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Found 11 results

  1. Did you ever watch, by any ponies, or do anything that has to do with generation 1-3 and Newborn Cuties? If so, I'd love to see your response! I personally have not and I really don't like g1-3, but I'm curious to see what people think!
  2. In G1, my favorite ponies are Firefly and Applejack, in G3 my favorites are Sunny Daze and Minty, and in G4 I love Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Sunset Shimmer. I'm not quite familar enough with G2 to pick any favorites. What about y'all?
  3. One of the reasons I sought out this forum was to get an idea of the value of some of my collection. I have G1 & G3. I am looking to sell some to help finance a present for my husband. Which would be better value in general: MIB G3s - I have a cupboard full of lots of different ones and a couple of the first mail order G3 in bags) or various G1s (thinking of parting with a MIB spanish baby bowtie & buggy - I also have a MoC UK pose bowtie).
  4. I have been thinking and I did some digging. I looked everywhere for an answer but could not find one. So, I decided to make my own. I think I might have a theory of how all the generations of MLP are ACTUALLY a timeline. Yeah, that's right, a timeline. I'm pretty sure many of you are giving this thread a weird and doubtful look, but hear me out. Generation one has a fantasy feel to it and features humans. Yes, humans were once apart of the same world as the ponies, but something must have happened to them. You might all think that this is impossible and that humans were never in their world, but it actually isn't. Think about it. The humans could have been apart of the pony world for as long as they have been there, but many of the creatures their need food to survive. Seeing as this is a fantasy world with mythological creatures, the humans could have been killed off. Or some incurable disease wiped them out. The humans disappearing is a huge mystery. Maybe they are still around. Maybe they are not. Generation two has a more modern feel to it. The ponies in this act and behave much like humans do in our world. Complete with houses that look like ours, cars, and electricity. Their cities and towns are built much like our own. It is possible for the humans to have been around to help urbanize the ponies and themselves. Then after that, they might have died out, or just simply moved on to a different location. Generation three picks up right after generation two. The layout is much the same as the previous generation, with a few add-on's here and there. And some stuff taken away. So this one doesn't need much explanation. The only thing I have for this one is the lack of pegisi and unicorns. Yes, they are in this one, but not as much as the previous and the next. What happened between generation three and four takes a turn for the worse. Seeing as how the unicorn and pegisi population was on a decline, the earth ponies rose in influence and power. The latter two could not handle being under the rule of earth ponies and left. Leaving the once proud and beautiful cities and towns to crumble. Without the magic of the unicorns, the earth ponies were unable to repair the building or manufacture other materials. This caused the ponies to revert back to much simpler times. One where there was no electricity, no cars or big buildings. This is where generation four comes into play. The next and final generation (so far), Generation four. This one takes time between the two before it takes place. We already know that the three tribes on ponies came together after much hate and founded Equestria. Its the time before all this. The time where all pony population was declining. Coming to the verge of extinction. With only a few hundred from each tribe remained. After centuries of not contacting each other, the world shifts off balance. Harmony is at a loss and the pony tribes come together for an agreement. This is where the Hearths Warming Story picks up and is spoken from generation to generation. But hey! Its just a theory! Thanks for taking your time to read this post. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this and tell me why. Post them in the comments below!! By the way, Merry Christmas!
  5. While i dont hate all of the previous generations I wonder why people like them more than FIM G1 was pretty good G2 Is a guilty pleasure G3 is bad and G3.5 is Atrocious So why do some bronies like the prev Gens more?
  6. Generation 2 has no animated series. In fact they only have a single video-game. My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens, which is basically a relatively complex tamagotchi system where you are keeping a pony as a pet. I don't have the game, and from what I was able to find it doesn't run properly on current operating systems, glitching out regularly. So I'm not able to go into it for finding anything worldbuilding in it. So, all I have is a tiny bit around the region the G2 is set in, is called ‘Friendship Gardens’. Wow, revelation there. Actually, that *is* interesting as it’s not ‘Ponyland’ or ‘Ponyville’ but something completely different. Due to the lack of a series, I’m not going to bother doing a summary in the Worldbuilding Blog. On we go to Generation 3 then! The end is in sight!
  7. I'm just curious if anypony was a fan the old MLP shows that came before Friendship is Magic? I personally never liked the design of the G2 or G3 ponies and if it wasn't for Lauren Faust's G4 pony design, I probably wouldn't be the Brony I am today. Also, I just noticed I misspelled "Were"....I CAN'T SPELL
  8. I sincerely hope I've put this in the right place... I think this pony is from generation 2, which I have never seen. She's called Princess Silver Swirl, and I am seeing some fascinating fan art/ a cryptic blog about her. I'm aware she isn't canon in this generation From what I can see the back of this pony seems tragic,and she isn't portrayed as the nicest pony but I can't find out what it is! Does anyone know anything? Is she evil? What does she do? Has she always been evil? Heck I don't care, if anyone can tell me anything I'd really appreciate it, I'm curious and when I'm curious it nags me to death!
