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Found 66 results

  1. Moderator note: To minimise the number of repeat discussions regarding the Furry fandom, this thread can be used to discuss all aspects of the Furry Fandom - whether that be with respect to the Brony fandom, or the Furry fandom on its own. This thread is for discussion of all furry related things. (SFW obviously) A few starter questions: What furry artists do you follow? (Like on Deviantart, Furaffinity, Tumblr, etc.) What furry series do you follow? (Webcomics? TV? Fictions?) What's your favorite type of furry? (Mammal? Reptile? Avian?) Do you like when non-anthropomorphic characters are turned into furries? (No right or wrong answer here!) What is your opinion on the notion that bronies and furries are one and the same? (Once again, no right or wrong answer) What do you think of anthropomorphic versions of MLP characters? Remember that not all furry related material is of a sexual nature, characters like Bugs Bunny and Sonic the Hedgehog are indeed furries and there's nothing sexual about them, so let's get some variety in here! I don't think there's any particular problem with showing something a little risque, and as far as I know it doesn't go against the rules of the site, but absolutely no NSFW images as they are against the site rules. Any NSFW discussion should be taken into personal conversation elsewhere. NOTICE: This topic is for furries, by a furry (myself). If you are uncomfortable talking about or with furries then please kindly leave the topic. We want no flame wars or trolling here and we are not intentionally trying to cause discomfort. Also, this is not an RP thread. Keep all Roleplaying in it's respective board. Now to answer some of the starter questions myself to get some conversation going! I follow a lot of furry artists; some for their furry work, some for other reasons and the fact that they are furry artists is just a coincidence. I'm not gonna bother trying to name them all but some of the ones I follow are: Blacksen, BleachedKitten, Jolly Jack (Philip M. Jackson), Jay Naylor and Slugbox. Some of these you might have heard or or follow yourself. I haven't seen a lot of activity from Blacksen or BleachKitten lately but I follow Jolly Jack and Jay Naylor's webcomics religiously. As for Slugbox I go on his Tumblr every once in a while for his pony art and sometimes his really funny reblogs. I am a webcomic maniac so I follow quite a few furry webcomics (usually find them through ads but I find them nonetheless lol) A few furry webcomics I read (And definitely recommend for any who wanna check them out) are: Better Days/Original Life Better Days comes before Original Life. Both done by Jay Naylor Unlike Minerva/You Say It First Unlike Minerva came first and jumped from artist to artist before it settled on Isabelle which continued on through You Say It First and still going strong Pretty much everything on There is a group of artists that came together and created this wonderful site that hosts a small group of webcomics (drawn by said various artists) each one of them furry webcomics. I have yet to read Draconia Chronicles or The Eye of Ramalach but I absolutely love Las Lindas and the recently added Yosh! Catena Manor This webcomic is hilarious and though it's artstyle gets gradually less realistic over time it seems to be better that way anyway in my opinion. It's been on hiatus for over a year now I think. They are doing a redesign of the series so anything in the past comics will not relate directly to whatever they do next. The artist has been keeping herself busy with other projects though. VG Cats Here's one many people will likely know. VG Cats is popular not for being a furry comic but for being a video game comic. That should be good for now. There's many more but I'd like to leave some for others to talk about! I don't wanna be the only one talking here. I don't particularly have any preference on what type of furry I like but the one thing I don't appreciate is when furries look too human. And I mean this in the sense where they have realistically shaped human faces where it looks like someone just painted their face to look like a cheetah or something. I find those particular kinds of furries ugly as sin. I prefer them to have a more anime/cartoony air to them. Of course I love when non-furry characters are turned into furries, that includes ponies, and generally they are some of the best kinds of furries imo. Furry pokemon are fun, for example. I don't believe at all that bronies and furries are exclusively the same thing. That doesn't mean one can't be a furry when they are a brony or vice versa, just that being one does not automatically label a person as the other as well. They are very different fandoms that have very different focal points. Phew, took a while to type this up. Let's hope it was worth it and this topic doesn't get buried! xD
  2. Was curious to see if anyone else here was a furry? Honestly I hardly consider myself a brony anymore (I come on here now and again as of recently but nowhere near as much as I used to) but...I'm definitely a furry! If you are a furry which came first, Pony stuff or Furry stuff? Out of the two fandoms which do you feel you're more active in? And last but not least...what is your fursona?
