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Found 37 results

  1. I'm wondering, if there does end up being a G5 of MLP, does that mean everything G4 related, past, present and future, will end up getting relocated to the Past Generations section? Since MLP Forums was built to accommodate G4, what will happen to the site once G4 ends and G5 begins?
  2. I would like to see G5, but I think we need some time after G4 ends. Good sequels takes time to come out, not only if planned from the beginning like The Lord of the Rings movies. It is the same feeling when we see Star Wars's endless release schedule (Episodes, Star Wars Stories, etc.), Marvel movies planned up to 2999, Avatar planned up to have a dozen sequels. (not always a bad thing for the fans, but it loses it's aura.) Just like G4 was a fresh start a while after G3, I think we need some time (not too long) to let go G4 when it ends, have good memories, celebrate it. If G5 just starts like season 10, people would take it like it's season 10 when it's not. We need time, so if any old character's next gen version comes up, we get thrilled like seeing an old friend after a while. (even if it is quite different.) People would get hyped like when Samurai Jack returned, so not only the ones who kept watching the show until season 9, but other audiences who stopped at early seasons would come back. I think it would have wider audiences.
  3. Is anyone here looking forward to G5 of MLP? According to some leaks I may or may not have seen they're going to look alot like G4 except as Clydesdale horses. If anything, I think G5 is going to strengthen the brony fandom and give new life to this series.
  4. What is an Isekai you ask? Well it's Japanese for 'In another world.' Describes a broad swath of anime like Escaflowne, .Hack//Sign, Sword Art Online, Overlord and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. But it could also be applied to far earlier works like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Basically it's any show or movie that has the protagonist being transported to a fantasy like setting. So what would the reaction be if G5 went the route of G1 and centered around a human protagonist being transported to the world of Equestria and partaking in the day to day on-goings and adventures of the ponies, essentially filling the role that Twilight had in learning or elaborating on the shows lesson or moral? What if it was even Megan herself and G5 is actually a G1 reboot? Pic may or may not be related.
  5. In Friendship is Magic, we could see a great variety of (mythological) creatures during the 9 seasons, Equestria grew and extended more and more to other creatures (dragons, faucets, changing were the first), in the epilogue, we could see that all creatures live and share in harmony. Considering that G5 will be a completely new world (no leaks are accepted here), what creatures would you like to see in the next generation? Is any already explored in the series, or is it one that we have not seen? How would these creatures develop with ponies? (Hippogriffs, Dragons, Kirins, Griffins, Crystal Ponies, Yaks, Changelings, Zebras, Breezies, Sea Ponies, Alicorns, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Draconequus?) Personally, in addition to Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasus, I would like to see the sea ponies, I think it is a great opportunity to have them as one of main races, I would also love to have changelings, hippogriffs and kirins. Alicorns are a complicated option for me, since in G4 they were explained as ''rare'' and I don't know if it's a good idea to bring them with the same concept, since it would be redundant. Comments here!
  6. I know it's a reboot, but I wish the show acknowledges the character by using her name. (and personally, no Starlight Glimmer.) Maybe a totally new cast will be a great idea if they are not out of character archetypes (you know, the pillars, the student six....) It won't work if Butterfly Sprinkles or whoever the name is acts exactly like Pinkie Pie. People will recognize it. So that's one reason to use the mane six's names again. Character archetypes are limited, and so is the writers' imagination. I know G5 will lean towards the franchise's power and the past gen's success, but it's also a risk that people will compare them even more and G5 will live under the predecessor's shadow if all or most of the mane six inherits the past names. (I can already picture the memes about comparing the characters) And that's one reason not to use the mane six's names again. Will they do something like Boruto s**t? What do you think about what the members of G5 might be?
  7. Hello community! It's been a seriously long time since I have been here. Like seriously, did MLP FIM end? I must have missed it Either way, with Pony Life on the horizon, what do you think will come next after that? Will we see a G5? I hope so, I would love to see another iteration in this franchise with good writing. Seeing this community come together again to enjoy the show would be great! I feel that with the success of G4 there probably will be a continuation in this franchise. But new show or not, it was a great time being a brony right? So tell me, if G5 happens will you give it a chance and/or be excited?
  8. A lot will be expected of G5 when it hits the air waves. So what can Hasbro do to ensure that G5 is recieved even better than G4? What mistakes from FIM can the writers and animators learn from?
  9. (I know this is not a show discussion. I was going to post in Events but I'm not able to) Forget Area 51! On September 23rd, 2019, we will be raiding Hasbro studios. We need to look for G5 spoilers, renew FIM for a 10th season, and, of course, see them lil' ponies!
  10. In G1, my favorite ponies are Firefly and Applejack, in G3 my favorites are Sunny Daze and Minty, and in G4 I love Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Sunset Shimmer. I'm not quite familar enough with G2 to pick any favorites. What about y'all?
