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Found 6 results

  1. Delzepp

    Gabby Fan Club

    Hi everyone. Welcome to the Gabby fan club, the rules are as follows: · No bad language (no swearing, cursing) · No bullying (no badmouthing any other forum members, let's all be friends here) · NEVER post naughty/NSFW images (please keep this fan club clean for all ages) If you break the rules, you'll make Gabby sad That being said, have fun!
  2. Why is it that ever Griffin we learned the name of all start with G? Gilda, Gustave Le Grand, Greta, Grandpa Gruff, King Grover, King Guto, Gabby, Gallus.
  3. Note: Review expanded from here, and credits to a comment by @BornAgainBrony. Back in Sonic Rainboom, Rarity showed her vanity, a big flaw to her character that hadn't been shown before. Was her behavior all that positive? Not at all. However, her position was completely believable. For the first time, we watched her gain recognition and attention outside of her comfort zone; it didn't matter if they were staring at her delicate wings or not. So it's easy to see why that vanity-dominant ego influenced her to join the competition as well. In Dragon Dropped, her envy for Gabby replaces her vanity. She enjoyed spending all her time with Spike and felt jealous of Gabby, fearing that she could lose not only it, but Spike's memories of her altogether. A combination of envy and fear of being forgotten drove her into assuming she must go to extreme lengths to retain contact with Spike. Like in SR, Rarity’s bad side here was thoroughly explored while not making her unlikeable or out of character, starting with the small and working hard as she could to retain the status quo. Several moments add up: Spike initially overhearing Rarity as he wrote his latest note to Gabby, immediately setting the tone of the entire story. The fact that he kept his newfound friendship with Gabby a secret out of fear himself. No one else doing his jobs as good as he, including collecting the gems from the cave without waking the bats. The first montage (which I'll get to in further detail later). Staring crazily at him! (Blink, and you'll miss it!) Not reacting at all after Gabby broke up with him. But Spike’s broadening horizons by becoming a close friend with Gabby meant he was growing, and his friendships around him were maturing. He spent a lot of time with her and helped her grow into a better pony. But with Gabby now in his life, he can further connect with other species. Like the Dragon Lands, Griffonstone’s reputation isn’t the best; to bring Gabby there helps him understand the decreasing prejudice against dragons and connect with someone on a deeper, more mature level. So why would Rarity feel jealous of Gabby anyway? Fearing a negative reaction, Spike kept his friendship with Gabby a secret ever since he started communicating with her and pretended it never happened. After Gallus began studying overseas in Ponyville, Gabby began to fly over to Equestria more often, which made it more difficult to keep it under wraps. Pay attention to the initial conversation, and from the visual and audio cues, it looks like it had been building for some time, but the open was the first time she grew really suspicious, because he didn't hear her and admitted to having other plans. Turning down invites was rare, but it looks like it was going to become more common. The montage contained are a few sequences: Spike tasting the best gems, carrying her bags as they leave the shop, and relaxing in the spa together. Throughout those three scenes, we see not only how much they enjoy each other's company, but help and adorn each other, too. Even though Spike carried all those bags, she rescued him as he nearly tripped over a step and waited for him until he could see. My favorite's the spa scene, as Spike enjoyed eating those cucumbers. Juxtaposing perfect scenes from the past with present-day struggles and boredom show us how much she misses Spike. Without his inherent wit and loyalty around, things weren't the same. Watching them enjoy their time while she struggled added extra salt into the wound, especially when Spike ate Gabby's maraschino cherry. In the past, there was implication that Rarity occasionally took advantage of him, and although I disagree strongly