sinister Woods. You know, I really want to like this spin-off more. It's got a lot of amazing things in it. The storytelling can be even better than the main series games, they give so many Pokemon great personalities, and the art style can be stellar at times. But I just have one question that to me sets it back: Why does the gameplay have to be so monotonous? Yes, I feel the gameplay and controls make this particular boss fight hard. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a dungeon crawler, not particular east for fighting multiple enemies at once. So when they center a boss fight around that, it makes it even more frustrating. One's a ghost type. Whelp, there goes all my normal attacks. Oh and it has hypnosis. Just great *sarcasm.* The other two also aren't that easy to take out. Not to mention, if you're partner faints, even if you're still up, screw you you're starting the whole dungeon over. It doesn't help that the controls feel so tedious. I have had moments where I'll accidentally tackle in there instead of use another type of attack, and since that doesn't do anything, I'm screwed a whole turn. They basically moved the move select screen to the B button and not A. And since there's 3 of them, they get to attack you 3 times and you only get to attack one of them once. I had to use an infinite heath cheat to see the rest of the game. This might just be me sucking at these types of games, but I felt guilty having to cheat through a game. So, what are your hardest gaming moments?
  8. If there was one moment where you've openly expressed instead of hiding how enraged you are the most, when was it and describe what happened. Here's mine: One time, past midnight, I was still awake and in a bad mood. I was mostly thinking about my social life, my past, the present, the future, and what should I learn/do next. Then another thought emerged. This one involved an idea of doing something harsh to my 3rd to 5th grade yearbooks because I felt that apart from the field trips and the one kid that invited me to its birthday parties, sometime around those years was the birth of my social problems with 5th grade making my Aspergers Syndrome very clear. First, I took out all 3 yearbooks and vandalized them by writing harsh statements in it with permanent marker and spitting on pages. And then I went to the family room and ripped pages and threw them to the walls with most of them hitting the brick ones. I ended up doing it again another day, but it wasn't as strong as the one before. To this day, I don't regret doing this because I felt that it was a good, harmless way of getting my anger out. It's better than physically fighting others anyway.
  9. A lot of people who are disillusioned with politics seem to have very little understanding of what it's about and really, I'm hardly better off myself -- if at all. From what I've been getting, politics seems to be mainly about engaging and interacting with crowds which is something not many people know how to do well. Paraphrasing developmental psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld: "engage before you interact". Most people think of this as common courtesy -- the basis for meaningful communication. Polite people know how to be corteous with individuals. Charismatic people know how to be corteous with crowds. Just a thought.
  10. Does this "feature" bother anyone else? I'm programming away late last night and decide to stop and get some sleep. I hover over the shutdown button and apparently Windows needs to update before shutting down. I never leave my updates run unattended because that's just generally not a great idea. I don't do that for Linux and I certainly wouldn't for Windows. So what now? I can't tell Windows "do that stuff the next time I turn the machine on", it has to be done now. At 1 AM. Do I concede and install the update like Microsoft wants? No, I hold the power button for around 5 seconds and go to sleep at the risk of corrupting my file system. The update installs fine the next morning anyway when I turned the computer on. Why is there so little control over Windows Update? On the Linux side of my PC, it's a sudo pacman -Syu and you're up to date with the latest in security fixes. It doesn't say "Your kernel has updated! You will restart in 15 minutes!" or "A new kernel is available! It will automatically install the next time you shut down!", the user is responsible for keeping their machine up to date and in exchange, the system doesn't get in their way. That is good unobtrusive design that encourages users to stay up to date rather than disabling updates all together. Sorry, I just really needed to say this. I'm sure there's a policy somewhere that I can modify to change that behaviour, but I'm on Windows so infrequently that it isn't that big of a deal. It's just really annoying when it does... (Hah... first post ever on this thing and it's a rant about something regarding Windows. Fitting.)
  11. All right this thread is for posting some Pokemon first world problems. This was inspired by this video So yeah post some of your Pokemon first world problems or pokeproblems Here's mine The Pokemon are always made to be so powerful in the anime that I want to catch them only to find out they have pretty mediocre stats in the games First 2 generations had no running shoes and it makes the game feel slow when your first Pokemon games were the generation 3 games Finding a shiny Chansey in the Safari Zone Finding a shiny Pokemon when you're out of Poke balls.
