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Found 966 results

  1. Rainbow Sherbet

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

    This game is quite simple. Just change one letter of the four-letter word that the pony above you posted. IT HAS TO BE A REAL WORD. Here's an example: Pony 1: Sink Pony 2: Link Pony 3: Line Pony 4: Life ... And so on. I'll start: Pens
  2. What is that you like about the above user's avatar?
  3. The avatar above you is out to kill you. They will hunt to the ends of the Earth to find and destroy you. Do you think you can survive their fury?
  4. Ziggy + Angel + Rain

    Do you find the above *character* attractive?

    Loosely inspired by the "Bi, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, or Pan Pizza" topic. Here's how it goes: Post an image of a character from wherever; doesn't matter if they're from a video game, live action film, anime, or whatever. The next poster says whether or not they find the character image from the above post attractive and then also posts an image. Optionally: You can say WHY the above character is attractive to you, how attractive they are, et cetera. If this sounds superficial... It's because it is. It's a forum game; they're all superficial. I'll start because I have to (and because we've been watching Sailor Moon Crystal): ^ Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury
  5. What is your favorite game in the Mario Kart series? I've played every game in the series but Mario Kart 8, and my favorite is Mario Kart Wii. I love its wide selection of tracks, karts, and players.
  6. Hello everypony! Made some progress! Things are getting more... DESTRUCTIVE! - MAIN CHANGES - + NEW SPELL! ~ Element of Laughter Be just like Pinkie Pie and throw streamers at everything! For some reason I want to yell "AT THE GALAAAA!!!" + NEW SPELL! ~ Element of Honesty No jokes with that one! I HONESTLY love that spell! Wreck everything! + Enemies Can Now Drop Elements of Harmony SEE ABOVEThese refill energy of the elements (spells). Extend the fun! + Enemies Can Also Drop HeartsNot only these recover your strengths, they also look kind of cute. + Along With New Spells; There's Something New in the HUDAs you may have noticed, spells have their icons in the upper right corner, but did you notice, that they show their remaining energy even when they aren't selected? It is for your convenience! x3 You don't have to scroll through these to see which one can still be used; just take a quick look! c: - MINOR CHANGES - + Twilight Cannot Cast Spells When Her Horn Points to the WallIf your horn is 'in the wall', there's no point to waste energy just to throw some particles. It is also to just make it visually better, as the particles were spawned in the wall and getting stuck there. Exception are Area of Effect spells, such as Element of Honesty. These still do their job there. + Lowered Amount of Particles Generated by Element of LaughterInitially that was actually kinda too spamy. And that's all I think... As always, here's a longer gifv with some gameplay. Thank you for visiting!
  7. We always seems to discuss the best of everything, but what about letdowns? So did you ever bought a game that didn't quite live up to the hype or your expectations?
  8. Picture says it all. Mine is a Backpack .
  9. HELLO EVERYPONY!!! as you may know the MLP:FiM gameloft app is now out for IOS!, dont know anything about android but it should be out for it as well... Videos now to enjoy this game to the max youl need friends to play with! *Brohoof? so add everypony in this list! to be added to the list add: villan97 gameloft live friends: Tips and Tricks Bugs: the game is buggy... im not listing every bug... Current Sales No current sales
  10. This is pretty self explanatory. Just give your thoughts on the above user's display name! For example: Random Guy: "Recherche? I suppose you're a pretty big Rarity fan, huh?" Next User: "How do you not know who you are?" Water Reserve: "Is Recherche so lazy that he couldn't think of a name for the second poster?" Considering I'm the first poster, I'll let you do the work from here! Just try to keep things friendly!
  11. I’ve made this thread to discuss some fairly odd,creepy,funny unexpected moments in otherwise good games. This of course can be from the NES all the way to the Xbox Scorpio and so on. these can be on purpose from the creators or a glitch. mine is when I encountered SA-X from Metroid fusion for the GBA.
  12. Rikifive