with the complaint, scenes like Rarity teasing Spike for wearing a cute, pink apron for the dragon migration witnessing meant they can't be dismissed. For most of the series, their friendship and his unrequited crush were in his point of view. For the first time, we see it in hers. By focusing their friendship on her, we connect to her beyond the surface and focus on how important his presence and friendship meant to HER. Going back on how she felt she took it for granted calls back those criticisms, and Haber very wisely and cleverly responds constructively to them, making her do things she wouldn’t do if it were someone else. Yet, their strong, series-long bond makes those decisions and actions believable, helping us understand where she’s coming from, even when when she does bad. And needless to say, she does some very selfish things. Take him along that two-day expedition that only occurs once a year, then a two-day vacation to a Power Ponies convention (Rarity, I've been to BronyCon four times; foot-aching comes with the territory ), and finally a day-long gameplay of O&O. All with complete intention to hogging all the time with Spike away from Gabby and make them forget about each other. She baited him, earned the outcome she wanted, but at the cost of a super-depressed Spike and a Gabby with enormous pain in her heart. This is why Twilight's presence in Act 3 matters. She's very close to Spike and never saw him like this before. Something was really wrong, and Rarity inadvertently outed herself as the perpetrator. Twilight's quick-thinking and stern disappointment gave her a major wake-up call, solidifying her own doubts of whether they will truly make up or not (suggested by her to start the third act), and making her realize what a massive jerk she was to them both. Friendships change, but it doesn’t mean the good times will end, and she has no business trying to put in effort to "steal" him away when he wanted to be with others. Yeah, like what @BornAgainBrony wrote, this episode is clearly playing on the love triangle plot and Rarity’s feelings for Spike without delving into the “romantic” part that loomed over the show for so long. Bringing in Gabby to the fold and establishing connections between them was a really great way to exploit how much she meant to him and vice-versa. However, unlike Tanks for the Memories’s death allegory, the stakes in this one and Rarity’s action match the predicament and tone Haber is conveying, whether it’s romanticism or friendship. Speaking of the connection, how Gabby and Spike began their friendship was a great payoff to a flaw from Fault in Our Cutie Mark. In the former, Twilight’s happy “discovery” of griffons getting cutie marks went unresolved. Haber takes advantage of it, using that hanging plot point to establish their “penpalsmanship.” In their time on screen, they show excellent chemistry. Rarity was at her most selfish here, and like Twilight in Trivial Pursuit and Fluttershy & Angel from She Talks, she needed to learn how her awful actions affected those around her. In Sonic Rainboom, her vanity nearly cost her her life, but Dash was the lead. In Sweet & Elite, her selfishness put her at risk of choosing her friends and the Canterlot Elite, only to realize what was right when she finally needed to choose. Here, she witnesses these consequences the hard way and was completely responsible for it. Now that she’s much more mature and developed, she can accept the anger from Gabby and disappointment from Twilight better. Swallowing her pride, apologizing to Gabby and Spike, and letting them go on their own after they make up shows her remorse felt genuine. Dragon Dropped is Rarity’s best episode of the show. If it’s her last, a phenomenal conclusion.
  4. Say, FiM airs in a country where: the gryphon/griffon is its national animal, the gryphon is the most popular animal of that country, some people even worship gryphons in that country, or (Optional: gryphons actually exist there, and some of them are kept in zoos or aviaries.) Considering how negatively Gilda the Griffon was received in the West (while other gryphons get a new fanbase there), how do you think that sort of country would deal with FiM, especially in regards to her character, and those of Gustave, Gabby, and Greta?
