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Found 19 results

  1. UPDATE: The survey will be closing by the end of the month! Try to spread it around, the more people the better! Hey everypony! Thanks for clicking this topic, and I'm sure you're curious as to what could be in store after… Whelp! GUESS WHAT?! There's a survey going on right now on the web for "How has fandoms affected your life?" The survey is pretty short and to the point, and it's to help tally up the results of how positively fandoms affect our daily lives. If you're a brony like me, go ahead and put in your two bits. Don't be afraid to mention you're in other fandoms too, I mean I'm a true trekkie when it comes down to it. Here's a link to the survey~~…/1OXpMtwct7OnQRrVslxudlOY…/viewform The people running it are a non-profit organization called,"Manifold Creators Society". The organization was made to support fans from fandoms, and help to educate what fandoms are truly about. This survey, if we have enough people submitting to it, will prove that fandoms are overall very positive to be in. Please tell me what you think of it after you've clicked submit as I am one of the members that helped to create the survey. It's my first survey,too. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you're willing to help support the survey. Share it out to all your fandoms ;3
  2. Was curious to see if anyone else here was a furry? Honestly I hardly consider myself a brony anymore (I come on here now and again as of recently but nowhere near as much as I used to) but...I'm definitely a furry! If you are a furry which came first, Pony stuff or Furry stuff? Out of the two fandoms which do you feel you're more active in? And last but not least...what is your fursona?
  3. is the mlp fandom part of the furry fandom? - Bronies don't wear fur suits - the mlp fandom is more strict on the persona races - mlp fandom has a core source (mlp:fim) to talk about as the furry fandom is more general - lots more my opinion: Bronies are NOT the same as furries
  4. Questions About Furries? Does that make this a reverse-FAQ? Anyway, I'm not a furry, nor do I ever really intend to be. Occasionally, I do anthro art, but that's it. I've written about this subculture on more than one occasion, but realized that there's a lot that I don't know about it. So I have some questions. First, I suppose the definition is something that I'm a bit unclear on. I've given a definition before in arguments, but I'm uncertain as to whether this is accurate or accepted among the furry community. My definition was having a fursona in one way or another, which may include, though not necessarily exclusive to nor limited to, dressing up as them partially or fully, referring to yourself by your fursona or acting as your fursona online. Is this an accurate definition or is there a better one? Is there something I'm missing? Is there any in-community debate about it? Second, I know that most (particularly the mammal-based ones) are called furries. If you're something like a snake or something, you're a scaly. But what about other animals? Birds? Fish? (I assume they could be called scalies as well, but I don't know.) Insects? Amphibians? I think that probably they all fit under "furry" as an umbrella term, but do other terms exist for these animals without fur in the way that one exists for reptiles? Or are there not enough of them to justify their own terms? Third, controversy. I think most communities have controversy or divided issues within them. From an outsider perspective, the experiences I've had with furries are mostly positive. However, is there anything that the community disagrees upon? Is there even anything upon which to disagree? Fourth, how much is role playing a part of the furry community? In my above definition, I've assumed (though could be wrong) that most furries have a fursona that they take on. Given that, you sorta need something to do with it, I think. This makes me think that RPing is probably a big part of the community, but I also have the sneaking suspicion that I'm very wrong. How much is RPing a part of it? Sorry if any of my questions offend. I'm not trying to be presumptuous or judgmental. I just want to understand this subculture better, as it seems to have a lot of overlap with several of the subcultures I'm involved in (including MLP.) Plus it would be nice to actually know what I'm saying when I write about furries, which happens more than you might think. Thanks for any and all answers!
  5. Any pony here fur suit? Any stories or experiences to share? What are the reactions from the public and con goers? Ever go to a meet up? Whats it like?
