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Found 26 results

  1. So, I was just thinking about maybe creating a topic to put all of the artwork I've got from requesting it from others. I have it all in a folder, but I have considered maybe making a thread to showcase it. I'm not entirely decided if it would even be a good idea, but I wanted to ask before I really even consider if it would be in line with the rules? I would obviously credit the name of the creators(Atleast including the name from whatever their site name was at the time.) But would It still be ok as far as the rules go? Considering none of it would be my creations(Unless I want to showcase some of my mediocre art ;p.) Would I be required to get direct permission from each creator? Because some of these people have left the site considering much of it is quite old. Again, i'm just curious if it would be ok as far as the rules go, I'm not really sure if it would be a good idea or not, so I may not make it regardless, but I'm just asking if it is in violation of the rules in any way. Thanks.
  2. EDIT 5/14/18 - I'm going to be uploading all my works to this thread unless it's OC Specific! I wanted to try out posting my art too a forum because I feel like I'm not getting the attention on it that I'm looking for, especially sense most of the people who watch me on deviantart or follow me on tumblr aren't super into MLP, so Here I am in a MLP forum. I was thinking of making holographic prints with this but it all depends on how interested people would be! let me know what you think!
  3. I feel like I'm not good enough as an artist, so I thought, "why not let people tell me how bad I am?" In all seriousness, though, I've actually been getting a lot better lately, but I still don't like where I am. The gallery is, indeed, a gallery, but I would also like to display some artwork for critique. I'd like to know how I can get better as an artist. Negative critiques are very welcome, so long as people understand the line between criticism and just saying, "This is bad." I'll be taking artwork from my DeviantArt Gallery (Link:, meaning not everything I draw will be here, just my favorites and others I think I'd like some advice on. I'll start off by posting two of my more recent work. Everything I post after will also be recent. I don't think I'll be posting anything older than these two. Please, go nuts on them. Hopefully, I'll post more in the future, and hopefully they'll be even better. Thank you in advance for your support and your help.
  4. A true, true friend helps a friend in need A friend will be there to help them see A true, true friend helps a friend in need To see the light that shines from a true, true friend There’s a pretty good chance that you know someone who is going through a difficult time in their life. Perhaps they’ve lost their job, had a family member pass away, or are generally feeling blue. You’d like to help, but it isn’t always easy to gauge what exactly you can do for them. That’s why I’m happy to announce the opening of the Gallery of Goodwill. This project, devised and managed by skysweep, provides an opportunity to put the spirit of generosity into action. The concept is simple: donations are submitted into a fund created by skysweep which allows people to request artwork to be made for someone they know who could use a pick-me-up. Those making the requests don’t need to spend a dime of their own money. This means you can spread some much needed cheer simply by putting in a request. Thanks to skysweep’s efforts and the abundance of talent in our community, several of our own artists who sell commissions here on MLP Forums have agreed to help out. They’ll be compensated for their work through the fund. We’re eager to have more artists come aboard; so drop skysweep and I a PM if you’re interested. If you’re interested in participating in the Gallery of Goodwill, you’re welcome to poke your head into the official event thread found here. You can submit donations, requests, and post any questions you may have. I should add that those who donate may receive handmade goodies from skysweep. Keep your eyes peeled! The Gallery of Goodwill, like all good things, won’t last forever, though. The project is slated to end on June 14 or when the fund is depleted -- whichever comes first. If you want to brighten someone’s day with a piece of excellent fan art, you should get in on this as soon as you can. In the end, this community has proven to be incredibly charitable and loving. Whether it’s through Making Christmas Merrier or simply posting about ponies, your big-heartedness knows no boundaries or (quite literally) borders. I know that desire to give to others continues to burn strong within each of you. By joining the Gallery of Goodwill, you’ll help make an enormous difference in someone’s life -- no reality-bending magic required.
