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Found 11 results

  1. So this is my first attempt using autodesk sketchbook :3 What do you guys think? (derp attached wrong image)
  2. So I've been a furry for about half a year now and I kind of wanted to make a fursona, o.c., thingy, and I chatted with a few guys about it and so far I've decided on being an otter. Why? Because otters are cool... I guess. That and I don't really want to be just another wolf/fox out in the crowd of furries on the internet. So what now? I have the species I want, and I don't know what to do beyond that.
  3. Me again Anyone else here a fursuiter? I've got two, a full suit of my sona Medosai the wolf, and a partial of my Hamster OC Edward (but I'm getting a new head for him at confuzzled!) Some photos! :3 Do you fursuit? Is it something you'd ever be interested in? On the contrary, do you not like them? If so why? *sadface*
  4. Yet another picture that reminds me that I should also join a furry forum so I don't spam this with furry art. Hehe
  5. This is fursona, Cadance. She is a pink wolf with black accents and green eyes She is my official personal fursona.
  6. I made a new fursona since I haven't connected to my old one in a lonnnngggg time I absolutely adore my new baby <3 meet Pip Pip! Pip is a mix of bernese mountain dog, fox, and eastern dragon the little thing on her collar is a lock made out of opal - pip gets it name for making little "pip pip" noises - unreasonably unreasonable - never content
  7. Let me start off by saying that this was a fursona I had a while back ago, but quit out on her. Lulu, believe it or not, was my first ever fursona. I've grown fond of her, and love this fursona to death! :3 So I decided to bring her back. ^^ What I did really was redesign her and her weapons. She used to be an age regressed baby fur, who was very aggressive and will smash anybody with her Hamma. (A HUGE hammer. xD) I still kept her hybrid; a Hamcat (Hamster and a Cat Hybrid). Don't ask~ I changed her weapon from a hammer to a giant lollipop (The Loli-Hammer), and "Bon-Bombs". It's an upgrade. You have an idea on what the Loli-Hammer can do! What the Bon-Bombs do though, is that it stuns or/and blinds the enemy! When triggered, these bad boys release a floral pedals to blind her foe followed by a tiny shock. It doesn't always work, however. The Loli-Hammer is her trusty friend in sticky situations. ^^' Lulu has a girly personality, but tends to be a bit of a nervous wreck around new people. She can be rather silly, and very witty. Lastly, her favorite foods are shrimp, sweets, and ramen at most. This is all I really have to say about her, really. I apologize if this does not sound good, and I know it doesn't. I just thought I should lay my imagination down on her. :3 Here's the little design sheet I made for her:
  8. So I know this isn't a pony, but it was drawn pony style so I figured I may as well post it here. This is my fursona, Finnick, in the style of a pony. He's pretty cool and has a lot of piercings. Nineteen total. (The reason you can only see eight in this drawing is because it's SFW haha.) Um yeah he also has 3s branded on both sides of his flank. He's pretty silly and social most of the time but he likes to have some time alone. Hope you guys enjoy, any feedback is appreciated! ^w^
  9. I have been confused wether or not I should identify myself as a Furry. 1. I adore animals of all kinds. I am fascinated by them and I really feel they have intuition like humans do. 2. I prefer to draw animals (mostly wolves, horses, and dragons) rather than people or objects. I even have my own wolf character with her own personality and original design. 3. I DON'T have a fetish for animals! I'm not on that side of it. 4. I would wear a fur suit if I had one! In fact, I want one. 5. I want to attend a furry convention. I know most furries are very nice individuals. 6. I don't particularly like anthropomorphic animals, but I do find them really cool and fun to draw 7. I DON'T feel I have a spiritual connection to animals. So, do these things automatically make me less of a Furry? Or would I be considered one nonetheless?
  10. Here is my assorted pictures of my sona, Incognito. LatinoChurro thought they were pretty okay, so I got some confidence to post it.
  11. This is my deersona (not my official fursona) I attempted to do this because a lot of artists on tumblr were starting this "deer drawing" trend X3. I know its not the best fursona and it was actually my first >///< please share your opinion please! Thank you