  3. is the mlp fandom part of the furry fandom? - Bronies don't wear fur suits - the mlp fandom is more strict on the persona races - mlp fandom has a core source (mlp:fim) to talk about as the furry fandom is more general - lots more my opinion: Bronies are NOT the same as furries
  4. First of all, some background if you want to read in detail what Alter-Ego Acting is according to TV Tropes: TL:DR: Alter-ego acting is when you start treating like the Character you play as could be its own character in several different degrees of how real is the Character? Now, a better explanation of what my topic has to do with Furries and Alter-Ego acting: Now, according to an article about Alter-Ego Acting on TV Tropes that talks about Furries, it said, Members of the Furry Fandom vary wildly on how they apply this trope to themselves and their characters, with some considering themselves and their characters to be entirely separate and never referring to themselves as their character in real life (unless wearing a fursuit or other costume); some viewing their characters as real people whom they "channel", speaking of them in third person and slipping in and out-of-character in public; some refusing to answer to any name but their furry name (further complicated by people who get their names legally changed, not all of whom believe their furry self to be real or separate from themselves); and some not even having a "fursona", just an online handle. But in general most furries are of the Type 3 variety, acknowledging or even proudly admitting that their fursona is just like real life, only with animal features (or a different body type), with very different fursonas either being a challenging exercise in roleplaying or indulging in wish fulfillment about their ideal self. Now For what I expect from you and why I'm doing this poll: I want any and all Furries and those with ponysonas to vote on what type of person do you see your Fursona and such? Do you keep your Fursona and Real Life self separate? Do you treat it real when you're in costume? Or are you a Furry who doesn't have a Fursona and just use a name as an online handle? Just vote for the options that best fits your view of you and your Fursona/Ponysona? If you can't find the poll option you want to say, let me know in a post here I want to know how many people see their Fursonas one way or another. And if you wish to give a specific answer, go ahead and post it. AS FOR ME: I have two Ponysonas: Unicorn Will Guide and Changeling Will Guide. Unicorn Will Guide is my main Ponysona. Whenever I'm "in Equestria" I'm this red Unicorn with a talent for telling Disney Stories with my Unique Disney Magic. I do try to keep him separate from my real life most of the time. Changeling Will Guide is a 2nd soul that can only exists in Equestria. When he died in my arms in the Everfree Forest right before I would lose all memories of him for some time, his soul became a part of me and so he exists by sharing my unicorn body. I see him as real in Equestria and would channel him from time to time when I'm talking about my "experiences in Equestria" Since we share our body and mind like a car, whoever you see on the outside is the current "driver", either me as Unicorn Will or him as Changeling Will, while the other soul is like a passenger in the "backseat" of our mind. The Backseat passenger can experience everything the "driver" is experiencing; they're just not in direct control. I usually use a Magic Mirror from the Beauty and the Beast world to show whoever's in the backseat when both of us want to talk to the ponies around us. Well, that's my Ponysonas; What about you guys?
  5. Hi! If you're interested in commissioning me, go to my shop here: So, before we get into the pricing and such, a few terms to consider: I WILL: Draw any canon MLP species (ponies, griffons, dragons, zebras, etc.) Draw felines or canines not related to the MLP universe Draw couples of any orientation Draw kissing, cuddling, hugging Draw OCs Draw humanized pony-related characters ONLY IF you have a reference Draw mild gore/violence (discuss with me to determine limits - I'm pretty open with this one) I WILL NOT: Draw pornography/sexually explicit content or fetishes Draw very complicated machines or related items (just not good at it) Other rules/info: All prices are in USD. All works include a free simple background (see examples below). Highly detailed backgrounds will cost an extra $5-10 depending on the complexity. Each extra character costs an additional $5 (for sketch and line art commissions, an extra $3). I can draw traditionally (pencil, pen, colored pencil, watercolor) or digitally -- please specify which you would prefer! I can draw either in my own style or in a show-accurate style -- please specify which you would prefer! Here is what I mean: Okay! Now that all that's out of the way, here are your options! $30 Flat Colors examples: $35 Headshot examples: $45 Shading examples: (the CMC and "Happy Birthday" ones have free simple backgrounds; two unicorns with the rainbow have a $5 bg; other pieces have $10 bgs) $75 Reference Sheet examples: I think that just about covers everything! If you're interested in any of these please let me know and we can discuss! ^^ Of course the more I have to do the longer your commission may take depending on where you are on the list and how detailed you want your piece to be. Thanks for taking a look! If you want more examples of my work, or want to see the work above at a higher quality, you can look at my DeviantArt! Current queue: (none)
  6. because I am a huge dum dum and didn't realize non pone arts board existed so I made one RIP featuring arts past and present. anyway...OH LOOK. SQUIRREL.
