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Found 538 results

  1. Eh... okay. Might as well post this. Dunno if it'll be popular or not, but let's give it a shot. Basically a person quotes or gives a somewhat vague picture, description, or video of a reference that someone can guess and give an answer in the next post. Try to refrain from looking anything up. Here's an example: And so forth. Yes, I believe giving a vague picture of someone in your post for someone to figure out what it is counts too. So, let's begin. "Maybe we should call ourselves the Febreeze brothers 'cause we're feel'in so fresh right now."
  2. My favorite FPS of all time is Doom, Because i loved to Rip and tear through the countless demon spawns. And then getting the BFG 9000 and taking on the cyber demon
  3. Out of every sonic game that was ever made including Sonic 06 :/ What is your favourite sonic game? Or favourite sonic games? for me, My favourite sonic games would have to be: Sonic heroes Sonic Generations
  4. There are many games that I wish would never end but alas, they have ended and they've been over for a while now. I wracked my brain for the past hour for good games I miss playing. Here are a few of them: There are so many more games I miss. The ones above are the games I miss the most at this moment. What about you all?
  5. For most video games, enemies are a necessity and everypony has enemies they just think are absolutely awesome, me included, well the question is, what are your Top 5 Game Enemies? 5. Necromorphs (Dead Space franchise) 4. Deathclaws (Fallout franchise) 3. Big Daddies/Big Sisters (Bioshock franchise) 2. Timesplitters (Timesplitters franchise) 1. Hyperion Robots/Psycho's (Borderlands franchise)
  6. Have you ever played a game where you encounter a pointless or useless power up or weapon? Many games have a great load of stuff to keep you powered up, entertained, or just cool to look at. However, every now and then, there's those power ups where you wonder why are they even there in the first place. I would like to know what useless or pointless power up have you witnessed or encountered and why? I'll give my two examples. In the mario kart series, one of the power ups you get is the fake item box, which looks like an item box, but it's a trap to fool other players and get hit. The problem is that it's TOO OBVIOUS when one is fake, and if your playing online, good luck trying to fool someone with it. In Patapon, (one of my favorite rhythm games) there's this one song you can learn from you army called the "Pon Pon Chaka Chaka" song. It's supposed to make your army stand still for the song, then when you attack or defend, you do it stronger. The problem is that if you've mastered how to get the rhythm right, you won't use it much, and if your already in FEVER mode, it's pointless.
  7. Ex. I say Talonflame Next poster says Swampert Next poster says Ivysaur Etc. Doesn't matter if it's the Pokémon's primary or secondary typing, as long as one type is super effective against the previous Pokémon's type(s). Ready? I'll start. Chatot
  8. So I didn't find any thread like this so I made one. So idea is, What games do you play? List some games you play regularly. I made this because I'm interested in what kind of players forums have and maybe even get some gaming friends play games with. I personally... well I play Payday 2 and borderlands 2 most of the time but I also play: Payday: The Heist, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Just Cause 2 multiplayer and some other games.
  9. Which games can you beat in or under 24 hours? I don't mean which games can you speedrun specifically (although you can include those) I just mean games you know well enough / games that are short enough that you can start from the beginning and finish it in the same day. Only 2 come to mind for me Spyro 2 - I've played it at least 200 times now for start to finish, and that's not an exaggeration. I've been playing since I was a kid, so I've had a ton of time to practice it, though I can't speedrun it Some lilo and stitch game - It was loosely based on the first game. I rented it back when blockbuster was a thing, and I beat it in 4 hours. I'm fairly certain it didn't have a lot of stages (5 maybe?) and I felt cheated out of a good game what about you guys?
  10. I'm sure this thread has been posted multiple times, but I figured to give it a new kick start! Anypony here play MTG? What kinds of formats do you like to play? What's your favorite color (or color combination) to play? As for me, I like Commander, and my favorite color combo is UWR, or Jeskai/America. Hoping to chat Magic with anyone here!
  11. What are they? 1. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 2. Final Fantasy 6 3. Metal Gear Solid 4. Chrono Trigger 5. Mega Man 2 6. Psychonauts 7. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II 8. Legend of Mana 9. Star Wars Battlefront II 10. Katamari Damacy
  12. I ADORE a good lets play! I recently discovered a very funny, and really entertaining one names phycadellicsnake I was just wondering if anypony else watches let's plays, and if so, what are their names and what have they played?
