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Found 16 results

  1. Did you ever watch, by any ponies, or do anything that has to do with generation 1-3 and Newborn Cuties? If so, I'd love to see your response! I personally have not and I really don't like g1-3, but I'm curious to see what people think!
  2. I am a G3.5, what is your era of birth?
  3. Have you thought that ponysonas OCs are something from the FIM era? Nope ! They where there from the start of MLP. So here is my OC out from the G3 generation, he is named Windsor. "He wears tie, has a nice zebra mohikan. One eye is brown and one is blue. He has freckles." Not made by me, he was made by Eferia in -07, an at that time incredibly skilled and experienced OC maker. Just look at the painted eyes..... She have made a lot of amazing OC ponys. So even before the dawn of FIM the making of OCs where in full swing...
  4. I know a lot of people find generation 3.5 art style to be kind of creepy, but I was looking at it recently and I find it actually kind of cute and I also noticed that gen 4 kind of has the same proportions as 3.5 and gen 3.5 is just chibi versions of gen 3 only somebody so heartless with no soul would find a chibi not cute lol, but the newborn cuties still scary beyond all belief like Ezma from Emperor's New Groove so what do you think? cute chibis or kind of creepy? And before I wrap this up I will add something funny just for all of you from gen 3.5.
  5. Hey, it's been a while since this cam to my mind a while ago because most of the recurring voices in FiM are pony veterans; in fact, I think it's easier to list who are NOT pony vets, and that list is getting thinner by the day with Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer) being a late addition, and Janyse Jaud (G3 Pinkie Pie) being confirmed to be working in a future FiM work, possibly S7. But there are some who voiced in previous MLP works that has yet to lend their voices in FiM. These are mine: -Scott Menville: He voiced Danny, Megan's younger brother, in the first G1 show. While it's not very likely he'll be voicing in FiM due to being set in America, it's not entirely impossible, as we got one or two of them who did their voiced in FiM, apart of the more recurring Discord and Twi. It also helps that, unlike many of his peers, he's still pretty active. And the fact of making a Teen Titans Robin and Raven allusion might help -Brad Swaile might be a good addition in FiM as he's the notable voice of Light Yagami -Tony Sampson: He's the only Edd (Eddy to be precise) who has yet to voice in FiM. Sadly, I think that day will never come because he's retire from VA -Venus Terzo: I think she's one of the few, if not only main G3 voices who has neither worked, nor confirmed she will work in FiM. She's G3's Rainbow Dash Who are your pony vets you wanna hear in any G4 work?
  6. I remember early last year I went to a Barnes & Noble and found a Generation 3 Cardboard foldout book. It was manufactured in 2012. Despite their success in G4, Hasbro is still producing G3 merchandise. Earlier this year during the Mega-Mare-A -Thon, The Hub network premiered three G3 specials. Those specials actually did quite well in the ratings. This coming Saturday, The 'formerly known as Hub' will be premiering two more G3 OVAs. Which begs the question: What if Hasbro commissioned for the creation of a new generation 3 mini-series, separate from G4 and specifically stated to be targeted towards the younger demographic rather than all ages like back in the old days (of 2003)? How would the brony community in general react? How would you react? Would you give it a shot? How well do you think it would do upon it's premiere if released on TV or how well do you think it would sell if straight to DVD/Btlu-ray?
  7. So far there has been 4 generations of mlp. I haven't seen any of them except G4 but I do know some things about the other generations. I also know that Rainbow Dash was in G3 and G3.5 and she was a girly fashionista. So, which RD do you like better? And which generation of Mlp would you recommend to people who haven't watched mlp yet?
  8. While i dont hate all of the previous generations I wonder why people like them more than FIM G1 was pretty good G2 Is a guilty pleasure G3 is bad and G3.5 is Atrocious So why do some bronies like the prev Gens more?
  9. What would you guys have done differently with G3.5? How could you have made it better? "Not having it exist" isn't an answer.
  10. Once Upon a My Little Pony Time (G3.5 Webcast, 2009, 2x 10 minutes) Here we go with another odd G3.5 experiment. We're dealing Flash animations produced by a different animation studio: Kunoichi. Over Two Rainbows Summary: Sweetie Belle arrives in Ponyville for the first time. Early flash animation style, kinda odd but fascinating. Flashback... Oh god. Newborn ponies. Ahhhh! Hasbro actually *paid* for this? They didn't even bother animating the mouths. This has to be a new continuity, as they're talking about the first time Sweetie Belle came to Ponyville, and these characters are younger than when the earth ponies met the unicorns in the prior continuity. Uh. What? Sweetie Belle was spontaneously created by two rainbows crossing. Okay. That's new. They know about Unicornia. Sweetie Belle is demonstrating a variety of random magic. Growing flowers, bubbles, cleaning clothing. So Many Different Ways to Play Summary: Pinkie Pie and Cheerilee have to cope with watching a high-energy Scootaloo. Okay, they've animated the mouths now. Who's this? Pinkie Pie's mother? She has a similar cutie-mark to Pinkie, but they're heart balloons. Wah? Low-level nightmare fuel, there. Pinkie Pie's playhouse has a working sink. I'm getting really weird signals as to how old these ponies actually are. Pinkie & Cheerilee, despite being treated as completely independent by their parents, are still in diapers and are crawling around. And Scootaloo, who has to be at least 9 to 11 months younger (depending if they're using human or horse gestation periods) is doing the exact same thing. And that's it. I'm done. As far as I'm aware, that's all the My Little Pony prior to Friendship is Magic. Now I have to decide if I'm going to continue on with G4. Since I'm not really 'reviewing' these episodes, I'm just watching them to pull out any worldbuilding ideas out of them, I'm not sure I can really add anything that other people haven't already. However, there is more than just the episodes to G4; there's the live show, and the comics, so there's lots of material to grind through. In any case, I have to do my G3.x summary in the worldbuilding blog.