  11. We all know the story of the modern my little pony fanbase. An unexpected and once monumental fanbase that dominated the internet during 2012 and 2013 respectively. The fanbase known for a huge amount of 13-30 year old males has seemingly disappeared from the mainstream and is now but a memory of a very strange time. I was one of those people who used to love it. At the age of 13 in 2012 I watched an episode and the rest is history. Up until 2015 I loved MLP. But during season 5 I lost interest and started to look elsewhere. For the longest time I could never figure this out. In my search for answers the first one I came to was that the fanbase had ruined it for me. Then over time I came to the conclusion that it was never good to begin with and that I and everyone else involved were getting in on a trend and deluded ourselves to believe it was good. My actual problem couldn't be further from the truth. MY PROBLEM My actual problem was that the show I liked had simply ended. A youtuber talked about this in depth and explained that seasons 1-4 was pretty much it's own separate show from seasons 5 and onward. Seasons 1 through 4 were dedicated to the development of the main characters established in season 1. By season 4 this process (with the exception of the CMC) was over. Season 5 and onward has been about these new characters that I simply do not care about. Truth of the matter is that MLP seasons 1-4 was actually a pretty good television programme that was loved for good reason. MY EXPERIENCE The reason I adopted the "it was a fad" idea was simply down to the shame I felt due to watching it. Internally my defence for it lasted all throughout my interest in it. I started to feel shame once I had been away from it for some time. And let me tell you, the judgement from other people was awful. I could take a little bit of teasing about it (hell I'd even joke about it myself a little). But that doesn't excuse how other people acted over it. I lost two friends to this hobby. Two people actively rejected me due to liking MLP. To add to that my family weren't exactly nice about it either. I recently came to the realisation that my mother had actually attempted to stop me watching it on one occasion. Since I let go of this interest we haven't talked about it since. Hell there have been occasions where I've mentioned my little pony and they quickly like to change the subject (most likely due to shame of having a son/brother who was into that). I won't claim we needed a rights movement or anything but some very socially conservative people genuinely would hate you for watching it. I wanted to buy merch but now you can see why I never had the guts to do it. On a lighter note having re-watched the earlier episodes I feel completely ok about what I did. I liked my little pony: friendship is magic... and that was ok. THE FUTURE It has come to my attention that a generation 5 of MLP is in development. Without spoiling anything I will say I am digging the ideas brought up and do believe it could make MLP a trend again. Maybe not to quite the extent as in 2012/13 but it could get close. In the run up to it's launch and when more official info comes out I may well become active around here again. If you still remember me I hope you all know that I do not hold anything against you people and your hobby and want to thank you for letting me be involved. And I hope that in the near future I may be involved again.
  12. Goat-kun

    The Pirate Princess

    Sometimes there's a character that seems misplaced; a character whose dreams and aspirations have always been at war with the narrative. Rainbow Dash loves adventure. This is blatantly displayed in the opening song, in her choice of reading material, and in her thrill-seeking attitude. However, instead of becoming an adventurer, a fairly easy thing to do inside FIM, she has been chained to a boring position of an aerial rookie acrobat by the ironclad, immovable destiny of her petty childhood dreams. And so even this daringly colored pony can never become anything more than just another plastic toy in a discount bin, vying for the top layer among the ever-increasing number of characters that are all equally capable of lesser feats, for greater feats can only be accomplished by the one magic of the soft spoken dogma that is utterly incapable of comprehending the desires of humanity regardless of age and gender. For Rainbow Dash to become the cheeky lancer she must first be written to rise above ponies of similar skill and disposition. We must separate her wild, tomboyish nature from stupidity and unintentional maliciousness that fuel her lesson-driven episodes and strike such a balance between her dreams and attributes as to permit ascension towards her outrageous ideal self that does not offer disappointment or stagnation. The futureless carefree jock is no more. Say ahoy to the fiery pirate scoundrel who plays by her own rules in a world that rewards such roguish initiative. JOLLY RAINBOW In the night-shrouded grasslands a fire broke free Released from the gun ports which spewed it with glee With naught but a captain to handle its wrath The wargship of talons burned all in its path. She came from the shard where the mountains are tall She came for the castle to witness its fall Now knights and the priests of the prairie they know The northern daughter of storms does not bow. The wind and the iron she wore like a gown Silk rainbows and lightning as furious crown The captain of guards could do nothing but neigh As Princess of Pirates dived down on her prey. By sun, they have fought her from morning till dawn The iron-clad watchers of sunshine and brawn With power, with valor that gives one a pause Protecting the treasure was their sacred cause. But none had the cunning, none had what it takes The Princess of Pirates was holding no breaks Her eyes were on treasure enshrined in the keep With thunder and ice did she send them to sleep. And now that the wargship has clawed up the place And now that her captain ensured their disgrace The treasure, the droplet of Sun has been snatched And gone was the pirate, her hide never scratched. This song of the Princess is start of a tale Of two little ponies who'll follow her trail The trinket she stole will be sold to a foe With plan that will bring great destruction and woe. A fair approximation of a Talon Class Assault Corvette. THE MARE, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND Breakneck Cove is a most foul nest of thieves and piracy. Even the quarrelsome clan ponies fear to venture too far into its lawless labyrinth of noisy taverns and dark back alleys. Within its fortified walls there exists one pony that is both loved and feared by the seasoned scallywag residents: the legendary pirate princess that goes by the name Rainbow Dash. She rules over her peculiar home with the help of two treasures: an enchanted griffin wargship that obeys the will of its captain and a runed weather bow bracelet that can summon forth the wrath of storms. She moves in and out of combat like a colorful blur, picking off important foes with the elemental rage of wind, ice, and lightning while the howling cannons take care of the rest. There are but few adversaries who can weather the full brunt of her overwhelming combo. Indeed, when one takes all the written records into account, it is revealed that Rainbow Dash represents the most destructive force south of the Great Barrier Cliffs rivaling even the many magically enhanced natural disasters that plague all three adjacent shards. Mr. Torgue would collect her toys SCOUNDRELLE Rainbow Dash is a hotheaded, loudmouthed, thieving scoundrel who is enough of a bonafide badass to command respect. She has earned the right to behave however she wants and to speak her mind without reservation. Her fellow pirates see this as a sign of strength while clan lords and ponies of neighboring shards find it most offensive. Some brave soul might even dare to compare such behavior to that of a spoiled highborn princess, though such sheltered damsels cannot reduce a castle into a pile of smoldering rock or square off against seasoned airship captains. Good thing then that, despite her rash nature, the only insult Rainbow Dash truly cannot stand is defeat. The rest of the slights can be easily solved with grog and gold, at least as far as she's concerned. Of course, every legendary pirate holds a few secrets in their chest, and Dash is no exception. Her origins are shrouded in mystery as is the story of how she commandeered a wargship. The only clues are a mockingjewel locket she wears around her neck and her childlike fascination with old pirate legends, especially those revolving around Captain Glint and his storied treasure. Pirate girls: athletic, passionate, ruggedly beautiful. Do not act like asexual hipsters. This lively pirate pony is a bit of a tomboy. She is also the cool big sister you never had. As such one must acknowledge both her appetite for badassery and her brave heart that is fully capable of caring for others under the guise of unconvincing excuses. By no means should her impact be lessened to prove a lesson-related point, nor should her shortcomings be ignored in dire straits. That said, not all unpleasant situations should result in immediate character growth, especially in regards to her interactions with other individuals, and this should not mean the inevitable death of her less reputable quirks, just that she will learned how to properly utilize them. The Rainbow Dash of tomorrow should be even more adept at intimidation and roasting than the Rainbow Dash of today; however, the targets and methods of today should be different than those of tomorrow. And that is why this Rainbow Dash, a character that can experience growth and development, would never hurt her friends without a damn good reason. A captain looks after their crew, and so should a writer look after their characters. MEGHAN IS TOO AFRAID TO ASK FOR THIS A raspy tomboy onee-chan voice rich with heterosexuality.
  13. Goat-kun

    The Chosen Pone

    Despite receiving development some characters never seem to learn and grow. Destined to act only within the confines of a rigid cage comprised of reckless writing, their behavior meant to amuse the viewers can easily become annoying and repetitive. In light of relative success that has been enjoyed by mind-numbing claptraps I can imagine why some would want to adopt such style for quick short term gains; however, I would advise against its application for worlds that are not lol-so-random in their design. Even in FIM whose high stakes episodes have long since been reduced into predictable waiting rooms for friendship solutions, Pinkie Pie is still capable of presenting herself as a glaring pink stain of misplaced emotions that further sways the atmosphere onto the side of expected outcome. She does this not through some clever wall-breaking Deadpool ability but through sheer emotional shallowness that is now so often mistaken for humor. In all the countless seasons, she has expressed little to no empathy or recognition of simplest behaviors while her outgoing nature has been continuously exploited for comic relief. Pinkie Pie of today is but a shell of a mindless clown stuffed with confetti and other party items. I say we cut open her bloated form and fill that empty space with clutter befitting of a main character. No more lighthearted stalking of friend and neighbor, no more dissocial masks of frigid happiness, no more idiotic cluelessness to fuel her episodes. Let us make a character beloved for her great wisdom and undying optimism stemming not from quirks but from insight. FORSAKEN FOAL While most pegasi fill their bellies through acts of piracy, some clansmen are still clinging to the old ways of farmers and lumberjacks. Born into a large family of haymakers belonging to the peace-loving Pie clan, Pinkie had been dealt a hard yet quiet life on green pastures below the scree and snow of unforgiving summits. Long harvests in warm sunshine, strenuous stacking of hayracks, and arduous bargaining with stingy lords had been waiting on her beyond foalhood. However, this uneventful life had not been all that had been placed into her crib. As long as she had been able to remember, little Pinkie had possessed the ability to see the unseen. Where her grandmare had