  7. Heya. Just thought I should start a new thread. I am curious! What conventions have all of you attended? Pony, anime, comic, etc. And any convention stories to share? post them here, for a good laugh, fright, or cringe even! All in good fun! Conventions I have attended: Anime Central, Anime Midwest, Midwest Furfest, ColossalCon, Katsucon Upcoming Cons: ColossalCon Conventions I plan to go to: Whinny City Con, D23 Expo Conventions I want to attend: AnthroCon, Biggest Little Furcon, Bronycon Feel free to use the template below for a reply if any of you wish.
  8. This Thread is for all my non-MLP art work! Mostly furry art, personal work, fanart, and commissions! I won't upload EVERYTHING but I'll update this on occasion! you can view my full Gallery here: (commission for Bugscrap) ( Commission for infernalpume )
  9. Some drawings i've been doing in the past weeks.
  10. this is just a massive dump of my furry art! i work really hard on it! vani.psd
  11. I love making these! They are so cute and fun! More will be made soon.
  12. Random artworks I've done recently to avoid the art block.
  13. Here is my Furry OC I hope you like it.
  14. Good Day, my name is Vardakas, mostly known as Balareth, i make animations on my own. I am looking for talented people who can contact me via Skype or PMs, we can work on a animaiton project i am developing. At the moment i am requiring this Staff: -Background Aritsts -Voice Talents (male and Female, both are very required) -As for the animation as well, i'll handle the whole animation part but if you want to enter as animator is required to know Anime Studio Pro, Flash is not gonna be used. -We are gonna work on Skype, if you are fully willing to join the team PM in this page first. This is a great oportunity to create a new empire with new species, in our team nobody is discrimined by gender, nationality, race or sexual preference, we are all part not only of a glorious team with constant progress but also a safe place to relief your stress and sadness, you will receive suport from us, we are like family. I gathered few members already, and even if is my vision nobody is really the leader, you have the chance to talk and express yourself about the animaiton progress, you are free to suggest, propose or complain and we all gonna listen to you carefully. This animation is not about ponies, but before you leave please listen: as a voice actor or bg artist this is a great chance to expose your talent to the world, first youtube, then newgrounds and if we receive enough suport we can start our own plattform to those who choose to follow our example, time will decide over things. Because there are shows who create intense love for itself if we analize it step by step this would be our chance to bring the best to make a new world based on what we decide, your voice is gonna melt the heart of the fans, YOUR fans, wouldn't you like to see fan art of your fursona? fanfiction, videos or even videogames? We are gonna make history on the internet, while i handle the hardsest part that is animation i only ask you a little contribution that is gonna be greatly rewarded, because your name and the links of you is gonna be on the description, i'll give you fully credit for your work, i have faith on this project that is gonna change forever the view of the users we are gonna be the founders of a new fandom that are the felines, not only cats but majestic lions, fast cheetahs, strong panthers and most species in anthro form we are gonna be the voice of the new generation. We are gonna make all users to raise their paws toward us creating an empire 100% original and free from Copyright Issues. If you want to participate this will mark a new begining of your life, a reason to fight for. This is not only my project, is OUR project. Feeling depressed? feeling down wondering what the heck you been doing with your life? have you ever feel you dont have a purpose to live? well i am offering you a reason to live, a mission, a path to happiness, a work that is gonna be immortalized on internet. If you are good with your voice or drawing skills you are most welcome we will accept you as one of our own and i call you, Dear Founder of the Feline Empire, i salute you. We are all Founders, Me and my friends including you. Remember, if you wanna contact me, PM me with the title of Feline Animation and ill give you the details and all answers you want. Fillies and Gentlecolts, for many years we have followed a wonderful world and a awesome comunity like MLP and the Brony Fandom, now is the time to start to be the gods of this world, Felnes are gonna be friendly and compatible with the brony fandom so you dont feel you are treasoning the fandom, you are helping me to bring in a newborn kindom where magic and science meets and epic adventures awaits. I dare you to show me the best of you. Our time has begun.