  11. Waiting for the Winter Wishes Festival (G3.5 Direct-to-DVD Short, 2009, 4 minutes) Summary: The girls talk about what they want for Winter Wishes. This was a bonus episode on the Twinkle Wish DVD. This is really presenting the Winter Wishes Festival as the pony equivalent of Christmas. Except 'A Very Minty Christmas' already showed G3 has the same Christmas as us. This is one of those strange disconnects from G3 to G3.5, despite everything else shouting that it's the same setting. They're just sitting around talking about what they want for Christmas. Nothing here I can really find for worldbuilding purposes. Interesting as the tail of this is an advertisement for the Twinkle Wish DVD. This must have originally been a webcast or commercial, but I can't find any mention of that in any of the wikis. But this is off the actual DVD. That's something I've never really grokked. Why advertise the DVD the consumer has already purchased?
  12. Twinkle Wish Adventure (G3.5 Direct-to-DVD Special, 2009, 45 minutes) Summary Cheerilee has to act as guardian to the magical Twinkle Wish star, but her little sister Scootaloo is feeling slighted and shenanigans ensue. I can see how this intro evolves into the G4 intro. All evergreen trees are like that. What makes this one so special? Or aren't they familiar with coniferous trees here? Wait, Scootaloo is Cheerilee's sister in this version. I'm not going to comment on the building that looks like a watering can. I've made too many excuses for silly buildings so far in the blog, and I'm putting my foot down on this one. Mayor Flitterflutter, a walking thesaurus. Rainbows all over the freaking place in the sky. Cutie-sleep. So if it's that big of a deal, why hand it over to a random contest winner? Sweetie Belle is so cute in the background. Twinkle Wish Star? What the? Uh. Random female dragon. Willy-nilly mountain. How does one have an 'upside down surprise' cookie? I'm curious now. "Watching it do what?" Okay, the story, voices, and animation for G3.5 is irritating, but I like some of the banter. How much hair ribbon does one pony need? Whimsey Weatherbe. Okay, this dragon can do multiple different breaths, fire and ice. Are we not going to get any explanation of the sentient star thing? Pink snow. Believe it or not, it's actually possible to have pink snow. Technically it's called 'watermelon snow' as it shows up as red and green due to a strange cold-temperature algae called Chlamydomonas nivalis. It falls white, but slowly changes color on the ground as the algae grows in it. It only exists in very high altitudes or in the arctic regions. To fall pink, that would have to be mixed with a variety of airborne pollutants which should not exist in the pony world.
  13. Pinkie Pie's Ferris Wheel Adventure (G3.5 Direct-to-DVD Short packaged in the playset of that name, 2009, 5 minutes) Summary: Pinkie Pie invites all her friends to come to the fair. Interesting that the various characters are more individualized in this version, despite the art-style. They're a variety of sizes. Starsong still has butterfly wings, so I guess she's officially a flutterpony within the G3.5 animations. Odd decision by the animators, given that her toys are still pegasi at this point. And it's the same animation studio as G3 where they had actual pegasi, so it's not like this is a new crew who didn't know any better. Given the few animations G3.5 has, I'm getting the impression that SD Animations simply gave up and didn't care anymore. "Yeah, I am." I like Sweetie Bell in this version. Ferris Wheel, like Kleenex and Xerox, fall into the category of a brand name that has become ubiquitous. Originally Ferris Wheel was a very specific brand of 'Pleasure Wheel', but lost the trademark through popular usage. The various fair rides and whatnot are pretty typical. It's hard to stick a date on them, because most of the ones shown haven't changed significantly since the 1880's. At least not at the level of detail we can see.
  14. Here's where Generation 3.5 technically starts, as the animation style changes considerably. It still looks like the same setting, however. I'm so close to being done! Only five more to go. Sweetie Belle's Gumball House Surprise (G3.5 Direct-to-DVD Short packaged in the playset of that name, 2009, 3 minutes) Summary: Sweetie Belle sends her friends on a treasure hunt. Wait, Starsong's wings are butterfly wings. She's not a pegasus in this one, she's shifted to being a flutterpony in G3.5. Pause for check: Nope, none of her toys were flutterponies. They had oddly colored wings on occasion, spotted as if they were butterfly wings, but they're still feathered pegasi wings. These voices are way shriekier. I can see why people complain about G3.5, that and the bobble-head look is a bit odd. Not much really *happens* in this. Which I guess makes sense given that its only 3 minutes long.
  15. Once Upon An Adventure* (Generation 3.5) Sweetie Belle's Gumball House Surprise (Toy release, 2009, 5 minutes) Pinkie Pie's Ferris Wheel Adventure (Toy release, 2009, 5 minutes) Twinkle Wish Adventure (Special, 2009, 45 minutes) Waiting for the Winter Wishes Festival (Extra on Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD, 2009, 4 minutes) Once Upon a My Little Pony Time (Webcasts, 2009, 2 x 10 minutes) Over Two Rainbows So Many Different Ways to Play Summary The Generation of Ideas: Third Times the Charm? * Yes, I made up this name. Just calling it G3.5 is boring.
  16. I have some cool G3 Ponyville Merch! It's actually pretty cool and the colors on the ponies are great! The Characters are: Toola-Roola V. 1 Toola Roola V. 2 Sweetie Belle Minty Scootaloo Starsong Cheerilee Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Blossomforth Cheery Blossom Shenanigins Sweetberry Buildings: Dress Shop Pinkie's Home Rainbow's Home Ponyville Carnival Post pics later! PM for more info and if u want to maybe buy!