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Found 19 results

  1. There shouldn't be a thread like this already. I checked on Google. This is pretty much a spin off of my previous post but with games. It pretty much says it in the title. What over hyped games do you never plan on/never had an interest in playing? (if Undertale is one of 'em, that's fine. We all have our favorites. ) For me, it's whatever future games by "That Pachinko Company" will dish out after Kojima's departure.
  2. The most comic-like comic to date. Yay.
  3. Created a topic dedicated to development, engines and enthusiasts from both gamers and developers when it comes to game design. Things like: Discussing about engines sharing tips and tricks asking gamers what they like Asking developers about their experience and work helping each other with developing a game how to market your game etc... Let's start the discussion with; Which engine do you prefer?
  4. I recently started returning to TF2 and I was wondering if anyone who looks at this thread as used MLP names or references to weapons and hats. I am wondering if there is any reference or MLP themed name that could go on my Unusual Bonk! Helm (the effect is Circling TF logo btw.) I am also looking for strange weapon suggestions. My inventory can be found here: If you do have a suggestion and wish to help me with suggestions, post it in this format: (TF2 weapon's original name) - (The weapon's new name after renaming it) - (Optional: A description.) Here is an example I have made myself: Strange Quick-fix - Fluttershy's gift of sharing kindness - Default weapon description (basically no description.)
  5. Where do I have to begin with.... We've seen the industry evolving time to time with new technology and innovation. With the possibilities of programs like Blender, 3DS Max, Unity, Source FilmMaker and Unreal, more little developers could easily make a big budget-like game. Besides little developers (Most of all called A developers when being ranked) there's also a side industry called Indie developers. Mosst of them describe them as designers who wants to be unique and special. I was openly to give them a chance. I liked the game Fez, probably because I'm a fan of platformers, and Braid was also interesting, but that's where it stops. When I went deeper in the Indie industry I found more unlikeable parts. One of the big disappointments in the industry are the heavily narrative driven walking simulators. Games like Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture look great in graphic still and that's all. Dull dialogs, no enemies to fight, few to nothing to discover, boring and hardly entertaining. But one of the biggest problem inside that industry are the developers. They're obsessed with the idea that games are art, while gaming should be active and entertaining, and behave like they're holier than the most experienced developers like Hideo Kojima and Gabe Newell. And if that's not enough, they also act hostile to people who showed appreciation for their work and whine that they're entitled to our money. Look, I've no problem if you want to start a crowdfunding for your game, but they do it on a aggressive way and think we're in debt to them. Not to forget that the anti-game rhetoric inside the Indies is horribly strong. It's like they're spiritual clones of Jack Thompson mixed with SJW craziness. It also explains why they throw so many political slurs to gamers and developers who follow the traditional way of game designing. And they're not safe for the aftermath. Most of these indies eventually go bankrupt, lose support, see their career ending in nothingness, metaphorical executed by a gaming mob or become the laughing stock of the Internet. I learned from the whole scenario that games are to keep us entertained, not being obsessed with being thinking that games should be art and that we should be thankful that gamers appreciate your work. If I would start as a developer (even with other people), I would follow the way of game designing, make games that are both fun and challenging to play, always remember to not insult your audience and never make politics out of entertainment. The whole situation around the Indies left a bad taste, but I learned a lesson from it.
  6. Mine would have to be the 3rd generation. i just love Ruby and Sapphire and the remakes. What is your favorite gen? reply to let me know
  7. Dear Bronies, staff members and convention organizers, I'm just new here to join the herd, since I also like the series and the fanart and projects you guys create. But not only for that. Today I'm writing this short open letter to you about future conventions and mlp events if it's no problem for the Gaming and Comic Community to join. And to not ban them for having an other opinion or style. Because since last year both communities where attacked by a notorious group of people who participate in making politics out of entertainment and slandering fandoms. Most of them are like Starlight Glimmer, but even worser. Many people inside the gaming Community where attacked by antigamers and self-proclaimed SJW's over their opinion and artistic work. But they also started fights against famous youtubers like Totalbisquit and Jon Tron. For the Comic Community, it became more terrible. A Comic veteran called Alison Tieman was falsely accused, banned and bullied away from the Calgary Expo by the "Staff" for being herself. She eventually broke down during an explanation video, since she never had met with a horrible treatment like that. The Expo is being sued for their actions. And that's why I'm asking you to not exclude gamers and comic fans from the forum or conventions. We have much on common. We love our series, create artwork and go to Conventions. But you guys also got trouble with the same hatefilled group and I'm afraid they'll destroy other people and bronies for their opinions and works. And one certain MLP comic writer was an anti-Brony and tried to damage the fandom. He/she didn't met the goal and was eventually fired after they saw his/her true nature. I really hope the Brony Community and the rest is still open minded for the Gaming and Comic Community. Never forget the message that was created by Lauren Faust about tolerance and friendship. Because excluding, slandering and bullying others is not magic and never will be. Limeblossom. P.S. English is not my native language, but I hope you guys can understand the message.