  6. Hey all, So I'm pretty sure we've all heard people hate on furries and such, but what do you think about them? It's a fandom I've been wanting to get into, and I ignore anything I see negative about them. Mostly because 99% of the time it's all rumors or misconceptions, which is the same kind of things people who hate this community use against us as well. But the things my friends see about it is going to get some gears turning in their heads and they're most definitely going to think about those rumors and misconceptions as an all around truth of the fandom. And that is making me hesitate defining myself as a furry, or when I do define myself as one, hesitate telling them. One the greener side of things, I've learned from joining this fandom that at least one person is going to hate on you 100%. Once you learn to ignore those people who talk bad about you, then you're golden. The reasons I joined this fandom is because I like the show, I like the fandom's creativity and how welcoming the whole thing seemed. There's little to no difference on how I see the furry fandom. I like their fandom's creative side and they seem welcoming looking from the outside in. It's absolutely no different from my reasons for liking this fandom. So what have you heard about 'em, and what do you think? [P.S] Tried to keep this shorter than it originally was going to be, but it's still pretty lengthy. Srry :3
  7. Good Day, my name is Vardakas, mostly known as Balareth, i make animations on my own. I am looking for talented people who can contact me via Skype or PMs, we can work on a animaiton project i am developing. At the moment i am requiring this Staff: -Background Aritsts -Voice Talents (male and Female, both are very required) -As for the animation as well, i'll handle the whole animation part but if you want to enter as animator is required to know Anime Studio Pro, Flash is not gonna be used. -We are gonna work on Skype, if you are fully willing to join the team PM in this page first. This is a great oportunity to create a new empire with new species, in our team nobody is discrimined by gender, nationality, race or sexual preference, we are all part not only of a glorious team with constant progress but also a safe place to relief your stress and sadness, you will receive suport from us, we are like family. I gathered few members already, and even if is my vision nobody is really the leader, you have the chance to talk and express yourself about the animaiton progress, you are free to suggest, propose or complain and we all gonna listen to you carefully. This animation is not about ponies, but before you leave please listen: as a voice actor or bg artist this is a great chance to expose your talent to the world, first youtube, then newgrounds and if we receive enough suport we can start our own plattform to those who choose to follow our example, time will decide over things. Because there are shows who create intense love for itself if we analize it step by step this would be our chance to bring the best to make a new world based on what we decide, your voice is gonna melt the heart of the fans, YOUR fans, wouldn't you like to see fan art of your fursona? fanfiction, videos or even videogames? We are gonna make history on the internet, while i handle the hardsest part that is animation i only ask you a little contribution that is gonna be greatly rewarded, because your name and the links of you is gonna be on the description, i'll give you fully credit for your work, i have faith on this project that is gonna change forever the view of the users we are gonna be the founders of a new fandom that are the felines, not only cats but majestic lions, fast cheetahs, strong panthers and most species in anthro form we are gonna be the voice of the new generation. We are gonna make all users to raise their paws toward us creating an empire 100% original and free from Copyright Issues. If you want to participate this will mark a new begining of your life, a reason to fight for. This is not only my project, is OUR project. Feeling depressed? feeling down wondering what the heck you been doing with your life? have you ever feel you dont have a purpose to live? well i am offering you a reason to live, a mission, a path to happiness, a work that is gonna be immortalized on internet. If you are good with your voice or drawing skills you are most welcome we will accept you as one of our own and i call you, Dear Founder of the Feline Empire, i salute you. We are all Founders, Me and my friends including you. Remember, if you wanna contact me, PM me with the title of Feline Animation and ill give you the details and all answers you want. Fillies and Gentlecolts, for many years we have followed a wonderful world and a awesome comunity like MLP and the Brony Fandom, now is the time to start to be the gods of this world, Felnes are gonna be friendly and compatible with the brony fandom so you dont feel you are treasoning the fandom, you are helping me to bring in a newborn kindom where magic and science meets and epic adventures awaits. I dare you to show me the best of you. Our time has begun.