discerned only an abandoned crossroads, she had observed a towering shadow grinning at her elderly escort with a maw of pale flames. Where her older sisters had noticed only still shadows beneath the staircase, the trembling filly had detected a lurking revenant drenched in crimson. Where her fellow playmates had spotted only grass and stone, she had noticed a faceless geist creeping in the mist beyond their playground. Her family had thought that she had been afflicted with an illness of the mind, so her father had decided to take her before a traveling tahr monk who had descended from a mountain monastery to guide the creatures of the shard towards resolutions of their problems. Upon arriving at his humble abode, the old goat sage recognized Pinkie's condition for what it was: her eyes were able to pierce the veil and witness the secrets hidden beyond. To her uninitiated father he offered to train the filly in his art so that she may learn to calm her mind and be released from her affliction. Pinkie had always been a frail foal unfit for hard labor, so the stallion agreed, visibly relieved by the prospect of a cure. The monk's name was Shatterhorn and he was one of the great masters versed in an ancient discipline that allowed its users to perceive and affect the flow of mana. Being a resilient old goat, his desolate lodgings and harsh traveling conditions were not meant to be experienced by younglings. Thus the monk decided to cut his journey short and take the little filly up into the mountains. After a perilous climb through wind and mist, the two arrived before the guarded monastery gates chiseled into a precipitous rock face. Inside, they were greeted by a lively mob of young tahrs and chamois who have been residing there as students. After all, these monasteries did not serve only as vaults of knowledge but also as schools for reclusive folks of the high mountains, most of whom were not being taught the redundant and obscure ways of mana. Living among her new horned peers within the safety of enchanted walls, little Pinkie bloomed into an energetic and benevolent student. Her raw talent, sharpened by strict training, soon allowed her to perceive even more of the unseen world while her deepening knowledge enabled her to sway the invisible currents beneath her hooves. And so the years passed by. Now the world's currents twitch and pulse in a curious manner. A group of three ponies is seeking aid of a fabled pony seer that is said to reside in a remote mountain monastery, or is it the other way around. Many ancient scrolls and powerful artifacts have been stored in that monastery. One item in particular has piqued the villain's interest. HISTORY'S FLUFFIEST DISCIPLE Nimble as a goat and harder than a cookie, Pinkie is an accomplished disciple of the mountain monastery who has been entrusted with many a task from counseling to minor acts of exorcism. As a martial artist adept at using true sight, she can read the mana flow of living things, predicting their intentions and striking their weak points with her swift hooves, although she much prefers to utilize this hard-earned skill in the form of relaxing hoof massages. At her low level, she can interact with the incorporeal just enough for her to break simple enchantments or give that lesser dark spirit under your bed a good kick, and if she tries really, really hard she can hop out of her corporeal pony suit as a spirit Pinkie ready to scour the monastery for hidden sweets until she gets caught in one of many protection charms. Fear not, as her constant failures at outwitting the masters have not been in vain. These mishaps have forged her into an exceptional housekeeper. Speaking of the masters, legends have it that the wisest mana weavers among them are not only able to counter spells and disrupt the flow of great ley lines, but are also capable of unleashing terrifying attacks that can shatter mountains. Legends are full of exaggerations. In the end, you are probably just wondering one simple question: Can this Pinkie read the crystal ball? Ty Lee: inspiration's manifestation WARRIOR PONK The ancient teachings and her many travels across the shard have forged Pinkie into a humble, adaptive, and bright young pegasi who has managed to rise above the shadows of her childhood. To the masters of the monastery she is the mischievous ringleader of her fellow cenobites, full of questions and unorthodox solutions. To the folks of the mountains she is the wise young mediator and a courageous exorcist always ready to lend a helping hoof to those willing to help themselves. Monks are not a charity organization made for those who do not seek fulfillment, and so Pinkie does not pry into creatures who do not desire her attention, at least not beyond the surface that harbors their intentions. Though, it goes without saying that such a young and perky seer is undoubtedly incredibly skilled in social affairs that may or may not include parties. When your friend breaks a Pinkie promise To make a good G5 Pinkie one must first understand that she needs to be a character and not a glorified aggregation of bad millennial quasi humor. Much like the heroes of yore, she too needs to be granted simple yet understandable reasons for her actions and a set of compelling tools tailored for a grand adventure. Of course, retaining her positive nature is key; however, this nature must not just be a default, unchanging part of her personality but a trait tempered by experience. One could say that G4 Pinkie's cheerfulness is a self-contained state she wants to force onto others while this Pinkie's cheerfulness is the product of nature and nurture that can be used to guide others towards their own versions of happiness. MEGHAN SHOULD ASK FOR THIS Squeaky but not too squeaky. Loud but not obnoxious. Excited but not hyperkinetic. Should behave like a low-key thot while remaining pure. Your best bet is a hwite girl VA. This does open up a question about how much abuse from screeching leftists are you willing to tank on social and mainstream media due to a completely understandable utilization of different aspects from various cultures? There is only one right answer: "All of it!"