  15. hi! so me and my friend have these two oc's that are..well, with eachother in story. and he drew an adorable picture of it. and i was wondering..what do you guys think of his awesome art work? i would link you guys to one of his drawin sites, buut he does post some NSFW stuff, and i rather not put that on the forums, just in case theres any below 18 year olds here..hehe. anyway! First we got Starlet Light, a dark blue, nerdy wolf girl. And then we got The green Silver haired Dingo, Vladicarus ^W^
  16. Woooh, I didn't find a thread like this so I thought I'd make one myself! This is where you can post your furry OCs or furrsonas, and talk more about them. If you're willing to share, of course. Since I'd love to know if there are any other people on these forums that have their own furry OCs and furrsonas, too? I sure have some and I'll post mine in the comments like everyone else. I'd love to see your characters! For those who can't come up with what to write about their character, can fill in this form: Appearence: (If you have any art of your character, that'd be amazing to see.) Name: Age: Animal/creature: Qualities: Flaws: Likes: Dislikes: Location: Relationship: Other: Happy posting!
  17. All aboard the Zootopia hype thread! So today this trailer went up. As someone who is super in to anthro, this caught my eye immediately. It's been a while since we've seen an anthro movie from Disney (I thought of Robin Hood right away). Anyway, I have more thoughts on this for later, but I wanted to know what people think of this movie - both in how it will compare to past Disney movies, and what kind of light it will shine on the furry fandom.
  18. So this is my first attempt using autodesk sketchbook :3 What do you guys think? (derp attached wrong image)
  19. The green background is still a habit from my Pokémon ROM hacking days.
  20. Tell me what you think. I would love to improve so feel free to Critique!
  21. OK, so last week, when I was chatting in the IRC channel of the Funday Pawpet Show. Someone said to me that ''At least one furry died in the Paris Attacks'' is this true? A Furry or a Brony? Or Both? It just comes to show how much fundamentalists can go, they didn't know he or she was a furry. And it probably goes like this, ''Regardless of whether you are from a subculture, if your Muslim, if you are a freak or not, if people love you or not, we will kill you''. Sad Really, they did not discriminate any of their victims. Here is some evidence [17:22:53] <SeanWolf> I think I read one furry did die in PAris [17:22:48] <TheMariday> we lost a fur to paris attacks Is this true?
  22. My fursona Jaycen. Critiques Are Welcome. I would love to hear some feedback If you would like to you can See more of my art on my Deviantart i Draw Ponies but you will mostly see Raccoons And Wolves.
  23. Not here to talk about Halo V and how it kinda blows. Is anyone looking to join a Trans Halo 5 Company? Anyone is welcome regardless. I'm trying to get a company started up and any help getting the base members would be appreciated. Just need some folks that want to have a good time and shoot things together. ^^
  24. What if back on 10-10-10, Lauren Faust made FiM to actually have equine anthro characters instead of quadrupedal ponies? The faces, the characters, the colors, the animation styles, the stories, morals, voices and dialogue stayed the same, but everypony is a furry. How would the show had developed had that been the case? Would it still have gone on to this length? Would there still be Bronies? How popular would it be among the target demographic? Would anthro pony dolls have sold better than pony figurines? And how much involvement, attention and crossover would this have gotten from the Furry community? Basically, hwo would FiM have changed had there been anthro ponies the whole time?
  25. So I've been a furry for about half a year now and I kind of wanted to make a fursona, o.c., thingy, and I chatted with a few guys about it and so far I've decided on being an otter. Why? Because otters are cool... I guess. That and I don't really want to be just another wolf/fox out in the crowd of furries on the internet. So what now? I have the species I want, and I don't know what to do beyond that.