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Found 17 results

  1. My Little Pony: Adventure Of Friendship* Introduction Good day, MLP community! We are happy to show our fan game called My Little Pony: Adventure Of Friendship. This is a puzzle-platform game and it is just demo-concept at this state. Game Twilight and Pinkie just comming to Ponyville when they found that town is empty! What could it be related? Solve the mystery and find how to get back all ponies to the Ponyville! Warning! In that version the game is just a demo and the plot is not fully revealed! Screenshots: About development [outdated]{This is a game, which is developing on Unity. As I said, this is a demo-concept game and it isnt a completed version. Just for now we are working as the small group of 2 persons. In future,we will add other three ponies, a lot of new interesting levels, uprade our sound collection and graphics. But we are searching for help! If you're interested in that project, you can help in development by any way! This game especially needs artists,animators, sound engineers, image editors.} Thanks a lot for all who tested this game! But I must admit, as HereComesTom said, there already exist some other games with the same idea, so we find reasonable to stop our development, and try something else. But don’t be sad, I suppose you could see my other creations in the future. Download a game To download a game you just need to click the link below(For Windows) Thank you for your attention.
  2. Spamming moves can be super irritating. What characters from games, that you know of, spam when fighting or are used by others just to do so? My vote goes to Deidara, Tenten, and Tamari from the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm installments. Being long-distance fighters, it can really feel like they are spamming moves!
  3. The first official trailer exhibiting gameplay for the new Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon has been released. Not only is gameplay shown, but we get to see this generation's starter Pokemon as well as the legendary Pokemon! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Trailer:
  4. Give thoughts? I think his stories are good, but his videos shooting shots at other YTers are going a little far
  5. It looks like multiplayer will be making return in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. What do you guys think of this? Do you think it be a success, or a dud? Will it form a large community? How long do you think it will be popular for?
  6. Hey, Bio here, I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a gaming match (to be decided) with me and a brony friend of mine, which I will upload to youtube after I add music and edit it and stuff. I don't know what game we'll play or when we'll record it, but my Steam name is Bio_Hazzerd. I'll most likely link it to my profile here to save you time. Me and my friend will get into contact with anyone who wants to participate and we'll work out the time and date and what to play and everything once I see if anyone wants to play. -Bio
  7. The following is a copy and paste job from my tumblr What’s wrong about is a livestreaming service that connects gamers and audiences. That’s not corporate speil that’s my interpretation. The business model of Twitch however is a complete joke. Firstly twitch flat out encourages it’s uploaders to play music in their videos. I appreciate the liberty given with that, it certainly is nice to have something adverse to YouTube’s overly strict content Id system that automatically flags content that does not even have anything copyrighted on it. Additionally the automatic flagging system on YouTube does not take into account why copyrighted content is being used, for instance in my case I make game reviews and documentaries and so I often use game footage. The issue with’s approach is that it both provides a haven for let’s players that may have wrongfully had to deal with needless copyright problems on YouTube but also does nothing to adress the inherient problems that lack of copyright rules will bring. Want to play liscensed music in your gameplay video? On you can. I have no problem with this, I do however believe it’s needlessly risky. When copyright issues do occur and they will, streamers using won’t have recourse and rules will have to be enforced. Why not discourage using liscensed music in livestreams? I mean it’s one thing to have unwarranted copyright issues due to game footage or game music but it’s another to play a full eminem albulm over call of duty gameplay. Copyright is a problem, I’ve had to delete videos I’ve worked hard on because of issues I’ve had with it, gives a good deal in that sense, but I doubt it’s sustainable. when copyright becomes a problem on the site there will not be a solution, no appeals process, nothing. The other issue with twitch is audience retention. To give an example ‘AngryJoe’ who has over 1.4 million subsribers to his youtube channel and who garners 100,000’s of views per YouTube video is lucky to get a 1000 views on average for a livestream on twitch. That is insane. The only way to make money therefore on twitch is to charge a subscription of $4.99 a month. It’s like the YouTube model before monetization came around in late 2007. Producers then where reliant on donations. Which from a business perspective hardly makes sense, with a large audience you can build relationships with marketers and advertisers. With twitch you can’t build those relationships because you’re audience is always going to be meager. ~ Comic Con Reviews YouTube: Hopefully you found this interesting, and what is your opinion on
  8. Like the title says, I'm looking for some people to create a community channel with, where we'd post gaming videos, or maybe even more stuff. Also pony related videos. It'd be a pony related channel. Anyone interested, add me on skype; RikuaMaru.