  8. Me? I prefer Xbox 360 for my gaming. But that's probably because I don't have a computer yet. XD So what about you guys? What platform do you like to game on?
  9. Before I ask my questions, I want to state that due to recent events like GamerGate, the community I am a part of has been labeled with words like "sexist" due to some vocal people's responses and actions. Groups like the mainstream media seem to believe that we don't want to have main female characters that are well represented in video games. Honestly, I find this notion irritating since I am one of those not opposed to this at all. I am a male gamer who is perfectly okay with games having a female protagonist and is willing to see more games that are like this, including ones where she has positive character traits, and may not even be sexualized at all. I really don't have an issue if a trend starts where more games are made like this. Do you feel the same way and are completely fine with more female protagonists in gaming? Any personal favorites you want to discuss? Also, I am more interested in what the guys say since I hear the same thing so often about how we want to keep things as a "boys club", which I really can't stand.
  10. So hello, I don´t how to start this really...maybe it´s best to take this from the beginning. For maybe two or three years I have run a gaming channel on youtube, Doing let´s play, like most of other gaming channels. But they have been terrible. I most be honest to myself and because of that I have long knew that my channel is dying. Recently I started to do PMV´s and I found they joy again about creating something cool and upload it to youtube. So I have thought about why I lost the joy in the first place, the conclusion was simple. People did not like those let´s plays because of the bad quality and because I´m not your regular gaming comedian like Pewdiepie or Node. So if we jump forward to today, I have maybe finally found the cure for my dying channel. I watch "matpat" from "gametheory" quite often and I love his shows. It´s interesting and fascinating how he can find so much details by just using math and science. So I want to do something simular, not copycat of course. I respect his work to much for that, neither do I have that "extreme calculating" mind of his. But going back to the subject, I though about what I´m think I´m good at and how I can use that in my videos. I thought I´m a good writer, love video games, especially indie games. I have a mediocre knowledge of video editing. But how I´m I going to use this? I have ideas for two types of videos, one is that I make videos simuliar to "gametheory"but focused on showcasing the known facts, fun facts and like summary of game charters. And the other idea is to take up indie games I found and do reviews on them, That way I can avoid to do let´s plays but still do something creative with games I love. SO FINALLY THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART (But pleas read the text above so you will understand my situation right) I made this thread to ask you gamers out there, what facts do you wan to know more about, what charters do you want to know more about. And of course I could do reviews on other games, than indie, as well. (It´s just that they are often free, yet very good and creative) in that case, you want a game reviewed? That´s the start to get my channel up and running again, Maybe I´ll think out more ideas later but this is a good start, and you know what, Thank you so much for your time and if you like to see how horrible my channel is right know her it is:
  11. I just started playing MLP RIM on Does anyone else on here play the game, too? I am looking for someone to rp with. My username is jasuminchan and my pony's name is Sad_Hearts. Please PM me soon.
  12. After seeing the following comic, I started to wonder: Just how many people out there actually enjoy watching videogame livestreams? Personally, I never have, but there's got to be a reason why they're so popular. Do you enjoy them? Do you have a particular livestreamer that you watch on a regular basis? Let me know in the comments below.
  13. Hey, guys. I was surprised to see there isn't a Twitch thread, so I took the liberty of making one! Twitch is a great way to share gameplay with people all over. Now, post and advertise your live stream accounts here!!! My Twitch is Headofwolfpack_ See!!! Derpy's already kicking major plot in Battlefield 4!!!
  14. This is just a little thing I've been noticing through the gaming community. It doesn't apply to all gamers, but I am going to be asking the gaming community as a whole this question. Around the time Battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts was released, I talked to a few gamers about the game. One question I asked all of them is "Why did you buy the game?" Most of their answers were centered around the visual presentation. Not one of them brought up the core gameplay, what makes a game truly a game. This got me wondering; do we, as the gaming community, have standards? Are we losing what's most important? Are we drawn in with graphical presentation or story and not what makes the game what it is; the gameplay?