  13. Finished: Open Development, with at least some hours of gameplay and stable: RPGs: Ashes of Equestria: Harmony Eclipsed: Ponyvania: SNES game hacks:I will not provide any links to patched or unpatched ROM. You have to find and search yourself. Filly Fantasy VI: Super Pony All Stars Closed Development My Little Pony: The Game Status Unknown: Smaller games are listed here: Demos: Equestrian Tales Finished: RPG: MLP RPG1 - The Elements of Harmony MLP RPG2: Cutie Mark Crusader Warriors Flash Player: Ejected from the list (likely to age and/or quality reasons) - Game warnings/Games to avoid: War of Harmony IV MLP RPGMaker game, also avail in Chinese and Russian. Reasons for removing from the lists: Gore & brutality, descriptions of how fillies were beaten, pony homicides incl. shown on screen with blood, and a description from something so much worse I will not share it here with anyone but staff. Apples, Apples Everwhere! & FlutterIsland 1/2 Reasons for removing from the lists: Close to the previous one, meant as a "horror game", this game features pony dieing brutally randomly on screen or finding very bloody remnants of these. Template: Ratings explained & template: Edit: After a short research, the age rating of the US seems to be rather...different than Germany's and I am not sure I will stick to them.
  14. Does anyone here have any games that they replay every year or so? These are mine: -LA Noire -Red Dead Redemption -Metal Gear Solid 1-4 -Super Mario Bros. 3 -Sonic 1-3&K -Mafia II -SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom -Ed, Edd N Eddy: The Mis-Edventures -Uncharted 1-3 -The Batman Arkham series -Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) -Donkey Kong Country 1-3
  15. Ok so I got on my Twitter,and I told 343 something,but he ReTweeted on,”Should be interesting to see where ALL games go now after Fortnite has changed the buisiness model completely.” I don’t know about you,but I think Fortnite is killing other Team games/solo games. Especially since Cod is trying to copy Fortnite by adding its “Blackout” mode. I mean,to me it’s killing off the other games but I’d like to hear your opinions! Also I found this video...
  16. So while watching the news this morning, I witnessed possibly the most I don't know what to call this news of all time. The World Health Organization will soon recognize "excessive video gaming" as a mental disorder. For me, as an avid gamer, this is a major insult to the gaming community. By doing this, the WHO will essentially cause a huge storm of discrimination and bigotry on the gaming community. We like to play video games simply because it's entertaining and it helps us de-stress. Others argue that it "keeps us away from society" and that "it always becomes an addiction", and other sort of Starlight Glimmer philosophies. I bet you this thread is gonna blow up sooner or later... Links:
  17. So basically lately my schedule lately has not allowed me much free time on my PC due to circumstances. I used to have a lot of free time in this case, so I spent a lot of time playing video games and programming. Well now that I have less time I have been taking the lazy path and just playing CSGO, and let my skills in programming sit to rot. I used to feel inspired to want to code this game, but lately I don't feel motivated at all, or ibspired, and I end up using all of my free time on playing video games. Now being about 17 now, it seems normal for soneone to just finish their school and just spend the rest of their time playing video games. But I want to create, not just use. Do any of you have any ideas or tips on how someone like me (lazy/unmotivated/un-inspired) can get to be how I felt before, creative and inspired? I used to write passages about the fictional worlds I had thought of, but now I just sit around wasting time. If you have any experience in such a dilemma, or just anything to say, it would be much appreciated.
  18. What characters do you hate or think it’s overrated but everyone else love them?
  19. Today's entry in the game posting series is an unusual one - Kronolog. As the subtitle indicates, it's an alternate history where the Nazis have won WW2. Released in 1993, it's a graphic adventure in style of LucasArts and Sierra fare. Since it came towards the tail end of that genre's popularity without multimedia features, it lost some of its potential impact. As the title indicates, this is an alternative history where the Nazis stole plans for the Manhattan Project and bombed Boston where it caused the Allies to surrender entirely. Set in 2020, the p[lot follows the extreme problems introduced by the Nazi leadership. Rather than fighting for liberation, the player character is a man looking for his son who he lost. Even being slightly outdated and clunky, the story and atmosphere are still interesting with a unique take on the "Nazis win WW2" alternate history. While I find the game to be interesting despite its flaws, if you're not interested in this type of alternate history or not already a fan of late 80s and early 90s adventure games, I don't think I can fully recommend this one. It's quite niche and is not for everyone. That said, it is still quite intriguing.
