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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to the 'What Grinds my Gears' thread. Post about people, places, actions, etc. that bug you to no end, and love and toleration just doesn't cut it. I suppose I'll go first. You know what really grinds my gears? When you lose something important, and later you find it in a place that is so obvious. Like yesterday, I had lost my charger for my 3DS (And my DSi, since they both use the same charger and I had lost one) and looked frantically for it. My DSi's battery was dead, and the 3DS... anyone from the 3DSForums knows about that. Then today, I found it. Guess where? Right next to my 3DS, under it's box. Screw you items that disappear often. Screw. You. And another thing, you know what really grinds my gears? The new Spongebob. I mean, Spongebob Seasons 1-3 and the movies were practically flawless, and one of the best TV shows to grace the small screen. What happens after the movie? The creator resigns. So you would think "Oh, OK. Well, the movie was the perfect ending, surely this would mean its over now, right?" Nope, instead, Nick causes major staff changes, and screws over the series, milking the money out of it. Well screw you Nick, for ruining part of my childhood and my favorite TV show. Screw. You. And one final thing, you know what really grinds my gears? Milking money out of good Disney movies. I mean, out of the billion Direct-to-Video releases, about 2 are decent. And, they're making Planes, a sequel to Cars 2. And its not even made by Pixar. Cars was good. Cars 2 was also a fun ride, but not the studio's best work. But planes?!? And Pixar isn't even making it, yet its being considered a Cars sequel? Screw you Disney. Screw. You. Anyway, theres my ranting, you guys go.
  2. Note: All of this is not real and was created for entertainment purposes, so please don't take any of this as real. Description of each branch below The smith answers only to God, for his hands repair His body. -Builder Robert Bumaro Description: The Church of the Broken God is an anomalous religious organization which worships mechanization and believes flesh and life to be inherently evil or "broken". Though its origins are unknown, Broken God-related artifacts have been recovered from archaeological digs dating back to the Greek Classical period, and church dogma asserts its existence predates the appearance of life on Earth. Central to their theology is that their deity has been scattered, dispersed or otherwise rendered inert. Through the use of technology, often anomalous, Church followers seek to bring together the components of the body of God, thereby allowing the Divine a physical form to utilize and bringing about some sort of techno-organic apotheosis. Several SCP objects have been attributed to this group since its discovery. Personnel may reference items indexed under "broken_god" for a restricted list. The current leader of the oldest extant denomination of "The Broken Church" (GOI-004A) is an individual identified in records as "His Holiness Robert Bumaro, Builder of the Broken God", who apparently gained the title in 1946. While this sect continues its efforts to reconstruct their deity, the religion as a whole has at some time in the past century undergone a major schism. Two significant breakaway movements from the original church have entered into a major theological conflict. Cast in the Design of God, We Faithful. -The Schema of the Patriarchs The "Cogwork Orthodox Church" (GOI-004B) espouses a form of literal religious iconography known as "Standardization", whereby adherents submit to anomalous mechanical enhancement with the stated goal of remaking themselves in the image or plan of their deity. Due to the extent of their mechanical augmentation, members of this sect often emit audible ticking or tapping sounds, and have been referred to disparagingly as "Tickers" by members of the other two sects. Cogwork Orthodoxy deliberately adheres to technological norms of the late Industrial Revolution, and regard the mass-production of analogue, steam and clockwork-driven machinery as a form of prayer. Orthodoxy doctrine is highly centralized and regulated by a group of unknown composition, known as the Patriarchs. This body issues detailed production orders and design documents, which form the core of the group's extremely extensive holy writ. Orthodox belief decries the use of electronic or digital devices, and views distributed information sharing and decentralization as tantamount to the dissolution of divine knowledge. Individuality is the file system through which our Lord is compiled. -Words_Of_The_Prophet.txt The "Church of Maxwellism"(GOI-004C) represents a modernized, computation and network oriented means of worship. No central organizing church body is known to exist. However, interviews and covert surveillance has determined that all known cells are in regular contact with one another, and capable of coordination. Maxwellists favour small-scale body modification through the use of advanced cybernetics and organ enhancement. While artificial limbs or reinforced skeletons have been observed, Maxwellist implants focus primarily on communication, data storage, and networking capabilities, and sensory enhancement. Maxwellist doctrine interprets the Broken God as a "fragmented" deity, which exists as disparate data present in the linked technology and cultural zeitgeist of the digital age. Worshipers approach the divine by embracing their unique traits and sharing their knowledge and capacity for the good of the collective Church. By connecting all minds through computer networks, they believe their deity can be "recompiled" as the aggregate will of humanity. Due to their use of computer fan noise as a meditative aid, members are often referred to as "Hummers" by members of the other two factions. Feel free to discuss this if you like no one's stopping you. Just to clarify I'm not part of any of these 3 yet I haven't decided.
  3. We all know this series is soon to be dead but let us at least take the time to share our thoughts & opinions of this series.
  4. Okay... SOOOOO.. I bet my mother $20 that I could find a My Little Pony gear knob/stick for my new car. I know they exist... somewhere... I just cant find any pictures of them etc. So, I will love you forever if you can find me one hahaha. Just a photo of one, or one for sale is even better. tl;dr: Find a picture of a MLP gear stick. Also, does anyone know a place or a person that sells pony merch. like seat covers etc?
  5. I love Gears of War and was just wondering how many Bronies out there also love/like it and if so are you for the humans or locust?
  6. In the year 2112 Equestria was lead to ruins. The humans invaded in a quest to conquer the land since theirs is diing. The war waged on for 15 years. Mountains reduced to rubble, Grasslands wasted into fire & ash. Corpses of ponies and humans alike cover the land. A small resistance was formed to continue the fight against the humans. They were known as the Equestrian Saviors. Surviving by taking the scrap of the human`s technology & building it to their advantage. Although it may seem like it would be impossible that they survived for this long, Celestia, before she was killed in Ground Zero casted a spell to all the ponies of Equestria giving them humaniod bodies. Adapting to the humans technology & body figure, the ponies of Equestria continue the fight to restore the land back to it`s rightful place. Okay now you can choose between either the mane 6 or your own Pony OC, Character description, etc i`ll edit a few OC`s for now.