  5. Hey everyone! Welcome to my little art gallery I'll be posting my drawings here for all to see, so enjoy ​A New Adventure Begins We Aint Afraid Of No Ghosts ​​ ​Nerdy Attraction ​​ Tech vs Aqua Alone Time Help From Above Testing The New Companion
  6. Hey ! Welcome to my art gallery ! Here, you will find every drawing I've made since the beginning ! I've sorted them from newest to oldest. Please note I won't be taking requests for a year, studies remain the top priority. However, I am always available if you need help on 'vectoring' . Anyway, enjoy ! Ponyscape drawings : ( .svg and .svgz links are found on my dA gallery) GIMP drawings : (old drawings) I've also 'vectored' some pictures from the show, they are found on my dA account. I won't show them here since they are not my work alone. Links : - dA account : Software used : - Ponyscape - GIMP (old drawings) Latest drawing : I've made some changes, the colors should be easier to distinct on my OC now
  7. Welcome to my pony stuff exhibit Okay so first of all, hi people ! Usually, I'd tell you "my name is Sam", but I couldn't use this username here (already taken it seems...), that's why I went for my main OC's name So, hi again ! My name's Tinky Blue on here ! I got the feeling you came on this topic to see some pony art stuff, so I won't make you wait any longer x) Just know that I don't pretend being a professional (actually I don't know what I'm doing for the most part ._.), so if you have any kind of critics or suggestions that'd help me improve, I say go for it and tell me ^^ Digital ArtCharacters from the show : My OCs : Traditional Art :Characters from the show : My OCs: I'll work on some of these sketches to make them in digital style, that's why their buttmark or other details are not drawn
  8. Hello and welcome to my casual Art Dumping Grounds! In this dump you can find many interesting pieces of worrrrrkkkk~ If you'd like updates, please follow my DA (look at my signature for link) (it really pays off!) Since my old thread sucked, and i needed a new boost, have at this, my friends and followers!
  9. So, I've decided to make this thread to post recent artworks made for others or just for fun, so it wouldn't be necessary to keep creating different threads. I'm accepting requests, so if you wish for one, send a PM for me. PS: Large Images Who calls? Bad Girl Gotta Kick Magician Paint it Black
  10. Well I have several "artworks" already. I'll collect them here. Wanna be critic? You are welcome! Wanna laugh and point with finger? Subscribe! 2015 2016 Aaaand late promise given to @. Don't be angry, I did my best, I wanna see you smiling. XP Birthday gift card for Dennybutt. And she liked it! W00t! My adorable pony. <3<3<3 Finally finished my OC appearance You can check his biography in my signature.
  11. Hey everypony, I thought I go ahead and make a gallery to show off my work. Ive been getting better and better and I though why not show off the hard work and see what everypony thought? This one I messed up the eyes a little but for the most part it turned out all right This my OC, Sundream and her secret special somepony Rainbow Dash. I had to lol I wanted to make this my signature but I don't have the programs to do it right. Anypony wanna help? These are just a few, I have more on the way so let me know what you all think
  12. Welcome to my gallery ! I have been drawing for 5 years, but only started to draw on my tablet recently. I hope you will like my work !
  13. MDLineArt's Gallery Hey all, at the suggestion of @ (You didn't think I would remember?) I am going to attempt at making a gallery/work in progress thread here on the forums regarding any OCs, Fan Art, or anything MLP related (As it is the current focus of my inspiration). I've been drawing on and off for quite some time, and I want to start drawing and improving my skills, so expect a lot of experiments and things that are very rough. Typically my art is very dark, macabre even, but I will try to refrain from posting anything NSFW. I hope to be adding to this community and benefit from it's members and their experiences, as I try to share my own. Expect finish pieces to be brought back up to this origional post, so I can keep things easy to find for anyone following this. Shout outs to @@Moon Sugar, @@Odyssey, @, @, and @@MiniKirby123, for their support when I was down on myself. If it wasn't for all of you, I wouldn't be doing this. I hope to make it worth your while.