  8. Firstly, lemme just say it's great to be back. Did I enjoy my hiatus? No. I didn't. I was forced by my own will to finish a plethora of fanfictions that I almost gave up on. (I didn't. You can find them on my fimfiction page). Anyway, today was my birthday. Happy birthday me. With that birthday came a very special surprise from Scott Cawthon, creator of the FNAF series and his all new, "Sister Location". Let me be clear, I hate the game, not you or the guy who made. Now, for those who don't know, I was a FNAFer before I became a brony, so I've got a lot of respect for the Five Nights franchise. This? This is something else. Firstly, and I will try to steer clear of spoilers, the game is completely revamped. There is nothing that resembles the first games. This game could've been a separate entity of its own. Why Scott decided to beat a dead horse is completely unknown. He should have gone with something a little more original. The mechanics of the game are all fresh and 3D-like, but that comes with problems. The camera is a piece of crap. The entire time you play it, you're fighting it. Move the mouse up? WHOOPS. Glitches back down to the bottom. This goes on, but you eventually get used to it and move along. My main problem is with Night 2. No, I haven't beaten it, but I'm not sure I ever will. The game requires you to reboot 8 different rooms by holding down a button. Sounds easy, right? No. Instead, there's "Funtime Freddy" in the room with you, waiting around like some kind of creep. Naturally, this being a fnaf game, you've gotta spam the voice box (like FNAF3 for those familiar) and distract him. He'll go away for about 2 seconds before you have to do it all again. I have no problem with that. The real problem is where you get to the very last reboot, become jump-scared, and then have to do everything over again while listening to the twenty minute intro all over again. Good job, Scott. Good job. (keep in mind I did this for a good 3 hours.) Unstoppable cut-scenes are the pinnacle of fear. Not to mention lost progress. (this is coming from a guy who plays classic 90s games regularly) All in all, the game is boring, buggy, innovative, but not a FNAF game. You want a good game? Go play Outlast or the Resident Evil 7 Demo a thousand times. Stay away from this mess (he better fix the game) Anyway, sorry for that rant, I know it was uncalled for. We'll be returning to our regular, daily brony tales tomorrow. Stay tuned! Thanks! -RealityPublishing
  9. The green background is still a habit from my Pokémon ROM hacking days.
  10. Me again Anyone else here a fursuiter? I've got two, a full suit of my sona Medosai the wolf, and a partial of my Hamster OC Edward (but I'm getting a new head for him at confuzzled!) Some photos! :3 Do you fursuit? Is it something you'd ever be interested in? On the contrary, do you not like them? If so why? *sadface*
  11. *Note: Not actually everything. Yet. I just decided to make this becasue I was bored. HERE WE GO. What is a furry? A furry is defined as a person who likes anthropormorphic animals. Anthropormorphic (anthro shorthand) is a stupidly long word which means that said animals have human characteristics, commonly defined as walking on two legs. While this is the common definition, and is what most people seem to define by, this is not the only way to be anthro. (Almost) Everyone has their own fursona, which is just a depiction of themself in anthro style. What do you do? I'm not even really sure. Converse, I guess. Unlike MLP, there's not always a direct common interest at hand. Of course, you might have any number of people who like Housepets, for example, but that isn't everyone. It's a really large range of things that fall under the categorization of anthro, but this can be beneficial. And rarely kind of a pain in the ass. Art and other media is also a large section of the fandom. Mostly art (any trips to DeviantArt and you'll see what I mean), but webcomics seem to also be common, considering it's just art with words. Conventions and meetups are also pretty common, where you just talk about things within the community, or have lunch at some fancy organic place in downtown Portland. It really depends. No matter where you are in the U.S. (and maybe the world), there will always be something relatively nearby. Furlandia is Oregon's major convention... and I can't go. Why? I honestly don't know. All I'm aware of is that I'm happier for it, and it just leaves you with a warm feeling inside, and a sense of friendship. So, that's it for now. Any future questions will be answered to the best of my ability.
  12. Welcome to Equestria.TV Friday Movie Nights, where your fellow Poniverse community members join together to watch movies and chat, but the fun doesn't stop there! When episodes are airing, you can tune in the next morning, where we’ll all watch a new episode of Friendship is Magic together on a live stream, and you can join us on saturdays for unscripted saturday, where we just sit back, relax, and do whatever we want, whether it be games, livestreams, or ponies. And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Disney's Robin Hood Showtimes 6:00 PM EST 12:00 PM CET Muppets Treasure Island Showtimes 7:30 PM EST 1:30 AM CET 100th Episode Celebration Mare-a-thon Join us straight after movienight for our very special mare a thon event where we will be watching through episodes and fan videos all featuring our most beloved background characters. Randomly throughout the night there will be a funko giveaway for all in the chat. If people stick around long enough we may watch other stuff or play some games, who knows 100th Episode Saturday 11:30 PM EST FAQ (All of these events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  13. Hello~! I'm just going to post some of my artwork(pony artwork included) and I'm hoping for some critique mostly and maybe some commissions and watchers on my deviant art^-^ Okay so my deviant art ID: Tia_Moon78 My Artwork~: Espeon: EspeonxUmbreon: My Fursona/Jen's Fursona/ Her Mate: Jen's Fursona: Circus Bear Fursona: Maid 1: Maid 2: My OC Punkbeat: Chibi Glaceon: My Adventure Time OC Eileen Wolf: I hope you enjoy! Don't be too shy with your critiques. And if you'd like to request a commission just ask me for the details via message. Fin~
  14. okay, so as you can tell by the thread. i would like to show you guys some of the art that i make. please tell me what you think, my GCSE`s depend on it!!