  14. We often see heroes risking their lives for whatever cause or thing they deem a worthy equivalent. Within fantastic worlds inhabited by ageless monsters wielding powers beyond mortal comprehension, trivial professions, though needed, are even less exciting than when being looked upon through the lens of our own real world where protagonists like doctors and detectives reign supreme. Given their rigid and mundane interests, Mane 6 of the current generation never truly had any reasonable incentive to willingly and continuously venture out of their comfort zones in an attempt to obtain their desires. Everything they ever wanted is readily provided by their modern civilization to anypony or anyone with similar ambitions. G4 Rarity perfectly embodies this philosophy. A beautiful creature from inside and out that can gain nothing from exposing herself to dangers of the great unknown, she is Dorian Gray whose crippling faults have been surgically removed for the sake of easily digestible morals wrapped inside mundane plots that may as well belong into our world. All the imperfections are superficial and all the answers readily reside within their pony hearts. If you want these characters to be noticed and loved by the majority that is perfectly capable of affection beyond crude compassion based on lived experience, then let them be loved for their pervasive imperfections lodged deep within their cores. However, for that to happen, these imperfections must inspire awe and admiration of a more primordial kind. For G5 Rarity to regain her arrogant nature without boring the audience with constant interjections of obligatory lesson-driven niceness, or annoying them with her shallow bourgeois behavior, the writers should admit to themselves that they are actually writing a refined and sophisticated villainess and not just another pure, uptight lady who likes to dress up. MARE IN THE MIRROR Not all unicorns are born equal. Some are destined to wield the power of the stars; to weave mind's magic. Such are the potent gifts placed inside their cribs by chance and ancestry. Others are blessed with great artistic genius through which they seek to elevate the unicorn culture into even greater heights. These young prodigies grow to become pillars of unicorn society, governing the impotent masses and steering the sylvan realm towards the ever brighter future. Rarity had once belonged to this group of renowned individuals. Jewels, fashion, sculpting, painting, she had been an artist of unparallel talent. Many a nobleman's abode was adorned by the extravagant works created by her swift and skillful horn, and many a renowned pony had been seen dressed in her splendorous designs. However, as such skill paves path to fame, so does such fame invite envy. Her peers had not been pleased with her success and so they had devised a plan to rid themselves of this splendid thorn. The false evidence had been placed, the trap had been sprung, and the young mare had been found guilty of witchcraft. In order to deal with transgressors who freely wield their magic, the Celestial Council, outraged by her supposed crimes, had unanimously sentenced her to a place of delirium lodged between the shifting dreams of the waking world and the lightless void of the dark abyss: Mirror Maze. Magic and mental faculties abandon all who loose themselves on these perplexing crossroads. Helpless and betrayed, the young mare wondered the shifting paths. She was not alone. The stumbling, skittering husks of those who had lost themselves in darkness still craved for her light, and those whispering things writhing in deep shadows abhorred it with great passion. Fear, fatigue, illusions, voices in her mind, the Maze began to take its toll on the pony. Her magic has been drained. Her beautiful forest hues have faded into shades of grey. Her intricate cutie mark began to vanish. However, still clinging to her eroding memories, she managed to remain herself. She has found that the shadows respond to her thoughts and emotions. In absence of magic, the darkness itself became the canvas for her frustrations. These actions were not left unnoticed. One time, after she had mastered how to create shapes of living things, a heinous black hound revealed himself to her. He was a giant shadow made flesh, his eyes hollow pits of deathly balefire. There was no outrunning this threat. No matter how fast she stumbled through the shifting labyrinth, the hound was always waiting for her, silently sitting on every possible route of escape. Finally she gave up, but instead of death she received a gift of words. The hound expressed his interest in her little art project and offered her a way out of this wretched place. All she needed to do was to master what she has already begun to learn: the dark art of shadowmancy. After a thousand years the unicorn civilization is still thriving under the watchful eyes of Celestial Council. Lately, the forest is abuzz by gossip of the most intriguing kind: a mysterious and bewitching young mare has been quickly ascending the social ladder much to the chagrin of many a lesser noble. She is a vision of beauty with a coat as