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Found 508 results

  1. Long story short, I was browsing through my computer's files, and I happened upon a game that I forgot I installed, Space Empires: Starfury by Malfador Machinations (here's the official Wikipedia article, if anyone's interested). It's a pretty old game, released in '03 I believe, and I remember it being a huge part of my childhood. My brother was the one who owned the game, with my older sister getting a copy as well, and almost everyone in our family played it at some point. The game's primary storyline ends after the third campaign, and there wasn't a lot to do after you finished. So to increase the game's replayability, my dad, brother, and sister all tried to create and finish an unofficial fourth campaign to keep the storyline going. In hindsight, it was probably dumb for all of us to work on our own separate projects, instead of working to complete one campaign that we could all share. I guess we all just wanted to beat each other at something, or maybe we felt like creating one campaign would nullify the others. Anyway, my computer had some of the unfinished fourth campaign files on it, and after finding them, I thought "What the heck, I'll finish this stuff now." (I'm a lot older now and a lot more experienced with computer stuff). As of writing this post I'm still working on content, mostly adding new weapons and unlocking previously unusable assets and deleted content, but hopefully I'll be done in the short future. Then I can send the files to my family as an early Christmas present, and finally earn the bragging rights that I deserve. As for the gameplay, it reminds me a little bit of EVE Online (if anyone plays that game). It's relatively slow for an action game, but most of the ships control fine enough, and the combat is pretty fun once you practice with it. The storyline is pretty generic as well, but it still gives me enough drive to keep playing, and it's got an interesting twist at the end. The missions themselves aren't too difficult either, once you've mastered combat of course. (Well actually there's a mission in the third campaign that I was never able to beat without cheat codes, but I don't count that as a loss -- the deadline they give you for that mission is insane) Anyone else play Starfury before, or just me? And if so, did you like it or nah?
  2. Gaming can be a great escape for many people and there are many games that serve many different purposes for people, one of those purposes can be to just relax with. Are there are any particular games that you play for the purpose of relaxing? For me, right now my main game for this purpose is definitely Elite Dangerous, the Xbox One version specifically. I have been obsessing about that game so much lately but that's because I am addicted to it. It is such a wonderful game and it is also quite relaxing for the most part, as long as no combat happens, luckily I do exploring mostly and it is so calming. How's about all of you?
  3. I'm sure this thread has been posted multiple times, but I figured to give it a new kick start! Anypony here play MTG? What kinds of formats do you like to play? What's your favorite color (or color combination) to play? As for me, I like Commander, and my favorite color combo is UWR, or Jeskai/America. Hoping to chat Magic with anyone here!
  4. Ex. I say Talonflame Next poster says Swampert Next poster says Ivysaur Etc. Doesn't matter if it's the Pokémon's primary or secondary typing, as long as one type is super effective against the previous Pokémon's type(s). Ready? I'll start. Chatot
  5. Happy Halloween, Folks! Only thing scarier than the monsters out tonight is the possibility of Battle Gem Ponies getting delayed again. Amirite? Harharrr! But really. You know how everybody hates the sound of their own voice in recordings? I've been tackling that uncomfortableness all week. The scripts may be written, but I swear saying all this stuff out loud is more difficult than I anticipated. So used to monologues with the voice in my head for decades, my poor mouth muscles can't keep up. Tons of shoots and reshoots, capturing this narration while I adjust to pronouncing things clearly, using an audible voice, and not making any weird mouth noises. Ooohhh, it's a process alright. But at least they're coming along. Might be a week delay between each one until I get into the swing of things, but my YouTube channel is gonna be a lively place pretty soon. Keep an eye out.It's been a while, so here's some gamedev goodness:!
  6. My favorite FPS of all time is Doom, Because i loved to Rip and tear through the countless demon spawns. And then getting the BFG 9000 and taking on the cyber demon
  7. Red Brick

    Gaming Xbox games!

    >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<< >>N/A<<
  8. DeadRightNowBoi

    Gaming What was your first steam game?

    My first steam game was Garry's Mod. It was also the first multiplayer game I've ever played on PC. Literally first time I've played with actual people! It was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had! But Steam has been around with us for a very long time and I'm curious. I wanted to know from you guys what was your first steam game! What was your experience with your first game like? Did you had fun with it?
  9. There are many games that I wish would never end but alas, they have ended and they've been over for a while now. I wracked my brain for the past hour for good games I miss playing. Here are a few of them: There are so many more games I miss. The ones above are the games I miss the most at this moment. What about you all?
  10. Catpone Cerberus

    Gaming What games do you play?

    So I didn't find any thread like this so I made one. So idea is, What games do you play? List some games you play regularly. I made this because I'm interested in what kind of players forums have and maybe even get some gaming friends play games with. I personally... well I play Payday 2 and borderlands 2 most of the time but I also play: Payday: The Heist, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Just Cause 2 multiplayer and some other games.
  11. DND

    Guess That Reference!

