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Found 99 results

  1. Yes, I ripped off Star Butterfly's topic because I did. What do you expect to be doing ten minutes from now? Here's the best part: You can return to this topic and tell us whether or not your prediction came true. Ten minutes from now, I will be preparing a pancake. It will be topped with Cool Whip and cherry pie filling. And given it to a very patient pony. x3
  2. What is it that you fear may happen in your lifetime? Perhaps a nuclear war? Perhaps another 9/11-level terrorist attack? Perhaps a Black Death-like outbreak that wipes out a significant part of your country's population? Hell, perhaps even a zombie apocalypse? Everyone must have some fear, right?
  3. What things are you looking forward to? Tomorrow? Next year? Next decade? My birthday is coming up and I'm realizing how different the world is than it was just 10 years ago. In 2007 today, Portal and Team Fortress 2 had not yet been released. SpaceX, the company that landed the Falcon 9 rocket on a barge, had not yet launched the Falcon 1, and was an aerospace corporation on paper only. 3D Printing was still an infant technology. Youtube still had its original look, and Facebook had not yet been purchased by Microsoft. George W. Bush was still President of the United States. It blows my mind how different the world could be in 2027: The world population may yet exceed 8 billion. SpaceX may yet land humans on Mars, and Hubble will be replaced by the James Webb Space Telescope. VR headsets will replace movie theaters? Three more MLP movies due to the phenomenal success of the first one? What are you looking forward to in the future?
  4. I'm thinking about where I want to be in half a decade. I think it's enjoyable thinking about all the possibilities which could still come to be. Where do you think you'll end up? What would you aim for? I'm thinkin', Be married to a lovely woman Own a house and a car Visit South America and/or Pacific islands Finish writing a book and/or start making a video game Save a life What would be on your list? What are your top five ambitions?
  5. So... How do you see the future? Do you think it's going to be great? Perhaps it's like the bottom panel where everything's fallen apart and societies everywhere have either been made totally uninhabitable or reverted to a standard of living much lower than what we take for granted today. Well... While it's clear to me that the current economic system is under great strain and business as usualy is only going to get worse and worse, at least an alternative is out there. As the current system continues the path of its development into oblivion, people might come together and look for a way out for themselves. Even now it seems that talks about the system and its flaws are increasing in number. People, it seems to me, are starting to question the status quo in increasing numbers. Yes, things will get worse, potentially horrific but maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel once the dust settles. Things might not get pretty in the near future but I'm hopeful it will in the aftermath.
  6. Because I have. Let me tell a bit about my life. My early years (up to age 6 I guess) was a pretty bad time. I didn't have any friends, I had to attend to preschool twice (which is still a bit of a mystery to me nowadays) and overall felt bad, my mom and dad were always arguing and my dad was a bit scary those times. It ended up in my parents to divorce, and we moved far away from my dad. Since then, I've visited dad now and then from all the way up here. Ever since we came here, I did actually make a friend or two, each of them during primary school (classes 1-6), where my longest-known friend came on the 1st class. He is still my friend these days, much like someone else, but I'll tell more about that shortly. Ok so it was the 6th and final class of the primary school, at which moment I was the oldest pupil of the whole school (caused by attending to preschool twice, meaning that I'm basically a year behind). Moving to middle school (classes 7-9), and that was the worst time of my life to remember so far (can't remember much about my childhood). I was constantly bullied and I hoped I could make friends, but they were basically all just bullies. After I made it through all those years, it was time to move to college, my choice was a business college. It started nicely, the class was nice, but just recently (about 4 months ago) I had thoughts about leaving the school, because the education line I chose (IT & Customer Service I guess) wasn't really made for me. I also turned 18 (October 15th), and shortly after that, we moved again. To the city where the college is, while we had been living in the town for like 10 years. So now that I'm here, I desperately hope to enjoy my studying more in the new school, as well as get more friends - I don't have anyone close to me right now. Now, some info out of the school life. I've NEVER ever done paid job, only the necessary parts throughout school, with the easiest way possible. I'm very antisocial and I'm still a bit anxious about the thought to work someday, I'm still not sure. All this packed together reminds me of how pitiful I am. I have two older sisters, who both have succeeded in a lot of things, while I, desperately wanting friends, is struggling inside. I haven't done anything remarkable, keeping a low profile my whole life. In other words, breathing, and that's all there is to it. But no matter how bad my life has been, I still believe and wait for the better future; as an infant it had been said I couldn't have had a future at all; my life was at risk but thankfully the doctors kept me running. TL;DR I'm weak. Share your weak points of life here!