white as snow adorned by the most elegant cutie mark. Those who are not immediately subdued by her exterior are enchanted by her extensive knowledge of arts and politics conveyed to the listeners with charming wits and playful humor. No vile gossip can derail her path to the very highest of unicorn echelons as her many adversaries are sooner or later visited by misfortune. Taking all that she has experienced to heart, the pale shadow comes to claim her long awaited compensation. However, not even the most carefully designed schemes are invulnerable to the unforeseeable. An unsightly herd of intruders that have barged into her shard are chased by a great and malicious power. She has to make a choice: fall with the rest of her kind, or lead the strangers into the relative safety of uncharted woods. If push comes to shove, they will serve as acceptable shields against ferocious maws of forest inhabitants. (Origin after the Movie) SHADOWPRANCER Shadowmancers are artists of the witching hour and masters of lesser things that go bump in the night, but once you get over the whole darkness thing, this magic comes across as a theatre where its practitioners command their shadows into fantastic forms and elegant routines. To cast is to sculpt, to fight is to dance; such art can hardly be compared to the crude, unspectacular light shows conjured by pretentious unicorns of Celestial Court. Given her talent and passion that have persevered even through the Mirror Maze, Rarity is a potent practitioner of utmost skill who, unlike her G4 version, needs neither luck nor leniency when dealing with adversity of any kind. And if she does find herself cornered, her black hound is often willing to provide assistance. He is her only true confidant: a menacing silhouette hiding far beyond the reach of mortal eyes. Still, creatures from beyond can rarely physically interact with mortal realm. The lesser things can be summoned through the cracks but greater beings can only come across in special circumstances. Indeed, this industrious pony has a lot of tiny tenebrous spies and her private abode is well-haunted. Of course, all this wondrous magic is never observed by others as Rarity has gone to incredible lengths to weave the narrative of her poor health that can deteriorate if she is to perform magic without proper preparations which include solitude, incense, and meditation. What kind of a fabulous style fits a villainous hero? MOONFLOWER Rarity is a white flower dipped in the darkest of poisons. To the eyes of strangers she appears as a charming, composed, and intelligent young mare shrouded in mystique. Though social, she keeps all at a comfortable distance away from her personal affairs. After all, in this bastion of starlight and logic the elegant magic of shadowmancy is even more dreaded that the uncouth ways of wild witchcraft. Beneath the elegant glamour, Rarity is a vengeful nightmare who has supplemented her haughtiness with patience and humility unique to those touched by the abyss. A smug, playful nature of a pony who understands the superiority of her ability and position is never allowed to cross into overconfidence and complacency as is so often the case with powerful unicorns. The creativity and precision that have once been giving birth to works of fine art now help shape her elaborate machinations to overthrow the rigid system held together by and for great unicorn scholars made untouchable by their tremendous magical prowess. That said, Rarity is not averse to friendship. It's just that she is far too paranoid and detached from common affairs of oblivious citizenry to be capable of accepting anypony into her circle. In the end one cannot truly escape the Mirror Maze. One can only add to its twisted paths. Turning Rarity into a villainess who is able to weave her bygone negative traits that had once cost her many a fan into an interesting mask is playing with some dangerous magic. She would become an alluring dame whose power and cunning would enable her to step not only into the rusty horseshoes of her old self but also in those of Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon. Baking some of their villainous traits into an unlikely hero who not only gives them a more positive and persistent spin but who also removes the urgent need for redeemable villains is a risky maneuver with the potential for great payoff. Shaping G5 Rarity into another fashionista with no incentive to become an active participant in the wider, darker world will turn her into another Applejack that is happy as long as she has her own little corner where she is free to do her thing. Hero fashion in fantasy is a thing. Being a fashion expert is also a thing. Having your destiny revolve around fashion should never be considered as a valid option. MEGHAN DID NOT ASK FOR THIS Rarity can have any kind of VA that can sound like a posh bitch. Moreover, you can give her a more sophisticated repertoire of words woven into age-appropriate eldritch content elegantly concealed beneath the air of hollow aristocratic drivel. Indeed, this pony will undoubtedly be very urban in all iterations, including yours. What now Meghan?