  12. Hey guys... By now, many of you will have already read my most recent blog post that expressed my frustration at the forums, particularly the higher-ups, for not doing enough to be involved with the rest of the community and making them feel welcome. Well I wanted to apologize for harshness of tone and the manner through which I presented my frustrations. I happily say that the forums does do a fabulous job helping people out. While I still think the forums can do more for those less popular people who have their own talents to share, I realize that venting it out in anger wasn't the best way to express such concerns. Much of my frustration boiled over after my parents were hostile towards my intentions to pursue a Masters degree in Biochemistry in order to pursue a pharmacological career. My mom even called the professor's life "an easy one", and expressed nonchalantly and angrily that it was my life and that she didn't want anything to do with it anymore. Looking at the forums, I hastily saw that ignorant and cold-hearted spirit being played at many spheres in the forum community and that got me very frustrated. That being said, I still disagree in a forum that places hierarchy and popularity first. These are characteristics any forum should avoid at all costs. When I first joined the forums two years, I was never popular, but I never asked for it. I was already content with Feld0 continually interacting with the rest of us that made us realize that the mods were indeed human beings. Nowadays, that view is being jeopardized, most likely because of the massive growth the forums underwent, particularly in the last year, and an apparent complacency of forum members like me who have felt they've done enough to make the forums a better place. With a larger forums comes greater responsibilities for the mods. They've been less available due to the immense work they have to put in here and their real lives. I myself have undergone that same strain as a guild master in a free MMOPRG known as Spiral Knights. The fact the forums are still together now after this incredible size change says a lot about them. Although I see technical and social quirks and issues here and there, it's to be expected with such a large forum. Size is something we cannot control, but at least we can better organize our time for everyone. At least we can reply to people when we say we're busy, or at least we can give assurance that we read an interesting status update by replying to it. It's those little things that make members feel welcome here. We're not perfect, but at least we can try. That brings me to the World Cup itself. Despite the issues, the forums did a wonderful job helping me promote the 2014 MLPF World Cup, a tournament that had many aims, some of which were as follows: 1. To raise awareness of 2014 being a World Cup year and soccer as a worldwide sport brings people together. 2. To gather bronies together to share in their love for their favourite character, from the strongholds of the Mane 6 to the minnows of Mayor Mare and Dinky Doo. 3. To help artistic bronies realize their talents by drawing banners, trophies, and mascots through art contests. 4. To realize my dream of hosting a massive World Cup where a large chunk of the forums is involved (ie, at least 200-300 voters regularly) While the World Cup was largely successful in fulfilling the former two objectives, I still feel that the third and fourth objectives need fulfilling. While I realize that the final objective may be impossible, the third objective is still possible, and I was frustrated that the mods weren't getting to my request to update the announcement for the World Cup to include the contests for the artists. That was part of the issue that left me angered. Ok... now that I've said everything that needs to be said. I just wanted to conclude by apologizing again for any hostility I created through my anger. I was becoming frustrated at the people who felt left out, those people who I agreed with it. I was frustrated at my family for not caring about my future. I was frustrated with my friends for ignoring me when I tried to say anything. Finally, I was frustrated with my closest friends because they were always unable to reply promptly to private messages. The anger let out, and I couldn't control it. I will make sure to better control them from now on, and I will make sure to respond by contributing to the forums by making new friends with people who don't have any friends. That's what I wanted to end with. See a friend feeling lonely? Talk to em. See someone referring to something you know about in a status update? Reply to em. They may seem really small, but for someone feeling lonely, it means the whole world. That's what I aimed with the World Cup. Those wonderful pictures you guys post of very cute ponies and talking about your favourite pony. That's a huge step to making people feel welcome.
  13. What really just plain rustles your jimmies, it could be the smallest thing, like, mosquitoes ... Or something big like, bacon destroying entire cities with party cannons, for me I get annoyed by people who are CONSTANTLY like well ... This ... Dang it, my images are all gone, WHY!So tell me what rustles your jimmies, SO I CAN RUSTLE THEM MORE HUEHEUEHEUE!
  14. Shanks


    Me and my potty mouth go back a ways and I have gotten in trouble from it many times before, I am not in any trouble from it that I am aware of this time but I am trying to do something about before that becomes the case. Yesterday my mother was a bit upset with me because apparently my aunt who occasionally shops at the store I work at told my mother that she overheard me swearing under my breath while I was up in the 9th circle of hell (the checkstands). Though I honestly truthfully don't remember swearing while up in the check stands and am even willing to make that a Pinkie Promise I have come pretty close to it and have on some occasions have done some swearing under my breath without even realizing it so it is possible that I may have done so while in the checkstands. And it is also possible that someone may have misheard one of the various swear substitute words I often use while up there. That and when I hear "Jerry check up front please" it is often followed by me saying "shit" "damn it" or some other expletive. And my manager caught me swearing once after I dropped something and I didn't get a write up or anything but he did tell me not to use "vulgar language". Of course what really pissed me off about that conversation with my mother is that she automatically assumed that those comments under my breath were insults to the customers I was dealing with. And while I will admit there are some customers who I would love and tolerant having my fist in their face even I have enough restraint not to say anything about them at least until they are on their merry way. I understand that she is worried about me and dosen't want me to get canned but I can't believe it didn't occur to her that it might be the situation at large and not just whatever customer I am dealing with that has me so pissed off. My primary duty is supposed to be that of a dairy clerk so I have to worry about what goes on back there and up front which is ridiculous. I have even made the occasional joke or two when something went wrong, about a month or two ago when my checkstand started making a weird noise I asked one of the checkers next to me "how do I shut this thing up? I left my baseball bat at home, can I borrow yours?" And one time while I was in the checkstands when the milk load was being delivered and the assistant manager asked if the truck driver was still there I replied "if he is than he probably died of old age waiting for me to come back." So yes I have let a little bit of my inner smart ass out up there and have had a situation or two where I freaked out a big but none of my freakouts involved spewing expletives. But can you really blame me ladies and gents? BS is not my first language, if I do a fake smile I end up looking like a pedophile (neat that rhymes) or like Ren did in that one episode of Ren and Stimpy with the Happy Happy Joy Joy song.