  7. Hello everypony... lately I've been thinking, and this really makes me sad and nearly made me cry a river earlier today. I was thinking about the future, like how I will drift after i leave school, and so will my friends... that and MLP FiM how long will it last? i want it to last forever but i have no clue if it will. i guess you could say... I don't want to grow up, i wanna be young forever because I'm afraid everything around me will no longer be around... thanks for those of you who read this, it feels good to let this out.
  8. Everyone has a plan, some change their minds in the middle of their life. Some follow their plans all the way through. So as far as education goes, what is the highest level of education, that you plan to finish or have already finished? Or perhaps What KIND of education do you plan on doing or have completed already. Did you plan to go to college for an Associates, Bachelors, Masters degree or a Doctors/PHD? Perhaps Certifications are your style? Did you graduate high school or go for that GED exam? BONUS: Also did you win any awards during your time in school? I am talking about awards that came from high school, college, trade school and so on, so let's hear about it. I will start this thread with myself... 2005 = Graduated high school 2005 - 2009 = Graduated with my Bachelors Degree (Bachelors of Science) 2010 = Trade school (Became COMPTIA A plus, Network plus, and Security plus certified) 2011 - 2013 = Graduated with my Masters degree (MBA) (Masters in Business Administration with the concentration of Information Systems Management.) AWARDS.... Toastmasters Club – Competent Communicator Award (I Joined a public speaking club and became the first student on my campus to complete 10 speeches before graduation, which earned me this reward.) S.T.A.R (Students Taking Active Responsibilities) – Platinum Level Accomplishment (Helped out with volunteer work on the schools campus.) Future Business Leaders of America – Certificate of Appreciation (College Business club, won this award by helping out people who were struggling with on campus issues.) The Future... I plan to go ahead and try to get the following.... CCNA Cert. (Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching certification) ACMT Cert. (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician certification) (Working on this NOW) ?MCSA Cert (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) That's it for me, what about the rest of you bronies and pegasisters?
  9. I know I promised not to make that many new threads, but this seemed like fun. So, what do you all plan on doing in the future? It could be next week or years from now. I plan (most of which is years from now): Drinking wine (when I'm a lot older of course.) Learning to play the violin Becoming a Scientist, Psychiatrist, and a writer (my three passions. :3) Exercising a lot more and getting in better shape. Going to college Learning to drive Buying an apartment to share with my best friend (she thinks lowly of her family and loves spending time with me. She wants to move in with me later, anyway.) and maybe some others. You all?
  10. We so often see "things I'd tell my younger self" type posts ... but what would you tell your older self? What wisdom do you have right here and now that your future self might need?
  11. These are just predictions of what we will have by the the year 2050 that we don't have today I'v seen a few comments on these forums from years like 2013 or 2012 and a few of them said stuff like "can't wait till virtual reality becomes a thing" well, now stuff like that exists You may add anything personal if you want (for example if you think you'll have kids by that time or something like that) or you can add anything the general public will have The more predictions we have the better, try come up with as much as possible. The people of 2050 including ourselves will be able to read this and see what people's ideas of the future looked like 30 years before and compare it to reality about 30 years from now
  12. This has probably been asked a lot, but do you think Twilight and friends will appear in future generations?
  13. A silly little project I doing. This is my first serious effort at a story. it is sure to turn out interesting. I would love to hear comments on it. Currently 2 chapters are out. Even though this is based on Fallout Equestria, this won't be anywhere near as violent as the original. This story will always be T. Break Point is a simple earth pony that wants a simple, easy, and safe, not dangerous in anyway whatsoever, life. Unfortunately, this is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of Cosa Nostra, a powerful and dangerous crime lord that rules her town with an iron hoof. Now she must find a way to survive in the Equestrian Wasteland, a place that tears weak ponies like her to shreds. Little did she know that she would become the powerful and feared figure known as the Black Cat. A crossover between MLP, Fallout Equestria, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Based on Kkat's Fallout Equestria. This is set 50 years before Littlepip started her adventures. Wonderful cover art by ShimmerKoi. Thanks to GreyGuardPony for prereading this.