  15. The benevolent witch is a concept that was insufficiently explored with Zecora and Meadowbrook. Indeed, this is what G4 Fluttershy might have become if she was written to be a hero that is allowed to be introverted yet self-dependent and immersed in her knowledge of nature, but that door is closed now. I realize that this article contains only my selfish musings about a single path new Fluttershy might take. That said, she should not rely on her shyness and her princess-like fondness of animals to move her own story. That is a well of ideas our glorious writers have already completely exhausted, so if the whole focus of her character is to overcome social anxiety they should just give up as they are only retracing their steps plagued by old mistakes that they were tasked to address with the new generation. This is an attempt to make Mane 6 more appealing as standalone characters who can also function within a group. They need to be interesting and relevant even when you remove all the pony friends and morals. JUST A PONY TALE Unicorns are proud and narcissistic creatures that praise power and beauty above all else. In this exclusive society there is little room for those who lack ambition. Fluttershy was one such reject. She had been orphaned at a very young age due to her parents perishing by the wrath of a dragon. With only disinterested caretakers and overly competitive peers to steer her development, the shy little filly had soon been led astray by the innumerable temptations of the great outdoors. Flowers, berries, birds, and little critters of the undergrove had become her playmates and her teachers. Though not being able to understand their chirps and squeals she had begun to learn from their behavior, slowly but surely unraveling the sylvan secrets. One day she met a peculiar stranger: a haunting figure masked in green, it was nor a unicorn nor a deer. Silently it beckoned her onto long forgotten trails leading her deeper and deeper into the woods. There, among the tall dark trees stood a hollowed trunk dressed in moss and lichen. Inside she found an abandoned lair of a forest witch filled with dusty tomes, rusty cauldrons, and strange instruments of unknown purpose. She knew that she should have been scared but she was not. She was home. From the tomes she learned how to heal, how to poison, how to perceive, how to summon. She even found a way to finally understand the language of her forest friends in earnest Slav magic. Their whispers spread swiftly among the crooked branches and she soon began discovering more and more ill and injured creatures waiting on her doorstep. Another witch was born, and with her yet another forest tale about an evil enchantress preying upon curious foals to turn them into a tasty stew in her big bubbling cauldron. However, nothing lasts forever, and so even her blissful solitude comes to an end. A ragtag group of strange ponies is seeking refuge in the dark woods, chased out of the glamorous unicorn capital by an overwhelming might of a great evil that has followed them into the shard. The powerful unicorn magic has been undone. And so the last pony reluctantly joins forces with the group in desperate search for magic that will be able to save their shards from destruction. (Origin story is explored after the Movie) CUTIE OF THE GROVE Fluttershy is not a proficient mage. She can lift smaller objects and handle them with great care which makes her an excellent medicine mare but not much else. Her projectiles are more distracting flares than spells of destruction. She likes to form and manipulate glowing illusions, especially butterflies. Her patients absolutely love it. Speaking of patients, her lair is home to one sad squonk and a couple of ferocious giant snails that guard it from ill-natured would-be intruders. But to say that Fluttershy does not have arcane potential would be false. Witchcraft draws from nature but can also summon it to aid in time of need. Only a fool would try to assail a witch on her home turf. You scratch my back and I'll scratch your enemies FLUTTERSPUNK Fluttershy is quite talkative in the company of most forest creatures. She also enjoys singing and mumbling (menacingly) to herself while gathering ingredients or brewing potions. However, she is far more reserved in the company of ungulates which is probably for the best since her tongue can be quite sharp and insensitive, especially towards other unicorns whom she views as mean and ignorant. The barrier between Fluttershy and Flutterjerk has become tenuously thin, as has the barrier between her and Flutterbat. As is befitting of those who walk the green path, she is as kind and nurturing as she is wild and relentless. But do not mistake her behavior for mindless courage. Her senses are remarkable and she tends to turn tail on danger like any smart creature would. A tree can grow back, a pony cannot. The forest does not produce heroes but survivors. When you meet her When you befriend her Making her a visually cute nature expert should be a priority; however, giving more attention to an enticing "bad" side can create ample opportunities for character development and humor. With proper caution and smart dosing, such blasphemous poison can do wonders in elevating the character. In time, Fluttershy could move closer to her G4 counterpart without falling into the trap of stagnation since her new circumstances and convictions support stories on the basis of her as a forest witch and not as a pony who just needs to become more assertive. Consider this a vastly superior upgrade from Sunset/Starlight development model. MEGHAN ASKED FOR THIS I believe I'm speaking for all the neckbeards when I state that giving Flutts an Asian VA with a kawaii voice would be very acceptable desu. Diversity, my dudes!
  16. Sorry if there's too much stuff about G-5 flying around already, but...well... So...yeah, the leaked G-5 information inspired this fanfiction; I took what little I knew and tried building a story with it that introduces newer versions of the mane six to each other. I could use some feedback on it; please let me know what you think: I'm considering doing another one of these with a few changes to the plot, the worlds, and what it means to be and earth pony.
