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Found 12 results

  1. Ignore the garbled text. That is a bug for another day. Been taking my time making these menus and such, and glad to see that stage of development is finally coming to an end. Chewed hard to figure out some bugs and the most efficient way to make things flow, but I think I've got it now and just need to rinse and repeat to get the rest of the menus done. See my latest (mis)adventures in game development on the Yotes Games Blog.
  2. Another week in and the game's revamped menu systems still aren't done! Feels like I'm running in place sometimes, but week after week new things are being added and I'm feeling more and more capable as a developer. I just want the alpha build done already! Take a look at what I managed to do this past week. (The Yotes Games Blog)
  3. Menus, menus, menus... Looking fresh though. Still going through the process of making sure all the interfaces work and feel better than ever before. Cleaner sprites, dynamic sizing and positioning for every possible device, and helpful new tools like scrollviews and shaders to add some extra polish. Plus, it all runs 40 times smoother now since it gets compressed to one draw call at runtime, meaning no more horrendous lag just from opening a menu! Read More:
  4. Hello! I am developing a Fallout: Equestria game based on the mechanics of the first, Fallout: Classic. I've already created many of the core actions such as, movement, inspection, collision, inventory, and halfway through saving. (All in one night!) Problem is, we're in desperate need of sprites and graphics to make the game complete. We haven't done any of the story boarding, but I imagine it'd be done rather quickly. The sprites require the respective top-down perspective of the original games. There will be a photo down below, but I'm sure you can find more by google search. (You'll probably be drawing Lil' Pip 700 times) For the sake of rigging the game, please don't draw anything until you've contacted me. Thanks! If you're interested in helping out, please PM me. I really hope to finish this project. Thanks! -RePub
  5. An idea of a fighting game kinda bounced into my head awhile back. It would play Kinda like fighting is magic, or maybe Marvel vs Capcom.(Probably will turn out more like smash bros. tbh) Anyway, Instead of canon ponies, It would use OCs from around the fandom. (Plus a few of my own and anyone who wants to help.) Would anyone here Play it? Maybe help me make it? I plan to code it in Multimedia fusion 2. Right now what I have for OCs are(This is concept, and have yet to ask anyone for usage yet) LittlePip(Fallout Equestira) BlackJack(FO:E Project horizons) Nyx(Past sins) Mary Sue(One of My OCs) AnonFilly(4chan) Gizmo(My other OC) Fluffle Puff(Fluffle puff) Locations so far: Wasteland(FO:E}. Nightmare Castle(Pastsins) Harmony castle(*COugh*Twilgiht's castle). Tinker's clockwork shop. Main threader one(Rainbow factory).
  6. I'm making a game which used to be a pony fan game, but I gave it a redesign to avoid legal troubles. It still shares some aesthetic qualities though. It's called Sulphur Nimbus: Hel's Elixir, and the main character is a hippogriff. The game shares traits with collect-a-thon platformers, as well as hack and slash games, but what makes it special is the momentum-based physics, which also apply to the flying mechanic. So it's a game where you have to put in some work to keep flying, but when you've mastered it you can go just about anywhere. I released a demo a while ago, which you can try out. Here's the video where I announced it: Here's a direct download link (50 MB): And here's a video where I'm doing a fast playthrough: I'd like to hear your feedback if you try the demo, and if you could help me spread the word about the project then that would be a big help.
  7. Hello, Gamer_KM here. I do, in fact, make games I am working on a My little dashie game in theme of tamagachi. So yeah, it's a thing right now I got a framework up. Right now, I just want to make the UI. I am working on dashie's art work in flash(I am using her filly puppet) This game is Alpha build so yeah....much broke code, very bugs. I also want to put sound into the game so if you make music, our want to make dashie noises let me know. I'll keep you Updated. Gamer_KM Out.
  8. So basically lately my schedule lately has not allowed me much free time on my PC due to circumstances. I used to have a lot of free time in this case, so I spent a lot of time playing video games and programming. Well now that I have less time I have been taking the lazy path and just playing CSGO, and let my skills in programming sit to rot. I used to feel inspired to want to code this game, but lately I don't feel motivated at all, or ibspired, and I end up using all of my free time on playing video games. Now being about 17 now, it seems normal for soneone to just finish their school and just spend the rest of their time playing video games. But I want to create, not just use. Do any of you have any ideas or tips on how someone like me (lazy/unmotivated/un-inspired) can get to be how I felt before, creative and inspired? I used to write passages about the fictional worlds I had thought of, but now I just sit around wasting time. If you have any experience in such a dilemma, or just anything to say, it would be much appreciated.