  20. Aaaand one month full of crunch later, we've got battles! Actual working in-game battles! You can swap forms, use moves, alter stats, drain meters, and everything! Some visual effects are still a bit rough but all that's coming in the polish stage. The most important bit right now is getting the logic behind everything working as intended. Now, some of the special side-effect calculations have yet to be implemented, but we've thought through all the dirty details and are confident about knocking them out over the next month. That way we'll be stepping into April with everything the demo will need plus an extra week of polish to spare! In terms of gameplay we've got fully functional turn-based combat. The math behind it all, the interface to make choices and display information, and the animations to go with it all. Just need to animate all 168 moves in the demo and add in a couple extra touches and we'll be set! Come see all the love and and long post-workday hours are going to. This past month was a straight up plentiful one in terms of results! For the full post, head on over to!
  21. Rapid progress continues. We've got menus up and running better than ever, some really polished placeholders, fleshed out design notes, charts and graphs for pony stats, hundreds of character animation files, and most of the math behind the revamped battle system! You'll need to get more info on the Yotes Games website this time, cuz this one's gonna be a doozy!
  22. Yes, it has been a while since my last one of these. But the series resumes today with an actual hidden gem: Strife. Released originally in 1996, Strife is a first-person RPG-esque shooter created using the id Tech 1 engine, sometimes known as the "Doom engine." While Strife doesn't have true RPG elements, it has a town hub and 'safe' locations where you can talk to NPCs and don't have to worry about combat. The game itself is set in a dystopic future society ruled by a group that is only known as "The Order." Much like most groups in dystopic fiction, The Order is very authoritarian and limits the freedom of everyone who lives under them. Naturally, a rebel group surfaces to take them down and that is where you, the player, come in upon finding the town hub and a specific group of rebels. Unlike most other games from the era, Strife has multiple endings, which are determined by a specific decision during the main plot. The term hidden gem gets thrown around quite frequently, but few games actually qualify. Strife is a very undervalued gem from the mid-90s that shows what can be done with the id Tech 1 engine. I have an original 1996 release but the game is available digitally as "The Original Strife: Veteran Edition." I highly recommend this one.
  23. MLPForums' Pokémon Thread Hello there, and welcome to the MLPForum's Pokemon thread! Pokemon is one of Nintendo's largest franchise's second only to Mario. The games revolve around you training creatures called 'Pokemon'. Pokemon are fantastic animals that can range from reptiles and mammals, to robots, spiritual entities, and beavers. As of Pokemon Black and White, there are 649 known species of Pokemon, not including the various forms many Pokemon can take. Like many popular franchises, the Pokemon games have seen plenty of spin-offs, including the Pokepark series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, and the Pokemon Ranger series. Including all the spin-off games, there are 78 Pokemon games in existence, with 2 additional ones in production. So, use this thread to discuss Pokemon games, get help in Mystery Dungeon, get your team rated, battle with someone, tell everyone of your latest nuzlocke run, how Pikachu refuses to pick up the dang apple, or how Whitney's Miltank and Ghestis's Hydreigon are freakin' hacks, this thread is your on stop shop for all things Pokemon.
  24. No one I know IRL seems to really care about them, but personally I love them. So I was wondering: Are any of you into board games? If so, which ones do you like? Here's some of the ones I'm into (in no particular order): 1. Tsuro 2. Forbidden Desert 3. Jaipur 4. Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island 5. YINSH 6. Cosmic Encounter 7. Uno (of course) 8. Summoner Wars 9. Gin Rummy (game played with a standard deck of cards) 10. Klondike (a type of solitaire) Additionally, out of curiosity, do any of you happen to have Tabletop Simulator? It's a wonderful platform for online board gaming.