  14. Where do you want to live in the future? Where would your dream home be located? It's something we all eventually think about at some point in our lives. There are numerous beautiful places all around the world so there's plenty to choose from. I'd love to live in Sweden. It's a beautiful country with a relatively great economy from what I've heard. Its capital, Stockholm, is especially an extraordinary sight in the wintertime. I also have Swedish blood so I'd fit right in. I've also wanted to live somewhere up north in Lappland (Sweden) or in Alaska. I've just always loved the cold climate.
  15. Tell us your thoughts on how you guess the future is going to be like. I'm hoping we can start colonizing the solar system in my lifetime, wouldn't that be awesome? I don't know how many people like me are out there, but I just absolutely love the idea of colonizing other worlds. I would really like it if every planet in our solar system had humans living on them or in orbit around them. Do you think humanity will ever do that? How about teraforming planets like Mars, or colonizing other solar systems? I sure hope so. On earth there are potential technologies that can save our planet's environment and ecosystems and other amazing things. Fusion is the technology they are working on that you should keep your ears on, because if it ever becomes a reality it's going to be a huge change.
  16. I don't know if there's already a Star Wars thread I can merge this with but I just don't know about all these post-Disney Star Wars spinoffs. I'm probably going to see the Solo movie but the franchise is starting to wear thin for me. I didn't like the Last Jedi, Rogue One was just okay, etc. I feel like they're running it into the ground at this point. They retconned the Expanded Universe and the new sequels feel like more of a rehash than anything else. I'll always be a fan of the original trilogy but it just feels so gimmicky at this point. Thoughts?
  17. So while reading an article on flight, I came across a link to this. It's a rather huge undertaking, but the very concept of this project for me is astonishing. It may sound like the far-fetched dreams many early inventors had around 200 years ago, but think about it: now we've got serious advancements in lightweight materials, chemical reactions, and electronics. I think with some proper legit funding and a little more practical insight, this could become a reality. What do you think? Leave your comments! MEET PROJECT FALCON 12A. Project website Full feasibility study Interactive 3D model YouTube video
  18. Blaze the Pegasus is a series I've been working on for quite a while, it takes place in the same universe as MLP:FIM, but in the future of the year 2124. We've seen franchises where aliens invade our world, Earth, and destroy monuments and governments to take over. But what if we were the aliens invading another planet? In Blaze the Pegasus, humanity finds a planet inhabited by ponies and declares war to take over their world to mine it for its resources. Since this takes place in the future, ponies no longer use spears and swords to fight back, they use machine guns and tanks like humanity does today. One soldier however, plans to end the war once and for all, Captain Blaze Ishtar, otherwise known as, "Blaze the Pegasus." I will give you the link to both the trailer and the first episode, I hope you enjoy it, and if you like it, please do subscribe to my Youtube channel, ThunderBlaze Studios if you wish to see more content produced by me, and support me by sharing my vids on Instagram, Google+, Twitter and/or Facebook. (The show is animated in gmod and sfm in case you are wondering.) Trailer: Episode 1:
  19. Assuming virtual reality becomes possible at some point, how would you feel about a VR version of Equestria? Assume there are AI versions of the characters, but at the same intelligence levels as in the show (so no Friendship is Optimal-style superintelligences). Also, what would you want to be capable of doing in this VR? I'd probably immerse myself in there for at least a few hours a day and spend most of my time in Canterlot and Ponyville, as a unicorn.
  20. With Discord being ineligible to be in the MLP Movie it got me thinking about his future: Have the writers made Discord too powerful for his own future in the universe? With any foe or problem they face, he could ultimately fix it at the snap of his fingers, therefore making him ineligible for battle or fate of equestria episodes. does this mean he’ll be resigned to a background character, with no more stories about him or his powers? If so, what episode themes would you like to see him in? I’d love to see if there’s anyway he, Celestia and Luna could become real friends. OR I’d love to see him use his powers for good in a battle episode that makes sense for him being there.
  21. So yes this is my personal theory on MLP that can join up with everything on earth today. And it even has a timeline of everything that happened in the show to before the show started. Here is a storyline to give you a idea of how the theory works. It started of with one man (possibly me in the future) that changed the world by discovering universal energy. (Magic) his discovery led to humans not needing the earth's recourses anymore and it saved the world from humans destroying it for its recourses. But then he preceded to build princess Celesta and Luna to start a project that would fix humans once and for all. The first person he unveiled his creations to was Loren Foust and she was amazed of what he did and decided to join him in the project. He then unveiled the project to the world at bronycon with Loren Foust. By that point he had just completed the main 6. Around 5 years later me, Loran Foust and my younger brother where immortalised into our OCs that where robotic Alicorns and only our brain was original in them. By this time there where over 5 million ponies on the planet as we developed a manufacturing line that could produce thousands of them evry day. 2000 years later the earth had become a huge city called the Troneon empire. since then Satan had injected himself into my younger brother and renamed him to Herobrien. At that point me and Foust Universal decided it was time to create equestria. So we did that on a empty wastland planet. So now let's jump to equestria today. Me and Foust Universal still running and waching over the place. So what do you think of the theory? Ohh and please feel free to ask any questions you want on the theory!! (I'll try and answer questions within 48 hours!)
