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Found 24 results

  1. For those of you who have Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker, I'm announcing the Kick the Sentry Collab. It's similar to the Kick the Blueblood collab, except that it's Flash Sentry that you get to give the big bad boot to. This video has details on what you need to do. And as a little bonus, here is my first entry into my little collab, featuring Megatron from the Transformers(Voiced by yours truly) Now if you need the Model file, go to for more information.
  2. Hey guys, JP here, and I've got another video I've posted on my youtube channel: It's another Garry's Mod video witha bunch of people on the server messing around and having fun I'm eventually going to be constantly uploading videos of Gmod and other games. Please like, comment and subscribe! My Channel:
  3. Gorloss

    Chappie (Pony PAC3)

    After 6 hours of work and pain the Chappie PAC3 is complete! Based of the movie Chappie! Tell me what you think:
  4. Hey I decided to make 6 generation pokemon for gmod and I got pretty far with Fennekin. But I need help texturing. Here's my progress right now Also I need a base MLP model for gmod that's already rigged for movement and stuff
  5. VIDEO ANNOUCEMENT Hello guys, Darkie4646 here and today, I'm here to present a all new collab dedicated to Pony Sketches and Ponies being funny in the tradition of collabs such as The Pony Idiot Box, Kick the Blueblood, and of course, Kick the Diamond Dog Collab:) Anyways, here's the rules for my collab 1. Video must be either funny and/or be a parody sketch 2. Must be 10 Seconds to 3 Minutes long 3. Try not to use Copyrighted music (Or send me a musicless version of the submission and I'll add some song to it) 4. Deadline is February 1, 2015 5. Feel free to use any character from any other show or game in your submission if you want 6. Lets not forgot a ID watermark on the bottom right of the video 7. Submit either a link to your entry through posting the link on the video or through sending me a message either on YouTube or here with a link to your video (Or a download for your video if your hosting it on a non-video site)
  6. Just Add Me On Steam "{Para} WuBz_Da_Boss If You Wish To Join. One I Have Accepted You, You Will Get A Link Download All The Addons In The Collection To Get 0 Errors Have A Nice Day This Is Not A 24 Hour Server This Is Just Hosted By Me.
  7. Anyone else 'cept me see that valve have NEVER made a 3rd sequel of ANY game. Ever. Whats up with that?
  8. What do you think of my beginner skills? Also, more leaked clips from Hasbro's hidden files:
  9. As explained by Button Mash
  10. GlimGlam-FlimFlam

    Gaming Gmod Help

    So I've been obessed with Gmod and recently I've found that most models I've seen haven't shown up during my browses on the Steam Workshop. I've searched my little pony but all I can find is Mane 6 (and not even princess awesome sparkle?!). Also, my little cousin borrows my account (no, he does not play online) and like everyone in his class he plays minecraft, but we can't find any things like herobrine that he likes. Links ? Help ? Yes!
  11. Since about last night a virus has been spreading through hundreds of GMod servers and it appears to infect both the server and the player. It doesn't seems to be too serious (I think all it does is just spam a cough sound on the server), but I think the mere fact that this happened is worrisome enough. I mean, what if someone uses this same exploit to steal people's Steam wallets or passwords? Scary stuff
  12. I have released the completed Shadow Got Owned Collaboration on Youtube. Special thanks goes to 10 participants who submit their entries to me(Double special thanks to wMTF2, tails230 and WittyUsernameSA for allowing me to provide the voice of Shadow the Hedgehog for their projects. Note: While there are Ponies in this video(Ex: Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Derpy Hooves and Cheese Sandwich), this is a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed video that focuses entirely on Shadow the Hedgehog. Therefore, this video is posted on this here forum.
  13. I'm doing a Gmod/SFM Collaboration based on making fun of the Sonic character Shadow the Hedgehog(Mainly a regular on my Gmod videos, and I voice this character). The rules are basically: Your goal is to make Shadow look like a complete fool all while keeping it PG-Rated. And yes, you can use Ponies.
  14. Ever wanted to get back at the leader of the Diamond Dogs for taking Rarity and for everything he's done. Well now you can:) Thats Right, I'm starting a collab for everyone to beat the crap outta Fido the Diamond Dog (Or Rover depending on which name you choose to pick) Collab Rules 1. Video must be 30Seconds-3Minutes Long 2. Fido can not die in the video 3. The focus of the video must be on Fido 4. Entry can be done in either Source Filmmaker or Garry’s Mod 5. Entry must be submitted to me VIA PM 6. Entry must have your ID Watermark 7. The way Fido enters and exits the video is up to you 8. The Final video will be uploaded on my channel 9. The Deadline for submitting entries will be on March 4, 2014 10. Have Fun:) Official Video Annoucement can be found right here
  15. I've done about 2 videos where Henery's Animation tool for Garry's Mod was used the whole time. (These videos are also short) I hope to one day reach the ranks of other GModders one day and I was wondering what do you guys think of these videos? (Is there anything I can do to improve)
  16. Garry's Mod Stories "The Russian Mafia" (Strong Language Warning) Well, it's just basically a stupid dramatic story of the russian mafia in a Garry's mod DarkRP server, that somehow turned into a video that is pretty funny sad and, well, just watch the damn thing and let me know what you think. Me = Dimitri
  17. Harmonic Revelations