  5. I may never understand how I can be a good editor for others but not myself. This is a one-shot, independent story that I finally got around to writing. I mainly need help with syntax but I'm having difficulty finding beta readers with good critique and input or suggestions. I've gotten a lot of general praise which is very nice but that doesn't help me when I'm trying to submit something to the rigors of Daily Equestria. (I've come to learn they are a very tough lot to get stories published through, on a level of hatred.) My other main concern was wondering if Gabby could or should be removed. The fandom seems split and divided at war as to whether she's a likable character or not. The title is a play on words from the unofficial creed of the United States Postal Service. PREMISE: Discord, tired of late or lost deliveries from the Equestrian Postal Service, files a complaint that endangers the pony mailing business. With a new letter labeled as 'Urgent', the fate of Equestrian mail lies with Gabby and Derpy as a delivery partners into the Realm of Chaos. Will they deliver it in a time fitting a Lord of Chaos? Will they make it there at all? Genre: Slice of Life Audience: General Original Characters?: Only filler for the background Word Count: (current) ~2,300 Complete: 45% (trying to make it with 3 or fewer chapters, hopefully none) - - - - A line of bustling, arguing ponies at the Ponyville Post Office extended from the counter of three busy mail ponies to nearly out the door. But it was always busy at 11:53am. Ponies finishing or starting lunch breaks taking the opportunity to come and deliver or pick up mail and packages. An irritated Earth mare was at the far left ticket counter, complaining about the packaging she received. “Just look at this mess!” She proclaimed stamping her brown hooves on the counter. “The string is barely holding, the box is crumpled,—humph—it even says ‘fragile’. And I know my hubby paid extra for a premium shipping rate.” The tan mustache on the Pegasus behind the counter twitched left and right as he bent low, inspected the box, and then looked at the tag. He raised an eyebrow. “Ma’am,” his eyes lowered into a disrespected frown as he twisted his hoof, allowing the tag to turn showing ‘Cheap Sky: LOW PRIORITY’ written on it. “Please keep in mind the policy,” he then tilted his head twice towards a sign beside him reading, ‘Unofficial markings on boxes are ignored for shipping handling and rates’ thus implying the invalidity of the ‘fragile’ stamp on the box. He puffed out some air and shook his head. “I’m sorry, there isn’t anything we can really do. The box was not marked for any special care or express delivery.” Her eye twitched. “I cannot believe this!” She gripped the string in her mouth and yanked before ripping the top of the box open revealing a foal’s pillow. The stallion stared at her unimpressed and too downtrodden to laugh or smile. He mumbled with a sigh. “Don’t go postal—good rope is too expensive these days.” The mare blushed with a sincere smile, but then she shook her head and pulled out the pillow with her mouth. “Well, it looks crumpled and very squished.” The stallion rose an eyebrow. “Would you like your 1 silver bit refunded?” The brown mare stuck up her nose and moved the pillow around, revealing a picture of Discord. “Well I…” her eyes popped open as she looked at the image. “What in the moon is…?” The image re-shifted and grew in depth and size until the draconequus was at full height, stretching with grumbled, protested grunting. He cracked his neck until his head twisted off and he placed it on his body backwards to face the mail pony behind the counter. The Pegasi rose an eyebrow again, just waiting for his luck to sink so low the room would explode into a mess. “For First Class priority shipping,” Discord said matter factly while gesturing with his asymmetrical arms and body still facing the brown mare, who was now cowering behind the pillow, “you ponies sure do take a long time to get them anywhere.” He put his lion paw on the wall and wrung his deer hoofed leg around and leaned to the side. “But then I suppose that’s nothing new. Unless…” he contorted his body in various ways to try righting himself forward, “there’s been a mix up. I’m here to file a complaint.” The stallion sighed deeply with a frown. Despite the frightening display, he’s seen it all in the Equestrian Postal Service. “Sir, if you will please step back to the end of the line, we will be very happy to assist you.” Discord leaned over the counter with a smirk and snapped the claws of his eagle-talons. String and cords from the packages in the room turned into dancing imitations of snakes, weaving together and tying along the ponies before dragging them in a sudden jerk out the door, their yelling tuned to the violent rush of a passing roller coaster. “Well it seems that the line was caught and there was bigger fish to fry.” The