  22. Ok, so there are still a majority of story arcs in MLP that need closure before the show ends. Some arcs seem pretty okay in my book - arcs that seem fine on not coming back to. Let's take a look at the story arcs on the show that aren't confirmed to be completed, and what needs more work on. * Rarity: For the Rarity expansion boutique arc, she opened one store in Canterlot and one in Manehattan. In Forever Filly, we realize the stores are taking alot of her time. This arc doesn't seem completed yet, but perhaps what it needs is Rarity having a rival boutique (would be nice if it was owned by Suri Polomare), and perhaps one episode about the boutiques taking TOO MUCH of her time to the point where she doesn't hang out with her friends anymore or helping save Equestria. This arc seems like it's almost done, but not finished yet! It seems like this arc is on the right track though! * Rainbow Dash: I think after Daring Done, depending on how the episode plays out, I think that should be the final Daring Do episode of the show. A nice end to the Daring Do arc. It feels like we'll be getting closure from it, it's just a possibility. Now for the Wonderbolt arc, I don't think this is finished yet. We still don't know the fate of Lightning Dust, and there's a potential destiny for Rainbow to become the new captain of the Wonderbolts! This arc needs some more focus. The Wonderbolts need more character development, and Rainbow needs to show her leader skills in order to earn that captain title; and once she gets it, let's see if Rainbow can handle it! * Applejack: Of course AJ's arc with her family is still going on! Now that we know her parents, that should settle that! Maybe what AJ needs is for her arc is helping out Grand Pear in re-settling down in Ponyville, and maybe getting to know Big Mac's relationship with Sugar Belle, and see how it plays out with the rest of the family. Maybe something else her arc might need is what it's like to break traditions and the limits on that. When it comes to Flim and Flam, after Viva Las Pegasus, I think we're done with these two. They now own Gladmane's resort, and they have everything they need to be one of the biggest cons in Equestria! I don't recommend the writers to come back to these two. * Pinkie Pie: I don't know what else Pinkie needs. I mean she's used ALOT on the show. I mean if there's any arc of hers that needs a little more, I guess the yak arc could use a little more stuff. Maybe some more Maud content, but maybe not just Maud, but more development from the rest of her family. I know we need an episode of the Cake twins growing up just a little bit, and see how it affects Pinkie. * Fluttershy: I'm not sure what else Flutters needs for her arc. I mean I guess more development from the animal sanctuary, I guess? I mean the most of Fluttershy development I can think of is with Discord, and what Discord needs is a little backstory. What is his origins? Are there any more of his kind? Or how about an episode where Discord meets Fluttershy's family? See how that plays out? * Spike: Oh do you have any idea how much Spike needs to do before the show ends? His Crystal Empire arc I think we're done with that one, we don't need to come back to that. But his newer arc: his ambassador arc that was started in season 6, I think this arc is really gonna go places, and this needs more focus! Spike in general needs more focus! Having just one episode per season isn't gonna cut it! He's behind as it is! I know the writers can think of more for him if they tired harder! Let's see how his ambassador arc carries out with his bonds with Ember, Thorax, and whatever other race in Equestria that needs alliance! It's not just that, but Spike's origins are still a huge blur! Who are his parents? Where did he come from? How did he end up in Celestia's school? Another arc that needs closure is his crush with Rarity. His crush on her has become a joke at this point. It didn't have any meaning since season 4! So unless this crush is actually gonna go places, instead of just being a gag, I say the crush should end. Spike is mentally growing, and keeping this childish crush is holding him back. Oh, and one more thing: why doesn't Spike have wings? We should get an answer there too. * Cutie Mark Crusaders: There's always need for more CMC development! We know that the CMCs are becoming more popular, and getting well known! Let's see how popular the CMCs can get! We still need closure on Babs Seed and the Manehattan CMCs for sure! I know I keep saying that, and unless the rumors are true about why Brynna hasn't been voicing Babs lately, I'm not believing anything until Big Jim or someone in the staff something it! Just one more episode of the CMCs in Manehattan should do the trick to answer all our Babs questions! We still haven't gotten any CMC/Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon interactions since Lost Mark, so we need