  9. I am looking for a sequential artist for a set of side stories that correlate with this project it is a strictly volunteer from the voice acting to the music to the artwork. so I will be unable to pay you. below is an email from my supervisor Louis badalament use it as the rules to become one of the artists. here are the scripts so just choose the one that interests you most: episode 1 BonBon: episode 2 Patch: episode 3 Starlight: episode 4 Sweetheart: First, let's make a list of EVERY character that's going to be appearing JUST in the first episode: I) "PRESENT DAY" (Generation 4) 1) Twilight Sparkle 2) Pinkie Pie 3) Owlowiscious 4) Princess Luna II) THE HEROINE OF THIS STORY 5) Bon-Bon (Generation 2) III) BON-BON'S FRIENDS 6) Patch 7) Sweetheart 8) Teddy (Sweetheart's Husband) 9) Starlight 10) Bright Eyes 11) Princess Rosy III) BON-BON'S FAMILY 12) Cookie (Husband) 13) Misty (Sister) 14) Bon-Bon's Mother 15) Bon-Bon's Father 16) Rusty (Bon-Bon's brother) 17) Twink (Bon-Bon's younger sister) 18) Amber (Bon-Bon's other younger sister) 19) Bon-Bon's Niece 20) Junior (Bon-Bon's youngest brother) IV) PARADISE PONIES (Perhaps let's leave it at four for simplicity's sake) 21) Firefly 22) Posey 23) Galaxy 24) Spike V) LOST THIRD AGE 25) Sweet Berry 26) Cotton Candy VI) POSTMORTEM 27) Gingerbread ========= NOTE: In addition to all THESE character, there'll be various 'background extras' and walk-ons. For example, this bit: BON-BON AS NARRATOR (CONT’D) Due to the enormity of the explosion, media outlets of every form, from print to television, have either been obliterated or abandoned. The world has no place for gourmet chefs or models. Grass will suffice... canned goods will suffice, forget freshness, just throw whatever you can scavenge into a pot and call it soup! And as for the ponies who are drawn to my good looks... well, they're suddenly a LOT less nicer about the fact. THRUST themselves upon you. Survival is everypony's first, last, and only concern. Those 'end of civilization' movies don't seem so badflank when you're the one living them. I later found out that Starlight died in the explosions too...It's probably for the best that Starlight didn't live to see what the world has become. We'll probably want to have some random 'survivalist' ponies. (Best to let the artist draw them however he wants.) So now, you have all these characters. Your artist will surely know how to draw everyone in the 'Present Day,' but what about the Generation 2 and 3 ponies? Can he approximate both those other styles? Is he conscious of how the characters are supposed to look? So before anything else, have him draw this, so that he, himself will have a frame of reference : 2) A 'Character Lineup' of Generation 2's 'Mane 7' (Bright Eyes, Bonbon, Clover, Sweetheart, Patch, Melody, Starlight)in Generation 4 style, in G3 style, in G2 style. Each draw with expressive faces and dynamic posture.[Just to clarify: all THREE versions of Bonbon should be the hero of this story, the one who got married and had a family, not the Bonbon who's often paired with Lyra in fandom.] Basically, a simple test to see how well he pulls G3 and G2 off. Also, how COMFORTABLE does he feel switching to those styles? (Does he feel like he's 'going against the grain,' or can he do it with ease, style, and panache?) If it turns out he's only willing/able to draw in G4 style... there's absolute no shame whatsoever with that. We just stick to the G4 style. Play to your strengths... that's the best way of doing things. Now, if your artist is still with you after drawing all this... then he really IS a keeper. Try to encourage him to draw the character sheets dynamically, but insist they be in color. previous gen character references G1: Unicorns: [link] Earth Ponies: [link] Pegasus: [link] Flutterponies, Seaponies, Princess Ponies: [link] Allies:[link] Villains: [link] "G2" MLPTs: Mane Seven and family: [link] 'Minor Ponies: [link] G3: Earth Ponies: [link] Pegasus, Unicorns, Breezies: [link] send the concept sketches of the main seven to GOOD LUCK EVERYPONY!
  10. Because the post that famicon made was a bit redundant, I have taken the liberty to create a new post asking which other generation(G1, Tales,G2,poor old G3 and G3.5) you like the best or can simply tolerate the most out of them all. I hope some of us can respect the pre-g4 heritage of this show.
  11. yeah i know that like 90% of all of you hate the older generations for whatever reasons, but i'm still posting this. anyway most of my favorite older ponies are from g3, and i like some g1 ponies also. favorite g3 ponies are: minty, because she's awesome! star catcher, i remember wanting the toy of her really badly. unfortunately i never got one... twinkle twirl sunny daze, because she's rad and i love her design. rainbow dash (the g3 version; i also like g4, even though they are both kind of annoying) starbeam, because design is pretty wysteria or wisteria and for g1 it's twilight and firefly, that's pretty much it.