    Eh... okay. Might as well post this. Dunno if it'll be popular or not, but let's give it a shot. Basically a person quotes or gives a somewhat vague picture, description, or video of a reference that someone can guess and give an answer in the next post. Try to refrain from looking anything up. Here's an example: And so forth. Yes, I believe giving a vague picture of someone in your post for someone to figure out what it is counts too. So, let's begin. "Maybe we should call ourselves the Febreeze brothers 'cause we're feel'in so fresh right now."
  12. mrbronydash85

    best video games played

    what are your guys favorite games
  13. was working on Part Time Job: Pinkie Promise / Part Time Job 2 but realized that I did not know how I wanted to make the game. now I'm asking for help for inspiration and some base for the game to build from. Please fill in the form at the end of the post in order to help. ZP has given me permission to make this game and to make it however I want. about me: I'm an educated game and website designer, I also have an education in art/illustrations, 3D modeling and texturing. I have programmed in many languishes as C, C++, C#, Java, Lua, Bath, Python, JavaScript, PHP, LEGOs visual programming language for their Mindstorms robots, a imaged based programming language that i made and a minimum amount of Assembly through games.
  14. Luna's Admirer

    Ponified version of your life events

    So this is the an idea just came to me now. You've to make a ponified version of any special event in your life. For example ponified version of my early childhood. "My names is Phonix Feather. I live in a small town named Ponyville. My mother is an Earth Pony, and my father is a Unicorn only not with very strong magic. I have two more brothers, my younger brother is a unicorn just like my father. But most different of all is my baby brother. He was born as a pegasus. And to be true, I was always a little jealous to him. He didn't like to spend time with his brothers, instead he liked to spend time with pegasus like himself. My younger brother remains always by my side whenever I need him." You got the idea. Let's see if that works.
  15. How do you celebrate after you have won a game, or an event? It can be any way, or involve anything. I usually start thinking of the scene in Spongebob where they sing "Sweet Victory". That song suits any win. "Now, let's make Squidward proud."
  16. Nightfall Gloam


    Introduction: Rimworld in an indie construction and management simulation game created by the team at Ludeon Studios that is about a group of unnamed characters who are stranded on a planet in the frontiers of space (known as a "rim world") where their ship crashed. The game is set in a universe where faster than light travel, supernatural communication and other things are not possible, thus making intergalactic empires impossible. (source: Wikipedia) Since mentioning the game in @SparklingSwirls's ask page, I have decided I would like to start a game of this with members of MLP Forums, and tell the story through this blog, which is separate from my personal blog. List of members who want to be part of my Rimworld game: @SparklingSwirls Myself (duh) @Twisted Cyclone @King of Canterlot @TheTaZe @woodchunks66 @Prospekt @Rikifive @Kyoshi @Totally Cerberus @Berry-Bliss-Sundae @Jade Fire @StrawCherry @Zayfen @Nightfall Thunder @Victoria Sponge If you would like a character in my Rimworld story, or have any questions, please comment on this blog.
  17. I’ve made this thread to discuss some fairly odd,creepy,funny unexpected moments in otherwise good games. This of course can be from the NES all the way to the Xbox Scorpio and so on. these can be on purpose from the creators or a glitch. mine is when I encountered SA-X from Metroid fusion for the GBA.
  18. Thorgir the Mighty

    General Media Need help on iOS games

    I looked high and low for a good iOS war type game,and I can’t find one! I’d appreciate it if you help me find a good iOS game! the types can be... mmorpg rpg strategy fps classics the games can include a story and multiplayer,though multiplayer isn’t a big deal but it’ll do. Thanks! Deus Vult!
  19. Does anypony know of any MLP visual novels or visual novel like games out there? If not, what do you think would make a good idea for an MLP VN? Personally, I think taking on the role of a background pony/OC who accidentally gets roped into an adventure with the Mane 6 could be a really interesting premise!
  20. Thorgir the Mighty

    Gaming Is Fortnite Killing Other Games?

    Ok so I got on my Twitter,and I told 343 something,but he ReTweeted on,”Should be interesting to see where ALL games go now after Fortnite has changed the buisiness model completely.” I don’t know about you,but I think Fortnite is killing other Team games/solo games. Especially since Cod is trying to copy Fortnite by adding its “Blackout” mode. I mean,to me it’s killing off the other games but I’d like to hear your opinions! Also I found this video...
  21. So I plan on buying plenty more games for my collection (PC only), and I'm trying to decide which one's to get. I'm looking for games well worth their money which I'll probably not get bored of for awhile. Age isn't an issue, It does't matter if it's brand new or years old. And I don't want to see any flash games in the replies.
  22. Thorgir the Mighty

    Gaming Fallout 5 possibilities?

    I made this thread so we can see if there will be a Fallout 5,and what we can expect Bethesda to do with it,and what should be changed,and what should removed/added. I hope that Bethesda does make a Fallout 5 and have it based around New York,Texas,even Russia so we can see the other side of it! Another thing is the weapons. I don’t like how some of the weapons look in F4.(Assault rifle,pipe rifles,etc) And I hope they add they add ACTUAL sniper rifles and real world weapons with advanced weapons as well. And maybe have the 1950s vibe. So feel free to share your thoughts and remember what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L!
  23. Thorgir the Mighty

    deadpool Ask Deadpool!

    Ok. This is extremely obvious,but if you have no idea who deadpool is...then where have you been? You are missing out on this! but other than that,we will be asking our favorite mercenary,none other than....*drumroll* the one and only! the regerating degenerate! the merc with a mouth! DEADPOOL!!!! Hello people of the internet! I am here to ask you questions! What? What do you mean that I...*turns around* What if they ask me stupid crap? There’s what? Ooh ok I’ll play this game with them...ok I’ll answer your questions...only because there is a unlimited Spanish food bar after this! But I’m here with my good buddy Cable and we’ll answer your questions. Sadly,no matter how ridiculous they are! So ask away my “friends”! I will kill you after this Wade... Ssshhhh!!!! The viewers are about to ask! Feel free to ask Deadpool and Cable whatever you wa- Shut up dude!!! FINE! Just limit vulgarity ok?
  24. What would you say are some of your biggest guilty pleasures? I'm mainly referring to Movies, Games, Literature or any other kind of media. The point of a guilty pleasure is that you enjoy something, whilst knowing for a fact that it may be lacking in quality or is generally considered bad by the overall populace or status quo. Well, have no shame and name your biggest guilty pleasures down below! I'll start: The Room is unironically one of my favourite movies of all time.
  25. Is there any pony out there that wants to play some War Thunder in a few hours? I doubt it but maybe.