  14. Welcome to Raritas' Astrophotography Gallery! (Come on in, take a seat!) Hi, Raritas here. I've been a budding astronomer for a good few years now, I'll always remember the first time I viewed the moon through my trusty telescope (A Sky-Watcher 130P Synscan GoTo reflector). Since then, I've viewed all manor of celestial objects, from Jupiter, to Saturn. From the Pleiades to the Andromeda galaxy. However, my catalog of sightings is still very small! Recently, I've decided to take up the art of Astrophotography, taking pictures of the objects I have seen on my travels across the sky. Unfortunately for me, as of now I only have my trusty digital camera to take the pictures with, holding it up to the telescope lens. However, this has given me surprisingly good results! So, without further a do, below I will post all my recent pictures I have acquired for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to ask me any questions, feel free! 28/09/2015 - Lunar Eclipse ( :comeatus: ) The total eclipse/super moon was a sight to behold, I'm proud I managed to see it. Next one is in 2033, expect pictures of that then! Additional images of separate objects will be posted when I believe I have decent enough images. Thanks for clicking on my gallery, please, if you have any questions or criticism, post away! (If you wish to download any images and use them else where, please ask me first)
  15. Hey guys. Well these are some of my paintings. I'd love to hear feedback. These are all from this year as well. Enjoy and please tell me which one is your favorite!
  16. I've been drawing ponies for a while now, so I guess it's time to upload them. I may take requests--pm me if interested. I welcome all feedback/critiques ^^ ART(sketch): ---- ART(digital):
  17. Here is some of the absolutely fantastic art that artists have drawn of my OC over time. I hope you enjoy! I appreciate all of this wonderful art, and hope to continue expanding on this collection as time goes by! (This is also kind of a way for me to keep this all in one place for future reference and linking) Harmonic Revelations: Done by Firebolt R63 Harmonic Revelations: Done by Firebolt Harmonic R63 with Cutie Mark fixed: Done by Firebolt, Cutie mark fixed by me Fabulous Mini-Harmonic: Done by Togetic/Art Streak/Ashley Harmonic with Pen Sword Things: By Psyche Clops Harmonic Blushing: By Rainbow Dashey Harmonic Riding His Pet: By Preeminent Pisces Harmonic Revelations Sketch: Done by Dilarus
  18. Due to me posting a lot, here is were I am posting my art! Before you start: I am going to stop basing. I need to practice drawing without basing, and, if I keep basing, it'll look like I am unoriginal Ok, lets start! Here is Shining Snow. And here is Tangerine Mare Please Critique, and keep checking here for updates! ~CadneceDerp :EDIT: Sorry that the Tangerine picture is so small, I never realized until now o3o
  19. So I need a thread to dump these, because I have been quite busy working on a bunch of wallpapers, signatures, avvies, and the sort. So I'm just going to post them all up in this thread as they come out. I always appreciate feedback, so that I can improve. P.S. eventually they'll have to be attached to the post itself since you can only upload so many external images, so that's why you're seeing duplicates at the bottom of the post. Series 1: Celestia and Luna Wallpaper Set (Complete) Series 2: Mane Six Simplistic Wallpapers (Complete) Series 3: Antagonist Signatures (In Progress, Discord done so far)
  20. My little "art" gallery I have been doing a lot of drawing ever since I became a brony. I have practiced ever since I first followed that youtube guide back in 17.11.2012. To begin with, the reason I started drawing was because I enjoyd it, I wanted to be able to do similar drawings you see on EQD. Knowing I had aimed high, I knew I would have to work my way towards it. So that's what I have been doing ever since, drawing over 70 drawings, have honestly lost count. I have practiced, pretty much every position. Drawn all of the mane 6. Many background ponies and most of those drawings are seriously of Derpy. Derpy was the first pony I did a drawing off. Based on said youtube guide: I would say that I have improved a lot, I had made a couple of threads here, although I somehow stopped doing so. Mostly because I didn't see the point, after I started getting more attention on DA, I