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Found 2 results

  1. Well, 2015 has gone by kinda fast. Been a pretty interesting year too for gaming. We have seen many new releases and some very interesting titles, also some that are....kinda terrible. In this thread though, we are here to discuss our personal favorites of the year, our Game(s) of the Year! This can be one or many, whatever you think has been the best of the year so far. Definitely one of my top favorites is Forza Motorsport 6 for the Xbox One. This game, while it has some small kinks, is near racing game perfection. The sheer amount of cars and the details in all of those cars, the 26 tracks, the rain and night effects, the ability to customize all of your cars to your liking, both in tuning and visual appearance, this game is just absolutely wonderful and also relaxing for me to play. I have already put near 50 hours into it. Yeah, I really like it. :3 Definitely one of my absolute favorites of 2015 and beyond for that matter and it is now my favorite racing title ever, bar none. Another one is Super Mario Maker for the Wii U. Yeah, there is no way this one could not make my list. Considering that it is a Mario fan's dream, this game is pure 2D platforming bliss. It is so easy to get into making levels and different concepts and playing levels made by others is infinitely replayable. To me, this is the definitive Wii U killer app. Infact, it is the game that made me buy the console this year. Well played Nintendo. Well played. How about all of you? What are some of your top games for this year? ^____^
  2. According to the searches I made there is no thread for this so yay. So my question is, what is your personal Game of the Year for 2014 so far? The year isn't over yet of course but we are in the last quarter and quite a few games have released so far. If what you think will be your GOTY has not released yet, what is it? At this point, my GOTY is easily Child of Light. That game is a masterpiece in so many artistic ways and plus the game is just fun. Sure, it is a bit simple in terms of an RPG as well as a bit short compared to other RPG's, but everything else makes up for that entirely, music, art, all of that. Anyone that has read my review of it will know how much I love that game. You should play it if you haven't. It is amazing. In terms of a runner up, it might be the new Smash Bros. For 3DS or maybe Pokemon Omega Ruby for the same system, those are gonna be sweet! Smash Bros. on the go? Genius. Nintendo, you are printing money. How about you all?