    Gaming Garry's Mod Addon Recommendations

    This is a thread where you can recommend addons on the Workshop (Or manual install if you can find some that work) for Garry's Mod. I thought this would be useful because the Workshop is an absolute mess of everything imaginable and since a lot of us have similar taste it would be nice to be able to recommend/share Workshop addons. And also for the manual addons because they're simply hard to find for Gmod 13. Make sure the Addons you recommend are working at the time of the post where you recommend them! Also specify if it is a manual install or workshop addon.
  18. Does Anyone have experience with Garrys mod servers (preferably darkrp) and want to code for me? i really need some help and im desperate so please reply.
  19. ParsoOfEquestria

    My OC in GMOD!

    (wasnt sure where to put this, I dont even know if this is counted as art) I was fiddling around on DeviantART when I came across a pony creator for Gmod, i decided to try my OC, Parso Incendiare at it (fedora not included) and I couldnt help myself with my Lotus waifu :3 and for Gmodders, if you want him, I'll post him for you Parso also I'm not a pro poser and I dont know how to fold down the wings, so he has a constant wing boner, help would be appreciated kindly nevermind, found a fix
  20. Have you ever wanted to create your OC in Garrys-mod?Well, now you can! Thanks to ~gonzalolog, There is a Automatic Pony Model making, skinning, and hexer, that he has recently released to the public! Currently it's available as a beta, So there are bugs..Latest Version:Beta 0.6c: are you waiting for? Go out there and make your OC's! (Currently PocM can only create Colts and Stallions, Fillies and Mares will be available in b0.7a)Also be sure to Deviant Watch gonzalolog, Comment, and Favourite his works! He's been working really hard lately and needs our appreciation!Now a Tutorial! YAY!
  21. Today I was perusing through Gmod-Ponies on Deviant art, And gonzalolog has once again, Revolutionized Model Making! http://gmod-ponies.d...904503#/d5dygm0 So what do you guys think? Would you Gmodder's like to see this made? How do you think this will impact the Gmod Pony Model Making Community? Post your answers below, and also vote in the poll.
  22. Alright, I thought this would fit here, seeing it has to do with something creative... Anyways , I'm making GMod videos for my youtube channel, and well, I want to start a tennis with someone. Here are the requirements to make it: Garry's Mod ( ) MLPPack (MLP:FiM Mane Six character models + Derpy) The Squee sound (From many smiling scenes) Any Clip editing program (Windows Movie Maker is preferred, That's what I use and it works fine) Please tell me if stuff like this doesn't fit in here, I'm new to forums, and it seemed a good place to put it. Back to the GMod: You WILL need youtube, this is all going on youtube. I'll also need to know your Youtube name, so I can link the episodes together with your episodes with annotations. My youtube is on my profile, if anyone has checked (EDIT: The link for my Youtube is not working, so my account is Zninja091, who asks. Wish I could rename it ). I'm not too sure on how many episodes there will be, but each one can be any amount of time, but please nothing under 30 seconds. I need to try to make it a want-to-watch series. Not to be a hipocrit or anything, but they need to have a little bit of length, you know . Final thing, I'm not doing tutorials on how to make GMod videos. I can give tips however, but I don't go into full-length tutorials. So, here are tips: 1 - My style : find something to look at in the screen shot while finding something to stand on, since I cant use seperate cameras for working. (Laptops have no Numpad ) 2 - Window Movie Maker - place all the shots in the order you want,then use Video Tools to put an appropriate time for each shot, mainly in milliseconds,unless its a freeze shot. 3 - sound - find your sound clip that you want to use (Movie Maker), and put it in. you'll need to listen carefully to the sound, and repeat a few times if you think its in the right place. often its a little off or a little too early. Well, just post down if you want to help or go to my Youtube and look up the video, I guess. The Video has the sme name as this post, and it has little views. So, you'll need to look in my upload list. Brohooves to all the Bronies and Pegasisters!
  23. Mr. Kochi Bracegirdle

    Visual Art Eh... Just a bit of my recent work

    Allow me to show ye what I've been working on in the last couple of months:
  24. Guest

    Gaming Gmod-TTT

    Just wondering if anypony else out there was a fan of Trouble In Terrorist Town, a module for Garry's Mod? If you are, share any awesome experiences you have had, cool stories, possible brony encounters, want to vent about something annoying about it, or anything else you might wish to share. If you don't know what it is you should, it is quite entertaining!