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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm not sure too many people here know me, but I am Mercury, better known irl as "Alex Howard". I'm not really great at asking for things like this since it's not often that big enough things happen that there isn't enough preparation to help stop. I find myself in the position where I really couldn't have really stopped a train wreck of events from putting myself and my roommate into such a bad situation though. The past couple of weeks have been a sort of downhill slope for my roommate and I as they've been in and out of the hospital several times. Last night was the unfortunate straw that broke the camel's back per se as we're now without a car which was our means to get back and forth to work as well as to get groceries and pick up their prescriptions and due to all of this we're scrambling to get everything figured out. I have a link to their GoFundMe page here: GoFundMe: Fayth's Car Accident, Bills & Expenses and I would greatly appreciate any help that we can get to get back on our feet after this. Even just sharing it around and seeing if we can get something together that way all of this can get worked out would help out wonders. Thank you everyone who took the time to even read this far, and thank you even more if you can help out. --- As per request of a couple of people who were trying to donate to the campaign but only had paypal, here's my PayPal Email:
  2. Seems like an OC pony is getting his own game. Already 11% of fundings with Indiegogo. Could be interesting, but very risky since one of Indiegogo's payment companies (PayPal) is not so friendly when it comes to fundraisers.
  3. Even when I'm most of the time playing old games there's still some new games that looks interesting. One of them is Afterlife Empire. A fundraising project between the developer and gaming communities from Reddit and a video game imageboard, which led to the creation of Vivian James and Gilda Mars. The game is a strategy where you play a ghost who tries to scare as much people in your own created mansion to gain notoriety. Are there other members here who are interersted in the game?
  4. OUR DONATION PAGE We are happily taking donations, all donations over 5 dollars will get a drawing or type of art from a randomly picked artist! You can opt out of the free drawing, however, if you would prefer! ==================================================================== More Info: Our email We are still searching for artists and people who would be willing to spare some time for the cause. Any type of art will be appreciated! This includes, but is not limited to; Visual art, Music, or even a Livestream. Our goal is to give people who donate something over a certain amount to be awarded with a free piece of art from the community to show our gratitude. ======= Can't donate art or money and want to help? You can put a link to this page in your signature or go to THIS website to help people get the food they need.
  5. FUNDRAISER SUCCESSFUL THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING Hello everybody, My name is Samuel Curd, I'm a brony artist going by the screenname "Dilarus", I've been in the fandom since last year and have loved every moment of it. I taught myself to draw and started contributing to the brony community with my tumblr pages Southern Belle AJ and Meet the Pones, I've gained some very modest fame there and hope to continue for years to come. And now I have to ask all of you to support me in a very personal endeavour. You see, my older brother Ben went to Australia to get out and see the world and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with cancer. He has had an operation and is currently undergoing treatment in Nyah (near Victoria), but the chemotherapy is making him far too sick to work. Without any money he cannot afford to buy food and his accommodation is $70 a week, so my family is paying all we can to support him. The Australian government won’t give him any money except providing the operation and treatment and he naturally wants to come home to England. His insurance (Outback Insurance) aren’t paying for his treatment since it’s being provided by the government and they won’t pay for him to be repatriated to England since it’s not a medical expense. So in a nutshell, my brother is stuck literally across the globe without money and wants to come home. And so I would like to ask the brony community for their help in this endeavour, myself and Casy wish to hold a livestream with lots of drawing and games in the hopes of raising the $1100 (Australian dollars) for his plane ticket home. This equates to roughly £650 or $1000 US, I know it’s a lot, and it may be a long shot, but I hope that we together can spread the word and bring my brother home to his family. The fundraiser will likely be held this Sunday (20th July 2014) from 8AM to 8PM GMT. If you’d like to join in with or watch in the fun, we’d like to play minecraft, battleblock theatre and portal 2 for a while, as well as possibly drawing a special picture TOGETHER including OCs of people watching the stream. More artists are always welcome, and any reblogs/reposts/facebook statuses etc would be greatly appreciated. Already we have raised $300 from donations, thanks so very much to everyone to get us this far!
  6. Hey, I'm looking to start a fundraising event for a charity, a car wash, I've never organised a fundraising event before, but I've participated in many. I need some ideas on where it could be held and where I could get supplies, the venue must have access to water (obviously) and the supplies free (donated by nice companies?) any suggestions for venues and companies that might be willing to donate some supplies are welcome! Also I need to know who to contact (local council etc.) btw me and most of my friends are 13 years old and we live in Wales Thank you in advance
  7. Special thanks to Mareinthemoon for this picture! Go commission her. As all of you should know by now, Poniverse / MLP Forums has been invited to BronyCon and we’re going to have our very own table and panel in Baltimore this August! You see, in order for me, Feld0, to get to BronyCon safe and sound, we’re going to need to raise somewhere in the ballpark of $2,000 CAD. This includes plane tickets, hotel, food expenses, etc. Of course, like we did for the now-officially-concluded Making Christmas Merrier fundraiser, we’re giving out very wonderful prizes to those generous enough to help us make it to BronyCon this year. More prizes may be added as time goes by, and unlike Making Christmas Merrier, none of them will be the kind that can be ridiculously delayed in their fulfillment. Without further ado, the prizes! Tier Level 1 ($5) – You will receive: For every $5 you donate, you will receive one ticket in a raffle to win a 1-year-long subscription to Poniverse (valued at $120)! No one wants to let this chance slip from their grasp. Tier Level 2 ($10) - You will receive: A $10 donation will get you a spiffy badge and user colour different from the usual subscriber gold. The badges and colours will last from the time they are granted through August 12 - one week after BronyCon ends. Tier Level 3 ($20) - You will receive: A donation of $20 will get you all of the above + a letter written and signed by all the staff going to BronyCon. A great addition to anyone’s collection! Tier Level 4 ($40) - You will receive: Anyone who donates $40 will receive all of the above + the opportunity to go out for dinner with me and the rest of the Poniverse staff attending BronyCon. You need to find your own way to Baltimore, though! Everything looks great! How do I contribute? There are two ways! PayPal and direct credit/debit card payment options are available regardless of which way you donate. Click here and enter your donation amount, or... Find the donation block on the forum homepage, just beneath the BronyCon ad, and click the "Donate" button to drop some bits in the jar! Screenshot below: How many subscriptions are being raffled off? The number of subscriptions we give away depends on how much money we raise. For every $500 raised, an additional subscription will be added to the raffle. $0-$500 = 1 subscription $500-$1000 = 2 subscriptions $1000-$1500 = 3 subscriptions $2000 = 4 subscriptions If we break the $2000 goal, we'll double the number of available subscriptions, and continue adding 2 more subscriptions for every additional $500 past the goal. If all goes to plan, I’ll see you at Baltimore this August, and will personally thank all those who donated and made this possible for myself and the Poniverse community. If not for your faithful and loyal support you’ve shown us over the past year, we would not be where we are today, and Poniverse would probably never have been conceived. Thank you for supporting us all the way through!