  17. Our glorious writers, armed with all their wisdom and experience, have chosen to divide the new world into shards. It goes without saying that each shard will have different characteristics and inhabitants. There is another world with that sort of composition: Alara. Can we use this sort of color/attribute logic to construct the world of MLP? Well, it's better than aimlessly searching Google images that's for sure. I will try to remain honest to the concepts our griffin hawkers have borrowed from the royal restroom, but I will give them my own unholy spin in an attempt to upgrade them beyond the concept art. Note that even though I will be naming the shards after kinds of ponies these won't be owned by them. Only a small part represents their homes in order to make the whole world less crowded. That means more space where your pen can maneuver. One of the big mistakes of FIM was to make the world small and increasingly uninteresting. UNICORN SHARD - black/green/blue forest On one appendage you have sylvan cities, winding trails, and bright meadows, and on the other appendage you have dark woods, hidden swamps, and thorny mazes. This is the home of haughty unicorns, lively deer, cautious wolpertingers, and other less respectable creatures from deep dark woods like ferocious nature elementals, sly enfields, tricky faeries, and wicked witches who have forsaken celestial magic of the unicorn kin. PEGASI SHARD blue/red/white mountains Misty, cold, mountainous, the birthplace of storms. Pegasi and goats have made these barren lands their home. The barbaric pegasi herds are the least civilized of all the ponies. Perched inside their cloud forts, they spend most of their days bickering for the scarce resources and brewing clan grudges born from all kinds of petty slights. Many of them have adopted the life of pirates, raiding other shards with small, swift parties and crude airships. Despite their disreputable renown, these ponies are not the most feared inhabitants of this shard. Thunderbirds hunt inside the mist while giant bolters prey upon the weary travelers among the white peaks. EARTHY SHARD green/white/blue plains Rolling hills and vast prairies are home to diligent earth ponies, tough bison, and reclusive questing beasts. They work the soil, they work the metal, they honor the traditions of the knightly code. Besides pegasi raiders, an occasional giant roc, and a rare invading thunderbird that can wreak substantial havoc beneath its crackling wings, this land is relatively peaceful and trade with other shards is flourishing. However, the remote wetlands are home to dragon turtles, kelpies, and sinkhole wurms or foopengerkles as locals tend to call them that often threaten remote settlements close to water. DRAGON SHARD black/red/green wastes Active volcanoes and bubbling sulfuric springs adorn the rugged landscape that is gushing out the very blood and breath of the world. This is the domain of mighty dragons, ravenous cockatrices, intimidating hydras, and other feral creatures formidable enough to persevere in this toxic inferno. The monsters are ruled by elder dragons who are keepers of ancient secrets and supreme overseers of dragon lending business. GRIFFIN SHARD green/blue/red wilderness The icy wastes are rich in gold as they are in adversity. These harsh lands are home to the resourceful griffins, brutish Arimaspi, and tribal dire wolves. Lacking conventional magic and sheer brute strength, many beasts resolved to the use of craftsmanship and witchcraft to gain an edge over competition. Griffin aeroknights are a feared threat to any shard rivaling that of dragon debt collectors. UNDERWORLD black/colorless & OTHERWORLD white/colorless The world never has only one dream. There are many other shards to be discovered but this will do, for now. Next shitpost will start dealing with potential Mane 6 origin stories.
  18. Pretty simple, just give me your thoughts on G5. And tell me which new design from the picture below is your favorite (row and pony)
  19. It's been all but confirmed that we're getting a new iteration into the MLP universe. But what that is has remained rather vague. So what do you think G5 will be? Will it be a sequel to G4, perhaps featuring the grown up CMC or children of the mane 6? Will it be a spinoff, taking place in the G4 universe, but focusing on different characters? Will it be a prequel, focusing on characters from before Twi's journey, or even to the distant past, perhaps focusing on a young Celestia and Luna? Could they reboot a past generation, giving G1 a more modern spin, keeping the SoL vibe of G1.5 but removing the human aspects (and poor morals) or wipe the slate clean and invest in the potential G3 had? Or will it be something completely new? Get to speculating!
  20. Hello everypony, So according to the rumors, G5 will come up and the bases and the drawing lines and styles of the ponies are already ready. Here is how some of our characters from G4 will look like in G5 version according to rumors; What do you think? Are these rumors true? Do you like these styles? If not, would you appreciate if this was a thing? Thank you for reading! <3
  21. The real question is centered around Flurry Heart's potential Cutie mark. We've known that Flurry heart is a Princess by birth, and we've know that she's the first ever naturally born Alicorn to occur in Equestrian history, so that's goes into the equation. We also know for a fact that each individual Cutie mark resemble a special talent, gift, and identity to each equine in Equestria and were talking about a Princess here for example. Will Flurry Heart's future Cutie mark hold a great responsibility in Equestria being as Princess or future Queen? or maybe have a part in the Elements of Harmony later in life? Can Flurry Heart be the "One" whom to not receive a Cutie Mark? Will the Cutie Mark Crusaders fulfill their roles as to guide the young Princess into finding whom she really is? Remember that Great Power comes with Great Responsibility. We all know that Flurry Heart's role is still too early to determine and I just want to lay it out for further discussion. -Thanks