started to simply spend more time on deviantart. Now, many of the drawings I will put up here are after I started doing digital, after I got wacom bamboo tablet as well as paint tool sai. I don't really see the point in putting up the older drawings, you can check some of it out in my gallery on DA. Although, they aren't really old at all. The older drawings, where I was still practicing remain in my folder, I will probably never put them out there. I plan on making a lot more drawings, even though time isn't on my side. So I will probably not update this thread anytime soon. Although I will try to at least put up one drawing occasionally. I'm doing this more just to share how my drawings look like now. I won't really be able to make a lot of drawings because of exams as well as summer work. But I will try. Making drawings have really built up my confidence and in a way I'm contributing to the fandom, even though I haven't gotten on EQD yet.. But I have plans. I guess by making the birthday drawings, I actually was.. Since we are the community, so making a drawing for someone is contributing to the fandom. I hope that you all like it. Now, let's begin, I will put the images in the spoiler and a link, some of the images might have gotten compressed, so they are probably better on DA. Happy birthday Maddy and Ashleigh, a drawing I made for EQD art gathering, to celebrate Maddy's and Ashleighs birthday. Link. Colgate with sunglasses, this one was at a early point in time. It doesn't look that good, but still Colgate with sunglasses. What's there not to love? Should possibly remake this one, when time comes. Link. Colgate as a toothpaste, you could be amazed how some things that you talk about in a status update actually end up happening. This one I actually really like, I know I did the hair on the brush wrong.. But it really doesn't matter. Link. Fluttershy sniper, this is one of my favorite. I made it rather quickly.. But still good I believe. Link. Happy birthday drawing I made for XCBrony, I like how it turned out. This was the first time I actually made a drawing off a stallion. Link. Princess Luna Doomsday, a drawing I made for a song. I liked how it turned. Link. Happy birthday drawing I made for Eureka. It's Derpy, of course. Link. Fluttershy in the rain, basically Fluttershy in the rain. I could probably have done the rain better. But I have never done rain before. But I like how the background is. Link. OCs, because you probably don't care about OCs, I put them last. I hope you like it and I hope that you enjoyd seeing my gallery, I will of course add more as I'll make more.
  21. I'm on Deviantart ! Hello and welcome to my little gallery ! I'll try to keep this post up to date and please let this whole "gallery-thing" work. I'll try to make this post look as good as I can, because I really love doing that, so this post is going to be long... Looking for critiques ! __________ Crappy handwriting, yay ! __________ Okay let's start, shall we ? Introduction __________ Stuff __________ and finnally... Drawings new -> old __________ That'll do ! I always appreciate Critique ! I have the feeling, that I should apologie for this long post, well I have this weird "formatting posts is so much fun <3"-thing going on... Sorry for possible mistakes, english isn't my native language. Have a nice day/evening /)
  22. I finally got a Scanner as the name implies. I've been forced to rely on a crappy camera phone to upload drawings so they never ended up looking too good. I've always wanted to use a scanner to upload my work so by Luna's might. That's what I'm going to do!
  23. So, I saw Lost's Art thread ( and decided that it was a pretty nice way to showcase your art on these forums! I've decided to do something similar. I will still make new posts for new drawings, but this is where I'll group all of my drawings together. I hope my tale of improvement will help others get motivated to draw more! Early Work: SRS BSNS (Traditional): SRS BSNS (Digital): Sketches and Sketchdumps
  24. Well guys, You know how I do abstract art and all. I know you've been curious as to see my works.. so I present to everypony.. MY WORKS OF ART! I really hope you guys like them. I know I didnt fully color it in.. but this is what I got so far. I might go back to the ones i didnt finish coloring. The ones I didnt start coloring yet will stay black and white. Walla.