stallion used the cleft of his hoof to scratch his mustache. “What is the nature of your complaint sir?” “Well first off, doesn’t anypony know who I am? Maybe that would explain the lack of urgency in your establishment.” “Mister Discord,” the pony continued in his monotonous groan, “I am truly sorry for the lack of timing on your deliveries. We here at E.P.S. are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our service and punctuality. We hope you continue doing business with us and next time I can offer you a discount card for your troubles.” The mailpony reached behind the counter and pulled up a basket. “Please take a muffin on us,” he bent below again and came up with a discount card in his mouth. Discord screeched his teeth together and looks up at the words in this paragraph to ensure what is happening is really happening. Seriously, is this all I am to you readers? Discord thinks. Comedic relief in the form of irony? Satirizing my self-depreciating situations with surreal comedy? Discord swiped the entire basket of muffins. “With as many times as you continue to mess up with your late—or lost—mail, I do believe I’m entitled to oh—just about all of these.” “Mister Discord, have you considered a P.O. Box? Deliveries to the Realm of Chaos have gone up in price considerably. Considering that we rush every delivery and sometimes lose mailponies, we can no longer guarantee an estimated time of arrival nor the assurance deliveries will…” Discord plugged the mailpony’s mouth with a muffin. “Blah, blah, blah. All I hear are excuses! ‘Pee Oh Box’ here! I am insulted!” Discord used magic to hold the basket in place so he could slap his hands on his face and drag it down so that his eyeballs rolled down with a rattle. “Do you know how long and difficult a teleportation is to this place? Your suggestion is unacceptable.” The Pegasus sighed and puckered his lips. Discord turned to walk out the door when his pale yellow eyeballs fell out of their sockets and rolled along the ground. “Oh, there was something else that nearly slipped my mind.” The eyeballs rolled up along the edge of the counter before coming to a rest at the center. They blinked up at him before merging to form a reddish, inky puddle that turned into a ticking clock. “If I don’t get my next delivery in a time befitting a Lord of Chaos, then your letters and packages will be delivering newborn monsters from my realm as pets for those Equestrian residents who use your service.” The stallion looked up and sighed as he glanced back in the establishment. “I will be sure to send your major threat aimed at the sole mail delivery service in Equestria to the highest of management.” Discord came back and wrapped his eagle-talon arm around the mailpony. “Oh fantastic!” the puddle on the counter reformed into eyeballs that blinked. “I can clearly see that somepony is going to get things right.” He took his eyeballs in his lion paw and poked them back in place before vanishing. The mailpony muttered. “Well maybe my job will finally come to an end and I can seek out unemployment and disability. Next.” He looked around at the room void of ponies and allowed himself to smile a bit. “Making bits standing around doing nothing.” * * * Flying into the bridge backwards with a bonk came Ms. Derpy holding her delicate, fresh-baked basket of muffins. Her eyes tilted and spun in a dizzy swirl but she was alright—and more importantly, so were the muffins. With a grin she looked back and flew forward a bit before spinning her wheat-golden tail in a helicopter whirl, buzzing herself over the bridge this time before rotating in place and continuing her way. She looked back briefly at the bridge that she avoided smashing her muffins into and perked up her head in pride with eyes closed. But as the grey Pegasus looked at her direction of flight her expression drooped. “Soggy muffins,” she mumbled as she saw the visage of a large tree growing in size at an alarming rate. She ducked under only to find herself spiraling into the busy traffic of Ponyville, zigzagging this way and that, dodging ponies, carts, and buildings. * * * At the Ponyville Post Office just before 2:30pm, the mailponies were gathering for the second shift pep talk in preparation for the late afternoon rush. Front and center of the gathered two dozen workers or so was an elder mare Unicorn with red hues and a faded orange coat. Her cutie mark sported a saddlebag with a gold star. This would be Saddle Star, the lead mailmare of Ponyville’s Equestrian Postal Service. “Now please, attention everypony,” Saddle Star started as she looked down from the podium. The mailponies began to hush. “I have a very important announcement. As you all… wait—where is…?” “Oh no,” one of the male Pegasi said, “She jinxed it.” At that moment, everypony ducked for cover a moment before Derpy burst through the window, spinning on the ground and colliding into the wall. Her