  8. It's Winter Making Christmas Merrier Wrap-Up Day! Toward the end of 2012, we held a Christmas fundraiser for the BC Children's Hospital. Together, the MLP Forums community raised a total of $1810 CAD, which the hospital used to purchase Christmas gifts for all the unfortunate kids who had to spend the holiday there instead of their homes. Below is the receipt for the donation and a note from Cherie Spence, the organization's philanthropy coordinator: To make things more fun for everyone and encourage more contributions, we offered a variety of rewards and activities to up the ante as donations came in. You can see the full list of these in the fundraiser's original announcement post. Before going any further, I'd like to issue a public apology on behalf of the MLP Forums team for the tardiness in delivering the promised prizes. A combination of factors, ranging from the real-life bus running over our precious cargo to some recipients showing no interest in their prize (People made an honest-to-goodness donation for charity and nothing else? Secure an underground shelter, guys; the apocalypse is nigh!) have complicated and slowed down the logistics involved. With that said, today, I'm happy to present the following completed prizes: Key Gear sings a randomly selected show song (1/9) Tom The Diamond gets the member title "Trixe is NOT best pony" for 1 week. I, Feld0, get the member title "New Lunar Republic Rising" for 1 week. Zoop gets the member title "Leibniz is better than Spinoza". Feather Spiral creates a 1000-word literary work for Tich. Everyone gets subscriber perks for 9 days. Tich orders a commission of his, Zoop's, and Key Gear's OC's. In addition, Zoop has partially completed his dramatic reading of "My Little Dashie". The progress on his aural masterpiece can be found here as well. The member titles and subscriber perks are effective immediately. The rest of the awards are content-based, and follow: Key Gear sings "So Many Wonders" So_Many_Wonders.mp3 (original post) Feather Spiral writes a 1000-word literary work for Tich The Neigh After Tomorrow Tich orders a commission from ErBoi Zoop treats us to a dramatic reading of "My Little Dashie" MLD-01.ogg MLD-02.ogg Again, I'm sorry that we've been so slow on getting to all of these. The remaining rewards will be published and added to this post as they come in. Unfortunately, with everything that's going on with Poniverse and BronyCon preparations these days, as well as personal matters in staff members' real lives (yeah, hate to break it to you that we have those, too), I can't provide an ETA on any of those, but we fully intend on eventually getting every last one of them completed. I know a lot of you have been looking forward to many of these, so we appreciate your patience and support as we work through it all.
  9. I have a question regarding the duration of my Donor rank and perks since we're all celebrating the fundraiser. Just yesterday (1st of May) I donated through the 'Donate' button on the main page. This, of course, grants me the Donor rank for a period of time relative to the amount of money donated. However, today (2nd of May) every member gets the Donor/Subscriber rank for 9 days. My question here is: As a donator before everypony was given the Donor/Subscriber rank, do I get 9 days extra, or does my rank only last as long as it would last without those 9 days?
  10. Hey guys, Ok, so I've totally never done anything like this before, but I thought, well what's there to lose? So I started an fundraiser for my daughter's birthday party. I know, seems ridiculous. But my husband just got laid off last week and now all the plans we had set up for it are kinda going down the drain.... My daughter is young, but she's old enough to know what a birthday is and I know this would make her so happy and excited!!! The idea was this: Balloons in the colors of the ponies bodies with ribbons in the colors of their manes and tails, decorations around the tables in the colors of the ponies. A Rarity themed birthday cake, which some of you know about already. A darling tutu-dress made in Rarity's colors for Lizzie to wear as the birthday girl! Birthday hats or maybe crowns for each child in various pony colors. Gift bags with the Mane 6's cutie marks attached to them and pony related goodies inside. I also am hoping to make her the Mane 6 pony plushies for her to snuggle with whenever she gets lonely, but that's expensive and I don't quite have everything I need for them. We wanted to set them around the venue in places where they will be in their element. Pinkie Pie will be right in the action, of course. Twilight will probably be in the library. Rainbow Dash will be "flying" near the trees. There's so many options! Then there's the invitations... my favorite part! We had planned on doing an invitation to the "Grand Galloping Gala" (see season 1 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). Included in the invitations were going to be gold paper tickets embossed to look royal and pony-like. Then the games, Pin the Tail on the Pony, a My Little Pony hot air balloon pinata! We were so excited! But now we can't really do it so much. It'd be awesome if you wanted to help! Fundraiser is: There's rewards and stuff!! Thanks for looking!