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Found 6 results

  1. i was just woundering who plays league and your name with the champ you play with most.
  2. Mine had to be on the destiny beta for 360. Me and the other members of my fire squad got onto the roof of the message pavilion and we started dancing then the rest of the lobby that was not AFC got on the roof with us and danced as well! Fun night
  3. So I was thinking "whats better, Halo or CoD?" How better to decide then to let my fellow bronies decide.
  4. Planetside 2, for those who don't know is a MMOFPS on a massive scale, developed by Sony Online Entertainment, it is the completely free sequel to Planetside (a game now in its 9th year) and the beta keys are currently being handed out as you read this post. I've already played an hour of it before they restarted the servers, as an original Planetside player i got priority access, second to be allowed to play are people who got codes from PC Gamer magazine, followed by people with normal beta keys. From what i played i can already tell you that this is going to be one hell of a game, it is HUGE, we're talking maps larger than any online map you've ever played. Anyway, just thought i would get the word out, doesn't seem to me like enough people know about this game, check out the website and the trailer for it and tell me what you think. Also, anyone here an original Planetside players?
  5. So I have been looking at the oculus dev kit from and I want to officially issue a challenge. Now I have no idea how this newfangled witchcraft and/or sorcery works but I believe it is fully within the realm of possibility that should a fellow brony acquire one of these dev kits (which I cannot afford for various reasons) it would not be hard to create a virtual ponyville. If somebody were to create such a thing and make it work with the oculus rift and maybe some simple mouse controls to be able to navigate through a lifelike ponyville, I would be extremely greatful and so would the rest of the community. If anybody has any ideas as to the possibility, feasability, or other aspects of this project, simply say so. Imagine it, virtual ponyville with 3d immersive VR...
  6. I'm a xbox gamer but i don't ever come across any other bronys on xbox live so i would like make a xbox live group on the forums so if you are interested in playing with other bronys then just post your gamertag my gamertag is: KSI Alcatraz so like i said post your gamertag and we could play together sometime