something outta that! We also need to see more status on the CMCs as individuals, like Sweetie Belle's singing talent going places, and there still ALOT about Scootaloo that's not done yet! We still don't know Scoots' parents and we don't know much about her lack of flight, or if there are any other ponies in Equestria who have this same problem. After having two seasons of just Apple Bloom episodes, Sweetie and Scoots really need to catch up! * Starlight: She's been getting alot of attention lately, so I'm not really worried about her! Basically she's taken Trixie as her pupil, and her arc with Queen Chrysalis needs closure. That's pretty much all I can think of! She could use more one-on-one friendship developments with the Remane Five and Spike. * The Princesses: Oh where do I begin? Let's start with, where did the princesses come from? Were there more alicorns like them? I can't even explain what else the princesses need! It's all self-explanatory! * Zecora: We all want this! We need more info on the zebras and wherever the zebras come from! Also why did Zecora leave her homeland? * Lord Tirek: Even though he has been defeated the first time, we don't know anything about Scorpan's side of the story! I know he's still around, but don't forget, he abandoned his brother. I know Tirek is a bad guy and Scorpan did what he had to do, but how does Scorpan really feel about that? After the Princess Celestia/Nightmare Moon thing, I have the feeling Celestia would really want Scorpan to rekindle his bond with Tirek! This needs to happen! I recommend if a writer is gonna start writing Scorpan, they should watch Mdnight Castle to get some reference! Are there any story arcs I forgot to mention? Which arcs do you think needs more focus in, and which do you think should end soon or already should end?
  23. So I only really collect the Guardians of Harmony range in terms of merch, and I had a few questions regarding them! I'd love to have the mane six, and of course they've done everyone but Rarity as far as I know! Do you think a Rarity will be made?? And also what do you think are the chances of us getting a general release Fluttershy? I know she came in the SDCC set, but I want one I can debox, I wouldn't feel right deboxing her from that gorgeous packaging! Also; who would you like to see made into these kinds of figures?? I'd personally love to see articulated figure versions of Celestia, Luna, Nightmare moon etc (and maybe a discord but he'd need to be immensely articulated haha) Aside from them I'd love to see; - A cutie mark crusader three pack - Big Mac (either in a two pack with Granny Smith or with a vehicle playset? Like a wagon?) - Cadance (and flurryheart?? hehe) - Zecora! - Gilda! -Palace guards (Luna's and Celestia' building maybe?)
  24. I dunno about you, but I have the feeling when we get to the episode that Spike discovers where he comes from, I got the feeling it might be a musical! Cause it's a very important part of Spike's life being accomplished, like Twilight being a princess, and the CMCs getting their cutie marks! Maybe Newbie Dash would've been better if the "mimicking her friends" thing was a song! I mean, every eventful episode that shows a character accomplishing they've always wanted has a song in it. Newbie Dash was the first for that to happen! So my point is, I really think the episode Spike discovers his origin would be a musical episode for him, since quite a few main characters had musical episodes already! I know some of you don't like Spike's singing, but think about it: would all that singing be worth it if you got to hear EMBER sing? Ember's VA is a singer, so if she was asked to sing, she would! Maybe the other dragons would sing too in a viking chorus-like style! So what do ya think? Spike's origins episode being a musical? Wanna hear Ember sing? If we're going to expect an episode like this, it's not gonna be this season, that's for sure! Maybe season 8 or 9!
  25. Every season since season 3 has had a musical episode - Magical Mystery Cure, Pinkie Pride, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and A Hearth's Warming Tale! What could be this season's musical episode if we had to guess? We had a Twilight musical episode, then a Pinkie one, then a CMC one, then a Starlight one, so the characters who still need musical episodes are Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Spike. Now before this season I guessed two different musical episodes: one if for Spike finding his family for the first time and his origins, and the other one is the episode AJ telling a story of her parents, and the latter seems more likely! Leave the Spike one for when Scorpan's season comes, cause I got the feeling Scorpan might have something to do with Spike's past! And this season might have a musical episode for AJ! Anyways what kind of musical episode do you expect for season 7, and who might be the main character for it?