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Found 5 results

  1. Recently in these past 6 episodes we have been getting all episodes the fans have wanted. First with Sunburst, then Maud, after that an episode of the aftermath of the CMC and the most recent episode was about dragons. Is this whole thing just a strange coincidence or are the writers listening to the fans. If they are listening to the fans is that a good thing? The fans of course have great ideas a bunch of times but if we keep returning old characters they may dry up and lose their specialty like what happened in Adventure time with Lumpy space princess and Lemongrab. Tell me what you think about this. Are they listening to the fans too much?
  2. When your older, or if you are older than a teenager, how will you occupy your time when Mlp is over, can you still stay a brony or will you simply just give up on it? i have given a lot of thought to how i would act when i'm older and i'm not sure how i would keep up with my involvement in Mlp, i may become a you tuber, maybe somewhat like Markiplier. i dont know, how will you stay A brony?
  3. So it has been apparent that Twilight has mastered friendship (Magical Mystery Cure) but what has grasped my attention,are the ponies who willingly accepts to learn friendship from her (A.K.A the reformed antagonists), mostly consists of Discord, Sunset, Trixie, and lately, Starlight; I'm not forgeting anypony am I? So I've narrowed down the most likely "Twilight's candidate apprentice" who just might, just might join the mane 6, along withmore screentime next year on S6. My money is on Starlight, since Trixie is travelling magician, Sunset an Equestrian Girl, and Discord, who just loves being a troll :c Anypony got any theories/thoughts on this? I'd love to hear 'em ^.^ ..and I made this photo just for lols =DD
  4. I doubt that anyone will ever rip open the fabric of reality and travel to Equestria, but what is in the realm of possibility is a virtual Equestria that could simulate the physical sensations of the real world. The software already exists to form a self-programming virtual world (as used in Minecraft) and with computer graphics becoming increasingly advanced, it wouldn't be too farfetched to someday be able to upload ourselves into a virtual world that perfectly simulates a real one. Which I think would be a bad thing because people might lose themselves to the "Matrix Equestria" or whatever virtual world. There have already been several news stories about people dying from playing video games for days on end and the same thing could happen here.
  5. In the past few days I thought a few times about the lifespan of the show itself. If you try to compare it to others, you'll probably figure out for yourself that many TV-shows follow a "classic" development. While the whole concept has to proof it's qualities within the first season, the more interesting possibilities of it are revealed within the second and third season. Actually the best episodes are mostly in the middle seasons. The first big changes occur somewhere around the third and fourth season and mostly the concept starts to show first signs of "age" in the fifth or sixth season. And then comes often the phase when many people start to say "It's simply not the same anymore", somewhere around the seventh season. That doesn't mean that every TV-show has to follow this pattern, but it often appears to work that way. The best show staffs simply decide to allow their shows to end in a "dignified" way. Now we all know that the writers of FiM appear to enjoy their work on the show. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to come to the conclusion that they shall end the series as soon and as "dignified" as possible, but two major things come to my mind when I think about the show in the context of it's own future. 1) Big change in MMC. Closing a door opens a window here. The amount of possibilities that are ready for use now is massive. It can take seasons until Twilight fits into her new role. And meanwhile her fiends will develop as well. Or do they? Will Twilight even do so? Because here comes my second point. 2) Partially inconsistent character development. Yes, inconsistent. Not because they wouldn't face problems, conflicts and lessons; But how often did an event of one episode, or a lesson from one, really affect another episode? Only a few times. Not even an episode from the same season, of course. These are the limits of the whole writing and production. But by introducing such a big change - transforming Twilight into an alicorn - that simply has to affect the future episodes, couldn't that be an incentive to test how far "permanent" character development can go? You see, in my opinion the biggest difficulty that many long-time TV-shows have shown, is that at a certain point the quality may stay the same, but it starts to feel very repetitive. To maintain it's actual quality, changes have to happen. They shouldn't be too sudden (I think MMC came too early, but: Hasbro, syndication, "Was it the writers' idea?" and so on) and at the same time they should be both, decent and reasonable enough to be accaptable to the audience. There are so many things in the show that could develop for many seasons but at the same time they could start to feel repetitive after a certain time if the "path" is too long. The Cutie Mark Crusaders obtaining their Cutie Marks. Rainbow Dash becoming a Wonderbolt. Twilight becoming a true leader. These are all things that simply have to happen if we still handle the show as being one that contains character development. And of course, the journey is the reward. But what when it ends? Hasbro owns the whole thing, yes. But the franchise was never more succesful, also thanks to the show. And from the pure technical/creative point of view, the series can still run for more than just a fourth or a fifth season. In case it keeps its quality. But expanding the things that are elements of the show now will not be enough to do so, if the changes are still presented in a way to fit into the setting as it is now. Adding changes that are only half-changes because they merely add something and don't really alter it. I'm not talking about changing the premise or turn it into something that is less watchable for the intended audience. What I want to "suggest", what I want to hear your opinion about, is a change that is more than turning Twilight into an alicorn while her character stays the same. It is even more than her being Celestia's sucessor in the end, even though it is possible. How about a timeskip? Instead of ending the show after the big changes will possibly have happened in the future, and instead of over-expanding the time until they happen; how about letting them come sooner, without rushing it, and then show their long-time effects? Continuing the show after a temporal gap. The CMC as teenagers, "replaced" by the Cake-twins. Spike not so out of range to Rarity anymore. Main characters that are still there, still themselves, but also new faces. I know, I had a lot of speculating, determination and possibly even "empty" stuff in here. But I simply wanted to share my idea, my... well, not necessarily a hope, but at least something that I would actually like. And it is only my idea. How about you? Would you like a timeskip? Would you like to see other ways of continuing the show? Or do you want to be surprised and will take whatever comes? And most important: Do you think that a timeskip is actually possible? Could they pull that off? Could it work? I'm awaiting your responses.