  15. Heya all So I had this pretty neat idea on starting an all brony tf2 competitive team. I haven't been on the forums for very long, so I don't know if there are a lot of people interested, but im just going to post this topic right here and hope that some of you may answer. Now first things first, some of you may not even know what tf2 competitive is. It is actually pretty easy to explain. There are a few communities/companies that organize tf2 tournaments every once in a while. If you want, you and your friends can make a team and join the tournament at your own skill level. You will then battle against several other teams to eventually claim victory over your pool. What I want to do has to do with, which is European... So to all of you Americans out there, this team isn't for you. I'm sorry, but the times are too far apart to effectively do this, and your ping would be up in the hundreds unless you have amazing internet. Unless you are capable of playing games at GMT +1 and have amazing internet, you can't join in on this. Now, to all of you who are European, and have played about 500 hours of tf2 before, I have a proposition for you! I am Scribblegroove and I have played tf2 for about 2000 hours now and have played competitive tf2 for about 1,5 years. I know what I do, and I know what my limits are. I am already in a team, but I'd like to start another for BRONY TF2 PLAYERS, who are interested in joining the competitive tf2 community. Now why only bronies, or more specifically, why only people from this forum? Well, as i've seen in the last couple of months, I know that the MLP forums are a creative, passionate and friendly bunch. Up until now every team I have created fell apart because people became uninterested or unmotivated to keep playing. I know, however, that the MLP forums has more than enough passionate and capable people to offer. I believe that I need a few people who want to become good friends and play some video games, and that this is the place to find them! There are only a few requirements you have to meet. 1: You need to have at least 350-500 hours of TF2 experience. I can deal with people who are new with playing the game competitively, but I expect you to know the basics. 2: You need to be motivated to practice and be an active member of the team. 3: You need to have a microphone and availability to practice on most days at 20:00 GMT +1 (that's 19:00 for the British fellas who are reading this). 4: You need to be at least 16 years old. You need to be able to carry some form of responsibility for the team. 5: You need to fucking LOVE MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC! What I can offer you guys: 1: Proper mentoring by an experianced TF2 player 2: A fun team to play TF2 with, competitively or not 3: A huge improvement in your TF2 skills (really, I got twice as good because I had a good mentor 4: Custom artwork of your OC as a tf2 character (yeah, i'm working on a banner for the brony batallion) 5: The honor of winning the competitive tf2 tournament for BRONYHOOD! (and if we lose, at least we tried) The setup of the team is quite simple: This team is going to be a 6v6 team, that means, we have 6 players, and we are going to battle another team of 6 players... Each team has: A medic A pocket soldier (this will be me) A roaming soldier (joompin 'round on the map) 2 scouts (one defensive, one offensive) A demoman (for the spamz) And a substitute for every position (that includes a substitute for me, but I have someone for that already...) So as I see it, I have 10 positions for you guys! If you are interested, you can sign up by doing the following: (MOAR LISTS, YESH!) 1. Post here in this template: Name: Position applying for: Steam profile: Experience in tf2: Motivation: Anything else you want to add?: Example: 2. By adding ME on steam: (this is an alternate account, trust me, i have played tf2 for 2000 hours) 3. By adding me on the MLP forums as a friend. I just hope this will catch on guys! I really love playing tf2 with a few good friends, so why not make some! Is that not what this community is all about! If you want to know more about competitive Tf2, message me, or add me on steam (or google it, obviously), and I'll have a little chat with you... Goodbye, and see you soon: Scribblegroove
  16. Just wondering, does anyone here play on the Nintendo Wii U? I need more brony friends to play with lol. I mainly play Call of Duty: Black Ops II. If you own a Wii U and want to add another fellow brony, my gamertags are: AngryUnicorn zFluttershy I think/hope this is the right discussion to post this in >.<
  17. Well folks Sony has decided to repay it's customers many of whom including myself own some used games by giving us an outstretched middle finger. They did so by filing a patent to block used games from being played by assigning games to a particular system. And while we are still talking about Sony being stupid in other news Sony's CEO has an interesting new hobby of hitting beehives with a stick when asked why he could not be reached for comment. If Sony implements this foolhardy policy this gamer will not buy the Playstation 4 and no longer be giving Sony anymore of his business.
  18. Ok, Alot of us have a Steam account. And that got me thinking. Why not make a list of top ten achievement hoarders. :3 Basically, you guys show me proof of how many total achievements you have on Steam. I will then put you on the top ten list if you have more than others. If you don't have proof, I'll still believe you. We're bronies and pegasisters! We can be trusted, right? Now don't be hating on me. I don't have alot of games, therefore very little achievements. I'm not even gonna bother putting a picture of my achievements. I know I won't make the top ten. But for now... I'll add myself. :3 And yes, I only have 30 achievements. By the way, if you are on the list, or are not, and have achieved more achievements, PM me, and I'll mke sure to check if you are eligible to rank up or to make it into the list. 1.Multimagyar (1155) 2.Razputin (1067) 3.LowfatEnvelope (709) 4.Jubilee Van Neikos (625) 5.Teh Boi (512) 6.Blue (482) 7.Veiled Enigma (438) 8.willinilly (413) 9.MrLOLZlicious (389) 10.The Scout (369) And Dragonshy suggested to add a Hall of Shame for having no achievements. :3 Hall of Shame: -Dragonshy -Nightfall -SimCity11100 (Wishes to be in Hall of Shame, even with achievements) -Q. Pinkazoid the Bearded