  9. so i'm pretty surprised that i couldn't find a topic about this awesome game yet. and if there allready is one then i'm just stupid. but i'll get to the point. there is this awsome game called Dying Light it's been announced and they even showed a gameplay trailer. look at it! that's pre-alpha footage you're looking at! kinda impressive, no? it's kind of like a mix between left for dead and mirror's edge i think, and i am definately excited for this one! thoughts?
  10. an idea i've been toying around for a few days now, and now i've got some footage up on Youtube, so why not share it? basically, i'm going to post gameplay videos on here. it can be whatever, but for now it's mostly focused on boss battles, mainly from Mother 3. i'm planning to scour through every boss battle on Hard Mode, and record footage of it when i do. i've got videos of the second and third boss battle up (the first one has audio that's out of sync), and i have a few more videos of it to upload. boss battle 2 boss battle 3 and i have a higher res video of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, too. dunno if i'm gonna continue with that game or not, though: i have more videos up ahead, and i'm gonna post them in here as i get them up. if you're interested, check out this thread every now and then!
  11. so the video trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 not log ago and i was wondering what everypony's opinion was on the trailer personally i thought it was awesome. this trailer just builds up the hype from what im sure will be yet another brilliant game for the current gen consoles please tell me what you think of GTA V and this new trailer the trailer can be found on the Rockstar Games official website
  12. so the video trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 not log ago and i was wondering what everypony's opinion was on the trailer personally i thought it was awesome. this trailer just builds up the hype from what im sure will be yet another brilliant game for the current gen consoles please tell me what you think of GTA V and this new trailer
  13. I'm personally excited to play this game that will be available in the starting 6:30pm PST July 5th to July 7th! As a game developer and musician myself, I can't wait to see what they'll do with Legends of Equestria. Legends Of Equestria's Website From the Website: "Everfree Northwest 2013, July 5-7th, Legends of Equestria will be opening its servers to the public once again! Jump online and explore an expansive world while hanging out with friends and fans alike. Legends of Equestria will be available to download from the official website. Attending Everfree Northwest? Legends of Equestria will be available via flash drive at Everfree Northwest's gaming table in conference room Columbia A. All Legends of Equestria accounts are made through the Legends of Equestria forum, so register before attending! Afterwards, why not check to see if your computer meets our system requirements at this page: I look forward to seeing you there!" If you're unfamiliar with Legends of Equestria then here's what it is in the about section of their website: "Welcome to Legends of Equestria, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. As a player, you will be able to explore the in-depth universe of Legends of Equestria by creating your own custom pony avatar and embarking on many different quests and adventures which can be found throughout the game! You'll be able to earn and customize your very own cutie mark, as well as take part in the game's massive and comprehensive story. You can also fly around, use magic, raise a pet, grow crops, cook food, and take part in countless other activities, either with your friends, or by yourself. So come on in and give it a try, and on behalf of the entire Legends of Equestria staff, we sincerely hope that you'll enjoy your stay!" An MMO pony game? Sign me up You'll have to sign up to their forums with a username and password You can add me to your contacts: Username: Carbon Maestro
  14. The trailer for Metal Gear Solid V came out and it was breathtaking. The graphics were beautiful and the ways of stealth were interesting. What do you guys think of MGSV with the new snake and its approach? (I would put a link but I am doing this from my phone.)
  15. I picked up another Xbox 360 the other day (i have 3 now), i had to get another one so that i could keep it behind my PC monitor. The only reason i bought one (i dont play my others) is to play Black Ops 2 on it and get some better sniper kills for my YouTube channel, which means that i need something to record my Xbox with, i've been looking at one of these: Has anyone used one before? What are your thoughts on it? Does anypony record video and have a better suggestion? I must use a HDMI cable as im playing on my computer monitor (through a HDMI splitter so i can switch to my PC to start the recording). My maximum budget is £200 (roughly $300) and having a buffer on it would be handy, to give me time to swap screens before recording, that Elgato states it has a buffer that will let you record up to an hour in the past.
  16. Sony is planning to make ads for movies, brands, food company, whatever appear in your video games and they interrupt you right in the middle of your gameplay. http://www.gamepolit...mes-advertising
  17. Hey there folks. A rather popular type of video these days is known as the Let's Play. People record videogames while providing humorous commentary. Like a walkthrough, but with more emphasis on humor than instruction. Some great LPers include Chuggaaconroy, Nintendocaprisun, ProtonJon, JoshJepson, DeceasedCrab, Diabetus, and more! So, do any of you folks watch LPs? Do any of you make LPs?