eyes rattled as each spun separately but she was smiling regardless. “I brought the new batch of muffins as quickly as I could.” With her head scrunched on the ground in a headstand she looked left and right. “Did I miss anything?” “Yes,” Saddle Star said as she up-righted herself and used her gold magic to realign her blue cap on her head, “you missed everypony in the room on another one of your magnificent crash landings.” Derpy’s eyes tilted opposite as her eyebrows caved in with confusion. She wasn’t sure if that was praise or ridicule. But since it seemed nopony was hurt and the muffins for delivery were safe, she shrugged and tipped her legs over before wobbling her way to a seat. Saddle Star cleared her throat. “Yes, I have a very important announcement. As you know, mail deliveries to the—customer—known as Discord—resident of the Realm of Chaos is a difficult creature to bring deliveries to. He made a formal complaint and should we not satisfy his needs, we are going to be in trouble. He said he would include a newborn monster from his realm in all our deliveries across Equestria!” As Derpy raised a hoof to speak, one of the stallions stood. “We lost Bucky and Rucksack earlier this month trying to deliver mail to that dreadful place. And the volunteer list to getting mail to Discord is running thin.” The other ponies quickly began to speak up in rancorous commentary as Derpy shook her hoof more, her teeth clenched in earnest. Saddle Star lowered her eyelids and puckered her lips to the side. “I understand the grievances and concern.” When the ruckus finally settled, the grey mare with a bubbly cutie mark was the only one up—up in the air by now—hoof raised and swinging violently and her other arm now supporting it. Saddle Star rolled her eyes. “Yes, what is it?” The Pegasus stopped flapping her wings and sunk back down into her seat. She raised each hoof in a shrug. “Why don’t we just tell Princess Celestia? Or at least Princess Twilight?” Saddle Star picked up the papers at the podium and adjusted them. “Even if it is ‘reformed’ Discord, we do not treat residents and customers in this way. We are a service and we will serve them. Besides, corporate policy states that doing so results in getting fired. No more pay, no more benefits, no more retirement.” The other ponies had a wide-eyed blank stare. “Huh,” on in the back said putting a hoof to his chin, “makes sense. It’s corporate after all, since when do they do anything reasonable?” Saddle Star coughed and cleared her throat. “But I have good news. We are now outsourcing contracts to mail delivery into dangerous and difficult areas.” At that moment the door to the side swung open with a crash. In the dust and darkness stood the body of a young Griffon, lion tail twisting back and forth as if looking for the next prey or series of adventure. “Ahhhhh yeah! Who’s ready to kick some flank in the Realm of Chaos on a delivery?” The head pony at the podium curled her head away and raised hoof at the Griffon’s direction. “Everypony, meet—Gabby.” The mailpony who encountered Discord commented monotone, “Griffons are now taking over our jobs as contract workers. How nice.” Derpy walked up and took the Griffon’s right paw and shook it violently. “Nice ta meet you, Gabby!” Gabby used her strength to pick up Derpy one-armed and shake her violently back. “Alright! Some enthusiasm here! Say, can she be my partner?” Gabby put Derpy back down and she didn’t seem too dazed, though she wobbled a tiny bit—always flashing a grin. Saddle Star grimaced. “B—but…” “Sure!” Derpy said closing her eyes. Saddle Star zipped from the podium and started dragging the grey Pegasus. “Excuse us. Hey, are you crazy?” Derpy looked confused. “Uh—not last I checked. But I haven’t seen a doctor to be sure. Oh, except the Doctor, but I don’t think he’s that kind of doctor.” Saddle Star shook her head. “No, no, no! We need you here for muffin baking! And well—it’s dangerous delivery work. I don’t want to see you get hurt, well, not any more than you already get. And you just met Gabby! You don’t know anything about her.” “I’ll be fine. Cross my heart, hope to fly,” she signed with her right hoof, “stick a cupcake in my—ouch.” Saddle Star pulled her hooves away from Derpy’s shoulders and looked down. “Well, considering the severe lack of willing volunteers, we don’t have much a choice anyway. Just be on standby for when Discord has his next letter or package to be delivered.” Derpy’s eyes straightened for a moment. “Oh! That reminds me,” she reached in the basket of muffins and pulled out an envelope. She spoke with it in her mouth. “I’ve gawt on’ ‘ear to Discawd. Urvent.”
  6. Hey guys ! I made this yesterday and put some easter eggs on it, if you can find them and understand them, congrats ! So what kind of cutie mark tattoo Gabby should have ? also if you have any question about digital painting and the process of this one, I'm all ears !