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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone as the title of the thread states this is a free request shop. You see after a bit of thinking I decided to go back to where my art career started and do some free requests. Now with that being said I will place some rules below. 1. I will not draw anything NSFW I know this primarily a safe site but I want to make sure I put that out there first and foremost. 2. Please do not stalk my profile,note me or post here asking when its going to be done. My life has gotten a bit busier since I joined a few years ago and I will be probably getting a new pc really soon so it might take a bit to get your piece done 3. Be sure to have good references. Text and pictures with shading are harder to get colors off of. But anyway I can give it a go. 4.Tell me what you would want I.E. chibi,full body 5. Have fun and request away
  2. I can't be the only one who was bothered by the OST version of "Welcome to the Show" lacking the musical battle part. So I cut the missing audio from the TV release and added it to the song, you can download or listen to it here:
  3. The longest one I can remember playing is this one: It was pretty good company for an all-nighter I carried out recently- the feels helped keep me awake... What about for you ponies?
  4. Hey, so I was in a skype call with a good friend and drew this up with their help. I had a lot of fun doing this and it's the first one I've done actually using guidelines and stuff. So I wonder what you guys think of it. Tools used: Bamboo Fun tablet PaintToolSai Coffee Time taken: 2 hours
  5. This is just a simple drawing of a pony I made. It's nothing too special. I just sent it to a few friends and they said it was "adorable" I would like feedback if possible.
  6. All those characters are taken by others, and I hate roleplaying as someone that isn't either me or an OC which is essentially just me (I like the word "me " big time) so I think I'll make a more interesting ask thread since I'm bored: ask me anything! That means anything. Anything from why I'm attracted to Twily intensely, why I both love and hate 4chan, why I'm better than all of you (hint: The Great and Powerful Ashbad likes himself quite a bit), things like/dislike about bronies and such, why Nickleback is such a horrible band, and why Twily is always on my mind. Feel free to also ask questions on why I like Twily so much. Expect some /b/read.
  7. This may not be a good idea considering there may be killers and stalkers posed as "guests" around here, but I think if you are willing you should try this. Put your full name down and vote if you like your name or not. Here. I will put my full name down. EDIT: (since I am now a girl) Williamina Adelia Enrique Fabio Javier Marco Octavia Nieves Nico Adrian Doris Berthold Anges Philandros Jenkins. Also, mods, if you think this is too bad of an idea, just take it down. Please!
  8. Me and a few other people have recently put together a channel devoted to My Little Pony Fandubs! Our first project is A Canterlot Wedding! We're looking for people who can voice (and sing for, if needed) one of the character's in it. The only character taken is Evil Cadence, and possibly Good Cadence as well. All other parts are open, including: Twilight Sparkle Shining Armour Spike Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rarity Applejack Princess Celestia Luna Chrysalis Additional Voices (Bridesmaids, Title Singer): Here's the link: