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Found 58 results

  1. Yikes! I definitely need more of these lovelies. I have two WIPs, but don't wanna show them off till they're finished.
  2. I was wondering if anyone else was interested or if any one had other scans. I'm just kinda gathering a bunch of them to read since I can't get them physically. (Not even through Amazon because I do not want my family attacking me for this.) The comics I got so far are "Snowball Fun", "The Magic Fir Tree", "The High Wire","The Balloon Ride", "Pinkie Pie and the Artist", "New Activity classes" and "Stars of the show" (which yes I'm counting as a comic but barely one.) The book scans I got include: "Magic of Books", "The World's Biggest Tea Party", "Rose Blossom's First Christmas", "The Magic of Christmas", "The enchanted Mask", "Rainbow Dash and the Hot Day", "The Thanks Giving Gift", "Wishing on a Star", "Belle of the ball", and "Winter Festival" (Which I'm not sure I got a proper scan of.)
  3. Did you ever watch, by any ponies, or do anything that has to do with generation 1-3 and Newborn Cuties? If so, I'd love to see your response! I personally have not and I really don't like g1-3, but I'm curious to see what people think!
  4. ───╔═══╗──╔╗─────╔╗╔═╗────────────────────────╔╗───╔═══╗╔╗──────────╔══╗───╔╗╔╗─────── ───║╔═╗║──║║─────║║║╔╝────────────────────────║║───║╔═╗╠╝╚╗─────────║╔╗║───║║║║─────── ───║║─║╠══╣║╔╗───║╚╝╝╔╦╗╔╦══╦═╗╔══╗───╔══╦═╗╔═╝║───║╚══╬╗╔╬══╦═╦╗─╔╗║╚╝╚╦══╣║║║╔══╗─── ───║╚═╝║══╣╚╝╝───║╔╗║╠╣╚╝║╔╗║╔╗╣╔╗║───║╔╗║╔╗╣╔╗║───╚══╗║║║║╔╗║╔╣║─║║║╔═╗║║═╣║║║║║═╣─── ───║╔═╗╠══║╔╗╗───║║║╚╣║║║║╚╝║║║║╚╝║───║╔╗║║║║╚╝║───║╚═╝║║╚╣╚╝║║║╚═╝║║╚═╝║║═╣╚╣╚╣║═╣─── ───╚╝─╚╩══╩╝╚╝───╚╝╚═╩╩╩╩╩══╩╝╚╩══╝───╚╝╚╩╝╚╩══╝───╚═══╝╚═╩══╩╝╚═╗╔╝╚═══╩══╩═╩═╩══╝─── ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╔═╝║─────────────────── ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╚══╝─────────────────── You can ask us anything! We have time for now. tehe, Yup, We'll answer as honest as we can. TBH I don't care if you put NSFW in here, just expect a safe responses and other's disgust. Art bases by: zwolfielove from Devientart. I don't mind Role playing or anything like that. Let's see what you guys ask.
  5. Everyone's your friend. And considering there's no males to repopulate with they most likely live forever. So there's no death. There's also no school and money problems. You get to do whatever you want. The only problems are ones that can be solved easily. I would love to live here. Wouldn't you?
  6. I'm working on an animated project that is sort of an appreciation/tribute video for G3. (The main G3, not the later Core 7 stuff.) Anyway, I'm having a tough time deciding which ponies to include, because there were a lot of them. So I was wondering who everyone's favorites were? Any G3 pony counts; I'm including characters from the cartoons and the ones that were toys only.
  7. In G1, my favorite ponies are Firefly and Applejack, in G3 my favorites are Sunny Daze and Minty, and in G4 I love Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Sunset Shimmer. I'm not quite familar enough with G2 to pick any favorites. What about y'all?
  8. How would you have felt about an Alicorn being in G3? How do you think she would have been handled? I have pieces of a G3 Alicorn oc in my mind, so I have some idea. I believe the ponies are created from certain random nature occurrences, since it is known from Newborn Cuties that Unicorns are created from two rainbows touching each other. I have a bit of an idea that Pegasai come from a certain cloud formation. And I haven't thought of how Earth ponies would be made. So if two rainbows touching pass through the cloud formation, that would create an Alicorn, which is a 1% chance occurrence, explaining why there is none in canon.
  9. You won't believe this guys, but Tempest is a very old pony in the franchise. She debuted in G3, but said original version is a toyline exclusive as well, known as Fizzy Pop in both cases, which is similar to Tempest's real name: "Fizzlepop Berrytwist" . Not to mention sharing similar color scheme G3 Fizzy Pop G4 Fizzy Pop Tempest for comparison
  10. Okay, so ponies wearing socks has been a thing for a while now (since mid 2011). WHY SOCKS- and How did this all start?!?! Ponies already have hooves!!. (I know that goofiness has to be at least part of the whole socks thing) Supposedly in early 2011 EQD posted a picture of some random MLP socks for sale at Target, which inspired someone to make this picture: Which launched the fandom's pony sock factory explosion... But WAIT THERE'S MORE... Supposedly G3's pony Minty (Voiced By Tabitha St. Germain) really liked socks in some Christmas movie... Tabitha currently voices Rarity... ...WHO... HAS SOCKS!! ??????? (Shown in Sisterhooves Social, which coincidentally aired at the beginning of the fad, but was animated before it.) SO... why am I bringing this up now? Well, It's something that I've wondered about off and on for a while. A couple days ago I was watching a blind reaction by someone new to the fandom who currently doesn't look into much fandom stuff to avoid spoilers and this happened... And I was like THAT'S ENOUGH ALREADY!!! ANSWER TIME! Personally I don't care for the ponies with socks thing. I just find it visually jarring and weird looking most of the time, with some exceptions. I don't hate it, I've always found it really odd. Part of it is a carry over from real life. Long socks, tights, stockings, etc, on girls for whatever reason are just like nails on a chalkboard to me. I just hate how it looks- major turn off. The funny thing is I have no idea why either! Oh, and I just HATE those socks with the individual toes. Enough about my ranting: So do you know anything more about how the fad started? What's your opinion on the sock thing? Has your opinion changed over the past couple years?
  11. This is a drawing for someone on Tumblr. I think she has an account on here, but I don't remember her username. I enjoyed making Minty's hair swirly and candy-like (though the lineart was a force to reckon with), and couldn't help but to add in some extra effects! I'm in the experimentation phase the "FiM-like" pony art style, and have enjoyed it thus far. ^^ Since my art posting is pretty sporadic, I'll just stick to occasional art dumps from now on.
  12. I found this G3 game called Ponyville Forever. They spelt Pinkie Pie wrong. Would it be a knockoff?
  13. Ah, sorry for not being active T_T I just draw a lot and forget to go on this site ;; Anyways, I've been drawing some old ponies, from generation 3. The ponies I have grown up with. Fizzy Pop and Sky Wishes
  14. Hey, it's been a while since this cam to my mind a while ago because most of the recurring voices in FiM are pony veterans; in fact, I think it's easier to list who are NOT pony vets, and that list is getting thinner by the day with Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer) being a late addition, and Janyse Jaud (G3 Pinkie Pie) being confirmed to be working in a future FiM work, possibly S7. But there are some who voiced in previous MLP works that has yet to lend their voices in FiM. These are mine: -Scott Menville: He voiced Danny, Megan's younger brother, in the first G1 show. While it's not very likely he'll be voicing in FiM due to being set in America, it's not entirely impossible, as we got one or two of them who did their voiced in FiM, apart of the more recurring Discord and Twi. It also helps that, unlike many of his peers, he's still pretty active. And the fact of making a Teen Titans Robin and Raven allusion might help -Brad Swaile might be a good addition in FiM as he's the notable voice of Light Yagami -Tony Sampson: He's the only Edd (Eddy to be precise) who has yet to voice in FiM. Sadly, I think that day will never come because he's retire from VA -Venus Terzo: I think she's one of the few, if not only main G3 voices who has neither worked, nor confirmed she will work in FiM. She's G3's Rainbow Dash Who are your pony vets you wanna hear in any G4 work?
  15. What do you think? We saw a balloon of a humanoid snowman and a toy Santa. It's weird.
  16. LIFE. OUR FINAL DECISION. THESE ARE THE VOYAGES OF THE PONY, NOTEWORTHY. HIS ONE-NIGHT MISSION: TO EXPLORE STRANGE NEW GENS, TO SEEK OUT NEW MARES AND NEW CIVILIZATIONS, TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO COLT HAS GONE BEFORE RealityPublishing Copyright 2016. Don't sue me OH YES! I've been waiting to talk about this one! OOOOOH BOY! The fun I had. Following my last entry, I mentioned that I checked out a MLP G3 DVD from the library and that I'd be watching it that night. I kept my word, and I regretted it. So before I really dig in, let me give it a fair rating: 6/10 - RePub, "The menu spooked me" As my mother always says, make sure you say something positive! Hmm. . . Pinkie Pie was there? Oh, and Rainbow, but I'll get to her later. Yeah, the positive ends there. The episode I watched was dubbed, "The Princess Promenade", and featured two other episodes to accompany it's trough of manure. So as soon as I got home, sat around, and drew a bit, I popped in the disk and called up my friend. It took a while, but we eventually agreed to watch the full, 50-minute feature film. The episode is just littered with bad writing. Everypony has no other emotion but happy, even Pinkie Pie, ponies don't intervene, and even the musical numbers sucked. The story starts off with about three breezies flying into "Ponyville" to aid in some kind of flower festival. The main breezy, Zipzeey (who is voiced by Andrea Libman, so you can imagine how many times I thought that was Pinkie), is allergic to flowers for some reason, but that's not really a problem. The "real" focus of the story is set on Hysteria (Her name is Wysteria, but I swear they kept saying, "Hysteria"), G3's very own, Twilight Sparkle. Hysteria, accompanied by Pinkie Pie, is digging around in the "royal"(?) flower guardian (after a song) when they find a weed. The two try to pull it out, but they end up falling in a deep hole. Zipzeey, who apparently has a close relation with Hysteria, follows them. The three find themselves in a dark tunnel that leads them toward a big pile of dino dung. (I'm not kidding on that one.) On top of the dung, however, was a flower that interested Hysteria, causing her to try and pick it up. Dino Dung awakens, reveals its name is Spike (the dragon) and he appoints Hysteria a princess for picking up a flower or something. This is where the movie takes a turn for the worse. Everything before this point, I could handle. In fact, the notorious intro song didn't even play at the beginning, so it was giving me a good impression. Until the word, "Princess" was thrown in there. I swear, to this day, I wish I had taken shots for every time someone said, "Princess", but I'll get to the shots later. Spike, for some reason, has access to a big castle in the middle of Ponyville. It's not introduced or even explained why the castle is there, but I had to run with it. Spike explains that the flower gives whoever picks it the power of a princess and is the rightful ruler of however big Ponyville is. Spike then describes that his "role" was to teach the new princess how to be one, and this point, you should already figure out what the rest of the story is about. Hysteria is taught how to be a princess, but it's too stern and she can't see her friends. . . blah blah blah. . . musical number. . . no freedom. . . destroys the Death Star. . . gives up princesshood. Now, all that is fine and dandy, it's nothing I haven't seen before, but what makes these stories unique (despite having the same plot) is the resolution. Let's see how they solve this problem. . . Princess Hysteria, in a drunken, depressing rage, messes around with Minty / Pinkie's Float (Which, by the way, I would totally ship.) and comes up with an A M A Z I N G resolution. I swear, this blows G4 out of the water. In fact, I think the rest of the world should try this. Hysteria solves her princess problem, BY MAKING EVERY PONY PRINCESS Yeah, and they sang a song about it. I think the only funny thing about that whole thing is that as soon as they started dancing and such, you could automatically see that Spike was the King. He dressed up and even went as far as making the ponies bow to him. Not joking, see it for yourself. (You can find the episode on under the extras tab) The whole thing is just littered with bad writing (as I said before). Not a single pony makes an advance toward Spike or pressures Hysteria about her princess problem. All the ponies in the town drop everything they're doing and sing a song about how there's, "A Princess in Town", which was just terrible. Every character has a stereotype and they follow it to the tee. This is where the drinking sets in. Firstly, I'm not old enough to drink, but that's fine. Water is more deadly. Rainbow Dash, who dresses so nice, has a bad habit. Every single line she has, ends with, or has multiple of, the word, "DARLING". As soon as I heard it twice, I grabbed a half-gallon of water and told my friend that every time Rainbow said, "Darling", I'd take a full swig. 40 Minutes and 36 swigs later, my hand is shaking, I've got a burning hatred for Rainbow Dash, and I'm screaming every time she appears on screen. My head is in the clouds, I can barely move, my bottle is just about empty, and I've got fifteen minutes left. At that point, my friend looked up "hyponatremia" and was begging me to stop, but I sucked it up and kept pushing 'till it was over. By the end of the night, I had water all over my shirt, I forgot how to swallow and I lugged my water-hopping bod into bed. And that was my G3 experience. A simply delightful encounter with Rainbow Death and Hysteria. Though, I must add, they kept making references to Pinocchio which made me chuckle. Good job, G3, you got me to chuckle. -RealityPublishing Oh, I also took some snapshots of the. . . highlights. Have a look!
  17. Lauren Faust said during an interview that she would like to include ponies from previous generations in season 5. I personally would love to see some older generation ponies included like Wysteria, Minty and Sunny Daze for example. What older generation ponies would you like to see in future series if you would like to see them included? (Online Fan Art below)
  18. Some of my most recent sketches. I've been trying to do some with 2 characters in one piture; which is harder to do then you would think :/. Tell me what you think of them.
  19. Rewrite any scene, song, or episode entirely in the style of G3 , I look forward to seeing what you guys will come up with.
  20. Basically, my mother is ignorant (not that she did anything wrong) of the different MLP generations. I myself have not watched any of the other gens, but can obviously tell them apart from G4. My mother recently bought me the Nintendo DS video game "Pinkie Pie's Party," which is based on gen 3 or 3.5 I believe. The reviews on Amazon say it's a simple game for a 4 year old. ( If it were of gen 4, I would probably play it just cause of that, but I have no knowledge or emotional attachment of this generation. Does anyone know if it's worth playing at all? It's unopened, so should I just try to return it?
  21. Hi there! I wish to show you my own custom. I spend 3 days to make her that was very hard becouse I used only a simple needle to add her new, silver mane and tail. Eyes and cutie mark is 100% handmade ofc ^^ I like her but I must sell her soon need money for new paints XD I don't take commissions for custom, brushables ponies couse It's too much work ^^' I have only her What do you think about her?
  22. Before we get started, I'd like to state a discretion... WARNING: OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER ARE TO BE RESPECTED. I WILL NOT WARN ANYONE BEYOND THIS POINT. SO PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU REPLY. Thank you Okay sorry about that. It's just whenever I bring up g3, everypony seems to flip out. Or just yell "KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!" -_- So moving on, I honestly think that g3 was decent. Sure it's not very entertaining to guys in their late teens or early 20's. (the majority of the fanbase) But it was never meant to! And no, I'm not including g3.5. I think hasbro had already hit rock bottom and was desperately trying to climb back up with a broken stick... And I realize that there are episodes like: I can't find my shoes! or what color should the dress be? But I've watched stuff like "A Very Minty Christmas" and it was okay. Not the offspring of the Devil everypony leads you to believe. So what do you think about g3? Have you watched it before? Tell me below.
  23. today I remembered that when I was little, my older sister had a few G3 (might have been 3.5, not sure) toys. what I remember is that she had a board game, witch i remember almost nothing about, except that there was a balloon, and a pinkie pie toy. I actually remember playing with it, I mean, I didn't like my little pony, I just played with it because it had a magnet in it. I remember the magnet was a lighter pink shaped heart in one of the hooves with the logo stamped on it, I think it came with a brush too, but all I wanted to do was to see what things it would stick to. one of the things was a metal pole in the basement, while writing this I realized that I was making them pole dance. (my little strip club?) there was probably a few others, I think i might remember one with purple hair, but it was when I was really little so I can't really be sure.
  24. I have been thinking and I did some digging. I looked everywhere for an answer but could not find one. So, I decided to make my own. I think I might have a theory of how all the generations of MLP are ACTUALLY a timeline. Yeah, that's right, a timeline. I'm pretty sure many of you are giving this thread a weird and doubtful look, but hear me out. Generation one has a fantasy feel to it and features humans. Yes, humans were once apart of the same world as the ponies, but something must have happened to them. You might all think that this is impossible and that humans were never in their world, but it actually isn't. Think about it. The humans could have been apart of the pony world for as long as they have been there, but many of the creatures their need food to survive. Seeing as this is a fantasy world with mythological creatures, the humans could have been killed off. Or some incurable disease wiped them out. The humans disappearing is a huge mystery. Maybe they are still around. Maybe they are not. Generation two has a more modern feel to it. The ponies in this act and behave much like humans do in our world. Complete with houses that look like ours, cars, and electricity. Their cities and towns are built much like our own. It is possible for the humans to have been around to help urbanize the ponies and themselves. Then after that, they might have died out, or just simply moved on to a different location. Generation three picks up right after generation two. The layout is much the same as the previous generation, with a few add-on's here and there. And some stuff taken away. So this one doesn't need much explanation. The only thing I have for this one is the lack of pegisi and unicorns. Yes, they are in this one, but not as much as the previous and the next. What happened between generation three and four takes a turn for the worse. Seeing as how the unicorn and pegisi population was on a decline, the earth ponies rose in influence and power. The latter two could not handle being under the rule of earth ponies and left. Leaving the once proud and beautiful cities and towns to crumble. Without the magic of the unicorns, the earth ponies were unable to repair the building or manufacture other materials. This caused the ponies to revert back to much simpler times. One where there was no electricity, no cars or big buildings. This is where generation four comes into play. The next and final generation (so far), Generation four. This one takes time between the two before it takes place. We already know that the three tribes on ponies came together after much hate and founded Equestria. Its the time before all this. The time where all pony population was declining. Coming to the verge of extinction. With only a few hundred from each tribe remained. After centuries of not contacting each other, the world shifts off balance. Harmony is at a loss and the pony tribes come together for an agreement. This is where the Hearths Warming Story picks up and is spoken from generation to generation. But hey! Its just a theory! Thanks for taking your time to read this post. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this and tell me why. Post them in the comments below!! By the way, Merry Christmas!
  25. So Andrea recently tweeted this. So Libman wants to use the G3 Pinkie as a pinata, so does this mean she also hates G3 (like most of us)?