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Found 5 results

  1. Yes I'm a part of the trash can known as the furry fandom. I'm a pegasister too so why not? Anyway, I love making heads, tails and paws! I do have completed ones but lately I've been making bases for people who want to try their own hand at crafts. I like supporting beginner artists after all. Pony head bases will be coming soon as well! LunaLusterdust is my Instagram.
  2. Me again Anyone else here a fursuiter? I've got two, a full suit of my sona Medosai the wolf, and a partial of my Hamster OC Edward (but I'm getting a new head for him at confuzzled!) Some photos! :3 Do you fursuit? Is it something you'd ever be interested in? On the contrary, do you not like them? If so why? *sadface*
  3. fursuiters in this forum ? some one in here is a fursuiter it does not matter if buy it, look like a mascot costume or make it by you hand. i am making one and still in the proceess
  4. ok, so i was setting around playing the my little pony fighting is magic tribute edition "awesome!" and i had an idea for a video and i was wondering if anypony knew or could help make it happen, i thought, how cool would it be for it to be real life! so i was thinking have 2 people in pony fursuits who can fight without looking stupid, then overlay the music and health meters, then make it a real life fighting is magic match! i just think it would be totally cool to watch, do all the special effects with twilights energy blasts and stuff so is there anypony out there that can make it happen?
  5. Hi I'm from Bonus41 costume creations and an MLP fursuit cosplay is next on my list! Basic head shaping/foaming is done but rough. It will be smoothed down and shaped better in time. What pony this will be is still a mystery! Eyes and ears are placeholders Dont worry they wont be paper XD maybe I'll get this pattern scanned for beigineer fursuit makers to make! I also added some pics of my crazy fox partial Hope you like my creations