  15. Hi Everypony! <3 I just wanted to share some of my art with you c: I'm not currently open for commissions at this time however once I'm finished making some fursuits for confuzzled in May I'll be opening up again! I draw animals, furries and of course ponies, in both digital and traditional types. I use promarkers c: Anyway, some examples; - Digital furry art, quite an old piece now though! - digital pony art - traditional furry art, old again! - traditional pony art I'm on furaffinity at - On facebook as - The art of crazywolfgirl And I do post some art on my twitter - @bluedagroness As I said I also make fursuits. However I no longer do them on commission sorry! <3
  16. I have been confused wether or not I should identify myself as a Furry. 1. I adore animals of all kinds. I am fascinated by them and I really feel they have intuition like humans do. 2. I prefer to draw animals (mostly wolves, horses, and dragons) rather than people or objects. I even have my own wolf character with her own personality and original design. 3. I DON'T have a fetish for animals! I'm not on that side of it. 4. I would wear a fur suit if I had one! In fact, I want one. 5. I want to attend a furry convention. I know most furries are very nice individuals. 6. I don't particularly like anthropomorphic animals, but I do find them really cool and fun to draw 7. I DON'T feel I have a spiritual connection to animals. So, do these things automatically make me less of a Furry? Or would I be considered one nonetheless?
  17. So, I recently got Simcity for the PC when it was released. I had high hopes for this game since it looked promising when EA released some gameplay footage on the internet. So, I pick up my copy which I pre-ordered from Gamestop, I get home, I get on my computer, put the disc in then I realize it's one of those games which has to be connected to EA's crappy DRM client, Origin. So, I log into Origin, then start installing the game which took about 7 hours. I'm not entirely sure if the disc is ever used because I did was punch in a product key and I never heard the disc spin. Anyways, the following afternoon, I get home from work and start to play then I realize that it's one of those games which you always have to log in to play and you have to always be online even if you're playing single player. This is exactly what I feared and is EXACTLY what happened with Diablo 3. Seriously, why do I need to log in to play a single-player city builder?! This isn't World of Warcraft, it's Simcity. What's the point of being connected to the internet if you're playing single player!? Sometimes I travel or my internet's down and I just want to play some games for awhile, I can't always be connected. So, I try to play and I get added to some sort of queue and I wait at a loading screen FOR A HALF HOUR. So after about nine million years, I finally get to play for about 15 minutes before I get disconnected! There's no saving or reloading cities, so if you mess up on one of your cities or destroy it for fun, you can't just reload it. Once again, this isn't an MMO. Simcity is supposed to be a single player game. I probably should've never pre-ordered it but how was I supposed to know that EA is going to give me a half finished game? This is what is killing PC gaming. I'm seriously considering going back to consoles if this crap goes on. Simcity isn't even a bad game. I find it pretty fun, WHEN I GET TO ACTUALLY PLAY IT. Now, if they called this game, "Simcity Online" and brand it as an MMO, that's fine. Don't trick me into buying something that's not even finished. I guess I won't pre order games anymore. No matter how excited I am, I'm going to wait after it's released and reviews are published. I also pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V while I picked up Simcity. I'm going to see if I can get a refund because I'm not going to get a half finished game again. I'll wait until reviews come out and I'll see how the game is afterwards. Well, there's my rant, thanks for reading.
  18. I got a new paint program called paint tool sai, so I wont be on much. I'll be busy animating my furries. My youtube is Kiara1126100 if you want to see some of my animations. They're not the best but I do what I can.
  19. Like the title says, I've been doing sketches at school and at night all this week. These are those sketches. They are the spoiler, so that this topic doesn't look TOO long.