  9. Hello My name is Selfie Snapshots aka The Selfie Pony, I am the PR Pony for a game being developed called Beyond Equestria. Beyond Equestria is a Online Social My Little Pony role play Experience. With Custom Game Engine made by our lead dev (Project Fox Claw) This game mixes concepts from: The Sims - Like the Needs System Minecraft - Open World Generator GTA Online - Housing System Some ideas we are implementing: VR Support - As in the Oculus Rift Voice Chatting - so you can make real horse noises to your friends Job System - So you can make money A Cell Phone - So you can take Selfies, Listen to your own music, text people, and make phone calls to other horses. Our Current Team: A PR/Director Lead Game Dev Lead 2-D Artist Two musicians A Female VA A Male VA What We are looking for: 3D Modeler 3D Animator Another Programmer/Coder who knows LUA More Musicians (Who can write multiple Styles of music) More VA's Male Or Female :3 (Note: This is a Free-ware game, so...we can't Pay you so all work is Volunteer. :3 <3 ) (Another Note: Our Game is nothing like Legends of Equestria, We respect them and their amazing game so we are not trying to copy them to be competition) Some Screen Shots: The Title Screen: Taco Rain (Yes we are going to make this a random weather in the game) Mitch! The City! Anypony who is interested in joining send me a Private Message and we will talk :3 <3 Thanksss <3
  10. Ha, this just came to me, we need a platformer based on dj pon3/vinyl scratch! I'll upload GDD soon, but foe now, I need sprite artists, programmers, and the like, of course I won't ask you to start till I get the GDD , so if you're interested, hold tight
  11. Hello, my name is Jared aka Jade. I'm a Christian,Vegan,Cross-dressing, Game designer,My little pony fanatic! Whew, I know that's a lot to swallow but I've decided, I am who I am and I'm going to accept it and enjoy both my girl and man side to the fullest extent possible. I'm not going to be depressed,ashamed or guilty for who I am. Jared is a 29 year old man who loves god and his family and friends, He loves the military and to honor veterans and to serve everyone just as Jesus did! He is very strong and buff and a jack of all trades, He can do anything, 2D,3D art, professional web design and coding, mechanics,construction, computer and electronic repair, writing, music and everything else. I have been married for 13 years to the most awesome and beautiful wife I could ever ask for! She's my best friend, my love, my makeup artist and my greatest supporter! We love to spend time being girly together and just having a great time! Jade is a little girl who never had the chance to grow up her childhood, She absolutely adores ponies,My Little Pony,Drawing ponies, pony music, friendship,pets, she hates any talk of violence,war or sex. She doesn't like when people make jokes about other people or judge them. She has all the good qualities of Jared and none of the bad! My little pony has taught her that friendship is truly magic and she is looking for friends that wont judge her. That's what this post is all about and that's why I explained in detail exactly who I am, So there wont be any problems with new friends. I'm mainly looking for friends who like art,Christianity,cross-dressing,Game design,My Little Pony etc... But I humbly invite anyone who wont judge me to be my friend. I would like to talk about life issues, collaborate on projects and just be a support for people who need to talk and figure out issues. I encourage anyone else who would like to share their story and ask for friends to do so here if they like! Even if you would not like to be my friend and don't share any of these interests you are most welcome to post your own story of who you are here requesting friends. Friends are very important and we all need them, I really hope to find a LOT of pony spirit here in the forums! Thanks for reading!, I pray that you all have happiness with who you are, Pony love, Pink hearts and all the other girly things that are totally awesome, If you like that sort of thing, otherwise guns,explosives,camo gear and 4 wheelers! "I like both " i.e rambo in pink MLP pajammas hahahha, my insanity cracks me up sometimes. GOD bless! -Jared aka Jade PS. Feel free to post here in discussion about the aforementioned subjects also.
  12. If you are under the age of 16 and / or cannot handle mature content, please do not continue reading. Hi guys. Welcome to a post that's probably going to be taken down in seconds. I'm a programmer and game designer, and I've had this idea on my head that won't go away -- A game about a fetus in his mother's womb that is wanting to get out. Over the course of the game, he learns that she will be getting an abortion, so he has no choice but to kill his own mother from the inside and work his way out alone. The game would be a platformer, possibly a metroidvania type game. Randomly generated content is a possibility. Why do I want to make this? It has a really close connection with me.I feel like I'm constantly trapped and I want to reflect my life into a game. I just want to get this out of my fucking head. Post hate comments below, I read them.