    game LEVEL UP! | MLP:SH Devlog #6

    Slowly everything starts to work! + Added Enemies By enemies, I mainly mean their mechanics. They have HP, can take damage and can be defeated. Such an amazing feature, isn't it? + Added Damage Popups Whenever you or enemies take damage, there's a little popup showing how much damage was dealt. + Added Enemy Life Bars Along with damage popup, for a short time you can see how much HP enemies have. + Added Drops Enemies drop items, mainly experience stars. + Added Experience Gain Popup Same as for damage, but it displays how much experience you have gained from stars. + Added LEVEL UP! Popup When you'll get better, you'll have a chance to see this shiny popup! c: + Low Life Warning & Low Oxygen Warning When things will not be going well, you'll surely notice it. Be careful! + More Particles! Experience Stars throw sparkles from time to time. ...And they're bouncy in general! BUG FIX Fixed collision issue, where Twilight was 'teleporting' to the other wall when standing up while holding the key in another direction after ducking near a wall. That was pretty convenient, but illogical and unfair, sorry speedrunners. Here's a gifv showing all the new features: CLICK ME!
  13. K, so I had an idea for a game, and I hope it catches on. -- How to play: The games pretty simple, just like it's name. Just make up a random or fake fact about the user about you. (Ex: Did you know the user above me takes showers 3 times a day, or carries around a jar of pennies everywhere they go, etc.) I'm gonna say the only rules for now are: 1. Try to keep it PG, in the very least 2. Don't do hurtful facts, be kind and show respect to the other users. 3. Follow the rules and standards of MLP Forums (Obviously) I'll start, and we'll go in a chain.
  14. Just as the title said, The user/avatar above you is most likely (to)..... example: TBD is most likely to die from boredom
  15. Phew... saddle in (*RIMSHOT!*), fillies and gentlecolts, this one's gonna be a doozy. So, a while back, me and a friend came up with this idea for a Final Fantasy-styled My Little Pony RPG that would involve characters and settings ASIDE from Equestria. But not in any way you've ever seen. Ideas were tossed and turned, batted and cartwheeled, smashed and incinerated left and right, but finally, it was decided. The story would involve a young pony living on a remote island traveling to Equestria with her partner in an attempt to stop a power crazed maniac from destroying their home. However, what's interesting to note is that not only is their island so far out of Equestria's boundaries nopony outside of the island is aware of it's existence, the island lacks many of the things that Equestria has, including deserts, dragons, and even alicorns. And yes, the islands current ruler is a unicorn, not an alicorn. On the island, alicorns are believed to be only "Myth"; Make-believe beings created for the sole purpose of foals bedtime stories. So imagine this young travelers shock and surprise when she arrives in Canterlot, and meets Princess Celestia for the first time. That's not going to give her a sense of deja vu, now is it? Anyway, your ultimate goal in this game is to find the villain and put a stop to his evil plot, and sure, while you can just go straight to his lair and do that, you'd be missing out on about 80% of the game by doing so. The real center stage attraction in this game is the sidequests, kind of like Zelda: Majora's Mask, where you don't HAVE to do all the optional side stuff, but doing so will not only net you a better ending, but multiple means to boost your characters strength and powers that'll give you the edge in battle. Now, all of this is awesome to talk about, but there's just one problem: I'm a one-man force with little to NO budget to develop this game with! The best engine that I have to develop this game with is RPG Maker VX Ace, which is all fine and dandy ( it beats 2003 by a long shot ), but I can't create sprites for all the games characters ( whether they're from the show or not ), sprites for the background environments ( or ANY of the environments, for that matter ), or compose a soundtrack that fits with the style of the show. If I had those two things, I'd be working on this game from dawn till' dusk right now. So, here's what I need help with: I need someone to volunteer their time to get me the character sprites, environment sprites, and soundtrack that I need to make this thing a reality. I'm sorry to make a request of this scale with next to no money to kick around, but it's all I got to work with right now. I'm just glad I was able to catch a Steam holiday sale and get a better engine to develop the game with then RPG Maker 2003. If anyone thinks they're good enough to do that, PLEASE let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with what I need. Thanks a lot, and see you again soon!
  16. Okay so the rules and ways to play this game are SUPER simple... I post the beginning of a story, and you add on. You can add anything as long as it follows the terms and conditions of mlp forums! There is no real plot, just be random, you can add pretty much anything you want. Anyway here I go! Make it as silly as possible! One time in sugarcube corner, Pinkie was super busy handling the store while Mr and Mrs Cake was away. She worked hard all day and began to get tired. She headed to her bedroom after turning all the ovens off, all orders made ready to go for the next day. She lays on her bed and closes her eyes, slowly sinking into a dream state. Luna only knows what she'd dream about tonight. *Your turn!*
  17. In this game, all songs are in list of "Endangered". The purpose of the game is to put one song from list "Endangered" to list "Saved". Last song witch stay in list "endangered" will be eliminated from the game. After that, all songs from "Saved" will be moved back to "Endangered", and over and over, until we get winner song. You can save only one song in day for one season/movie/etc... (saved list will be one for each season, movie etc..., later, all winner songs from this list will compete in this game, until we get ultimate best MLP song!) P.S I recommend you to copy-paste list from last post with list posted in this topic. But if you can't, because you are in phone or something, just post a comment with one song from Endangered list and I will make a update post. Title will be updated according to season/movie that is saved So, let's start with season one: Saved: Endangered: - Laughter Song - Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song - The Ticket Song - Hop Skip and Jump song - Evil Enchantress song -Winter Wrap Up -Cupcake Song -Art of the Dress -Hush Now Lullaby -Cutie Mark Crusaders Song -You Got to Share, You Got to Care -So Many Wonders -Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram -At the Gala -I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala -Pony Pokey Removed:
  18. Hello everypony! Next day full of progress! -{ *gasp* I didn't notice that before - fancy doors! ) + Implemented Movement Between Rooms Now Twilight can go out and explore! + Programmed the HUD in the upper right corner Now you see these amazing spells, that Twilight knows! + Implemented pretty basic room transition Still better than fade out and in I suppose. But what's there? Where did that water come from? ++ Implemented Water System™ There's water! Swimming in liquid slows down movement, allows to jump higher and lets you SINK! Also - splashy splashy particles! + Added Oxygen Meter to HUD You obviously need to know when to come out... Jumping around and stuff. I already love the platforming aspects of the game. Now my favorite- All in one - The full playthrough of the game! CLICK TO VIEW
  19. Twilight Sparkle is best

    Game meet the model train sfm

    a little model train in tf2
  20. First things first, programming the basic mechanics of a platformer game. Twi can move around and jump - collisions and animations seem to work!
  21. Rikifive

    game Yet Another Idea | MLP:SH

    Hello everypony! At first I didn't think I'll push that project that far-- that fast-- But it turned out, that I really enjoy working on it and I do love how it nicely goes. So... it's about time to share the updates in a better way, rather than just randomly put these in the statuses, heh. In order to keep things organized; I want to include the status updates I've made back then - in this blog, so I'm shamelessly going to repost these here. Sooo.. Let's get back to the beginning, shall we? STATUS UPDATE from May 12 I've been having a yet another idea for a game... A ponified adventure platformer shooter. Basically what the game would be about is -- hmm.. actually I won't be saying much at the moment. All I can say is, that along with progress, you'd have more elements of harmony available to use. Now what these do - each element is a different spell; think of having few guns and collecting some ammo here and there. As can be seen in the top right corner, these contain their own magic energy (as mana/ammo) and Twilight can switch between them. That non-element-of-harmony spell is Twilight's basic projectile spell, that doesn't require energy. So... That would be one of the features. The rest of things visible in the image above are pretty much obvious. The game would be called "My Little Pony: Shattered Harmony" ... or at least that's the first thing that came to my mind... (MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
  22. Hello everypony, i'm currently in the process of making an rpg game and would like to know if anypony would like to see their OC included in the game as an extra (Shop keepers, quest givers, and crowders) if you would like to be included please use the attached base EDIT:please note if you wish to make an apperance in the game I do need you to make the sprite yourself using the base
  23. In this thread over in the games section, I'm working on a 2-player Buckball game. The gameplay itself is practically done (I may be tweaking it a bit, but it's otherwise fully playable), but right now all it has is placeholder graphics where the sprites would go, as you can see here: I need to find someone who's good with making sprites that can help me with the graphics for the game. It may get a little complex, because my plan is to try to make the characters able to be customized. This means each sprite will need to be divided up into different pieces that are assembled in-game. For instance, each frame of the animation will need both a mare and stallion body, a few different mane and tail styles, and different cutie marks. (These will not be based after any of the main characters, but will just be some basic choices that the player can pick from.) In terms of how many total frames of animation are needed, there is a minimum amount, but I'll put in as many as the artist is willing to contribute. For instance, it would be nice to have different animation sets for the Earth Ponies for looking forward, up, and back, but ultimately it's not required. Separately from the sprite work, the game will also need backgrounds and menu art (it doesn't necessarily have to be the same artist). If anyone's interested in helping with this project, send me a PM!
  24. An Admirer

    Make a word

    I wanted to try something new so here it is. Rules are simple. I post an alphabet such as: A Next pony posts another such as: D Then next: A And finally the next: M And our word is Adam. (Don't forget to put a slash after you think word is done) Note: When one word is completed then other word should start with a alphabet other than the first's. Got it? Good. Now let's do this. I will start. B
  25. Thorgir the Mighty

    Gaming Halo 6,what should happen?

    Ok so I started this thread because so we can chat on what SHOULD be added and what NEEDS to be removed. Like for example,Co-op needs to come back (obviously) and wall running,spartan charge,etc,should be removed along with reqs. These are most likely not gonna happen,but hey,who knows! And let’s just chat about the “Perfect Halo” and “Goodtimes” and the perfect AI of the Golden Ages of Halo! I’ll discuss my topics first. Remove list: Reqs Microtransactions The art style Offline features The special abilities (spartan charge,ground pound,etc) sprint (Halo does NOT need sprint!) ADS (Seriously,this made halo 5 feel like a CHEAP COD GAME) Those Friggin’ Forerunners! (Need I say more?) The plastic armor,and the helmets that look like a GoPro is attached loadouts Locke,and the Red team (except buck) Return list: Dual Wield (maybe?) Good,clever maps that are made,not ripped from the campaign (The pit,Valhalla,Bloodgulch,etc) Co-Op,splitscreen LAN Party’s! (remember those?) Classic Halo artstyle with a twist! Like the Gen3 MKVI MJOLNIR Already in Halo 5,that armor was awesome. Just imagine Chief,wearing his original armor with a little more modern twist to it.(or not,I’m good either way) Firebombs Armor that’s unlocked by achievements (halo 3 EOD Armor,remember that?) ODSTs More Marines Playable Elites! (With customizable armor of course!) the CE magnum bug (I still remember one shotting a hunter with a magnum) More Arbiter Definitely more chief Skulls! (Add new ones too! Maybe even a skull where chiefs voice sounds like Microsoft Sam! Yknow,the Arby n Chief voice!) fully customizable armor New Features list: Playable brutes (maybe?) A harder difficulty (I know there’s an unofficial “Mythic” mode but imagine an actual difficulty on this) A better campaign Kill a 343 employee,get Recon thats all I can think of,share your thoughts! Bonus: Locke: Chief I’m placing you under arrest for running from the UNSC! *Sam Skull Active* Chief: lololololololololololol I wil baet ur asz lok Buck: What did he say?